How To Configure Dahua DVR For Remote Viewing

How To Configure Dahua DVR For Remote Viewing?

Most people who buy surveillance cameras plan to view one or more specific locations online and remotely. When you buy a security camera, you need to consider whether that camera supports the online system and remote viewing. You can easily configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

First of all, to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing, you need a router that transmits high-quality images. Once you have installed the router, it is time to get a high-speed internet connection to transfer the image to your mobile/ or computer.

In this article, we are going to explain to you how to do the Dahua DVR setup.

These days, by configuring Dahua DVR for remote viewing, people can monitor where they want to go. In fact, when you install a security system in a specific place, you can prevent unfortunate events such as theft/ fire/ sabotage/ etc.

Watching online CCTV Camera – CCTV Camera remote view

Watching online CCTV Camera  (CCTV Camera remote view)

The Importance of Installing Surveillance Cameras for Business

Therefore, if you have not provided a security camera for your business, it is recommended that you do so as soon as possible, you can see different places of your business. Some security cameras are such that they can call the police or you as soon as they see a case; you can get to work very quickly.

It is recommended to put an alarming eye next to the security camera. So with this device, you can determine that if a person passes a place, this will inform you very quickly. The eye has many uses in detecting thieves, so it is possible to maintain a complete range without having to monitor the entire area.

Now, in order to be able to watch your surveillance cameras online, you should have a Dahua DVR setup meaning there must be internet on both sides of the device.

It should be noted that the higher the speed of your internet connection, the faster the videos sent from the security camera will be viewed.

If your internet camera speed, as well as the speed of your mobile or laptop internet, slows down, it will cause you to watch security camera videos on the scene. As a result of this, you will not be able to have a higher quality of monitoring on a particular location.

If your work is sensitive and needs to be resolved very quickly, it is recommended that you provide a high-speed internet connection for both your mobile device and your security camera.


Do you really always need high-speed internet? – is it important to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing?

No. If your business is such that you need to see the location of the business, you do not always have to have the ultimate speed.

For example, you own a chain store and there are thousands of small/ large products in your store. A person may enter the store then steal a small item. In this case, despite the low speed of the Internet, you will not be able to find out about this issue.

Dahua AirShield Wireless Alarm System


dahua remote


So if you can take care of your business from home, we suggest you get high-speed internet for your surveillance camera.

But on the other hand, if you have a camera for your home and you want to have full control over your home from work, you really do not need a high-speed internet connection. At the same time, you can see a person without permission to enter your place of residence; you can call the police very quickly or return home from work.

Dahua remote viewing app – Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing 

In this section, we are going to show you how you can configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

One of the easiest ways to transfer images via Dahua DVR is to use P2P technology.

Introduce Dahua remote viewing app

If you want to watch security cameras on your Android phone, you must first install the DMSS software then, you should configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

And if your phone is an iPhone, download the DMSS Camera software through the App Store.


dahua mobile application

DMSS – Dahua Professional Mobile Surveillance App.


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After installing this software, just open the software and register.

Registration in this application is straightforward. Just select the name of the country/ region; follow with the final instructions.

But before you can watch the security camera remotely, you have to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

  1. Turn on your Dahua DVR to start to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.
  2. Enter the password required to enter the settings.Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing
  3. In the settings section, look for the Network option.
  4. A menu will open for you and select the first option, TCP / IP. Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing
  5. After selecting this option in the Mode section, select the DHCP option.
  6. After doing this, click Save.
  7. Last menu option, there is an option called P2P, click on it.
  8. Tick the Enable to enable P2P.Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing
  9. In this section, two QR codes are displayed for you. Now open the same program that was introduced above for download on your phone and scan the Device SN option using the camera inside the QR Code program.


Congrats! You just configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing!


 + Just enter the required information in the Dahua web service login. You do not always need to do this or configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing every time.


By doing this once and configuring Dahua DVR for remote viewing, the security camera will be permanently stored in the application environment of your phone.  Each time you enter the introduced program, you will be able to access your security camera being able to control it.

However your phone’s camera may now have a problem where you cannot scan the QR code displayed.

Nothing can stop this process. In-fact, by entering the software environment introduced for download, you can apply manual settings to view the remote monitoring camera.

To do this, just run the introduced software on your device.

Click the top three lines to the right of the application to display more options. Select the “Device Manager” option.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

To be able to enter the ID manually, select the “Wired Device” option.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

Then enter a new environment and click on the “P2P” option.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

You can now enter the following QR Code in the “SN” field.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

Then, click “Start Live Preview”.

From here you can see all your security cameras with this software and you will also be able to manage your security camera using your mobile phone or laptop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to view surveillance cameras using a computer?

Yes, after configuring Dahua DVR for remote viewing, you can install SmartPSS software to view surveillance cameras on your laptop/computer.

All you have to do is install the “SmartPSS” software on your computer and add the security camera by registering in the software followed by entering your information.

The process of using “SmartPSS” software is the same as the software introduced for Android.

Smart PSS dahua uk

Smart PSS software for CCTV remote view

Is it possible to view the security camera online just by installing Dahua CCTV on the router?

No. You need to make the necessary settings for this. Just go to your Dahua DVR and enter the user information. GO to the “network” section through the menu and make the settings provided in this article.

You will then be able to view your Dahua CCTV online.

Can anyone hack my security camera?

You may be wondering if anyone can hack security cameras. The answer to this question is yes. If the IP of your security camera is predictable, or if everyone knows what the IP of your surveillance camera device is, as well as using username information such as a username and password, your security camera will be hacked very quickly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not provide your user information as well as the IP of your camera to suspicious people.

In fact, anyone who has the IP of the camera, as well as the user information of the camera, can see the place very quickly and do the necessary sabotage.

Is the software introduced in the article secure?

YES! There is software that was introduced for Android and iOS devices; you can download this software from Google Play as well as the Apple App Store.


This article explains to you how you can configure Dahua P2P web login and Dahua DVR. Transferring a security camera image to your phone or laptop is very important, if you plan to view your workplace remotely, you must do so. If you think you may have difficulties with connecting your Dahua CCTV UK to your mobile phone, you can request help from a computer specialist or security camera specialist. Advice and assistance is available through the CUCCTV store or through the brand of system/ cameras, themselves.

Dahua is one of the best CCTV brands in the UK and around the world that captures high-quality images for you. Dahua company has been able to achieve maximum satisfaction of its customers, for the reason of their trusted and safe products. There is Dahua DVR Software that you can use to set up your security camera. This software is very easy to work with and you can install Dahua DVR Software on your Android or iOS phone. Dahua CCTV is one of the best surveillance cameras in the UK that you can use to increase the security of your workplace/ home.

CUCCTV (online shopping/ in-store/ phone-call) is one of the most reputable stores for buying security cameras and their supporting accessories in the UK. A feature of using the Dahua partner service is a warranty on all products. You can check dahua products, place an order & use free shopping for purchases over £75. We have a discount price only for trader users that logged in to their accounts.

Will Dahua Camera Work with Hikvision DVR

Will Dahua Camera Work with Hikvision DVR?

Can I Integrate Dahua Products with Hikvision

When you want to equip your home in terms of video surveillance, you often start with a single camera. Then you buy a second one. You buy a video door entry system or a camera that has that specificity. In the end, you end up with many cameras, but above all, cameras of different brands like Hikvision and Dahua. but is Dahua compatible with Hikvision?

