TVI vs. AHD vs. CVI : What is the difference between TVI, AHD & CVI

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  • What is TVI?
  • What is CVI?


HD-CCTV (High Definition-Closed Circuit Television) is CCTV’s response to the IP camera’s high-definition image quality. This technology can transfer uncompressed high-definition video over point-to-point coaxial cables. The biggest advantage we saw at the advent of HD-CCTV was the fact that newer HD-CCTV cameras did not require cabling upgrades. The original coaxial cables from the CCTV era had enough unused data spectrums that they could be used for the new HD-CCTV cameras (like Dahua CCTV). This made it easy to install brand new cameras while not requiring overhauling of your entire cabling system.

There is a common question among many users in technological and smart security systems. They want to know which HD security camera type is the best and most secure to protect their properties.

In this part, we compare TVI vs. AHD by checking their specifications and features as infrared video surveillance cameras. Imagine 2 types of cameras that are virtually identical. Both can capture 1080p HD video over a coax cable. 

They are both enclosed in the same IP weatherproof housing. They also have the same number of infrared LEDs and vertical lenses. The only distinction is that one utilizes a TVI processor and firmware, and the other operates AHD.

To check the first differences, you can see video surveillance footage each TVI and AHD camera captured. If you initially have all the lights in your warehouse, you can see the color daytime mode via the TVI camera

Whenever you turn all the lights off in your warehouse, you can see the infrared video the TVI camera captures. You can notice how the infrared of this camera evenly illuminates the entire space. 

When you switch the lights back on, the infrared method is turned off, and the camera arrests color video, too. In the contract, you must check a surveillance video captured by the AHD camera. Imagine the AHD camera is installed in the exact spot of the TVI one. 

It also starts with the lights on in the warehouse, the same as for the TVI camera test. Although the colors are a little distant, the transparency of the video from the AHD camera is equal to the grade of the TVI camera

Note that the infrared performance is similar, too. The IR LEDs on the AHD camera brighten this whole area sufficiently, and the video looks just as precise. Note that both cameras must connect to an IVR PRO HD hybrid to capture the video surveillance footage. This device works with both AHD and TVI cameras.

As you can understand, these 2 cameras are similar in many parts and performance. Their most vital and recognizable difference is the color of the videos. Based on the gathered information, these 2 cameras are equal in daytime and nighttime infrared performance. 

The TVI camera may be a little clearer. Moreover, the TVI camera angle is slightly narrow and zoomed in. Notice that the AHD view extends beyond the edge of everything in the demanded place, but the TVI camera cuts it off. 

Generally, the TVI and AHD cameras perform equally when comparing cameras with the same specs. 


What is AHD meaning?

In this part of our article, we explain an AHD CCTV camera. As it is clean, AHD is one type of CCTV camera. AHD full is analog high definition, so it is one of the most demanding CCTV cameras. 

AHD cameras have better video quality compared with analog cameras. Analog cameras give you 480p resolution output, but AHD CCTV cameras provide you 720p resolution output on the same transmission line.

AHD cameras give better video quality even in harmful light effects compared to analog cameras. In addition, these cameras provide images with natural color effects. According to the domestic cameras, the AHD camera is handy. 

Also, these cameras are more costly than analog cameras, but they are available at great prices in the UK market. Most popular AHD camera manufacturers produce these cameras with high quality and remarkable specifications. 


AHD meaning: AHD Camera is an analogue high-definition closed-circuit television video surveillance standard that benefits from existing coax cable to transmit 720p and 1080p video resolutions HD video from security cameras to DVRs. AHD is able to transmit up to 1080p video resolution (1920 x 1080) in an uncompressed format over the same standard coaxial cable that is used for standard CCTV cameras (such as Hikvision CCTV Camera or Uniview CCTV camera)

This uncompressed video format is able to transmit over longer distances than either HD-SDI or Network IP cameras and without the latency and bandwidth issues that are so regular with IP Cameras.

In addition, AHD Camera is able to transmit video, audio and control (OSD or PTZ) over a single coaxial cable instead of requiring separate cables for each transmission. Also, it is cost-effective.


What is TVI meaning?

TVI meaning: TVI lets customers who already have run BNC cable, have the capacity to upgrade to an HD solution without changing any wiring. One of the best things about TVI is that you can upgrade cameras consistently. TVI recorders (TVI DVRs) are Backward Compatible with Analog Cameras (Dahua CCTV Camera) – if you plug an analogue camera into a TVI recorder it will identify that it is receiving analogue rather than TVI’s digital signal and record in analogue; if you plug a TVI Camera in it will recognize the digital signal and record in HD. As the video is compressed, TVI is perfect for upgrading to HD if you have already run BNC cable, but will not replace IP cameras as the dominant cameras of the future.

TVI recorders can gain signals from TVI camera or Analog cameras. TVI is a transitional technology to help people with already existing cable get higher resolutions. All new installations should use IP cameras and NVRs as IP can already do 5x the resolution as TVI and IP cameras are considerably easier to install.

Contrasted with IP cameras, TVI cameras require Power Adapters (Wall Plugs) or Power Supplies (Power Distribution Boxes). Power distribution boxes are highly suggested, as power adapters don’t have any surge protection. TVI cameras use Siamese Cable and BNC Connectors.

TVI cameras are hard-wired to surveillance DVR using the same cable type as traditional CCTV cameras, making it easy to upgrade legacy analog systems to high-definition analogs. 

The infrared night vision of this TVI camera is practical, up to 80 feet. Additionally, customers are satisfied with adaptable lenses and let experienced DIY installers effortlessly modify the angle of sight to be very broad or limited and zoomed in. 

Additionally, the weatherproof rated feature is another outstanding feature of TVI cameras so that TVI can stand up to harsh outdoor climates. The dome enclosure is also vandal-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for indoor installation in vandal-prone areas. 

An optional wall mount bracket is functional to bypass instantly climbing this dome to a wall or ceiling. Generally, CCTV cameras supply the highest security level for your home, office, business, government surveillance system installations, and other unique places.


Sample TVI products:

DS-2CE72UF3T-E grey-black
Hikvision 4K ColorVu PoC TVI Fixed Turret Camera DS-2CE72UF3T-E (Black)Hikvision 2MP 32X Powered by DarkFighter TVI IR Analog Speed Dome PTZ Camera DS-2AE7232TI-AHikvision 2MP 25X Powered by DarkFighter TVI IR Analog Speed Dome PTZ Camera DS-2AE4225TI-D



What is CVI meaning?

CVI meaning: CVI (Composite Video Interface) was advanced by Dahua in 2012 and began to see wide release in 2014. This technology was progress for CCTV cameras as it brought HD images and allowed for high-definition analogue images to travel well over four hundred and even five hundred meters of cable. 


Sample CVI products:

Dahua 2MP Starlight HDCVI IR (40m) Bullet Camera, 3.6mm Lens HAC-HFW2231E-0360Dahua 5MP Starlight HDCVI IR Dome Camera HAC-HDBW1500EP-0280B-S2Dahua 5MP Full-color Built-in Mic HDCVI Eyeball Camera Generation 2 – HAC-HDW1509TP-A-LED-S2



What is CVB?

Before comparing TVI, AHD, and CVI, it is good to know the other available features of these smart security cameras. According to many recorded reports, each camera is better than the other. 

To begin with, you have to know some information about an old invention, the CVB video camera. This camera is a generic term that encompasses the known videos. C stands for color, V stands for video, and B stands for blanking to sync. 

This combines those essential parameters to transmit a complete video signal, color, luminance, black and white amplitudes, and synchronisation information to know what is active video and what is not. 

This is one of the available formats of smart security cameras. Never ignore these remarkable cameras’ first and initial format because CVB improved in recent years, and now we are witnessing the most exciting security cameras. 



Which is better? (TVI, AHD, or CVI)

First of all, we will explain CVI. These security cameras are a complete form of composite video interface. Composite means MIXER. Also, MIXER means a mixture of many technologies. CVI provides you with good video quality at a low cost.

Moreover, it is a patent technology, and only Dahua can provide it. CVI is a good camera for domestic purposes. As many reports show, both CVI and TVI are Chinese technologies. 

TVI full is a transportation video interface and a patent technology of Hikvision. TVI is the best technology in CCTV. This technology has a great way of transferring signals over long distances. This camera can also share HD signals through 3+1 wire at long distances, but this feature is impossible in a CVI camera

In CVI, you can only transfer 1080p signals 90 metres through a 3+1 wire. In CVI, you can also share the 720p signals on 190 metres. TVI is better than CVI because TVI cameras perform better at long distances. 

CVI cameras are the best choice for domestic purposes. But for the long distance, TVI is the best option for you. 


CVBS vs. AHD: What are the differences HD-CVI vs HD-TVI vs HD-AHD?

So what are the main differences between these technologies (cvi, tvi, ahd) ?

For customers, the most important thing is the split in how these technologies encode videos or, to be more specific, in their DVRs. While IP cameras can encode from the camera itself, as IP cameras are primarily tiny computers, HD-CCTV’s send their data to DVRs for encoding. The problem is that each technology must use its own DVR. You cannot cross an CVI camera with a TVI DVR, for instance. This is important as it means the consumer will be sticking with the technology they purchase first.

(Note: Initially, even old CCTV cameras did not work with newer DVR’s, but some new DVRs have amended this. For instance, HD-CVI’s Tribrid DVR, which supports analogue, HD analogue, and IP channels. Having such a DVR lets one slowly upgrade their camera system instead of being forced to do a whole system replacement just because of a bottleneck at the DVR. Nevertheless, no new DVR has yet to let these three HD-CCTV technologies communicate with one another. If you buy an HD-DVR for HD-CVI technology, then you best stick with HD-CVI cameras or otherwise you will need to buy a new HD-DVR!)

Another large difference is just who is manufacturing these technologies. HD-CVI products are both advanced and manufactured by Dahua CCTV Camera. Based out of China, Dahua surprisingly does very little marketing, although their HD-CVI technology can at times be found masked behind other names like HD-AVS or HD-MPX.


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Contrastingly, HD-TVI was developed by Techpoint, but Techpoint is a chipset manufacturer. HD-TVI products are instead sold through other manufacturers, most primarily Hikvision which, as mentioned, is the largest camera manufacturer in the world, and LTS Security, which stands as the largest reseller. HD-TVI was also made to be open-source, so there are a lot of smaller manufacturers moving HD-TVI products around the market. HD-AHD is the most notorious for being distributed by no-name brands, which means its price point is also considerably lower than its two competitors. Nevertheless, as mentioned before, HD-AHD was also recently picked up by Hanwha Samsung which makes it much more formidable on the market today and especially going forward.

While these cameras have few technical differences, you are possibly to see quality issues depending on who you are buying them from. A no-name cheapo brand is definitely going to be more interested in cutting costs to ship out a low-cost product. You don’t just magically cut manufacturing costs, quality is going to be taking a hit somewhere. If you are a customer, you just need to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you’re seeing giant gaps in pricing between similar products then you also need to be looking at who is manufacturing the product.


CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI switchable video outcome sample products:

Uniview 5MP LightHunter HD IR Fixed Dome Analog Camera | UAC-D125-AF28MDahua 5MP CAMERA FULL COLOUR LED DOME AUDIO POC WHITE – DH-HAC-HDW1509T-A-LED-POCDahua 5MP Built-in Mic HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera – HAC-HDW1500TL-A-G



Here provide some products that supports tvi ahd cvi cvbs technologies :

4 in 1 video output (switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS)
> 5MP DS-2CE76H0T – 4 in 1 video output (switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS)
> Prolux PXD-5216AN-4KL-16P 16CH POC 4K DVR Support HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP video inputs
> Dahua UTC Controller PFM820 – Support different formats (HDCVI/AHD/HDTVI/CVBS)> Video Balun RJ45 (Big Size) – HD CVI/TVI/AHD


Finally, these technologies (tvi/ahd/cvi/cvbs) are not that different from one another. You can actually drive it down to the overly detailed technical levels if you want, and debate about the differences between PO3100K+DH9801 and OV9712+NVP2431H sensors, but it’s just not that important to the average camera consumer. What most needs to be understood are these two factors:

– DVR’s cannot communicate across technologies.

