covid 19 thermal cctv

Covid-19 thermal CCTV use for recognition in place

Covid-19 thermal CCTV use for recognition in place


Subject: Covid-19 : Thermal CCTV Use For Recognition in Places
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Summary: Finally, we got to face recognition and Temperature detection technologies with Thermal CCTV. The ability to automatically identify a person by his face, without any additional identification operations, is a very interesting topic not only for security services, but also for marketers, sociologists, statisticians, and in general everyone whose work is related to people, involves how to identify identity and work with impersonal statistical data.


Finally, we got to face recognition and Temperature detection technologies with Thermal CCTV. The ability to automatically identify a person by his face, without any additional identification operations, is a very interesting topic not only for security services, but also for marketers, sociologists, statisticians, and in general everyone whose work is related to people, involves how to identify identity and work with impersonal statistical data.

Intelligent video analytics Thermal CCTV, no matter how intelligent it is, is not yet able to replace all people. But it is already able to replace many. And if you carefully read everything we wrote above then you understand that the issue of using video analytics is just a matter of who will be the first to use it 100%, that will get a competitive advantage. The rest will follow up later, as it usually happens. But of course all the cream will be skimmed first. And there is also an opinion that perhaps no one will catch it up, artificial intelligence provide such decisive advantages.

Video analytics is able to process and consolidate all information or only critical information into one center, for example, your smartphone.

It will not be superfluous to note here that not all video analytics Thermal CCTV use the capabilities of artificial intelligence, more on this below.

What is video analytics? – Everything about Detection thermal CCTV

Before we get down to the Thermal CCTV, a little definition, just so that we correctly understand each other. In video surveillance systems, it is customary to distinguish several types of analytics.

Video analytics thermal CCTV installed on the camera

The logic in this solution is about the same as in the case with your smartphone. When you install an application on your smartphone from Google Play or App Store. The application, as you understand, can be developed by any third-party developer. Likewise, you can install software applications on the IP camera. Naturally, not for any, but only for the camera on which the manufacturer has provided such an opportunity.

Covid-19 Thermal CCTV use for recognition in places
fever detection

The largest, but not the only, manufacturer that provides this opportunity is Axis. They have a well-established ACAP application platform for a long time. Axis launched ACAP almost ten years ago and now has about 100 applications. From over 40 third party software companies, there are free apps out there by the way, so dig around at your leisure.

The number of devices connected to the Internet is growing every year, without a tendency to slow down, artificial intelligence, the emergence of new processors – all this makes video analytics installed on the camera one of the most attractive technologies.

Benefits of Thermal CCTV:

  • Even at the moment, there is a fairly large selection of camera models like Prolux surveillance CCTV detection. In addition, there is a fairly large selection of software for installation on the camera.
  • High quality software indicators that are not inferior to other types of video analytics.
  • Video stream decompression and video analysis algorithms do not load The video archive storage device (server or video recorder).
  • Minimum network bandwidth requirements for Prolux CCTV products. Only the result of the video analysis is transmitted from the camera – metadata, individual images, and alarms. This drastically reduces the load on the network, which looks especially attractive when data needs to be transmitted over the Internet.

We would also like to emphasize that the camera can already perform tasks – face recognition, license plate recognition, object classification and many others.

Disadvantages of Thermal CCTV:

  • When choosing video analytics like many Surveillance cameras for Coronavirus, you need to pay attention to optimization for a specific camera model, i.e. software cannot be installed on any camera. You also need to make sure that the video analytics installed on the camera is integrated with the VMS you plan to use.
  • Most developers have APIs for integrating into any software, but it takes longer and generally more expensive to integrate.

In the first part of this article, we would like to share our experience in testing face recognition software, to determine for ourselves and the reader, which tasks can be solved using face recognition, and in which cases the application will be inappropriate or useless and tell you what is the real Solution for detect high temperature. In the second part, we will touch upon the reliability of the face recognition system, and give useful recommendations to designers and installers of such systems.

Let’s say right away that this is not a scientific study. These data were obtained empirically, within the framework of close to ideal conditions. The results are quite convincing. Within the framework of this article, we will periodically appeal to this data. Another caveat: we are talking about 2D recognition. 3D recognition can be considered a special system and is not of interest for a wide range of clients.

Now let’s focus on the tasks to be solved.

what are thermal imaging cameras?

Thermal imaging cameras are handheld electronic devices with an integrated visual display, designed for detecting heat energy.

The key component of a thermal camera is a heat sensor attached to a special type of lens, which is then adapted to work alongside standard image-capture technologies. This allows engineers to quickly identify regions of excessive temperature or sources of wasted heat energy, such as overheating components or potential thermal insulation gaps in building inspection.

Visible light forms only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the only part we can actually see. When pointed at an object or area, the sensor on a thermal detection camera allows the user to view the otherwise invisible infrared spectrum, which exists at wavelengths between visible light and microwaves.

This is often rendered as a colour map in modern IR cameras, although black-and-white displays are still preferred for certain applications due to their reduced visual ‘busyness’ and improved capture of fine detail.

On a colour thermographic display, warmer components or regions will show up as reds, oranges and yellows, while cooler parts will typically be shown as purples and blues (green usually indicates areas that are roughly at room temperature). Because they measure infrared radiation, and not visible light, thermal cameras are also useful for identifying heat sources in very dark or otherwise obscured environments.