The problem is that each brand has its own application. These applications do not necessarily accept different brands. So, what to do when you have two Hikvision cameras and a Dahua? Fortunately, there are solutions to see all your security cameras grouped together in a single place or application.


The Problem of Evolution

Evolving technology is good. The problem is when not all parts of that technology keep up. For example, it is no longer possible to view live images from Hikvision cameras on a web browser (except with Internet Explorer). Chrome, Firefox, Safari: All have adopted new video protocols. The problem is that Hikvision has not forwarded its “old” EasyIP 1 or easyIP2 type cameras.

So, we end up with a grey screen without being able to do anything. This problem, although indirectly related to the theme of this article, highlights the need to be wary and choose the right brands and models of security products. They will definitely evolve. However, it is still necessary to know how the evolution will go with these products. 

So, without further ado, let’s see how we can monitor Dahua and Hikvision security systems in one place. 


Dahua AirShield Wireless Alarm System


Can Dahua Camera Work with Hikvision DVR? 

If you have a Hikvision DVR and a Dahua IP camera, you are probably wondering “can I use other cameras with Hikvision DVR?” The answer is yes! you just need to download and install the Config Tool to configure your Dahua camera and follow the instructions below

  1. Open the Config Tool and use it to modify the network credentials of your camera to match your DVR IP setup. The tool automatically detects your Dahua camera’s IP address, which needs to be changed to default Hikvision DVR addresses for cameras (192.168.254.x). The software will require you to activate the camera first, and it will ask you to create a password. This is the password for the camera which we will need later.  
  2. After the camera connection is complete, you need to connect it to the Hikvision DVR. Go to Configuration > Camera > Locate the location of your camera > Operation > Edit. You must configure these settings: 
  • Adding Method – Change from Plug & Play to Manual 
  • IP Camera Address – Change your Dahua camera’s IP address 
  • Protocol – Change from Hikvision to ONVIF
  • Camera Password – Enter the camera’s password that you created in the previous step 
  1. Click OK to go back to the previous page. Make sure that the Status column displays a green and not red. Your Dahua camera is now connected to the Hikvision DVR! 


dahua and hikvision


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How to Integrate Dahua and Hikvision Cameras 

1) Use an Application (Mobile or Computer)

Downloading and installing a generic (i.e., all makes and models) app is the easiest method. Moreover, this solution is all the more interesting as it is generally free, and compatible with several devices. Third-party applications such as iVideon, tinyCAM Monitor (free and paid versions) for Android and Milestone XProtect Essential (free version) allow you to add your IP cameras and view them on a single screen. We recommend the iVideon application, available on IOS and Android.

Advantages of using an application for surveillance cameras:

  • Easy to put in place
  • Very profitable if you have many different brands


  • For free versions, all features may not be enabled
  • A limited number of IP camera channels
  • 24/7 recording is not possible
  • Subscription sometimes required

Even in its free version, iVideon is beneficial for several reasons. Certainly, the paid version offers more features. However, assuming your cameras have their own recording system (local or cloud), with the free version you can:

  • Save short videos of motion or sound-activated events to the cloud
  • Store videos for 24 hours
  • Have unlimited local archiving
  • Access your cameras from a web browser or smartphone application
  • Share viewing with up to 2 other users
  • Export videos
  • Have smart notifications

2) Invest in an NVR with ONVIF Compatible Cameras

Now that we have answered the question “is Dahua compatible with Hikvision”, we can go over the best solutions to integrate these two brands. Buying a network video recorder (NVR) can sometimes be a great solution to storing all the video from all of your cameras in one place. But if you have more than one IP camera, you are already heavily invested in video surveillance.  This is good, but are your cameras compatible with the Dahua ONVIF port? It is necessary that not only the NVR but also the cameras are ONVIF compatible.


onvif nvr

Advantages of ONVIF NVR:

  • 24/7 recording of all possible IP cameras
  • Simultaneous live viewing of the cameras on a screen (if the screen is connected to the NVR via an HDMI cable)
  • Motion detection for compatible cameras
  • Can be connected to the home automation system

Disadvantages and limitations:

  • The cameras must all be ONVIF compatible, otherwise be of the same brand to benefit from motion detection
  • Risk of the hard drive crashing

These points should not be taken lightly. Because if you don’t make the right choice, you end up with devices that are either not compatible with each other, or not useful for your needs. Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate your present needs and those of the future. For this, it is recommended to opt for recognized brands in the field of video surveillance:

  • Hikvision NVR – This brand is a solid choice if you mainly own Hikvision cameras. Likewise, if you want to benefit from advanced motion detection methods such as line crossing, intrusion detection, etc., this is the right choice. Some NVRs are also powerful enough to power PTZ cameras.
  • Dahua NVR – As with the Hikvision brand above, Dahua products are feature-rich, reliable, and affordable. In addition, Dahua camera configuration is fairly easy. They outperform Hikvision with person detection (face detection) on mid-range and high-end models. If you’re looking for person detection without a cloud-based system, Dahua is the only real option. 

3) Turn a NAS into an NVR

If you want to find the answer to the question “is Dahua compatible with Hikvision”, link your surveillance camera system to your NAS backup system. This saves you from buying an NVR. Interesting fact: NAS servers have mobile applications, such as “Surveillance Station” for Synology, allowing you to simultaneously display your cameras.

With this method (paid for several cameras), you gather all your data in one place. QNAp also offers the same things as Synology. Be careful though: if you already have a Synology NAS, you can add two cameras for free. Beyond this number, additional licenses will need to be purchased. You can view the cameras from a browser, or from the Synology app (DS Cam).

Advantages of recording surveillance cameras by NAS:

  • “Fairly” economical solution
  • 24/7 recording from all IP cameras
  • Simultaneous live view of cameras on a computer (web browser) or smartphone

NAS limitations for surveillance cameras:

  • Motion detection of cameras not necessarily supported
  • You have to pay for a number of cameras


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In this article, we answered the question “is Dahua compatible with Hikvision”. As you can see, there are many ways to integrate surveillance cameras in the same place. Of course, each method has its pros and cons. Therefore, here are the different ways to choose the solution that will be best for you. If your goal is:

  • Simplicity, go with iVideon. Everything is gathered in one place
  • Uniqueness, the NVR will be dedicated to video surveillance. In addition, you don’t have to pay for a subscription.
  • Bundling, and using your NAS as a (partial) NVR will be a good idea, especially if you are automating your home.
Dahua NVR Setup (Ultimate Guide)

Dahua NVR Setup (Ultimate Guide)

Dahua NVR Setup: An NVR (Network Video Recorder) is widely used in CCTV systems. It is the heart of the IP system. Dahua NVR system provides centralized controls to easily view, manage and store video. What is the Dahua NVR recorder and what is it used for? How is Dahua NVR setup done for IP cameras with or without a PoE switch? We will answer all these questions in this article.


What is the Dahua NVR and What is it Used for?

The Dahua NVR is a video recording device used for IP cameras in the UK. It is responsible for the communication with the cameras and the constant recording of all data received from the cameras connected via network cable or Wi-Fi. The NVR most often integrates into an IP video surveillance system to receive live images or video streams, and record them digitally on a hard drive, USB key, or other mass storage devices.