– Manufacturer reputation is crucial to buying a reliable product.

Video modes in AHD, CVI and TVI 

These security cameras have high-definition and zoom cameras with optical zoom and built-in infrared night vision. You can install these security cameras on the front of the building since CCTV cameras can be good choices for places like offices and homes. 

You can capture a video with their surveillance DVR to better understand these cameras’ video modes. We recommend utilising a USB mouse attached to the DVR to access the DVR menu and control your chosen camera. 

You also can access the PTZ controls by clicking on its icon. On the PTZ control screen, you have quite a few present locations already configured. You can click these preset locations to move the camera to those spots. 

No matter whether you are using these cameras on the side of your parking lot or outside of your working office. These cameras can show the distance some feet away from them.

 The camera will zoom in on the demanded spot when you click on the intersection preset location. Since these cameras include optical zoom, you can read the letters of the signs from a long distance. 

PTZ control screen is suitable for navigating a few additional preset locations. Some customers use these video cameras on their main entrance to the parking lot. 

Generally, these cameras are the same in video mode and can satisfy your choice. You only need to zoom in on your desired location and see whatever you want clearly. 

In addition to the preset area management, users can move these cameras to any location using unique rules. 

Finally, it is easy to switch back to one of your available cameras to view any time you want. PTZ screen is helpful, but you can enjoy your installed camera the most.


TVI infrared video surveillance

One of the most critical differences between AHD, CVI, and TVI cameras is infrared video surveillance. TVI is a weatherproof and vandal-resistant high-definition dome surveillance camera. 

It would help if you mounted your camera on the ceiling and corner of your room. The size of your space is vital in choosing a useful and practical camera. TVI cameras can record in average and zero light conditions using its built-in infrared night vision mode. 

It is a good idea to turn off the lamp to find your way back out of the testing spot after turning off the leading lights in the room. After turning off the lamp, the space has zero light, and the camera engages its infrared night vision mode. 

The infrared LEDs assembled into this camera accomplish an excellent appointment of lighting the entire area. You can use the light on your smartphone to see the room again. 

When you turn the light back on, the TVI camera turns off its infrared and captures 1080p video in color again. TVI cameras are 1080p high-definition CCTV cameras. Remember, 1080p is equivalent to 2-megapixel resolution. 


Starlight technology in TVI cameras 

It is also good to know about the starlight feature available in TVI cameras. This technology offers excellent light sensitivity and high-resolution forensic evidence in color under dark nighttime conditions. 

That is equal to a moonless darkness. There is a better distinction, making it easier to recognize faces and see someone’s hair color and clothing and identify them in case problems arise or crime has occurred. 

The huge difference that sets the starlight technology apart is it maintains true colors better than traditional IR cameras. With the combined technology, TVI offers a competitive solution for superior night images.

Starlight technology is the most desirable in low-light public environments as the safety of patrons and guests comes first, such as bars, restaurants, Movie theatres, concerts, and low-light parking garages. Therefore, TVI is a possible and best choice for many public places.     


Common Features Between HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD Technologies

1. HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD are High-Resolution Analog Cameras

Some time ago, to have a high-resolution CCTV camera system, people used to buy IP cameras. This scenario changed with the arrival of HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD technologies that began to compete with IP cameras.

When you search for security cameras in the market, you always find some advertising about hybrid DVRs that support different types of cameras, some of these DVRs support cameras with traditional analogue technology, and also HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, and sometimes IP cameras.

Any of the 3 technologies can provide enough resolution for most projects. There is a race among manufacturers to be ahead and deliver cameras that excel primarily in high resolution, but in practice, most installed cameras have HD or Full HD resolution.

Different manufacturers have HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD Camera technologies with Full HD resolutions also known as 108op or 2Mega Pixel.

2. All Three of These Technologies are Analog

HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD are analogue, it is important to highlight this fact because security camera distributors always advertise that their equipment supports those 3 technologies and also supports analogue cameras.

What they should say is that their equipment is compatible with traditional low-resolution analogue cameras and is also compatible with new high-resolution analogue cameras like HD-TVI. HD-CVI and AHD.

The way the advertisement is displayed may lead you to believe that HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD are not analogue technologies, for example, you can see the advertisement below:

“The DVR supports HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, IP, and analogue cameras”

What the vendor is trying to say is that the DVR can accept all 3 high-resolution analogue camera technologies (HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD), as well as accept IP technology and traditional low-resolution analogue technology.

3. HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD Cameras Work with Traditional Coaxial Cable

​Imagine a situation where you need to replace old security cameras as you intend to get rid of traditional models and migrate to high-resolution ones.

You already have several traditional analogue cameras installed on site and therefore there is also a complete infrastructure already installed with traditional coaxial cables such as RG59, RG6, or RG11. 

The cost of replacing low-resolution analogue cameras with high-resolution ones could be very high if the infrastructure and all the coaxial cables also needed to be replaced.

​This is where HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD camera become very useful because they can use the same types of coaxial cables as traditional analogue cameras, which means they can help you save money.

That’s just a quick comparison, there are other things to consider, but you can get a general idea that IP is a bit more expensive.

Characteristics of Each Technology

Now is the time to learn more about the individual characteristics of each of the technologies. The comparison is as neutral as possible without supporting either technology.


HD-TVI Technology (High-Definition Transport Video Interface)

Developed by a Japanese company called TechPoint, HD-TVI technology started on the market initially with 720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD) cameras and recorders.

The Chinese company Hikvision is the largest camera manufacturer that uses this HD-TVI technology with TechPoint chips. Hikvision distributes its products all over the world in different ways, one of them uses the brand and the other is through white label products, where the logo does not appear on the product and third-party companies can put their brand.

The technology was created in 2014 to transmit analogue signals using coaxial cables over distances of up to 500m.

In 2016 Hikvision announced that with the technology improvements in the Turbo HDTVI 3.0 version it would be possible to transmit 720p resolution images at distances up to 1200m and 1080p resolution images up to 800m.

With the new versions of the technology, 4MP and 5MP cameras were made, and then came the cameras with 4K (8MP) resolutions.

Another important feature to mention is that with HD-TVI version 3.0 it is possible to send video and power through the same coaxial cable, a technology known as POC (Power over Coax).

HD-CVI Technology (High-Definition Composite Video Interface)

​Launched in 2012 by the Chinese company Dahua, HD-CVI technology hit the market to revolutionize the use of high-resolution analogue cameras.

The first models had 720p and 1080p resolutions. By 2014, the company was already launching the HD-CVI 2.0 version of the technology that continued to advance each year with the release of new products with higher resolutions and the ability to run cables over longer distances.

Dahua manufactures the cameras and also enables the use of the technology by other companies around the world.

In HD-CVI version 3.0, the company announced resolutions up to 4K (8MP) and POC (Power Over Coax) technology, allowing power, data, and video to be sent over conventional coaxial cable.

AHD Technology (Analog High Definition)

Developed by the Korean company Nextchip, AHD technology has brought high-resolution 720p and 1080p analog cameras to the market.

The company supplies its AHD technology chip to major manufacturers such as Hanwha Techwin and other companies around the world.

In the beginning, AHD 1.0 technology allowed the use of 720p resolution cameras. The new AHD 2.0 version introduced 1080p resolution using traditional coaxial cable (RG59) at distances up to 500m.

The developer of this technology claims that AHD has the advantage of better compatibility with systems, but in practice, it doesn’t seem to have any real advantages.

An AHD camera must be connected directly to a traditional monitor with BNC input and display images. However, the displayed image is black and white, and depending on the AHD version, some compatibility issues may occur.

Support for traditional 960H resolution DVRs is also limited as it only works on older version cameras.

It is important to be careful when buying an AHD camera because in the market it is possible to find different nomenclatures such as AHD-L, AHD-M, and AHD-H that represent low, medium, and high resolutions, respectively. An AHD-L camera has a resolution lower than HD; the AHD-M has a resolution of 720p and finally, the AHD-H has a resolution of 1080p.


Many years ago, people were using industrial leading light procedures to capture and record videos. Still, in recent years, people can get the best quality of images and videos with very little available light. 

We have compared and informed you about different features of AHD, CVI, and TVI video quality and image-capturing process. Moreover, you could check these cameras’ quality at night and day. Since it is hard for you to make out surveillance details straight, we have mentioned some examples and explained them step by step to make you aware of these remarkable new and innovative security cameras in the UK market. Which one do you prefer the most? 

Uniview onvif guideline

Uniview ONVIF Guideline 2023: What Is UNV ONVIF security system?

Video surveillance and safety systems are becoming more popular and common among people in a modern or digital society. Although many people use a special kind of security system, some users are unsatisfied with the working process or functionality of their safety system. So it is crucial to follow the steps and instructions to install and use the best security system. If you have a Uniview security system, checking the Uniview onvif (open network video interface forum) first is vital. 

Unfortunately, smart devices are incompatible, so users or customers will need special software. This software’s existence is significant and valuable to improve the security level of your property. We will tell you more about onvif of the security systems available in the UK market.


What Is Uniview onvif security system?

UNV onvif is a unique facility and option available on the Uniview security system. You can use and enjoy this integration feature of onvif. Every security system can have this option, but each has unique features and benefits. 

You can ask professional experts to give some information about this option, or you can check out the online websites for further details. Onvif is a unique feature and protocol to improve the connection between security systems. 

In the security system and safety industry, there is a special and standard option to connect different IP-based security systems. For example, you can connect strongly between your Uniview security system and camera. 

Moreover, video systems can connect with your Uniview CCTV safety system due to the onvif protocol. Whether you have solid or weak network devices, you can connect them well with your UNV CCTV camera kit

Onvif protocol makes you sure about the correct and proper connection between the security system and other network devices. Different productions with various manufacturers can connect and provide the best functionality. 


How to active Uniview Network Recorder set the Password set the online setting



What Are the Key Features of Uniview onvif? 

Choose Uniview as your security system and use the Uniview onvif to enjoy the most effective safety process. Moreover, the onvif system offers a simple connection between different security devices. 

It also improves the usage of the Uniview security system. Note that Uniview safety protocol is flexible for different user conditions. In addition, the onvif system of Uniview comes to make your life easier and safer. 

This protocol ensures that the Uniview security system is ready and flexible to connect with other smart networks. Any third-party system can connect with your Uniview security system because of the onvif protocol. 

As you know, Uniview has different features and options which make it more popular and practical in the UK market, among other security systems. Stay with us to get familiar with these detailed features and certain functionalities.


Making Connections between Different Devices 

As we said, the most important feature and benefit of the UNV onvif port is ensuring the connection between Uniview devices and other manufacturers’ products. You will have a wide variety in choosing the most suitable security system for your property. 

Uniview is a flexible security device that offers different safety solutions from various manufacturers. You can enjoy the most secure and safest video surveillance process by choosing the Uniview security system. 


Owning Certain Integration 

Besides making the most functional and flexible connection between Univeiw and other security systems, there is a standard and helpful integration. Your chosen and installed Uniview can integrate with different existing security devices. 

Onvif system can protect different processes of your security system, like installation procedures. Onvif eliminates compatibility problems among other security devices. It also can save you essential time and offers the most valuable and helpful sources. 


Capturing Videos

You know about security cameras. A UNV CCTV camera onvif setting has the same function as security cameras. You can control your property via the video streaming option. It is the most comprehensive security option to control the condition around your property. 

It is also possible to check out the video of the Uniview camera on another security device. It means you only have to share the user information and start managing your property via another device. 

Monitoring is one of many standard options available in this feature of Uniview. You also can record other videos or play them back via the Univeiw device or the connection between the Uniview camera and another security system.  


