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Record high-quality CCTV videos with Dahua DVR

Dahua DVR recorders are highly recommended throughout the surveillance industry; not to mention, Dahua being an acclaimed and respected company with the intelligence behind some of the finest CCTV technology.

The Dahua DVR device has the capability of recording security camera videos with optimal quality, accompanied by implementing smart operations for you.

Dahua offers a variety of solutions and equipment for the Dahua CCTV system, Dahua DVRs, Dahua NVRs, and more.

Over the years, Dahua has transformed its products into a complete portfolio of security software and hardware. Their development of technical advances, subsequently business growth diminishes the notion to consider any other brand being proposed for a security or monitoring project.

The company’s newest video recorders are XVR devices. The Dahua XVR 5108H-4KL-X-8P DVR supports 4 types of analogue signals like AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS as well as digital signals like Dahua IP Camera.

Dahua Hybrid DVR devices are the best way to update and organize CCTV Cameras systems due to their compatibility with various types of CCTV technology. Dahua XVRs, like DVRs, support 4/8/16/32 CCTV input channels.

Features of Dahua DVR provide:

  • You to be able to watch H.265 + / H.265 quality videos
  • You will be able to import HDCVI / AHD / TVI / CVBS / IP inputs to the device.
  • Have intelligent search capabilities.
  • The device power consumption is very low and economical.

You can purchase Dahua DVR devices from CUCCTV. Any request to be advised on which device is suitable to your specific circumstance/ needs, if required is offered through their technical support and sales team – via phone/ online/ or in-store.