  • The Dahua NVR allows you to manage your cameras and configure them. You can view all events from the cameras.
  • The NVR has an intelligent motion detection function for your cameras. You can set alerts in case of motion detection and be notified by email.
  • The NVR allows remote viewing of your cameras. By connecting the box to your internet network, it is possible to configure it to access your images from anywhere.
  • Thanks to PoE technology, the NVR can power IP cameras.

Dahua NVR setup

How is Dahua NVR Setup Done? 

There are two types of Dahua NVRs on the market: PoE NVRs and non-PoE NVRs. Dahua NVR setup is easy. Here, we will provide the necessary instructions to configure the NVR of IP cameras, including PoE NVR and non-PoE NVR connections.

Please note that it is important to check the compatibility between the NVR and IP cameras during setup.

  • Make sure that the surveillance cameras you have are compatible with your NVR.
  • Make sure the NVR supports the resolution of the cameras, as not all of them are compatible with 4K security cameras or 12MP cameras. Once the resolution of the camera is higher than the resolution supported by the NVR, users should go to the web interface of the IP camera and lower its resolution.



Dahua AirShield Wireless Alarm System


PoE NVR Setup for IP Cameras

Dahua NVR setup with POE switch: The PoE NVR functions as a Lan switch by creating a closed internal network for IP cameras. The IP cameras will be connected directly to the NVR by a single RJ45 cable that powers and connects the IP camera. This simplifies the installation of a video surveillance system, there are no electrical cables to install. So, a separate power adapter is not necessary. In the event of an internet outage, the video recorder will continue to record video streams from the cameras. Here are the installation steps:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the router to the PoE NVR. Make sure the NVR has internet access.
  2. Directly connect IP cameras to PoE NVR by Ethernet cables. Thanks to PoE technology, the NVR can power IP cameras.
  3. Connect the NVR to a monitor or TV via a VGA or HDMI cable. Ensure that the monitor or TV is connected using the correct input (e.g., VGA, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.)

If all connections are successful, the NVR will be connected to the IP cameras.


How to Set Up a Non-PoE NVR with a PoE Switch

Dahua NVR Switch Setting: A non-PoE NVR means that it does not have Ethernet ports on its rear panel, so it cannot be connected directly to IP cameras. A PoE switch or power adapter is required to supply power to each IP camera. Follow the steps below to complete the Dahua NVR setup:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the LAN port of the PoE switch to the router, and connect the non-PoE NVR and the router. Make sure the PoE switch and the NVR are in the same network.
  2. Connect the IP cameras to the RJ45 ports of the PoE switch by Ethernet cables. The PoE switch provides power and video transmission the same as the PoE NVR.
  3. Connect the NVR to a monitor or TV via a VGA or HDMI cable. Make sure the monitor or TV is connected via the correct input (e.g. VGA, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.).
  4. Please note that users need to install the cameras to the NVR to view the cameras and enable recording. To do this, follow the steps in the user manual attached to your NVR.


Dahua Bridge Mode: Setup Dahua NVR into a PoE switch to power up more devices


How to add ONVIF camera to Dahua NVR?

dahua nvr setup

Dahua NVR Frequently Asked Questions

Does the NVR require internet?

The NVR can work without the internet and still record and stream video. On the other hand, without the Internet, users will not have access to remote recordings. Users will not be able to receive notifications or alerts in case of intrusion, nor save videos to cloud storage.

What is the difference between a DVR and an NVR?

DVRs and NVRs are two types of recording devices used to record and store videos on hard drives. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) records analog data. It works with analog cameras and allows to compress of the analog stream to finally store it.

A DVR records video from cameras that are connected via coaxial cable. It does not power the cameras. Each camera connection requires a splitter that powers them. Compared to the NVR which works with IP cameras by Ethernet cables, the DVR costs less. The following table provides a comparison of these devices to help you make the right choice.

Basic principlesIt is a device that wirelessly records data from IP cameras.It is an electronic device whose input comes from a direct connection to the analog camera and the video is encoded and processed from the DVR.
CompatibilityCompatible with digital cameras or IP cameras.Compatible with analog cameras.
TechnologyBased on IP technology in ethernet cabling. It is used to connect cameras via ethernet cabling.Based on coaxial cabling technology. It is used to connect cameras via coaxial cabling.
ConfigurationManual or automatic configuration. Sometimes difficult, especially in terms of assigning IP addresses.Plug & play
InstallationDahua NVR setup is easier and more flexible. No need to install cables on the NVR recorder. PoE provides both power and network to the cameras through a single cable.More difficult. Several holes must be drilled in the walls to route the cables to the DVR.
Recording qualityHighLow
Signal qualityUnstableStable


5 Best Dahua Security Cameras & Recorder Systems 


How far can a PoE camera be operational?

IP security cameras use cat5e or cat6 network cables. The connection between an IP camera and a Dahua NVR is made by Ethernet cables. Due to signal attenuation, the maximum transmission distance of the Ethernet cable is 100 meters. Therefore, the maximum distance the camera can reach from the NVR is also 100 meters. If users need to go beyond 100 meters, they can use an Ethernet extender which is a device that allows greater distances to be reached.

dahua nvr

Check Full Dahua NVR


In this article, we provided instructions on the Dahua NVR setup. If you haven’t bought a video recorder for your surveillance cameras, you can use the comparison table in this article to buy the product that matches your needs. If you buy Dahua NVR and don’t know how to set it up, you’ll know where to come! 

what is the hik connect

What is Hik-Connect, and How to setup Hik-Connect app?

By developing different industries, security systems and cameras also promote. As we live in a digital world, we face too many applications that try their best to make our life easier and more enjoyable. Hik-Connect application is one of these apps with many advantages and benefits. Are you aware of the setup Hik-Connect

We will tell you more about this application, its working process, and the setup procedure. Hikvision offers too many applications on its App store, and the most essential and popular one is Hik-Connect. Moreover, Hik-Connect includes some other sections like Hik-Connect for the end user, Hik-ProConnect for the installer, or HikCentral Mobile.


What is a Hik-Connect application?

Imagine you have one of Hikvision cameras and want to watch the views and videos on your phone, tablet, or even PC. What can you do? Hikvision considers the best and easiest way to help its customers and users to experience a better, easier, and more enjoyable electronic life. 

This ideal way to make any Hikvision easier is the Hik-Connect application. You may want to know what Hik-Connect is precisely and how does it work? Hik-Connect application is an android or IOS mobile application installable on phones and tablets. 

The version of your phone and tablet’s android system is also essential. Hikvision Company designs Hik-Connect to work with any series of devices as named below: 

  • DVR
  • NVR
  • Hikvision cameras
  • Video intercom Hikvision devices
  • Security control panels

It is easy to install the Hik-Connect and use it in the best way. Moreover, Hik-Connect will send you an instant notification if something happens on the Hikvision camera. The Hik-Connect application is ready to solve many security problems for the owners.  

hikconnect7 advantages of Hik Connect setup

Any created application is a way of a better lifestyle, secure living, and enjoyable life. Hik-Connect is one of these made and innovative applications. Hik Connect setup may seem complicated or complex in the first place, but you can pass the installation and usage process easily with peace of mind. 