Enhancing Security System Flexibility

You can improve your security system flexibility via the uniview onvif check tool. Onvif is a standard option to combine different devices and provide various security options for you. 

This key feature also provides the customization process for you as the homeowner or business holder. Each manufacturer offers critical components, and finally, they improve the security system best. 

The customizable option of this feature is trendy. It is scalable and adaptable with different video surveillance systems and provides additional security needs and requirements.


Investing in Future Security Systems  

UNV onvif compatible nvr is proof of more robust and safer security systems. It is a standard security feature to improve the safety process and security options. We recommend you check and follow the guideline of Univieiw for better investment in the future. 

Be sure your safety device’s compatibility, flexibility, and security level will improve in the best and most eye-catching method. Onvif is a remarkable advancement available in Uniview products. Pay attention to this specific technology. 


Uniview vs Hikvision: Compare 2 Popular CCTV Brands in the UK


How does uniview onvif Work?

Security is an important concern in this modern and digital work, so you, as the business holder or homeowner, need to find a particular system to protect your property. 

Besides the security system, it is imporessentialake the connections between smart safety devices. The demanded integration and harmony between security systems cause the usage of ONVIF. 

Various smart safety systems are the most practical security solution available in the UK market. Uniview is one of those popular smart security systems.

 The manufacturer of this brand tried to offer something new and standard in case of integration and communication between different safety devices.

 As you get familiar with Uniview onvif crucial features, it is the best time to check the working process of this hardware. 

No matter who are the manufacturers of each security system, they can connect with the help of onvif hardware and option. Different video tools and equipment can integrate effectively. 

Unvif is a powerful integration and robust connection tool available in the UK. It considers each standard feature and offering based on its remarkable capability to communicate with different devices. 

By having onvif, you can be sure about the correct and standard connection between different safety securities with other manufacturers. We are here to share the working process of UNV CCTV onvif with you. Stay tuned, and keep on reading.


Discovering and Identifying Other Security Systems 

The first step in the ONVIF working process is discovering, identifying, and choosing the available other safety devices to make the connection or integrate. Your Uniview safety system can easily add some safety devices. 

This particular protocol uses different features to connect with various smart security systems. onvif can find some compatible devices or networks available near your security system. This step is the starting point of the further working process. 


Configuring Other Devices 

After identifying and discovering the demanded and available safety device, Uniview ONVIF needs to configure the newly discovered device. It is easy to access the innovative and new device and check if it has the needed or required parameters. 

What are essential parameters for you in a security system? The configuring system helps you to check if it has your required parameters based on your safety need. This step makes a good alignment between different devices. Some of the basic parameters are as below:

  • Resolution
  • Frame rate
  • Compression setting
  • Network related setting
  • Quality of surveillance system


Streaming Videos

Onvif can connect different security systems and capture a good video of the incidents happening in various places. Another critical step in the onvif working process is capturing videos with the help of compatible devices.

During this working process, unv onvif controls different aspects of available security systems. It also checks the video quality and cameras’ functionalities. It is vital to check the camera setting before using the camera completely.

It is an essential step in the working process. Every user gets control of their security system and then connects with other safety devices. In the following procedure, they also monitor everything near their property.  

Onvif can control and monitor your property via its working process, especially streaming video. It is a comprehensive solution for those looking for a security camera to watch every detailed event around their property.


Sending Notifications

Another step in the ONVIF working process is sending notifications whenever something happens. In this step, onvif can handle every event and inform the owner at the right time. Notifications are one of its facilities to experience and use.

Whenever the security system detects a motion, it will notify you and try to handle the process. Never be worried about tampering after installing and using this security system.

It also can send notifications to other connected smart safety devices. Be sure about the accurate timing of these notifications. So you can trust your Uniview onvif system and enhance the complete effectiveness of your security system.


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What Are the Benefits of Uniview Onvif?

The most crucial benefit of Uniview onvif is its interoperability because it makes vital communication with other safety devices and reduces connection or integration problems and challenges.

It is a comprehensive security system to make a firm and stable connection with different and various security systems. The flexibility feature of Onvif is another benefit of this system which lets customers mix other devices and match them based on their additional features and functions.

The good news is about the onvif flexibility benefit because it doesn’t care about various manufacturers. It only follows its own working process based on the updated design. Some experts consider scalability is another benefit too.

A simple configuration process is the most valuable and vital benefit of onvif hardware. This system simplifies security system usage and understanding of the working process.

Users can set their demanded settings and use the available software based on their needs. The last benefit of this hardware system is its vast monitoring and attractive enhanced controlling system.

This benefit will lead to the most practical controlling process for users who want to know about every event near their property.



Based on the gathered information from the Uniview onvif search, you can realize how crucial the role of Uniview onvif is to secure your property. It is an important facility available in the Uniview security system and accessible to those who live in the UK.

Onvif is beyond your expectations from the realm of a video security system. You can choose and use this option and ensure the correct and proper connection between different or various smart safety systems and devices. 

Say goodbye to any incompatibility issue in communicating with different innovative safety security systems. Enjoy the flexibility, improved control system, and scalability features of this unique security system, and let’s be sure about your property’s safeness with the help of an uniview onvif conformant. 

unv event uk

Get a Chance to Win a Motorcycle!

we’re delighted to announce that a lucky winner will be taking home a brand new 23 reg, Honda CBR650R supper sport motorbike.


Lucky winner will be drawn in stories on our Instagram page at 4pm on wednesday, 1st of november.


Our big ‘Win a Motorbike’ competition, kindly sponsored by CUCCTV, it’s time to get excited!

Keep reading for everything you need to know to enter the competition, as well as those all-important T&Cs

  • Spend £1,000 on Uniview products between 25th September and 31st October to be eligible for an entry into the prize draw.
  • £1,000 can be spent across multiple orders and can be made via websitephone, or email
  • Multiple entries are allowed but will be capped at 5 – 1 entry per £1,000 spent.
  • Returned products will be deducted from your total Uniview spend and may affect your entry if total spend is under £1,000.
  • The Motorbike will be issued when all competition invoices are settled and are to be collected from CUCCTV .
  • The onus of declaring the HMRC is on the customer.
  • £1,000 – £2,000 total spend = 1 entry
  • £2,001 – £3,000 total spend = 2 entries
  • £3,001 – £4,000 total spend = 3 entries
  • £4,001 – £5,000 total spend = 4 entries
  • £5,001+ = 5 entries
  • The prize draw will take place on CUCCTV social channels, and the winner will be notified.



Uniview Cloud Backup & Storage Guideline

Uniview Cloud Backup & Storage Guideline 2023

Users of Uniview need a comprehensive guide for businesses. According to the gathered information, companies rely on their digital data and need to protect it. So Uniview cloud backup can be an essential feature and option for them. 

The safety and security of this digital data is a vital concern in every business place. Any data loss can cause systematic failures, hacking processes, and other unpredictable issues. Moreover, more security in storing data is needed if Uniview CCTV devices can cause some damage to financial and reputational operations. We will tell you how to get the backup and proper storage of your Uniview security system. 


How Is UNV Cloud Storage?

In this modern and digital world, safe storing of digital data is a vital thing to consider. Whether you own a business or a residential building, you may use the Uniview security system, so you need safe storage to store your digital data.

Since the volume of digital data is increasing over time, it is vital to have enough backup storage to protect critical digital data. By choosing the Uniview CCTV, as the volume of your digital data increases, the storing storage will increase too. 

It is crucial to have reliable and safe storage to protect your data. Uniview cloud backup is a secure storage solution that provides a high range of security features and benefits to meet your digital data’s needs, Whether you own a commercial or residential place. 

As is evident by the name, UNV cloud storage is a cloud-based storage and a comprehensive solution that comes with a UNV CCTV KIT security system. You will enjoy video surveillance and other safety solutions by choosing and installing UNV.

The backup storage of Uniview is a good solution for those who need a reliable place to store their digital data without considering their location and time. You are free to store different types of digital data like: 

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Files


What Are the Most Important Features of Uniview Cloud Backup?

Security is the first important thing to consider in every cloud backup system. Uniview storage backup’s security is also essential to consider before finalizing your choice.

Uniview has an advanced security level to protect your digital data against unauthorized access. Note that your digital data will store in different parts of the storage, so only some data can be in danger.

This is the most crucial feature in the UNV storage backup process, which secures your data from getting lost. There are features mentioned below:

  • Suitable accessibility: if you choose the UNV cloud storage, you can access your digital data whenever you want at any place. You can access your data via intelligent devices like desktops, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Acceptable scalability: another feature of UNV cloud storage is its scalability. This is an essential need of UNV’s users. It is easy for them to increase or reduce the data storage capacity based on the volume of their digital data.
  • High collaboration: it is perfect for making the connection with other devices. It means UNV storage backup is possible to get familiar with other shared data and files. It is a good collaboration between digital data from different platforms. This feature is a suitable method to ensure the safety of your various digital and sensitive data.
  • Affordable: this feature of UNV shows that Uniview storage backup works without payment. You can pay some money to get more advanced storage backups, but using the UNV storage backup freely without any cost is possible.


Uniview Cloud Backup & Storage Guideline

How Does Uniview Cloud Backup Work?

Using and getting the benefits of uniview ezcloud is easy for most users. You must only follow some steps to use your Uniview cloud backup properly. Moreover, the working process of this backup plan is straightforward for most of us. 

You only need to follow some steps to use the cloud backup storage and get familiar with its working process. Stay with us to get enough information about these necessary steps: 

  • Signing up for UNV cloud backup storage: go to the UNV website and sign up for cloud backup service. You are the person who selects the demanded storage plan and pays the storage bills.
  • Installing the UNV cloud backup storage application: the next step is downloading and installing the UNV cloud backup storage application on your device. You can use this application on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Uploading Digital Data: the third step in this field is uploading the digital data to your cloud backup storage. It is possible to upload different data like photos, videos, etc.
  • Getting access to data: after uploading digital data, you have to manage and control your uploaded data via the UNV cloud backup storage application. Create some folders based on your needs. You can also share these digital data with others and back them up via different devices.


How is the Uniview cloud login Process? 

You may want to install and try the Uniview cloud backup storage but don’t know how to log into the UNV cloud. Don’t worry; the login process is not complicated, and you can easily experience a simple login procedure based on shared instructions. 

The first step is navigating the UNV cloud login page. Go to the UNV website and click on the required link. You must enter your email address, user name, and password to log into the account.

 Do you need to remember your password? Don’t panic; you can restore your forgotten password by clicking on the reset or forget the password. It is the time to verify your account.

 These processes and login procedures are critical to support your account against unauthorized access. Some of the UNV accounts ask for more supportive and secure verification codes, while others ask security questions. 

The login process can be various based on your chosen UNV account type. After verifying your real identity, you can get access to the UNV cloud dashboard part.

Every section and feature or benefit of UNV cloud storage is available for you after logging into the UNV cloud backup storage. You can check every live view and manage your security device or system. 


How much is the Uniview cloud storage price?

Before getting sure about your choice of Uniview cloud storage, it is crucial to find the price of this system. As we said before, Uniview mainly works for free, but different options are available for this cloud storage price. 

Users can use this cloud backup storage based on their budget and needs. Stay with us to get familiar with different price plans available for you as a potential user or customer: 

  • Free: you can use one Uniview camera and store the recorded videos for 7 days at a free plan price. This plan doesn’t need any money, and you cannot have storage with high capacity.
  • Primary: the next plan price is fundamental, which gets some money monthly. You can use 4 cameras and store your recorded videos for 7 days. If you have a small business place, choose the introductory plant price of Uniview cloud backup. In addition, this initial plan price can be a good choice for those with huge houses.
  • Plus: the plus plan price is the third one, which gets more monthly money than the basic plan. You can use 8 cameras and store the recorded videos for 15 days. This plan price is suitable for prominent business places. Homeowners who want to have several cameras may use this plus plan price.
  • Premium: the last and most expensive plan price of Uniview cloud backup is a premium plan with 16 connected cameras and storing recorded videos for 30 days. The exceptional plan price suits large factories, business places, and houses.


