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With the CUCCTV Store, you can order Dahua camera accessories for CCTV cameras. If you have a Dahua CCTV camera, you may need to get some Dahua accessories (Bracket, Junction Box, Pole & Corner Mount) for your camera after a few years. If your cable is exposed to direct sunlight, it may need to be replaced every two years.

Another possible accessory would be, if you want to place your camera in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight or hail, it is better to provide a CCTV body or case for it – protection against potential external problems.

CCTV body or case

The camera case is an important part of the Dahua CCTV kit; the case plays the overall role of protecting the camera and its other external components during impact and environmental factors.

In general, Dahua accessory cases are made of plastic or metal. Most new CCTV cases now support IP67; dust; moisture and are water-resistant. The body of the camera, in addition to the camera cover, includes brackets, a stand, screws – each of which is effective in preventing water from penetrating the camera.

Glass protector as Dahua accessories

This piece plays the role of protecting the lens, IR, and even the internal parts of the camera for this, purchasing Dahua accessories (Bracket, Junction Box, Pole & Corner Mount) are professionally recommended. The material of this glass and its accessories must prevent light reflection. Note that any contaminations (i.e: water droplets; dust) will reflect light in the lens and eventually damage the image quality.

Buy Camera cable in the UK as Dahua accessories

Depending on the type of CCTV camera, the type of cable will be different. It will provide proper power to the main circuit of the CCTV camera, which must be observed when installing the camera so that the CCTV cable is not damaged.