Generally, every application has some advantages and benefits. Although applications or client software are not essential for living, they help you experience a better and more manageable lifestyle. Therefore don’t underestimate the usage of any application, especially the Hik Connect setup app. 

Make a Hik-Connect account and check out all your security or electronic devices online. It is also possible to share your devices with others. The good news is about Hik-Connect’s user-friendly items. 

As a Hik-Connect user, you can have a temporary account and visit every item and option available on this application. After a while, if you are satisfied with its process and procedures, you can easily register your name and create an account personally. 

Besides the above options and available items, there are more advantages. Install this application on your phone, PC, or laptop and experience an innovative way of life. Consider the other benefits below:   

  • Control the Hikvision devices remotely
  • Manage the view of indoor stations or network cameras via WiFi
  • Check out the doorbells and access control devices through the cellular network
  • Share your NVR or DVR with other accounts
  • Use shared devices like a security control panel
  • Watch real-time videos
  • Playback real-time videos  


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What are the critical features of the Hik-Connet application?

When choosing the Hik-Connect application, you must know its available and unique features. It is necessary to add your Hikvision devices to the Mobile application to setup Hik-Connect. Watching a live view, having a playback, and remote operation is possible via the successful Hikvision device management and Hik-Connect setup.

There are too many services available on the Hik-Connect application for installers, end users, or clients. The features available for installers include the following:

  • Hikvision device configuration
  • Hikvision device maintenance
  • Perform Hikvision device authorization
  • Giving Hikvision device permissions  

The most important feature of this application is viewing live videos remotely. It works with additional encoded Hikvision devices like NVR, DVR, and cameras. Let’s browse, playback, search and download live videos via Hik-Connect.

Adding Hikvision devices like cameras, NVR and DVR is one of the most exciting features of this application. Please note that it is possible to link the cameras with Hikvision devices like NVR or VDR. Other exclusive features of this application have been mentioned below:

  • Monitoring real-time video
  • Playing back videos
  • Having a two-way audio intercom
  • Sending notifications with videos and images
  • Answering calls from doorbells or video devices
  • Protecting the security control panel remotely
  • Sharing Hikvision devices with others ( there will be limitations in permissions)
  • Logging in conveniently
  • Logging in with a secure fingerprint


How to connect the Hik-Connect application?

Setup Hik-Connect will help you make the correct connection to this application. A motion detection alarm is an essential feature of the Hik-Connect application. According to characteristics and available items or options, the connection process of Hik-vision will be easy for most users. 

You only need a network to connect your Hik-Connect application and other Hikvision devices like cameras, NVR and DVR. You also need to reset the passwords of these devices to make your Hik-Connect connection. The steps of its connections are: 

  • Read Hik-Connect terms of services
  • Agree with the Hik-Connect terms of services
  • Select next
  • Enter the password of your Hikvision devices (NVR, DVR, or cameras)
  • Tap ok
  • Create a password for the new connection ( you can change the password later)
  • Choose the enable Hik-Connect services to complete the new connection

Don’t forget to pay attention to the access control of the Hik-Connect application during its connection process. You need to select the demanded restrictions for sources and connection links. Make a strong and permanent Hik-Connect connection and enjoy your choice. The available services after making a Hik-Connect configuration include: 

  • controlling doors remotely
  • Configuring which door opens
  • realizing the duration time of opening doors
  • filtering the Hikvision devices’ logs
  • viewing access control of Hikvision devices’ logs
  • getting information about access events
  • getting to know the alarms 


setup hikconnect app


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Process of the setup Hik-Connect

As you know, Hik-Connect is a new and innovative service offered by Hikvision. The end users make the connection between Hik-Connect and their Hikvision devices to integrate the domain name and alarm notification service. Setup Hik-Connect is an easy way to connect Hikvision devices to the internet. 

Have you purchased a Hikvision device and installed the Hik-Connect application? In case of answering yes, you will need a clear guide to enable the Hik-Connect setup process. No matter what your Hikvision device is, you will need instructions to make the connection via Hik-Connect. 

We mean the general guideline, settings, and setup of different Hikvision devices are the same and similar to each other. Anyway, you, as a user, will need support. Firstly upgrade your device and use the Hik-Connect services, then follow the below steps: 

  • Download the Hik-Connect application from Hikvision’s official website
  • Install it on your phone, PC, or laptop
  • Connect the Hikvision device to your local network
  • Run the Hik-Connect application
  • Make your Hikvision device online.
  • Select your Hikvision device
  • Enable Hik-Connect service
  • Enter your Hik-Connect password
  • Tap enable Hik-Connect in modify the network parameter part.
  • Enter the password of your Hik-Connect admin account  
  • Click activate or modify ( some other devices don’t support Hik-Connect)
  • Create or change the verification code
  • Enter the verification code
  • Confirm verification code
  • Read Hik-Connect terms of service.
  • Tap confirm to save the final setting.

hikconnect process


How do you access Hikvision NVR on your phone?


How do you set up the Hik-Connect mobile app?

In this modern society, everyone is looking for an excellent and simple method to increase living convenience. Hik-Connect application is also one of these methods to increase your comfort and simply your security system usage.

You can attach your safety camera to the smartphone and enjoy your highest level of security. First, if you are on IOS, you must go to the app store, search for Hik-Connect, and download the app.

If you are on Android, you must go onto the web browser and google or search for the HikVision App Store. Then click on the top link, HikVision App Store, and again download the Hik-Connect for the end user.

Click on download, and that will download to your Android device. After the downloading and installation process is finished, you may get many notifications. One of these notifications says you must allow Hik-Connect to use your location.

You also can allow the app to use the Bluetooth. You can also get intrusion detection alerts on your phone. Turning on the critical sign is possible, so you will still get an alert when your phone is in sleep mode.

Finally, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. In the next step, select your country or region followed by tick top right. You will then tap on login and register, then tap on register in blue on the left side.

Agree again to the terms and conditions. You can read those if you want to. Tick the top right, then type in your email address for the performance, or you can enlist by mobile phone number as it says at the bottom if you prefer.

You will gain a code mailed to your email or mobile phone number. Type the code back into the app and click on finish. You can utilize the touch ID or face ID, but it may slow the app’s opening process.

You can point your camera to a QR code on your NVR screen in these steps. It would help if you jumped onto the NVR screen. You must go to the system or configuration in the following process.

You must use the latest version or the older firmware because the connection screen will differ in various versions. The menu configuration and network platform access are similar, but their layout differs.

To finalize the process, click on platform access and ensure enabled is ticked. The stream encryption tick creates a verification code, then click apply at the bottom.

The status should change from offline to online, and then you will scan the QR code back on the app. If you would like to allow access to the camera, press OK, and you are merely going to review so you can use the Hik-Connect on your device via the smartphone.   


How to share Hik-Connect mobile to mobile?

Besides all the essential and practical details and information, we will share a tutorial on transferring a Hikvision device with another mobile phone. In case of sharing the device with the second mobile, you need to be sure that both the first and second mobiles have the Hik-Connect application installed and have created Hik-Connect accounts.

