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Dahua Full Color camera allows for clear, colored images 24/7, capturing vivid color information even in very low light conditions in the UK. Effectively extracts color features from scenes, whether it is people, vehicles or details, in places with a high crime rate, such as a park at night or a dark alley, providing great assistance to police officers during the evidence-gathering procedure. In addition, Dahua Full Color camera also works with artificial intelligence functions to further improve the probability and accuracy of target recognition and feature extraction.

What is Dahua Full Color technology in security cameras?

This type of technology refers to the ability to do high-quality color video surveillance 24 hours a day, with two versions of solutions depending on the scenario: without illuminator, with illuminator.

The version without illuminator improves the color restoration effect and reduces display noise. The illuminator version adopts a 3,000-kelvin warm LED as the illuminator.

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