UNV Analogue Cameras (5)

UNV IP Cameras (17)

UNV Turret Camera (16)

UNV Bullet Camera (3)

UNV PTZ Camera (3)

UNV Recorder (11)

UNV PoE Switches (4)

UNV Camera Bracket (4)

UNV CCTV Kits (15)

UNV Camera is ideal for a wide variety of applications because the diverse functions and well-thought-out features enable optimal video surveillance. Find out why UNV Camera is the best surveillance option here. 

We’re Uniview (UNV) CCTV Camera Distributor in the UK

CUCCTV is an authorised Uniview CCTV Distributor in the UK. Thanks to numerous innovations, the company has established itself at the top among camera manufacturers. The Chinese producer is now the sixth largest in the world. It offers bullet, dome, wide-angle cameras, and appropriate network recorders. With the new Ultra 265 compression technology, the camera specialist ensures that users require up to 95 percent less storage space. Furthermore, you save a lot of money with fewer or smaller hard drives.

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