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Offering Best Dahua IP Camera in the UK – Benefits of using Dahua IP Camera

CUCCTV offers one of the largest ranges of high definition/ megapixel cameras available in the UK today including the full Dahua ip cameras range. We have positioned ourselves at the forefront of this new technology and are able to benefit our customers by offering full system design and commissioning services on all of our IP products.

The Dahua brand, one of the renowned leading manufacturers in the field of providing security solutions, has introduced the Dahua IP Camera to the market of surveillance equipment in the UK. With 16,000 employees and more than half of them assigned to the Sales team, the Chinese brand is always trying to utilise the latest technology in the production of its products.

This powerful team currently operates in more than 180 countries around the world and is used in various sectors including: aviation; urban infrastructure; public transportation and Smart Homes.

Dahua technologies for security services in the UK

Dahua has long sought to acquire new technologies by allocating a percentage of its sales profits to the development team, so far has been successful.

The following devices are part of the brands products:

  • Surveillance Dahua IP Camera under the network
  • Network switch
  • Controllers
  • Monitoring systems

The most important things to consider when buying a Dahua IP Camera:

  • Image sensor (CMOS or CCD)
  • Image quality in terms of megapixels and data transfer (2, 3, 5, etc.)
  • Lens Type (Fixed or Varifocal)
  • Distance covered by night vision
  • Body Material

Advantages of using network CCTV cameras compared to HDCVI CCTV cameras

The Dahua network Camera has many advantages over the HDCVI CCTV camera. The Dahua IP Camera (such as dahua 2MP / 4MP ip camera) sends its signals on the network platform.

It does not matter if your CCTV system is wired or wireless, using a network CCTV camera gives you many benefits and can capture images of higher resolution. This means that zooming will not reduce the quality of the images therefore, your images will remain clear.

The difference between Dahua IP Camera and HDCVI CCTV cameras is not the image quality of these devices but the amount of information that a camera can manage and control.