Moreover, both devices must have been logged in to the Hik-Connect application. For sharing, tap on the 3 dots next to the device name you want to share, then select share and choose share with the user. Follow the below steps for better results:

  • Enter the recipient’s Hik-Connect account, which can be an email or a phone number
  • Click Add Recipient once the input is complete
  • Tap on the check mark
  • Double-check on the recipient’s account
  • Click next
  • Choose which camera you want to share, whether all of them or only some
  • Click next to confirm
  • Set access permissions for each camera like live view, remote playback, alarm, two-way audio, and PTZ
  • Decide whether you want to grant permission or not
  • Check all permissions and click OK to confirm if you’re going to give all permissions

After finishing all these steps, you have shared your device successfully. On the second phone, there will be a notification on the Hik-Connect application saying, you have one new sharing. You must follow the below steps to confirm the sharing camera on the second phone:

  • click view now to see the notification
  • click accept to proceed
  • go to the home page to view the shared device
  • tap on the device to view the live view
  • enter the encryption password as it requests
  • follow the instructions to obtain the encryption password
  • enter the encryption password and click OK to confirm just after getting the encryption password

After all these steps, you can view the live view of the Hikvision device from the second phone, allowing both the first and second phones to access the Hikvision device together.


How to activate Hikvision Hik-Connect notifications?

Why do we use security cameras in our homes? Since burglars and intruders mostly choose the front door to enter the properties, it is better to check every entrance door. Various security cameras are available in the UK market; Hikvision is one of the most useful and practical security cameras.

It is better to connect your security camera and phone with each other to have better and more secure property. In this part, we want to tell you how to connect the Hikvision cameras to Hik-Connect.

You will receive notifications of any motion around your camera through this connection process. It means you will receive motion alerts on your cell phone through the Hik-Connect phone app without going through the painstaking process of using an email exchange server.

Making the connection between your Hik-Connect mobile application and Hikvision security camera device is a painstaking process, and it is becoming even more difficult with two-way authentication.

Based on the gathered information, cell phone applications have all pushing notification processes, so you can set up your phone app to receive motion alerts without any port forwarding or setting up the email exchange service.

Some users believe this process can be straightforward only with the help of some technicians and experts.


Hik-Connect app gets Hikvision notifications

Imagine you have a shot that is pulled up. Your camera must connect to a Hikvision NVR. To make the final connection between these 2 things, you must go to the configuration tab on your toolbar and be sure that even notifications are enabled for your camera.

They need to be able to sense motion for sending the alerts. There is a box to check the enabling status of motion detection. You only need to click the enable box and then save it. Another thing to do is adjust the sensitivity.

You can only do this process via an intelligent motion detection camera. It is a kind of artificial intelligence available in smart cameras. This option can sense people in vehicles. 

In this modern world, most people use this camera. If you install an old version of security cameras, they may not have this technology. Don’t forget to adjust the sensitivity. It is better to use smart devices that are usable even in lousy weather, like snowy, rainy, or windy. 

Note that weather conditions can decrease the device’s sensitivity if you want phone notifications because of motion detection. You have to connect your Hikvision security camera and the Hik-Connect phone application. 


How to Fix Hik-Connect errors?

Unfortunately, the Hik-Connect app has some problems, like different technological devices. The most critical issues in this application are:

  • network issues
  • offline devices
  • failure connection

Imagine you have passed all the steps to add your new security camera to the Hik-Connect correctly, but your phone application still cannot find the camera. It is one of the most common issues based on Hik-Connect’s users.

The first thing to do is retry, but initially, you need to find the problem, so click on the given link and get the necessary documents. You can try again using the instructions and go to the advanced settings.

You also must check the platform access and be sure about enabling the Hik-Connect app. It is helpful to check your network and other basic stuff. It is interesting to check all the information on your Hik-Connect app.

It is a new option of this mobile application to fix any happened issues. You can check all the details and find the problem. 



Hik-Connect offline

Unfortunately, there is an offline status on the Hik-Connect platform, and many customers need help to solve this problem. If you are one of these customers, keep reading to find your answer. Although setup Hik-Connect on Hikvision devices is easy, you may face some problems like offline status. 

If you have such a problem during your Hik-Connect performance, you will have 2 solutions. These 2 methods are possible, accessible, and available for any end user or customer. We will share these 2 methods in the following parts.


Use SADP tool 

Do you have a laptop or PC? You need to install SADP tool software on your computer. It is possible to solve the offline issue of the Hik-Connect setting via the SADP tool; let’s check out the steps: 

  • Run the SADP tool on your PC or laptop (this tool scans the local network and makes a list of available IP addresses of available Hikvision devices.)
  • Open internet explorer.
  • Type the IP address of the available Hikvision device on the URL bar
  • Go to configuration
  • Choose network
  • Tap on basic settings
  • Press TCP/IP
  • Change the default and choose the preferred DNS server bar.
  • Enter in the alternate DNS server bar
  • Go to configuration
  • Choose network
  • Select advanced settings
  • Tap on platform access
  • Wait 2 or 3 minutes.
  • The status becomes online


Go directly to the Hikvision device

Second way or method to solve the offline issue of Hik-Connect is using the settings and going directly to the NVR or DVR. It will be an easy way according to below steps: 

  • Right click
  • Choose the menu item
  • Search for configuration
  • Choose network
  • Press general
  • Change the default
  • Choose the preferred DNS server
  • Enter on the alternate DNS server
  • Press Apply
  • Go to the network
  • Press platform access
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes
  • The status will be online 


hikconnect app


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How to add NVR to Hik connect app? (setup Hik-Connect on NVR)

Enabling the Hik Connect setup is possible on Hikvision devices. Remote access is one of the features available on Hik-Connect performance on NVR. You can make the set up of Hik-Connect on NVR via web browser based on the below steps:

  • Login web browser
  • Go the configuration
  • Choose network
  • Press advanced settings
  • Select platform access
  • Tick the check box with enable word
  • Enter the verification code
  • Press ok
  • Press save


How to set up Hik-Connect on the Hikvision CCTV system?

Although you may need the support of a technical manager to set up most of the digital and innovative devices, we are going to explain how to set up the Hik-Connect service on Hikvision recorders by yourself. 

The excellent news is that Hik-Connect simplifies connecting the Hikvision CCTV system to the Internet so you can check your security cameras remotely on your smartphone. 

The first step of this process begins at the recorder. Follow the below instructions to get the usable and practical setup process:

  • Right-click with the mouse to get the menu
  • Put in the admin password
  • Enter the password by using the mouse
  • Click the eye symbol to check if you have typed the password incorrectly
  • Press enter and OK
  • Go to the configuration and into the network
  • Enable the DHCP option
  • Untick enable DNS DHCP
  • Choose the preferable DNS server type
  • Choose the alternate DNS server
  • Click Apply

After these steps, your recorder must get an IP address automatically off the router. Then click on the platform access tab on the top. You have to tick the enable option for the Hik-Connect service.

You need to enter a minimum verification code of 6 characters, not characters in a sequence. In this step, you must click to understand that the Hik-Connect service requires internet access.

You can also read the terms and conditions and scan the QR code with your smartphone. Then you can go to the web page with all the terms and conditions. Click OK. Untick the enable stream encryption box.

Then click apply down the bottom. After a minute, the status should change to online. You can leave the screen open as you have to scan the QR code later on once you have the app on your phone set up.