Compare cloud storage prices of uniview, dahua & hikvision

Since there are different security systems available in the UK market, you will need help finding and choosing the most suitable and helpful security system. 

One of the most critical factors in choosing and preferring a security system, among others, is the cloud storage price. How much is your budget? 

Consider your available budget and find the most affordable cloud backup based on your security needs and budget requirements. There are 3 different security systems available on the UK market with varying plan prices. 

Some people are using Uniview, while others choose Hikvision and Dauha. Which one do you prefer the most? The cost of their cloud backup storage price is essential for everyone. 

Each of these 3 brands is popular and reputable in the security system market. Note that each has its own prices with different features and benefits.

 According to gathered reports, Uniview and Dauha cloud storage backups are the most affordable and use this cloud backup storage for free.

 Hikvision asks for a monthly fee to share their feature and working process in the contract. You can compare their free, basic, premium, and other price plans to decide which suits your budget. You can check and compare UNV VS. Hikvision here as well.

You can also use the free type of each security system and then try to find and choose the most affordable and useful one according to your lifestyle. 

Note that prices are not stable, so the final price of each cloud backup depends on the time and your location too. For example, if you need specific features, you must thoroughly check the features and information to select the best choice. 

How to choose the best cloud backup storage?

In our modern and digital society, people care about their digital data’s security and accessibility more than anything. Cloud backup storage provides the most convenient and safest method to support valuable digital data, like memories and documents. 

Since different cloud backup storages are available in the UK market, it is challenging to find and choose the most needed and useful one. You must simplify the selection process and check different factors to determine your required cloud backup storage. 

For example, your digital data’s security is critical when choosing cloud backup storage. Your data must be in a secure and safe place. Some features are available in Uniview cloud backup to protect your digital data while transferring or sharing them. 

This cloud backup storage has some needed certifications to increase security. No one can get into your digital data via unauthorized access. Another vital thing to consider about choosing the best cloud backup storage is its capacity. 

It is essential to have enough space to store different files and documents. UNV cloud backup also has enough capacity to store your digital data. You also can delete some unnecessary files to empty your capacity in the cloud storage. 

Final Thought

Regarding cloud backup storage, most experts recommend you use and choose a Uniview cloud backup as your demanded one. There are different selections in front of us, but Uniview is the best and most practical one.

Security experts suggest Uniview because this backup storage has enough capacity to save your digital data. It also comes with many practical features and benefits. You can use the services for free. Generally, UNV is affordable. 

We hope you find your final choice and get sure about buying this cloud backup storage. Never underestimate the effects of a chosen cloud backup on your security system and the comfort or convenience in your life. Try to have and install a UNV device to increase the security level of your property. 


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RJ45 Connector

What is RJ45 connector & Colour Code Diagram?

What is RJ45 connector?

RJ-45 stands for Registered Jack, so it is a standardized socket. The standardized socket with the number 45 (i.e. the RJ45 plug) is used worldwide for telephone connections and network connections. Cables with twisted wires, so-called twisted pairs, are used in the connector. These RJ plug connections were introduced in the USA in the 1970s and standardized shortly afterwards. Since the American companies in the telephone and telecommunications industry used the RJ plug connections on a very large scale, some plug types such as the RJ45 became widespread worldwide.

What is the RJ45 assignment for Ethernet?

A distinction is made between two types of connection assignments for Gigabit Ethernet. The assignment for the TIA 568A standard is as follows:

    Pin 1: white/green

    Pin 2: green

    Pin 3: white/orange

    Pin 4: blue

    Pin 5: white / blue

    Pin 6: orange

    Pin 7: white/brown

    Pin 8: brown

What about the TIA standard?

There are some differences in the TIA 568B standard. The following applies here:

    Pin 1: white/orange

    Pin 2: orange

    Pin 3: white/green

    Pin 4: blue

    Pin 5: white / blue

    Pin 6: green

    Pin 7: white/brown

    Pin 8: brown


rj 45 pin

RJ45 assignment for Ethernet


How do I connect the RJ45 plug to a CAT 7 cable?

The RJ45 connector is also crimped onto the CAT 7 network cable useful for CCTV connections such as uniview, dahua and hikvision. In addition to the plug and cable, you also need crimping pliers. We have already described the exact procedure to you above in the text. You can also find photo instructions and video tutorials on the Internet.

Which cable do I need for the RJ45 connector?

Only certain cables are suitable for network technology; you cannot use just any cable.

To make your own network cable, you will need:

  • an RJ45 connector
  • a crimping tool for RJ11 and RJ45
  • a CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT6 or CAT 7 cable
  • a cable cutter
  • a wire stripper
  • a cable tester

But what is the difference between the cables? First of all, all of the cables that we have listed here are network cables. The CAT 5 is used in most installations and is therefore considered the standard. Signal rates of up to 100 megahertz are possible. Nevertheless, CAT 6 or CAT 7 cables are now being laid more frequently in the professional environment. CAT 6 is something like the all-rounder. The cable reaches operating frequencies of a maximum of 250 megahertz. But the longer the cable, the lower the transmission speed. The cable can only meet the standard if it is protected from spurious signals and noise. CAT 7 is the upgrade of CAT 6, the cable is shielded and creates a frequency of a maximum of 600 megahertz. For really fast internet that would be the cable of your choice – if the appropriate sockets are used.


RJ45 Cable

RJ45 Cable


What is the difference between EIA and TIA?

Strictly speaking, you actually want to know what the difference is between the two standards EIA / TIA 568A and EIA / TIA 568B. In the two versions, only two pairs of wires are interchanged:

Twisted pair cable 2 (white/orange)

Wire pair 3 (white/green) both assignments are correct and valid. 


EIA stands for Electronic Industries Alliance, TIA for Telecommunications Industry Associations. There is also the ITU, the International Telecommunications Union. These three organizations have defined the two standards mentioned, which are used in computer networks (LAN for short) in the Ethernet. EIA / TIA 568B is used more frequently.

How do I attach the RJ45 plug to the network cable?

If you want to crimp the RJ45 connector, you need the right tool. Because when you crimp, you connect two components together so that they are plastically deformed. If you now want to attach your RJ45 plug to a patch cable, make sure that you really have a patch cable and not a laying cable in front of you. You need special plugs for installation cables. Then you proceed like this:

  • Slide the anti-kink sleeve onto the cable.
  • Sheath the patch cord to about an inch and a half.
  • Place the exposed film and wire mesh back over the cable.
  • Arrange the wires alternately: white/orange, orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green, white/brown, brown.
  • Shorten the veins to an inch.
  • Gently push the connector onto the cable so that the wires are well connected at the front.
  • Let the sheath of the cable protrude a few millimetres into the connector.
  • Press the connector with a crimping tool.
  • Slide the kink protection cover over the connector.
  • Check the wire assignment with the cable test.

The patch cable is now ready for use. Please note: If you want to connect two computers directly, you need a crossover cable. You have to change the arrangement of a crossover cable on the second page.

Attach the RJ45 plug to the network cable

Attach the RJ45 plug to the network cable


RJ45 Network Lan Cable Crimping Crimper Crimp Tool

RJ45 Network Lan Cable Crimping Crimper Crimp Tool




CAT6 RJ45 Pass Through Connectors Gold Plated Network Cable Connectors

CAT6 RJ45 Pass Through Connectors Gold Plated Network Cable Connectors


RJ45 CAT6 CAT5e RJ11 Network Ethernet LAN PC Wire Cable Tester Testing Tool

RJ45 CAT6 CAT5e RJ11 Network Ethernet LAN PC Wire Cable Tester Testing Tool


How to find Hikvision Verification Code or Encrypted Key?

Which application do you use on your mobile, laptop, or PC? Most applications and even different websites need a verification code to let you use their services and products. Hikvision is one of these companies that need a verification code or encrypted key to permit customers to use all the benefits and access different parts of products. So Hikvision Verification Code is an important option to find. 

You may not be aware of all conditions of Hikvision devices and need some guidelines; we are here to share important information; Hikvision devices have verification codes or encrypted keys. These codes or keys are essential to connect Hikvision devices and network services. 


Why do I need a Hikvision Verification Code? 

Have you ever installed an application and received a verification link in your email? These verification codes, keys, or links are essential to verify your information as a user and your used application or device as an original one.

Therefore you will need a Hikvision encrypted key or Verification Code whenever we want to use one of the Hikvision devices. Don’t ignore this option; pay attention to the verification code or encrypted key step because it will help you use your purchased product. 

The Hikvision devices’ verification code and encrypted keys are essential to establish a strong and temporary connection between your device and the local network. Also, you can check the best hikvision camera here.

Using Hikvision devices’ services depends on having a verification code or encrypted key. Although these verification codes and encrypted keys are essential to use the Hikvision device, some users cannot find the code or key.

 It is somehow complex for some customers to find the verification code and input it. How about you? Could you find the Hikvision encrypted key or verification code easily? 


Where is the Hikvision Verification Code? 

Which Hikvision device do you have? When have you bought this device? Have you ever found and used the Hikvision Verification Code? If you couldn’t find the Hikvision encrypted code, this part will help you find and use this verification code. 

We hope you didn’t throw away or tear up your purchased Hikvision device’s box because the verification code or encrypted key is on the box’s label. You can also find it on the sticker behind the purchased Hikvision device. 

All Hikvision devices have a label with complete information like their version and other useful features. This information shows your Hikvision device’s position in the market too.

 You can see the model, serial number, and verification code of your purchased Hikvision device by checking out the imprinted label under the box. After finding the verification code, you can use it to access any part and service of Hikvision devices. 

We will share more information about this item later in the following part of our article. There are 2 other ways to find out the verification code or encrypted key of a Hikvision device. Keep on reading to be aware of those other 2 ways. 


Hikvision Verification Code


 Find Hikvision Verification Code on the Hikvision device’s setting 

As it is clear, you can find the Hikvision encrypted key or Verification Code in the setting of your purchased Hikvision devices like hikvision 4 channel NVR. You need to follow the below steps to find your demanded verification code:

  • Go to the main menu of your Hikvision device (NVR or DVR)
  • Tap Configuration
  • Choose network
  • Press platform access
  • You will see 6 capital letters as your Hikvision device’s verification code


Find Hikvision Verification Code on the web browser

Another way to find your Hikvision device’s verification code or encrypted key is by searching the web browser for it. You will see these codes and keys on the web configuration, which is proper for IP cameras and Hikvision NVR or DVR devices  To find the encrypted key or verification code on the web browser, follow the below steps:

  • Log into to Hikvision device on the web browser
  • Go to configuration
  • Choose network
  • Press platform access
  • You will see the verification code

Besides finding the verification code or encrypted key of Hikvision devices, you can ask the dealer or seller to share the verification code.


Can I change the Hikvision Verification Code? 

The answer to the above question is yes. Users and customers can change the Hikvision Verification Code by themselves. Since the verification code verifies the end user’s identity, it is possible to change the verification code after verifying it.

Which Hikvision device do you have? (Camera, NVR or DVR). Ignoring your used and purchased Hikvision device makes it easy to change the verification code or key. You only need to follow the below process: 

  1. Go to the setting page of your Hikvision device
  2. Tap the setting of mode and name
  3. Press change verification code
  4. Tap edit
  5. Enter the previous verification code
  6. Choose Next
  7. Choose a new verification code
  8. Confirm the unique verification code


How to use the Hikvision Verification Code? 

Imagine you have found the Hikvision encrypted key or Verification Code; what can you do? Unfortunately, some customers are not aware of using the process of these verification codes or encrypted keys.

 How about you? We will tell you how to use these codes or keys. Don’t worry; using these codes and keys is easy and a piece of cake for anyone. Keep reading to find out the usage of verification codes or encrypted keys. 

You can use these codes and keys to watch the Hikvision devices’ videos no matter live videos or recorded ones.

