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A selection of bullet style IP cameras for IP CCTV Systems or stand alone use. Bullet cameras are an ideal choice for being externally wall mounted with the sun/rain cover to shield the lens.

 Bullet IP Camera is a relatively small IP camera that can be placed inside or outdoors, typically for security and to pick up an image that is then relayed to a recorder or viewing device. The name Bullet IP camera comes from the relatively small size, as well as the general shape of the cameras which tend to be long and cylindrical.

These Bullet IP cameras are usually used for indoor security as concealed video monitoring devices or for outdoor security as durable, stationary device that are large enough to be a plainly visible deterrent form of external security.

Outdoor Bullet IP cameras are typically placed high up to make them less accessible and harder to reach for tampering. The wires for the Bullet IP camera are also usually concealed within the body of the camera or its housing, to further prevent tampering with the device. Bullet cameras can also be wireless and send the video image to a nearby receiver which records the data or transmits it to a display for viewing.