For the next step, you need to download and install the Hik-Connect application, which is available for Android and IOS. Depending on your smartphone, you can download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

After installation of this app, you have to open it and follow the below steps:

  • select your country or region
  • tick saves up in the top corner
  • tap log in
  • hit register
  • agree
  • put in the customer’s number
  • type the verification code ( you can also register by email address)
  • create the password
  • Check the password; it must be 6 characters minimum and have at least one letter and one number.
  • Log into the application
  • Add the device
  • Click Allow to let the app access the camera
  • Scan the QR code on the screen to get the model of your recorder along with its serial number
  • Click on add
  • Click Finish after adding the process
  • Tap on the camera to start your live view
  • Double tap and get a live-screen

After performing all these steps, your Hikvision recorder is online, and you can connect to it remotely and view the cameras.

How can you connect your Hik-Connect camera?

Another function of the Hik-Connect application is connecting to the cameras. It won’t be hard to make the Hik-Connect connection similar to a connection with NVR (one of Hikvision devices). Hik-Connect will share and provide emergency reports if you connect it to your camera. 

Imagine checking out your camera, getting the emergency report, and sharing the quick response. Moreover, the mobile client Hik-Connect application can connect to the camera too. This connection will support the video intercom functions. 

Besides possible connection for cameras, you can enjoy the microphones’ connection too. Try the Hik-Connect application’s connection to the camera and experience an enjoyable or safe intercommunication through a video and audio signal. 

It will be possible to make the connection between the camera and Hik Connect setup via a wireless network. The first step is setting up a Hikvision router, and then expanding Hikvision’s device connectivity. Connecting the camera and Hik-Connect will also improve the efficiency of the Hikvision device.  


Final thought

We hope our article was helpful enough for you to understand the Hik-Connect concept, working process, installation procedure, setting up process, functions, benefits, and unique features. Now you are familiar with the Hik-Connect application and its setup

Which Hikvision device do you have? If you want to connect it to your local network and enjoy more features and advantages of these devices, install and search for the Hik-Connect application according to your mobile phone, laptop, or PC system. 

How do you access Hikvision NVR on your phone

How do you access Hikvision NVR on your phone?

How do you monitor your property while travelling or away for some hours? Are you using a security camera system? These cameras are the ideal way to make your house or office secure enough, but you need them to show the camera recording on your phone too. So it is better to access Hikvision on the phone, but how is it possible?

We are here to teach you how to access Hikvision on your phone. Please note that the accessing process is the same for Android and IOS phones. Keep on reading our article to get more information on the access procedure of Hikvision NVR on phones.

Hikvision connect setup

Before knowing how to access Hikvision on mobile, you need to know the Hikvision setup. The Hik connect application makes the access points between Hikvision and mobile phones. This application will develop the NVR cameras on owner phones. 

The Hikvision setup allows owners or customers to watch the live view of their cameras on their phones. You may see this option in movies, but it is possible to replay the previous events on your mobile phone remotely while you are away. 

 His vision set up connection is possible to update; therefore, install the latest update of the Hikvision application and try to access this device on your phone. 

In addition, by watching live views of the camera or replaying the event, you can get notifications because Hikvision NVR has motion detection.

hikvision nvr

Hikvision NVR setup 

You need to know the Hikvision NVR process from start to finish. Note that these devices and systems are surveillance hard drives pre-fitted. If you are unsure how to fit your hard drives, search online for more information. 

The online process shows you how to arrange the Hikvision NVR setup completely. A Hikvision NVR box includes:

  • Mouse
  • Power cable
  • Transformer

So firstly, you have to undo the power cable. Take off the plastic cap, then go to the plug part. The end of the kettle leads into the transformer, so plug that into a mains socket.

Then, spin your NVR around so the power cable will grab the end of the cable. Then, you have to undo the mouse as well quickly. There will be a USB mouse that gets the port on the back.

Undo the power cable and plug in the HDMI source or VGA source. Then, it will connect to your monitor or TV. In this case, you must plug in the HDMI cable, grab it, and pop it in the demanded location.

The other end goes to your screen. The next step is getting the IP camera cable again. This section is prewired. You can have up to 4 cameras on NVR. In the following step, you have to get the LAN port. This step is for your network and going to the router.

You can also use the TP_Link PowerLine adapter to grab the network cable. Standard Ethernet into the network port is essential to your new router. Everything is available at the back of the NVR system.

Be careful to neaten up afterward some cable tidying because turning the power onto the NVR is a crucial step of Hikvision NVR setup. You will hear the unique sound; it starts to beep, then boot up.  


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How to set up Hikvision notifications on your smartphone?

In this part, we will look at the Hikvision Connect app and how to turn on your notifications to get alerted when your cameras trigger events. You need to set up your cameras to notify the surveillance centre, and you have done that.

You need to follow the below steps to get the notifications. If you follow the mentioned steps, the notices will pop through to your mobile devices. Here are the most important steps:

  • Open up the Hikvision app
  • Go to your cameras ( you may have multiple cameras; in this case, you can go to your demo room)
  • Click on the little cog button, which is at the top right
  • See the status of the notifications
  • Apply the notifications to all cameras ( if you assign your cameras individually to your app, you have to turn the notifications on for each camera separately)

Many people have multiple cameras and one NVR, so it will be easy for them to turn the notifications on. Under the messages, you can enable the statements of your NVR on your smartphone.

If you want to change the status, you can turn the button off by clicking the little slider across to the left. It will ask for confirmation, so if you hit disable, you will no longer receive any notifications.

We suggest turning your notifications on. With the enabling notice, there are other options to choose when you will have the reports come through. You also can have messages scheduled.

Where are your cameras and NVR? You may put them at the office so you don’t want to get notifications as people move around throughout the day. Therefore, you only want to get notifications outside of office hours.

Enabling NVR notifications on mobile

When you look on the demanded page at the bottom, you will see the notification schedule. Then, you can turn the notification option on or off. Additionally, it is possible to look at what settings have been enabled regarding the times.

You can see that you have set it up occasionally between the first times scheduled. Generally, it is possible to customize the NVR notifications based on your demand. It is better to customize getting notifications before midnight.

You also can get notifications from midnight till 8 a.m. Moreover, Saturday and Sunday have different settings available to customize.

Steps to Access Hikvision on the phone

Hikvision is a remote access platform with a personal account. It means you can create an account on this platform on a website or smartphone. In case of creating a Hikvision account, you need to access Hikvision on the phone, so follow the below steps: 

  • If your phone owns an android system, download the Hik Connect application from Google Play; if your phone holds an IOS system, download this application from the app store.
  • Open the Hik connect application and choose your own country.
  • It is possible to log in to Hik connect to set up directly. Also, you can make a user account and log into your account to make the access point.
  • After logging into your created account, you will have full access to many parts of the Hik connect application.
  • Follow the manual instruction about using the domain name and its services.
  • Choose the IP or domain.
  • Enter any wanted information and details
  • Select the save item
  • See your camera name; you can change it if you want
  • Select start live view.
  • The connection finished correctly

Imagine your phone connects to Hikvision; you can use many items and options available on this strong and smart connection. These options include below items:

  • Watching live views from different cameras at the same time
  • Have clear view
  • Experience fluent view
  • Watch recorded videos
  • Choose a playback date or time

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Hikvision mobile application

The essential item to access Hikvision on the phone is the Hikvision mobile application. It is mobile client software for both IOS and Android systems. You can install the Hikvision mobile application and monitor your property remotely. 