Also, it is possible to see the captured pictures only after verifying the Hikvision Verification Code or encrypted key. A verified verification code encrypts the images and videos. 


I can’t find Hikvision verification code

We have mentioned 3 common ways to find the Hikvision verification code or encrypted key. (Label on the box of Hikvision device, setting page of Hikvision device and web browser).

 Though these 3 ways are helpful and practical, some users may not find them easily. If you are one of these customers, we recommend you update your Hikvision device to find the verification code. 

You will see the encrypted key via the web browser or setting page of the Hikvision device just after upgrading your Hikvision device. 

At last, in case you do not find the Hikvision devices’ codes or encrypted keys, you can call the seller or end dealer to help you search for them. 

Please note that most old versions of Hikvision devices have their verification codes and encrypted keys under their box on a sticker or label.  


Hikvision Verification Code


Invalid Hikvision Verification Code

In addition to finding Hikvision Verification Code, some users have a problem fixing the invalid verification code or encrypted key. It means there is an error on Hikvision devices (camera, NVR, and DVR) whenever you try to access the live video or record ones on your Hikvision camera. 

The error of an invalid verification code can pop up while the user tries to watch the video stream on his or her Hikvision devices. When this error pops up, you cannot manage your video online, which will be disgusting. 

There is a question: how do we fix the error of an invalid verification code or encrypted key on Hikvision devices? To answer this question, you need to follow the below procedure accordingly: 

  • Go to the configuration part of setting
  • Choose advanced settings
  • Set the encryption key or verification code
  • Choose the access platform
  • Click on the icon to see the revealed code

Additionally, you can solve this problem and remove the invalid verification code via the web browser on your PC or laptop. We have said the verification code or encrypted key is critical and essential, so you have to solve the error of an invalid verification code in case of watching live video on your Hikvision devices.


Hikvision Verification Code missing

There is another problem in front of Hikvision devices’ customers. Sometimes users miss or lose their Hikvision Verification Code or encrypted key. What should they do to solve this problem? The good news is such a problem never happens because there are 3 ways to find the verification code. 

Imagine you, as a user of the Hikvision device, have thrown away the box of your Hikvision device. Nothing to be worried about because you can find your verification code via the web browser again.

Also, it is easy to find the encrypted code through the setting page of your Hikvision device, so you only need to choose one of these 3 ways to find your verification code or encrypted key. No one can miss his or her verification code.   



We live in a digital world with new and innovative digital devices and applications. One remarkable and practical digital device is Hikvision which offers applications and many other valuable services to its users.  

To use Hikvision complete services, users need verification codes or encrypted keys. Finally, every user has to find and use the verification code to watch full video streams or live videos on their Hikvision devices like camera, NVR, and DVR.    

uniview vs hikvision

Uniview vs Hikvision: Compare 2 Popular CCTV Brands in the UK

Uniview vs Hikvision: For selecting a professional video surveillance system for your home, business place, and other properties, you may need more options to consider in the UK security market. 

According to the obtained reports and users’ comments, there are 2 popular choices available in the UK market in 2023: Uniview and Hikvision. 

Choosing one of these unique security cameras and systems can be too challenging for you because each has its own features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

It would help to consider different options for the most suitable security system. Based on most users’ reviews, Uniview is much better than Hikvision. But why? We are here to tell you more about the good features of Uniview vs. Hikvision. 

What Is Uniview Security Camera and How Does It Work? 

Uniview is one of the relatively new innovative securities in the video surveillance industry in the UK market. This brand came to the UK market in 2011 with too many new and innovative security options compared with other available systems. 

Despite its short history, the manufacturer quickly establishes this brand as a leading and popular innovative security system brand in IP video surveillance. UNV camera features will shock you, while UNV’s price is meagre. 

What are the beautiful features of the UNV camera system? Most users get familiar with this smart system because of its high-quality images, advanced options, and reliable performance. 

They are the prominent features available in UNV camera systems. UNV PTZ camera is a kind of IP camera, and the manufacturer designed it for video surveillance applications. 

You can enjoy your high-security level thanks to Uniview high-quality products and advanced features. This exceptional security camera captures video footage with the highest quality compared to Hikvision. 

Whether it is a low light condition or a whole day, Uniview will provide the highest quality video and image. There are some cameras suitable for Uniview software. 

Additionally, you can connect other surveillance equipment to your chosen Uniview software and protect your property more than before. Don’t underestimate Uniview at all. 

This brand will create a comprehensive video based on surveillance systems’ options and requirements. Its high-resolution images are the most important feature available in this famous security system brand.   

What Is Hikvision Security Camera and How Does It Work? 

On the other hand, Hikvision came to the UK market in 2001. Although its lifetime in the UK market is more extended than Uniview, it is banned for now. It means users cannot utilize Hikvision’s unique options in the UK. 

According to Hikvision nvr alternative, it was a well-established brand in the video surveillance industry in the UK market, but now everything has changed. Hikvision has a wide range of security and safeness products like: 

  • Security cameras
  • Security recorders
  • Security software

Hikvision alternatives make this brand a well-known security option in the UK market. Moreover, it has the highest quality images and the most reliable performance. Unfortunately, you cannot use this brand while living or staying in the UK.

Hikvision is a popular and well-known innovative security system suitable for all businesses and organizations of different sizes. Besides all the essential features of Hikvision, it provides a wide dynamic range with high-quality images.

Some users are satisfied with the 3D noise reduction of the Hikvision alternative, but this option makes it more expensive than other brands, specially Uniview. There will be enhanced images with high quality and very high prices. 

Hikvision security system comes with a wide range of advanced features, options, and other factors to enhance functionality and ease of use. We are going to mention the most popular and practical elements of Hikvision security systems:

  • Facial recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • People counting
  • Motion detection
  • Tampering alarm
  • Tripwire detection  

The Difference between Uniview and Hikvision

When comparing Uniview and Hikvision, you have to consider different factors. One of the most essential features of security system cameras is their image quality. Which one has better quality?

According to standard examinations, these 2 brands provide the camera with the highest resolution. Therefore you will see the most advanced images with the help of Uniview and Hikvision.

In addition, their advanced image processing capability is something extraordinary. Although both these brands have the same high-quality images, users mostly vote for Uniview because it has superior image quality.

Uniview cameras are more advanced than Hikvision. So you can trust Uniview’s advanced algorithm more than Hikvision. Uniview is much better and more popular because it has an improving image clarity option.

 It also can reduce noise. These explanations show Uniview offers sharper and more detailed images for its users. Besides high-quality images, reliability can be another factor to consider Uniview much better than Hikvision.

Although both brands provide reliable security products, Uniview is more popular due to its more reliable smart security devices. The manufacturer tested Uniview products in many ways and rigorously.

So its durability and reliability are something to consider the most. According to gathered reports, Uniview has a low failure rate in its security systems. Here are the most apparent differences between Uniview and Hikvision:

  • Uniview provides images with high quality
  • Uniview is more durable
  • Uniview is more reliable  
  • Uniview has more advanced security features
  • Uniview offer a smart tracking option
  • Uniview is more affordable
  • Uniview has a better performance
  • Uniview meets all your security needs and requirements

Which One Is Better? Uniview or Hikvision?

When selecting one of Uniview and Hikvision’s products, you have to consider different factors along with their unique features. There are some vital differences between these 2 brands. 

These unique differences can help you determine which is more suitable for your property and meets your needs or requirements. Image quality is the most important thing to consider when selecting a video surveillance system. 

As users mentioned in their comments, Uniview provides high-resolution cameras with advanced image processing features at lowers prices. It means you can get the same quality at lower costs, which is fantastic. 

For now, Uniview is superior to Hikvision because Hikvision is banned in the UK. You may pay too much for this brand and cannot use it n the UK. 

We recommend you choose and install Uniview to protect your beloved family and valuable belongings. While both brands offer a unique range of security features like pan tilt zoom cameras, facial recognition technology, and thermal imaging cameras, the Uniview IP camera price is lower than Hikvision. 

However, Uniview has a better edge in terms of more advanced options. For example, it can offer smart tracking options and uses advanced security algorithms. Uniview is an excellent option for tracking different objects, even in crowded places.

As the final thought, Uniview is much better than Hikvision. As you know, price is always significant to everyone. Uniview and Hikvision provide special security features, but Uniview comes with lower prices. 

If you have a limited budget and want the highest quality security system, you can try Uniview tri-guard

Although Hikvision has a broader range of security products and long history in the security industry, Uniview is more reliable and offers better performance. Don’t hesitate and choose Uniview as your final security choice.

Why Is Uniview Better than Hikvision?

As we said before, compared to Hikvision and Uniview, most users vote for Uniview. This brand has the highest quality as Hikvision, but the price is lower than Hikvision. Its advanced features and a lower price will make you shocked.

Although Hikvision and Uniview both come with unique functionalities, there are essential reasons why Uniview has been much better than Hikvision in recent years. Stay with us to get to know the most important reasons and factors as below: 

  • best image quality
  • advanced security algorithm
  • clearest images
  • reduction of noises
  • more detailed videos
  • higher quality monitoring purposes
  • higher reliability
  • higher durability
  • lower failure rate
  • best video surveillance system
  • commitment to innovation
  • cutting edge technology
  • smart tracking in a complex environment
  • lower price

There will be other vital factors available in Uniview smart security system. We recommend installing Uniview for your home, business place, or other properties. In conclusion, Uniview is better than Hikvision for too many reasons.

Commitment to innovation is one of the essential things to consider about Uniview superiority to Hikvision.

For now, hikvision is banned in the UK, so you can use Uniview as an alternative for protecting your property and loved ones.

How Switch Hikvision Security System to Uniview?

If you use the Hikvision security system and want to switch to Uniview, follow up on some steps and instructions. You can take these steps to make the transition from Hikvision to Uniview as smooth as possible. Here are the steps: 

  • First, you must evaluate your current Hikvision security system and decide about the new Uniview smart security system. You must check out the number of cameras you will need, the place required for monitoring, and other special features.
  • In the second step, and after getting to know your needs, you must check out which Uniview’s product is good for you. As you know, this brand offers too many products. You can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and users’ opinions.  
  • The third step is the installation process of Uniview’s product. After choosing the most suitable Uniview product, remove Hikvision’s available and current device and start the Uniview installation process. You must follow the installation process carefully to ensure your new system is ready.
  • During the 4th step, you need to test the installed Uniview product. You have to try the camera to see if it captures high-quality footage and records correctly. Don’t forget to check out the advanced features too.
  • The final step is data migration. After installing and testing your new Uniview system, transferring your data from the Hikvison product to the new system is a good time. Moving data from Hikvision to Uniview will be time-consuming, and you may need a technical support team to help.

As a final note, switching from Hikvision to Uniview is a good idea because Hikvision is no longer practical. This process only needs careful planning and enough knowledge.

Choose Uniview to Protect Your Property

Protecting our properties is very important to ensure the security of our family, employees, and assets.

This article introduces one of the best security systems to install and protect your beloved family and valuable belongings. For now, the best and most practical video surveillance system is Uniview, with the highest quality video.

It can be your excellent choice which never makes you regretful. All of the advanced features of this unique brand can enhance your safety and boost your security operation.

 Finally, Uniview can be the best choice for those who live in the UK because it is more affordable with the highest quality images and video footage. No matter how big or small is your demanded place, Uniview can be a good choice for every location.



cctv-trending-technologies 2023

Top 10 Latest CCTV Technologies Trend 2023 in the UK

With the great advances in technology, the video surveillance market is constantly evolving. In addition, we verified a growth given by innovation and by the great demand of the last period. More and more companies, businesses, and homes need to increase security and protect their facilities. In this article, we go over the CCTV technologies trend 2023 so that you can get more familiar with the essential aspects of the field of security.

Most important CCTV technologies trend 2023 

In the security industry, it is essential to be at the forefront and know the latest trends & best CCTV camera brand. The challenges are even greater. Technological advances collaborate to maintain safer and more protected spaces.