Quality thermal imaging cameras are often sold in the UK in a selection of user-friendly ergonomic designs and offer temperature detection capabilities spanning a broad range of heat sensitivities. This makes them a

valuable companion to emergency response units, medics, product manufacturers, engineers and maintenance workers across a wide variety of industries – as well as an increasingly affordable option for many different types of hobbyists and enthusiasts at home.


 Thermal cameras outperform a visual camera in dark scenes and are a great tool for detecting people and objects in 24/7 surveillance, from pitch dark black areas to a sunlit parking lot.

Thermal cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person.

A thermal camera is less sensitive to problems with light conditions, such as shadows, backlight, darkness and even camouflaged objects; and delivers images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Under specific conditions, some thermal cameras are capable of precise temperature measurements, but they are not designed by thermal cameras for the specific intention of human fever detection nor the diagnosis, mitigation or prevention of disease or health conditions. Thus,  thermal cameras are, for example, not approved by FDA in the US for this use.

Typical tasks with face recognition thermal CCTV

As practice shows, there are no identical objects, and the tasks arise completely different, but still we will try to highlight the typical ones:

  • Organization of access control using face recognition
  • Search for a person in the “clean zone”
  • Finding a man in the crowd
  • Finding a person in a crowd who is not in the database
  • Marketing research

Let’s take a look at each task in relation to the data obtained in our research and determine whether it is feasible or not.

face recognition thermal CCTV
face recognition thermal CCTV

Organization of access control using face recognition

Organizing the passage to the territory using face recognition is probably the most loyal task for this technology. The person himself is interested in the system recognizing him and letting him in. Accordingly, he will look into the camera and take off his glasses, headwear, etc.

What is the purpose of detecting people with a high body surface temperature? – Can thermal CCTV recognize Coronavirus?

Against the background of the increased mobility of mankind, the spread of viruses is not constrained by the borders of states. The last of these dangers is the coronavirus.

The coronavirus epidemic has affected all countries. Under these circumstances, it is very important to identify people at risk of the disease among others at an early stage.

Why is heat identified with a thermal CCTV?

An important indicator of an infected person is an elevated surface temperature, also known as fever.

One of the most popular business tasks, or rather marketing ones, is getting data about visitors and using Thermal CCTV. The purpose of obtaining data can vary, depending on the type of object. Most often, this work is carried out in objects with high traffic. For example, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, etc. And the undisputed main customers are network companies, where there may be more than one hundred objects in management and data on the age and sex composition of visitors allow adjusting marketing policy, filling the store with appropriate goods for the identified focus group, and all their other selling deals. Here we are not talking about security, but about marketing, and this is always a story about increasing the efficiency, and ultimately the profitability of the business. And the customers do not spare money for this.

Our tests with Thermal CCTV have shown that this functionality works and works well for temperature detection. The accuracy of this analytics is not great, but this is not so important, since we are not talking about security, but about marketing, where general statistics are important. The solution to this problem has the right to life.

How thermal CCTV works?

A video camera with Thermal CCTV add-on is installed at the entrance to the office or at the checkpoint. The software solution can measure the body temperature of people even while wearing masks. The Thermal CCTV imaging camera works in both conventional and infrared modes.

When there is a person with an elevated body temperature , the system emits an alarm signal (light and sound). The user has the ability to remotely access data on body temperature measurements.

Installation of a thermal imager makes it easier to monitor the epidemiological situation at the enterprise and in crowded places. As a rule, most often the measurement of body temperature in enterprises is carried out manually. This method is time consuming, can create queues, and does not exclude measurement errors.

According to the WHO, one of the main signs of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is an increased body temperature, therefore, an UNTIMELY response to an increase in body temperature in employees can increase the spread of the virus in the enterprise. This can lead to a decrease in productivity or even a suspension of activities of the enterprise, which will undoubtedly lead to losses. Therefore, in our opinion, a thermal imaging camera can be safely called a business investment.

Moreover, after easing quarantine measures associated with the pandemic, the camera can perform its main function – monitoring and recording what is happening.

“Based on the experience of Prolux Security Thermal CCTV in the field of organizing video surveillance systems, the number of entrepreneurs who use video surveillance in their daily activities as a tool to control their business is increasing every day.

For example, video cameras installed in stores allow monitoring violations of the law not only by visitors, but also by employees. Practice shows that after installing a video surveillance system in a store, such violations are reduced by about 70-80%.

Today, remote measurement of human body temperature with a thermal imager is one of the main measures in the fight against Coronavirus and preventing the spread of the epidemic.

This section of our catalog presents Thermal CCTV and infrared cameras for detecting people with high temperatures from various manufacturers. Most non-contact thermal imaging systems are manufactured in China. Chinese manufacturers have extensive experience in infrared measurements of human temperature.

Non-contact thermal imagers are used to identify an infected person, for example, infected with the COVID-19 virus. Infrared cameras are installed at checkpoints, train stations, airports, subways, clinics, shopping centers and other places with a lot of traffic.

The price of Thermal CCTV for measuring the temperature of a human body depends on characteristics such as resolution, temperature measurement error, distance. At each of them people can monitor temperature , and other parameters.

You can buy a medical Thermal CCTV from us for measuring human temperature from proven manufacturers.

We supply both handheld Thermal CCTV and stationary non-contact infrared cameras for measuring the temperature of people.

Medical Thermal CCTV for measuring the temperature of a person’s body are manual and stationary, which operate in automatic mode. Some devices have face recognition functions.