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What do you know about the DVR safe box? In this article, we are going to explain how the safe box can protect the surveillance camera as well as the DVR and NVR against heavy attacks.
One of the most important components of a CCTV system is the CCTV Safe Box or CCTV Lock Box. In general, the rack is a metal enclosure that can be selected in small, medium and large dimensions, depending on the type of use and the size of the project.
In the following, we will explain more about the Small safe box, Medium safe box, Large safe box, DVR safe box and lockable box.

What is Safe Box?
A safe box is a metal device in which equipment such as servers, recorders, etc. are installed. The main function of the safe box is to protect the equipment installed inside the safe box against physical attacks.
In addition, in the safe box, air outlets are provided, which prevents your device from overheating.
As mentioned earlier, safe boxes come in a variety of sizes and dimensions that you can purchase from a CUCCTV store depending on your type of user.
In general, the larger your safe box, the more devices you can fit inside.
For example, using the Small safe box, you will eventually be able to put two devices in it.
Medium safe box is intended for relatively heavy devices and you can put your DVR and NVR in it.
The safe boxes in the CUCCTV store are divided into two categories: standing and wall. In order to be able to install your desired safe box on the wall or to be installed next to your desk / next to the computer case.

Buy Safe Box In the UK – Buy DVR Safe box
Full specifications of each product are available within the CUCCTV online store and safe boxes are available in various dimensions.
Small safe boxes are lockable and a good protector for your DVR. A small safe box is offered in 15 * 15 * 5 dimensions, which can be a suitable size for your DVR device.
A medium safe box is offered in the CUCCTV surveillance camera accessories store, in the dimensions of 18 x 5 x 18, which is known as the most popular product for keeping surveillance cameras and their accessories.
With the Large safe box, you will be able to put your DVR and NVR devices in these boxes, along with the extra hard drive, and make sure that nothing changes the security of your devices. In the event of heavy objects hitting the box, the devices inside the Large safe box will continue to operate.
By purchasing a DVR safe box in the UK, you can protect your surveillance devices against heavy attacks.