So, video surveillance has become a key element. Even smart cities are thought of as a complete security circuit in which cameras are essential. Next, you will discover the 10 trends of video surveillance in 2023 that you should know about.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has come to modify many aspects of our lives. Of course, video surveillance is among the great changes that AI promises us.

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to do things with the same capabilities as humans. In the field of security, especially video surveillance, AI offers us the possibility of analyzing data with great speed.

In addition, it allows alerting any strange situation in real-time, or any unusual activity. For example, facial recognition or people counting has arrived to simplify the surveillance of places.

artificial intelligence cctv camera


2. Cybersecurity

The great advances in CCTV technologies trend 2023 lead establishments, companies, and homes to be more connected. For this reason, we find a great variety of camera systems connected to the internet, being able to create a great security ecosystem.

The great challenge is to create systems that are difficult to fool. Therefore, cybersecurity is an important issue to raise functions to the highest level to reduce vulnerabilities to attacks on a network.

Cybersecurity cctv


3. Data Privacy

Driven by the rise of cloud-based solutions and a host of innovative technologies, such as IoT, Big Data, 5G, and AI, millions of devices and security systems now join this connected network. Protecting video surveillance devices and systems from cyber-attacks and establishing data privacy is more important than ever.

In the UK, there are laws to guarantee the protection of personal information to avoid the disclosure of sensitive data.

Data Privacy cctv


4. User Solutions

We are at a time when it is essential to think about the needs of the end-user and offer solutions. For this reason, within the CCTV technologies trend 2023, we find the need to carry out video solutions that allow them to make their businesses profitable.

In this way, we’ll be able to provide comprehensive security solutions to improve the compatibility of the entire video surveillance ecosystem. At this point, the essential thing is to think of security as “EVERYTHING” and solve the needs of the user.

User Solutions


5. The famous cloud

The cloud or “Cloud” has gained ground in various industries. Currently, it occupies a fundamental place for the secure management of devices, providing storage and being able to save large amounts of data.

Considering that in video surveillance there is a lot of equipment that is installed peripherally, the cloud begins to have a central role.

For this reason, today it is necessary to think about Cloud solutions and platforms than simply choosing an IP network product. The goal is real-time monitoring and easier management.

CCTV Cloud


 6. Multidimensional perception

For a long time, visual image capture was the core and only perceptual capability of video security systems. However, with the development and application of sensing technologies, more powerful edge computing, intelligent algorithms, integrated security devices, and multi-sensor systems are now possible. Today, more sensing capabilities are being integrated into cameras and video systems, such as the ability to integrate radar sensing, multispectral imaging, humidity, temperature measurement, and gas pressure sensing. This integration expands the perceptual capabilities of these cameras and video systems, as well as their applications, enabling the collection and use of multidimensional information.

Multidimensional perception cctv


7. 5G technology for wireless video security

5G technology as one of the CCTV technologies trend in 2023 can bring big changes to the video camera security industry. The higher bandwidth and lower latency of 5G make regular transmission of high-quality images possible, and with the widespread adoption of ultra-high-definition (UHD) cameras, new opportunities for video security could emerge. Furthermore, reliable wireless transmission through 5G technology will revolutionize today’s wired video security market. In the upcoming 5G networks, wireless cameras will proliferate and more edge devices in remote locations will be connected. This will also facilitate the rapid and wide deployment of AI applications on edge devices.

5G technology for wireless video security


8. Convergence of multiple security systems

Companies will seek to obtain a convergence between multiple security systems (such as video, access control, alarm, fire prevention, and emergency management) in a unified platform, obtaining multiple advantages, especially in time, effort, and cost savings.


9. Open AI application ecosystems

Several security vendors have launched programs to follow the CCTV technologies trend in 2023 and keep their edge devices open to third-party AI applications. This brings a wider variety of smart features and development partners to benefit from the openness. Providing open AI training platforms for customers to directly create and train their algorithms is a fairly common practice in other industries and is now emerging in the field of physical security.


10. Greater edge computing to bring AI everywhere

Edge computing is available for security cameras, with smarter algorithms finding broader applications. This makes us believe that edge computing has a good chance to “bring AI everywhere”. With increased edge computing and optimized AI algorithms, it will be normal soon for security cameras to perform more intelligent tasks to help improve safety in local communities and the efficiency of data systems.

edge computing cctv



Technology never ceases to amaze us. It came to facilitate our daily work and even to improve different items and services. CCTV technologies trend in 2023 is very much connected to the evolution of security tools and equipment.

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Best Hikvision Camera 2023 (ColorVu, DarkFighter, 4K, PTZ) in the UK

Hikvision is a great and famous company in the UK and is one of the best producers of cameras in the world. This company is the producer of the best Hikvision camera 2023 in many cities including Manchester. This company makes unique and advanced cameras and its next-generation cameras will have the best technology, including a bullet camera and a PTZ camera in one unit. This new type of camera will be exclusive that will provide you big picture with small details which will inspire its name. As a user, you will see everything with the best Hikvision CCTV Camera and will miss nothing at any instant, you can enjoy it from the moment you set the camera up. The new models feature ColorVu Technology, DarkFighter Technology, the technology of 4K and also the technology of PTZ cameras. These cameras can provide vivid colourful imaging, even in darkness.

By the way, every year Hikvision tries to make the best kinds of cameras & hikvision NVR or hikvisoin DVR for customers in the UK and all over the world. The used technology in these cameras is so exciting and attractive that can persuade every user. You can enjoy having the best pictures and films from your best moments of life. Here are some of the new products of the company for 2023.

Here are more details about which hikvision camera to buy in 2023 and four main features of the company’s productions includes:

  1. Best Hikvision Colorvu Camera
  2. Best Hikvision DarkFighter (Night Vision) Camera 
  3. Best Hikvision 4K Camera 
  4. Best Hikvision PTZ Camera
  5. Top Hikvision Outdoor Camera
  6. Hikvision new products


1- Best Hikvision Colorvu Camera

Hikvision 4K ColorVu PoC Fixed Turret Camera – DS-2CE72UF3T-E


A camera that gives you high-quality imaging. Its colour imaging is 24/7 and it takes clear pictures against a strong backlight. This feature is because of its 130 dB true WDR technology. On the other hand, its 3D DNR technology makes you have clean and sharp images. It includes 2.8 mm and 3.6 mm lens and more than 40 m white light distance to have a brighter picture at night. It is also resistant to water and dust.

The upgraded value of the best Hikvision camera and AcuSense NVRs provide enhanced key features for simple and efficient user experience. The 2nd Gen value IP cameras and AcuSense NVRs have been upgraded with the latest functionality.

HeatPro Bi-spectrum thermal cameras deliver advanced fire detection for waste recycling facilities. Recycling companies face a major risk of fire, but our new product has resolved this problem with the technology of advanced fire detection.


+ Camera main features include:

  • 24/7 colorful imaging
  • Focusing on human and vehicle classification based on deep learning
  • Clear imaging against strong backlight due to 130 dB WDR technology
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology
  • High quality imaging with 8 MP resolution
  • H.265+, H.264+
  • Main Stream: 60 Hz: 30 fps (2688 × 1520, 2560 × 1440, 2304 × 1296, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720)
  • Up to 98 ft (30 m)
  • 12 VDC and PoE (802.3af, Class 3)
  • Image Sensor8 MP CMOS
  • Signal SystemPAL/NTSC
  • Resolution3840 (H) × 2160 (V)
  • Frame RateTVI: 8 MP @ 12.5 fps/15 fps, 3K @ 20 fps, 1080P @ 25 fps/30 fps
  • Min. Illumination0.0005 Lux@(F1.0, AGC ON), 0 Lux with white light
  • Shutter TimePAL: 1/12.5 s to 1/50,000 s;NTSC: 1/15 s to 1/50,000 s
  • Lens2.8 mm, 3.6 mm fixed focal lens


+ Field of view:

  • 2.8 mm, horizontal FOV: 110°, vertical FOV: 59°, diagonal FOV: 131°
  • 3.6 mm, horizontal FOV: 93°, vertical FOV: 48°, diagonal FOV: 113°
  • Lens MountM16
  • Light AlarmSolid Light Alarm (White Light)
  • Day & Night24/7 Color Imaging
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)≥130 dB
  • Angle AdjustmentPan: 0° to 360°, Tilt: 0° to 180°, Rotation: 0° to 360


+ Image

  • White LightAuto/Off
  • AGCYes
  • Day/Night ModeColor
  • White BalanceAuto/Manual
  • AE (Auto Exposure) ModeWDR;BLC;HLC;Global;HLS
  • Privacy Mask4 programmable privacy masks
  • Motion Detection4 programmable motion areas
  • Noise Reduction3D DNR/2D DNR



Learn more about the Hikvision ColorVu

hikvision colorvuHikvision, the manufacturer of security products and solutions, continues to expand its offering of professional video surveillance cameras in the UK with Hikvision ColorVu imaging technology.

Hikvision ColorVu cameras provide high-resolution color images in virtually any lighting condition, including zero-light environments, by combining high-performance image sensors, advanced lenses, a large iris and onboard supplemental lighting.

ColorVu camera technology offers the three features most demanded by professionals in the security industry: high-performance color surveillance image, affordability and reliability. Apart from the competitive Hikvision ColorVu price, they eliminate the need for additional lighting products and the costs associated with installation and long-term maintenance, offering the benefits associated with color surveillance imaging.

Hikvision ColorVu technology

ColorVu technology uses two hardware technologies, advanced lenses and high-performance sensors, with which Hikvision cameras can capture details in low light. Along with supplemental lighting for extremely dark scenes, ColorVu cameras ensure video images with crisp, colorful detail when needed.

The new lenses maintain the F1.0 large aperture design, which offers four times more light. As for the focus of the camera, the company has applied Active Alignment (AA) technology in the production of these devices to bring the adjustment precision to 4 pixels.

With optimized sensors, color images at night are reproduced much brighter than conventional cameras, and with the new 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) algorithm, the cameras can record additional details clearly and deliver sharper images for residents of Manchester.

Hikvision ColorVu best properties

These cameras also feature 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) in order to ensure high-quality video and images for a wide variety of applications. They are available in 2 and 4 MP models with H.265+ video compression to conserve bandwidth and storage.

The latest addition to this line of cameras is the PT (pan, tilt) model DS-2DE3A400BW-DE, which features a 3” 4mm fixed lens with minimal lighting requirements (0.0005 lux).

Advanced camera processing includes object detection to distinguish human and vehicular movements and prevent false alarms such as animals, rain or falling leaves.

Features include a microphone and speaker to deter intruders and an IP66 design to withstand the elements.

In addition, the new PT video and audio functions can be remotely controlled via Hikvision’s Hik-Connect App.

The benefits of Hikvision ColorVu technology 

  • Advanced lenses and high-performance sensors
  • True color information
  • More exact details
  • Better visual experience; Balanced brightness, F1.0 super aperture and advanced sensor ensure realistic rendering

Hikvision ColorVu 4K and AcuSense technologies

In addition, 4K technology has been implemented to deliver ultra-high-definition color images day and night. Hikvision ColorVu 4K cameras are especially suitable for open spaces and large environments in the UK, such as large stadiums, airports, ports and car parks, where clear, high-resolution images are needed.

AcuSense technology makes it easy for users to focus only on events important to security. This is made possible by built-in deep learning algorithms that can distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects, such as animals, leaves, or rain.

Only when the preset type of intrusion occurs will alarms be triggered? With this solution, videos are categorized by people and vehicles, and object classification improves search efficiency.

Hikvision ColorVu 5MP and 8MP

This new generation of cameras lets you clearly see what’s going on in your home or business in Manchester, even when lighting conditions are really bad. Hikvision ColorVu 5MP camera has a maximum quality of 5 Megapixels and a 2.8-millimetre fixed lens that shows a wide viewing angle and a very sharp image. It also mounts a metal casing suitable for outdoors with an IP67 waterproofing protocol, so you can place it wherever you need it without fearing rain or dust.

