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What is Dahua intercom kit?

If we want to simply say what an intercom is, we have to say that an intercom management system is a great way to communicate between people. Dahua intercom kits are used for two-way video communication with the communication centre. This communication centre can be in a small office, hotel, conference hall, exhibition hall, large organization, metro station or factory. They are also used in small apartments, homes or offices. It should be noted that the intercom video management system, both in the mobile application and on the PC can be installed and launched.

It can be said that audio and video iPhones are a kind of Analogue intercom. In smart buildings, IP intercoms have been replaced by iPhones. For example, someone is at the door and you are not at home to open it. Connecting the IP phone Center with the Dahua intercom kit allows you to open the door by getting a code from your cell phone.

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