Please note that you must have a wireless network to watch and monitor the doorstep via NVR and Hikvision applications. This application has too many features and benefits, such as: 

  • Able to play back recording files
  • Store views and videos
  • Manage any pictures and videos
  • Able to control and monitor completely
  • Own alarm
  • Motion detection
  • Share a live view remotely
  • Show real-time videos on a global scale  

Hikvision phone

Hikvision mobile application efficiently works with NVR and supports its function. In case of this application benefits, you need to create an account and make the connection between Hikvision and your mobile phone.

It is accessible to playback with the help of this application so you won’t need anything during your journey and trip time. The alarm notification works based on motion detection, which means you will be aware if someone visits your doorstep.  

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How to set up Hikvision NVR remote viewing via mobile app?

It would help if you had a complete and correct guideline for learning how to connect your Hikvision NVR to the tablet, mobile or other smart devices. You need to connect and see what is happening on the screen. 

You need to go through the instant assistant and observe if something is wrong with your system. You must also click network and ensure your NVR device is enabled. These devices can connect to your IP more automatically than you do manually. 

Then, you need to go to advance and check the platform access. In this step, you will face the status bar and ensure your NVR connects to your route. It is good to take a look and check your Ethernet cable. 

In this case, you can get your router to the NVR. It is also helpful to check if everything is fine with your routing. What you need to do is turn the device on or off. 

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to fix the system. There is also another method to improve the design, just like a quick reboot refresh. Once you want to connect your phone, there will be multiple ways you can do this process.

The best method or option is downloading the app, using the code, and taking your phone. Note that the app will need to update, or you can use the code to scan up. Opening it in the app store and getting the app is better.

It will be helpful to go to the app straightly so you can add devices. It would help if you looked in the right right-hand corner, which is a plus sign press. QR code is also available.  

Adding NVR camera to mobile phone 

Knowing how to set up the Hikvision Connect app on your mobile devices is helpful. The first thing you have to do is check that your NVR is connected to the internet. 

It may require the password, but you must put it in the required stage. Watching a demo can be helpful for your better understanding. 

These demos and videos will show you how to make a strong connection between your Hikvision NVR and smartphone. You need to check your network and down to advanced, and what you are looking for is platform access, so the access type we want is hick connect. 

It is the only option you have. Don’t forget to click the enable box and see the kinds of services available for you. Moreover, the Hick Connect services have their own terms, requiring internet access. 

We recommend you read the service terms and privacy statement before enabling the service. As the final step, you need to click OK. 

Hikvision NVR browser remote access interface guideline 

As an updated individual in this modern world and society, you must know how to use and navigate the browser interface for vision degree in WiFi and video. Having too many explorers for our internet usage is not a good idea. 

Some of these explorers are in the back and usually less helpful than we demand. So, it is better to use the dedicated browser to watch what is happening around our property. These backgrounds may take a lot of resources.

It would help if you had Hikvision NVR, which works on its own browser. Therefore, you can file the Internet Explorer. To perform this process, you need to go to the search bar. Some users are working on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. 

Note that the plug-in will not work on backers of Hikvision NVR. You need to know the first-time run process and plug-in installation. It is also essential to know the interface after you stop lagging. 

So, what you run is not an exploit. Don’t worry; the technician will provide specific cables for the device. You can adjust the local IP with the help of this learning unit.

After finding a password, the first time you open the border, you will face a new screen if you use a new computer you have never used. A unique message will tell you to restore the balance, so you must open the swing and click on the run.

There will also be other changes. Therefore, you won’t face security nervous conditions. In this step, the system recommends closing the browser. This is the best solution available and possible after the installation process. 

Is it possible to connect NVR to a phone remotely? 

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, is one of the most helpful video surveillance systems. This system is usable in video cameras for transmitting a signal to a specific place on a limited set of monitors. 

This system is also a primary system for surveillance and security purposes. Closed circuit television relies on the strategic placement of cameras and observation of the security cameras’ input on monitors.

In the beginning days of closed circuit television, technology was usable only for seeing the live view and recording only in the monitors where the closed circuit television was configured. 

No, in the modern process of security systems, this technology is usable for watching live views and recording on mobile phones. Here are 3 most helpful benefits of CCTV technology: 

  • Viewing IP security cameras feed from indoor stations
  • Controlling the security camera via the smartphone application easily
  • Calling the multiple indoor stations with one-touch

The excellent news is that it is possible to connect Hikvision NVR with your mobile phone remotely and watch live view and record. It is also possible to use video intercom sharing.

Customers enjoy one touch-to-call mobile application and indoor stations at the same time. To make a strong connection, you must be sure that you have connected the internet to NVR.

Then, you have to check your mobile phone and try to connect to NVR remotely. There are many smartphone applications to connect NVR, depending on the manufacturer. You can search the Play Store for the demanded smartphone application.

How do you access your Hikvision camera remotely?

 It will be necessary to access the hikvision nvr 4 channel remotely and other devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Before starting the access process of your Hikvision remotely, connect your demanded device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to the router or LAN. 

Moreover, your device must have access to the internet because the final connection is possible via an internet browser like Chrome or Firefox. Activating security cameras via a web browser is a potential function with the help of Hikvision. 

The below steps guide you to access your Hikvision remotely through the internet. As we said, your computer and Hikvision must connect to the same router. Indeed your computer must have access to the internet. Finally, you can access your Hikvision via an internet browser or the client software ( Hikvision application). 

  • Open the taskbar in the bottom left corner
  • Select run
  • Type cmd or command
  • Press enter

Hikvision remote viewing on PC

What is your PC’s window? Despite accessing Hikvision on a phone with any functional system, Windows PCs are somehow essential and effective for showing live video and making distant views.

You need to consider your PC’s window and start the unique and specific steps of viewing remotely. You may think this task is complex and challenging for you, but it is possible to perform for anyone. Let’s check out the essential steps for distant views on a PC: 

  • Go to the taskbar icon in the bottom left corner of the desktop
  • Type cmd or command in the search box
  • Press the enter
  • Write the local IP address and default gateway. It will show the correct address of your router
  • It is possible to check the IP address status and condition by Ping item
  • Your IP address must be available for use
  • Assign the public IP address to the PC
  • Use the Hikvision client software
  • Log into this application through an internet browser like chrome and Firefox

You must be sure that your Hikvision and PC connect to the same LAN. You also should change the IP address of your PC to the IP address suitable for the camera. It is another way to view the camera on your PC remotely.

In the following procedure, open your web browser, paste your camera’s default IP address and create the admin password. Don’t forget to confirm your admin password too.  

How do you connect NVR to a phone remotely?

As we said, in the first step, you have to search on Play Store to find the available smartphone application and then connect your phone to NVR remotely. Then, you have to download and install the application. 

Be careful when getting the smartphone application. You have to find a suitable app based on the manufacturer. After the installation, you must open the application and select your country. 

It is time to click on login. If you have registered directly, you can log in or click on register and then agree to the terms and conditions. Register with a mobile number. Once you finish the registration process, the application log in automatically.