Hikvision ColorVu 8MP IP camera with ColorVu technology and AcuSense artificial intelligence to achieve a global and ultra-reliable security system in its detections. This camera offers Ultra HD 4K image quality and through ColorVu technology it obtains colour images in conditions of almost total darkness. It has a 2.8mm wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 102º to avoid blind spots. This new generation IP camera integrates an artificial intelligence system, called AcuSense, which allows it to distinguish between the movement of people and the rest of objects or animals. Hikvision ColorVu 8MP price is very affordable and it has a high-resistance metal exterior casing, internal microSD card recording, PoE power supply system and integrated microphone with noise reduction. Without a doubt, the most complete IP camera is designed to offer a global and ultra-reliable solution for video surveillance tasks.

Different scenarios, a new experience

The new Hikvision ColorVu POE technology can be applied in different scenarios in the UK, including:

  • Residential: Whether they are multi-family houses, condominiums or apartments. Mostly the spaces have little lighting which leads to really risky areas. A better-quality image improves the identification of suspects when needed, providing a safer environment for residents. Corridors, stairs and other outdoor areas together with ColorVu technology, can be viewed in detail.
  • Small businesses: Users can manage entrances and exits, as well as dimly lit interior and exterior areas where theft or other crimes mostly occur.
  • Parking lots: The area with the greatest criminal acts and also, with an important focus on the visibility of details. ColorVu uses sophisticated supplemental lighting to make parking areas safer without the need for additional lighting.
  • Parks and recreation areas: Every day there are criminal acts in different outdoor areas. Strategically placed ColorVu cameras illuminate areas with limited lighting that pose risks of accidents or other incidents, such as hallways, play areas, bathroom entrances, and exercise areas. Better lighting at night makes the community feel safe and comfortable. 

The new Hikvision ColorVu cameras provide brilliant color video images 24/7 in critical lighting conditions that affect their detailed analysis. They excel at capturing vivid color images in a multitude of application scenarios, such as public places, industrial parks, and traffic intersections in low-light environments. Color information throughout is particularly important. Another clear example, in addition to a criminal act to identify the suspect or analyze the objects in detail, is also the information on the license plate of a cloudy vehicle, it is crucial in the investigation of traffic accidents. Even when external lighting conditions are poor, even completely dark, ColorVu cameras still capture valuable colour information.


Check Other ColorVu CCTV Here


2- Best Hikvision DarkFighter (Night Vision) Camera 

Hikvision 5-inch 2 MP 25X Powered by DarkFighter IR Analog Speed Dome-DS-2AE5225TI-A


This camera’s quality is perfect due to its 2 MP resolution. It has excellent performance in low light and is powered by DarkFighter technology. Due to 120 dB WDR technology, this camera takes clear pictures against powerful lighting. It has a pan and tilt ability that makes it observe different areas of interest. Its optical zoom is 25x giving you closer viewing of things in vast areas. It has more than 150m IR range that makes safe pictures at night. It is also water and dust-resistant.

+ Main features of this camera:

  • Image Sensor 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Max. Resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Min. Illumination
  • Color: 0.005 Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON)
  • B/W: 0.001 Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON)
  • Shutter Speed
  • PAL: 1/1 s to 1/10,000 s
  • NTSC: 1/1 s to 1/10,000 s
  • Day & Night IR cut filter
  • Zoom 25 × optical, 16 × digital
  • Lens
  • Focal Length 4.8 mm to 120 mm, 25 × optical
  • FOV
  • Horizontal FOV: 57.6° to 2.5° (wide to tele)
  • Vertical FOV: 34.4° to 1.4° (wide to tele)
  • Diagonal FOV: 64.5° to 2.9° (wide to tele)
  • Focus Auto, semi-auto, manual
  • Aperture F1.6 to F3.5

+ Zoom Speed

  • Approx. 3.6 s (optical, wide to tele)
  • Supplement Light Type IR
  • Supplement Light Range 150 m
  • Movement Range (Pan) 360° endless
  • Movement Range (Tilt) -15° to 90° (auto flip)
  • Pan Speed Pan manual speed: 0.1° to 120°/sPan preset speed: 120°/s
  • Tilt Speed Tilt manual speed: 0.1° to 80°/s
  • Tilt preset speed: 80°/s
  • Proportional Pan Rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples
  • Presets 256
  • Preset Freezing Yes
  • Patrol Scan 10 patrols, up to 32 presets for each patrol
  • Pattern Scan 5 patterns, record time over 10 minutes for each scan
  • Park Action Preset/Patrol/Pattern/Pan Scan/Tilt Scan/Panorama Scan/Day Mode/Night Mode/None
  • PTZ Status Display Yes
  • Scheduled Task Preset/Patrol/Pattern/Pan Scan/Tilt Scan/Panorama Scan/Day Mode/Night Mode/Zero Calibration/None
  • Power-Off Memory Yes

+ Video Frame Rate

  • 50 Hz: 25 fps @(1920 × 1080)
  • 60 Hz: 30 fps @(1920 × 1080)

+ Protocols

  • UTC protocol (or HIKVISION-C protocol in previous DVR)
  • Image Settings AGC, white balance
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ≥ 120 dB
  • Image Stabilization EIS
  • Image Enhancement BLC, HLC, 3D DNR
  • Privacy Mask 8 programmable privacy masks
  • Regional Focus Yes
  • Interface
  • Half-duplex mode
  • Self-adaptive HIKVISION, Pelco-P, Pelco-D protocol
  • General
  • Power 24 VAC, max. 30 W (IR: 10 W)
  • Dimension Φ 208 mm × 305 mm (Φ 8.19″ × 12.01″)
  • Approx. 3.3 kg (7.28 Ib.)
  • Operating Condition -30° C to 65° C (-22° F to 149° F). Humidity 90% or less


3- Best Hikvision 4K Camera 

Hikvision 4K AcuSense Fixed Turret Network Camera – DS-2CD2386G2-I(U)



4K is a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels. With more than four times higher resolution than standard HDTV 1080p resolution, 4K has been adopted by the television industry as a standard. By the way it is becoming the new norm for video-based security systems, promising better image quality and richer detail.

The challenges of his technology are limited, but important. The resolution will often be limited, mainly because of missing image detail. On the other hand, without 4K monitors and NVR, 4K cameras cannot be used to their full potential, and therefore have little practical use.

But they are some Solutions for The Problems. Your opportunities for applying security efforts continue to grow with 4K technology quickly coming into focus. By packing ultra-high definition and smart functions into an entire set of 4K products – cameras, NVRs and monitors – Hikvision is providing a better experience for security customers.

Top Hikvision camera 4K system provides users with incredibly crisp and clear images along with smooth preview and playback. With a perfect low-light performance, this system makes video content analytics easier, and provides better use of video data. By incorporating H.265+ video compression to reduce bandwidth and storage costs, Hikvision’s 4K system allows users to manage ultra-high definition video footage much more efficiently.

Hikvision’s 4K NVR has an HDMI 2.0 interface, which transmits video with 4K resolution and provides a better comprehensive solution than systems that only can provide 4K cameras or 4K codecs without the 4K output.

On the other hand, 4K advanced series 4G solar-powered camera system brings security to large remote areas, Keep remote areas safe and free from theft is difficult.

+ Its main features include:

  • Image Sensor 1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Max. Resolution 3840 × 2160
  • Min. Illumination
  • Color: 0.003 Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON), B/W: 0 Lux with IR
  • Shutter Speed 1/3 s to 1/100,000 s
  • Day & Night IR cut filter
  • Zoom Pan: 0° to 360°, tilt: 0° to 75°, rotate: 0° to 360°
  • Lens Type Fixed focal lens, 2.8, 4, and 6 mm optional
  • Focal Length & FOV
  • 2.8 mm, horizontal FOV 111°, vertical FOV 59°, diagonal FOV 131°
  • 4 mm, horizontal FOV 87°, vertical FOV 47°, diagonal FOV 102°
  • 6 mm, horizontal FOV 51°, vertical FOV 28°, diagonal FOV 60°
  • Lens Mount M12
  • Iris Type Fixed
  • 2.8 mm: D: 89.2 m, O: 35.4 m, R: 17.8 m, I: 8.9 m
  • 4 mm: D: 99.4 m, O: 39.4 m, R: 19.9 m, I: 9.9 m
  • 6 mm: D: 140.0 m, O: 55.6 m, R: 28.0 m, I: 14.0 m

4- Best Hikvision PTZ Camera

Hikvision 7-inch 2 MP 32X Powered by DarkFighter IR Analog Speed Dome-DS-2AE7232TI-A


This kind of camera will provide you deep learning for better VCAs. Best Hikvision camera upgraded second generation Value IP and is equipped with several enhanced keys.

MinMoe multi-functional terminals webinar will give you the opportunity to discover exciting key product benefits. TandemVu ColorVu PTZ camera is a two-in-one camera designed for complete security coverage.

Hikvision has introduced the new TandemVu ColorVu PTZ cameras. These new cameras provide an innovative and attractive chance to take memorable pictures.

Protection has become simple for you with the best Hikvision camera HeatPro Bi-Spectrum thermal and optical camera series. And Hikvision’s IP cameras and AcuSense network video recorders (NVRs) now pack upgraded functionality with better function and possibilities.

Top Hikvision camera alternative (if you already have coax cables)
Many people choose an IP camera, the reason for this is that the image must be sharper than a camera that is connected with a coax cable, believe online camera shop because this is a fable! Our company is active in selling coaxial cameras with more than 8MP resolution. We propose you not to replace and convert all your cables for UTP cables. And also we suggest that the investors don’t need to send an IP camera image via coax cables with a huge cost.

+ Main features of this camera:

  • Image Sensor 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Max. Resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Min. Illumination
  • Color: 0.005 Lux @(F1.2, AGC ON)
  • B/W: 0.001 Lux @(F1.2, AGC ON)

+ Shutter Speed:

  • PAL: 1/1 s to 1/10,000 s
  • NTSC: 1/1 s to 1/10,000 s
  • Day & Night IR cut filter
  • Zoom 32 × optical, 16 × digital

+ Lens:

  • Focal Length 4.8 mm to 153 mm, 32 × optical
  • FOV Horizontal FOV: 54.2° to 1.97° (wide to tele)
  • Focus Auto, semi-auto, manual
  • Aperture F1.2 to F4.4
  • Zoom Speed Approx. 3.5 s (optical, wide to tele)
  • Supplement Light Type IR
  • Supplement Light Range Up to 150 m

+ PTZ:

  • Movement Range (Pan) 360° endless
  • Movement Range (Tilt) -15° to 90° (auto flip)
  • Pan Speed Pan manual speed: 0.1° to 160°/s
  • Pan preset speed: 160°/s
  • Tilt Speed Tilt manual speed: 0.1° to 120°/s
  • Tilt preset speed: 120°/s
  • Proportional Pan Rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples
    Presets 256
  • Patrol Scan 10 patrols, up to 32 presets for each patrol
  • Pattern Scan 5 patterns, record time over 10 minutes for each scan
  • Park Action Preset/Patrol/Pattern/Pan Scan/Tilt Scan/Panorama Scan/Day Mode/Night Mode/None
    PTZ Status Display Yes
  • Scheduled Task Preset/Patrol/Pattern/Pan Scan/Tilt Scan/Panorama Scan/Day Mode/Night Mode/Zero Calibration/None
  • Power-Off Memory Yes

+ Video Frame Rate:

  • 50 Hz: 25 fps @(1920 × 1080)
  • 60 Hz: 30 fps @(1920 × 1080)

+ Image:

  • Image Settings AGC, white balance
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ≥ 120 dB
  • Image Stabilization EIS
  • Image Enhancement BLC, HLC, 3D DNR
  • Privacy Mask 8 programmable privacy masks
  • Regional Focus Yes
  • Video Output Switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS video output, (NTSC or PAL composite, BNC)
  • RS-485 Half-duplex mode
  • Self-adaptive HIKVISION, Pelco-P, Pelco-D protocol

+ General:

  • Power 24 VAC, max. 40 W (IR: 14 W)
  • Dimension Ø 220 mm × 353.4 mm (Ø 8.66″ ×13.91″)
  • Approx. 4.5 kg (9.92 lb.)
  • Operating Condition -30° C to 65° C (-22° F to 149° F). Humidity 90% or less


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5- Top Hikvision Outdoor Camera

Hikvision 5 MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Camera – DS-2CE72HFT-F28


This camera has 5 MP color turret and its color imaging is 24/7 full. Its lens is 2.8 mm fixed focal and it has 20m range light with warm supplemental. Its imaging is clear even against powerful backlighting. It is because of its 130 dB true WDR technology. This camera has 3D DNR technology that makes fast and clean images. It is water and dust resistant.

+ Main features of this camera:

  • Image Sensor 5 MP CMOS
  • Max. Resolution 2560 (H) × 1944 (V)
  • Min. Illumination 0.0005 Lux @ (F1.0, AGC ON), 0 Lux with white light
  • PAL: 1/25 s to 1/50, 000 s
  • NTSC: 1/30 s to 1/50, 000 s
  • Day & Night Color
  • Angle Adjustment Pan: 0° to 360°; Tilt: 0° to 75°; Rotate: 0° to 360°
  • Light Alarm Yes
  • Lens Type 2.8 mm fixed lens
  • Focal Length & FOV 2.8 mm, horizontal FOV: 99.7°, vertical FOV: 72°, diagonal FOV: 139.8°
  • Lens Mount M16

+ Image

  • Image Parameters Switch STD/HIGH-SAT
  • Image Settings Brightness, Sharpness, Mirror, Smart Light

+ Frame Rate

  • TVI: 5MP@20fps, 4MP@30fps, 4MP@25fps, 1080p@30fps, 1080p@25fps
  • CVI: 4MP@30fps, 4MP@25fps
  • AHD: 5MP@20fps, 4MP@30fps, 4MP@25fps
  • Day/Night Mode Color
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ≥130 dB
  • Image Enhancement BLC, HLC
  • White Balance ATW/MANUAL
  • White Light AUTO/OFF
  • AGC Support
  • Main Body: Metal
  • Enclosure: Plastic
  • Dimension Φ 109.82 mm × 85.56 mm (4.32″ × 3.37″)Approx. 350 g ( 0.77 lb.)
  • Operating Condition -40° C to 60° C (-40° F to 140° F), Humidity 90% or less (no condensation)


6- Hikvision new products

Hikvision 4-inch 2 MP 25X Powered by DarkFighter IR Analog Speed Dome-DS-2AE4225TI-D


This kind of camera’s imaging quality with 2 MP resolution is perfect and it has excellent low-light performance via powered-by-DarkFighter technology. It has clear imaging against powerful backlighting because of its 120 dB WDR technology. This camera has pan and tilt ability that makes it to monitor zones of interest. It has a great zoom with 25 × optical zoom that gives you closer viewing of subjects in vast areas. It has more than 100 m IR range ensuring safety at night. Its speed is 4-Inch Speed Dome that is able to take great quality images in low light environment.

Other main features of this camera:

+ Camera

  • Image Sensor 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Max. Resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Min. Illumination Color: 0.005 Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON), B/W: 0.001 Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR
  • Shutter Speed PAL: 1/1 s to 1/10,000 s
  • Day & Night IR cut filter
  • Zoom 25× optical, 16 × digital

+ Lens

  • Focal Length 4.8 mm to 120 mm, 25 × optical
  • FOV Horizontal FOV: 57.6° to 2.5° (wide to tele)
  • Focus Auto, semi-auto, manual
  • Aperture F1.6 to F3.5
  • Zoom Speed Approx. 3.2 s (optical, wide to tele)

+ Illuminator

  • Supplement Light Type IR
  • Supplement Light Range Up to 100 m

+ Pan Speed

  • Pan manual speed: 0.1° to 80°/s
  • Pan preset speed: 80°/s
  • Tilt manual speed: 0.1° to 80°/s
  • Tilt preset speed: 80°/s
  • Proportional Pan Rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples
    Presets 256
  • Patrol Scan 10 patrols, up to 32 presets for each patrol
  • Pattern Scan 5 patterns, record time over 10 minutes for each scan
  • Park Action Preset/Patrol/Pattern/Pan Scan/Tilt Scan/Panorama Scan/Day Mode/Night Mode/None
  • PTZ Status Display Yes
  • Scheduled Task Preset/Patrol/Pattern/Pan Scan/Tilt Scan/Panorama Scan/Day Mode/Night Mode/Zero Calibration/None
  • Power-Off Memory Yes

+ Video Frame Rate

  • 50 Hz: 25 fps @(1920 × 1080)
  • 60 Hz: 30 fps @(1920 × 1080)



In this article we described the best Hikvision camera and presented its four main products. We also gave you some examples to help you to choose your favorite and practical camera. We compared different types of cameras to guide you in this matter. So you can read this article and use it as a reference for acquainting different kinds of cameras.

Hikvision started its work as the security sector in 2013. In a short time, it accomplished becoming a great company in the market with its cost-effective creative designs. Its popularity has increased since then. Hikvision is creating and innovating new products constantly and is often the first to bring new technology to its users.

Hikvision is the UK’s greatest company for IP cameras and accessories and has achieved to combine the highest quality cameras with the best value for money on the market. Hikvision security cameras present perfect features including IR, varifocal lenses, wide dynamic range, weather and vandal resistance as well as featuring their own technology such as dark fighter, ColorVu and AcuSense to name a few. Hikvision IP cameras are available in every shape and size you need including; Bullet, Dome, Turret and PTZ. The brand supplies CCTV cameras and a wide range of NVRs, Brackets and other accessories to complete a system.

The Hikvision Company is a great producer and seller of best types of cameras in the UK. This company has many representatives in different cities including Manchester and it produces best Hikvision CCTV for its customers. You are able to analyze and choose the best camera based on your needs. It is important to buy cameras from our main representatives. We are hikvision suppliers and authorized reseller of this company’s products in the UK. In fact we act as a representative of the company and we can present you your favorite products to buy.

dahua dmss app

What are the Best Mobile Apps to Use for Dahua CCTV?

Dahua is one of the biggest CCTV manufacturers with lots of useful products. The best thing about Dahua cameras and security systems is you can monitor them via an app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Many apps can be used for Dahua CCTV systems, so we decided to introduce the best ones for you in this article. Here you will find all you need to know about the best app for Dahua CCTV. Also, you can read what is DMSS & how it works?


What is the Best App for Dahua CCTV? 

iDMSS Lite/gDMSS Lite:  Application for smartphone and tablet (free)

iDMSS Lite and gDMSS Lite allow you to view your cameras remotely on your iPhone or android smartphone. You can also review your recordings, take photos and videos, control your motorized PTZ cameras, etc. The application also allows you to manage several devices simultaneously (multi-site). Intrusion notifications are made by email, with the possibility of having a photo captured.

To do this, you just need to configure the software on your device. The main requirement for this app is that your device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data must be enabled. This app is user-friendly. You can take screenshots of camera moments and record videos.


what is dmss



  • iDMSS Lite/gDMSS Lite provides excellent protection for your home or workplace
  • It provides a user-friendly interface
  • You control the camera remotely
  • It uses a video IP system provided by Dahua
  • Captures the moments
  • You can take screenshots
  • You can save
  • Push alarm function available
  • You can play the video whenever you want and live playback is also available
  • Device connection and operation process is easy with this app
  • This app will support so many languages ​​for your convenience


  • You can also watch the video from the remote device
  • You can save it and see a playback
  • You can also view live playback
  • It provides excellent protection for your home or workplace


  • You need to turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Sometimes you may experience network issues


Free CCTV Installation Training Course


How to Install iDMSS Lite/gDMSS Lite

It is very easy to download and install the best app for Dahua CCTV. But gDMSS Lite is developed mainly for Android apps only. iDMSS Lite is for iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, etc. 

How to install gDMSS Lite on Android mobiles:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android mobile
  2. Search for “gDMSS Lite”
  3. After you find it, click to download it
  4. Then click on Install and the installation starts.
  5. After the installation is complete, you can connect it to the cameras and work with them.


How to install gDMSS Lite on Windows PC or Mac:

gDMSS Lite is developed primarily for Android applications only. It will not support Windows or MAC. But you can make it possible by using “BlueStacks”, which is an Android app emulator. Please follow the installation steps:

  1. First, you need to install Blustacks on your PC
  2. After installation, it displays a wizard to complete your main information 
  3. Launch gDMSS Lite and open a search for DMSS app to install
  4. Just click download and then install
  5. After the installation is complete, you can connect it to the cameras and work with them.


How to install iDMSS Lite on iOS devices:

  1. Open AppStore on your iOS device
  2. Find the iDMSS Lite app
  3. Click on the install app link
  4. In a few minutes, the installation completes successfully


How to use gDMSS Lite/iDMSS Lite?

The working process of gDMSS Lite or iDMSS Lite is the same. As the two are similar, we will now discuss how to work with gDMSS Lite.

First, you need to install the cameras in your workplace or home. Install gDMSS on your Android mobile. Follow the steps below to use it:

  1. Launch the gDMSS app
  2. On the home screen, camera, door, alarm…etc. are displayed
  3. Simply click on the Camera tab and then on the Menu tab
  4. In the menu, you need to choose “Device Manager”
  5. Click on the “+” symbol to add a device
  6. Select the wired device in this wizard
  7. Enter the device name
  8. Then you need to scan the QR code. For this, you need to press the “SN” tab
  9. When you click the “SN” tap, it will provide a QR code to the scanner
  10. Now you just need to scan it with your device
  11. Then you need to provide the details like username and password
  12. Once the process is complete, you can also watch the preview by clicking “Start Live Preview”. Now the device is added to the app and you can check how wonderfully the best app for Dahua CCTV works.




Other Apps and Software for Dahua CCTV

1) iDMSS Plus/gDMSS Plus (Application for smartphone and tablet)

iDMSS Plus and gDMSS Plus offer you the same functionalities as the “Lite” version, but in addition, you have the possibility of accessing several parameters of your recorders (change of password, recording schedule, etc.) you can also configure different Push notifications (motion detection, hard disk problem, etc.). In this case, the intrusion notifications will be made directly via the application which will offer you to review the last moments filmed.

2) Smart PSS (Software for managing cameras and recorders)

Smart PSS is the supervision software for your cameras to be installed on your workstation. It will allow you to see your cameras in real-time, as well as to consult your video surveillance recordings. In addition, it allows you to access most of your recorder’s settings (date and time, password change, network settings, recording schedule, motion detection, etc.). So you can handle your IP surveillance kit wherever you are in the world.

3) Config Tool (Network configuration software for cameras and recorders)

In some cases, the network settings of your digital recorder are not compatible with your local network. Concretely, this prevents access to your surveillance cameras from your local and remote networks. Despite this incompatibility, the software allows you to access your recorder and modify its network parameters. And this is to make it compatible with your network environment and allow you to monitor your cameras everywhere. 

4) Smart Player (Software for replaying video sequences)

When exporting a video sequence, the file format can be “.dav” type. The latter is a proprietary format created by the manufacturer of your digital recorder. In addition to the best app for Dahua CCTV, you need a specific reader/player to be able to read these files: Smart Player. If you export, with another format (asf, mp4, avi, etc.), software like VLC or Windows Media Player will suffice.


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In this article, we introduced some of the best apps and software for Dahua CCTV. You can follow the instructions provided to complete the installation of the gDMSS Lite/iDMSS Lite application and connect it to your device. By doing this, you can get a great experience of protecting your home or workplace. After reading this article, you can easily setup gDMSS Lite/iDMSS Lite on Windows, Android, and iOS.