 To add your NVR, click on add device, then scan barcode or add manually by clicking on the pen tool at the top right-hand side. Type the device serial number, then click the save button at the top right-hand side.

The app will search the device from the internet automatically, then click on add while adding the device. It will ask for the verification code type. The verification code was set during the configuration of NVR. 

In this step, you can see on the screen of your smart devices. All the cameras connect to NVRs online. 

How can you do Hikvision DVR online?

Despite the access to Hikvision on the phone, you can perform and use your Hikvision DVR online. It is easy to enable Hikvision manually, but the online function is the best way to have Hikvision DVR. 

Which way do you choose and use? The client software (Hikvision application), web browser, Hik connect mobile application or the online process. Both client software for mobile and web browsers are good ideas to use and enable Hikvision’s services. Follow the below steps for having Hikvision DVR online: 

  • Open the web browser of your PC
  • enter the ID address of your electronic device (Hikvision DVR)
  • Press the enter key
  • Enter your HIkivision DVR’s information as user name and password
  • Finalize your log in
  • Tap Configuration
  • Choose network
  • Select advanced setting
  • Press platform access
  • Choose enable
  • Your Hikvision connects online
  • Tap save to have the online setting for other times too

>> DS-7604NI-K1/4P(B) Hikvision 4 Channel 4K PoE NVR

How is it possible to see the Hikvision camera from mobile phones?

Watching video views of Hikvision on the mobile phone is most customers’ request, but how is it possible? The procedure of monitoring and having a Hikvision camera from a mobile phone is similar to the process of accessing Hikvision on the phone. 

Firstly purchase the Hikvision system and set it up on your phone with the help of the Hik connect application. Therefore you can watch the video on your mobile. Check the below steps to learn more about watching Hikvision camera from a mobile phone: 

  • Find the Hik connect application for your phone
  • Download the application
  • Install the Hik connect application
  • Ignore the note of harmful application and press ok
  • Go to the settings and select the allowing unknown devices
  • Open the Hik connect application
  • Select allow and agree with the conditions
  • Choose your country
  • Create an account
  • Choose register and agree with the situation again
  • Select your country again
  • Enter your mail address
  • Choose a password
  • Press sending security code
  • Enter the security code which you have received via your mail address
  • Setting up the Hik connect application finished completely
  • Access to your Hikvision camera through the Hik connect application
  • Choose view now
  • You can see the Hikvision camera via your account


As you read in this article Hikvision phone application is a well-done and extraordinary thing to be used by users and owners. It also has ease of use and many other advantages or exciting features. 

You can easily access Hikvision on the phone based on our mentioned steps; therefore, there is no problem with choosing NVR for monitoring your property while you are far from home or the office. Install the application, connect the Hikvision item to your mobile, and enjoy your innovative security system for the rest of your life.

Comparing Uniview Lighthunter & Colorhunter Technologies

Comparing Uniview Lighthunter & Colorhunter Technologies

Homeowners care about image quality more than anything else regarding video security systems, security cameras, and surveillance ones. Getting high-quality images from security cameras is essential to identify the persons at your doorstep or others. Based on the gathered information, Uniview is one of the best manufacturers in this security field. This brand comes with too many features. According to users’ comments, 2 critical features of this brand are Lighthunder and Colorhunter. If you need to become more familiar with these features, stay with us to get enough information on Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter.

Don’t underestimate this updated and modern security manufacturer. It comes with different unique features and equipment. Enjoy the improved and innovative technologies available in Uniview company’s devices. We are here to tell you more about some of Uniview smart devices’ features.  


What Is Uniview Colorhunter?

As the name of this feature shows, uniview colorhunter focuses on the color quality of images in Uniview cameras (For Dahua called full-colour and for Hikvision called ColorVu). This feature enhances color accuracy and quality for homeowners and business holders. 

High-resolution images are the most demanded things for everyone in security systems. This particular feature comes with specific algorithms to boost the quality of images. 

The improved image quality is possible via the colorhunter feature of the Uniview manufacturer. As you can see, colorhunter will increase the color focus and reduce distortion in obtained images.

 If you want vivid and clear images with the best color, we recommend choosing the Uniview camera because of its colorhunter feature. Color accuracy can help you identify burglars and intruders easily and quickly. 

This feature makes Uniview an ideal security device for every homeowner. This is a vital feature to identify different persons and things whenever you are in urgent need. 

Uniview lighthunter vs. colorhunter can be one of the most valuable topics for every homeowner looking for the highest security and safety level. Each feature is suitable and makes your security system more valuable and practical. 


What Is Uniview Lighthunter? 

Uniview Lighthunter is another available technology in Uniview security cameras. This unique feature helps you to get the best image with the highest quality. Lighthunter positively affects camera software and increases the quality level of photos. 

Good security cameras need high-quality image sensors to perceive the highest available sensitivity. Be careful about your chosen camera sensor because it helps you recognize if someone approaches your property day or night. 

Lighthunter is also the best mixture of software and hardware sections of a security device that increase image quality. Before comparing Uniview lighthunter and colorhunter, you need to know more about the Lighthunter feature. 

This unique feature offers the best and most qualified image of your property’s exterior location or area. Artificial lighting may affect this feature, but you can still experience the highest-quality recording process with the help of this unique feature.  

unv lighthunter


Uniview Vs. Hikvision CCTV camera


What Are the Differences between Uniview Lighthunter vs Colorhunter Features? 

As you know, Uniview is one of the leading security cameras in the UK market. It has too many solutions to keep different properties as secure as possible. Uniview cameras come with too practical and helpful features like lighthunter and colorhunter. 

These 2 features are very effective on the security level of Uniview cameras, their prices, customers’ satisfaction, and other essential matters. In addition, these 2 features can meet different needs and requirements of various industries. 

It is good to know Uniview lighthunter and colorhunter series concentrate on the video with the highest quality, but they have some differences too. The lighthunter is suitable for conditions with lower light, offers a different range of lenses, and has too many smart and secure features. 

In contrast, colorhunter cameras offer extra color features and good light according to the environmental condition. You must know your target and choose the most suitable Uniview series for your property. What is your security need?  

Most popular Uniview cameras own these 2 features to share a better and more secure level of safety for people. Lighthunter and colorhunter features increase the video quality but also significantly differ. In the following parts, we will tell you more about the Uniview lighthunter vs. colorhunter differences. 


  • Light Quality 

As this feature relates to light, you must consider the lighthunter part. This unique feature comes to increase the quality of videos by making the best-designed light rate. This feature helps to have high-quality videos even in low-light conditions. 

Lighthunter is an advanced feature of Uniview cameras, among other available and ordinary features. Do you want clear images and videos? Search for the lighthunter part and capture the highest quality videos outdoor of your building. 

You will get the highest quality of indoor and outdoor videos with the help of the lighthunter feature of the Uniview security camera. It will be a helpful feature for those who need the highest-quality videos. 

All of these details and options come to your security with the help of the lighthunter feature, not the colorhunter. Their functions and benefits are different from each other. 


  • High Color Reproduction

 As you can understand by the name of this feature, high color reproduction is about the colorhunter part of Uniview cameras. This feature is vital whenever you or other owners need the most accurate color details. 

Color representation is significant in some environments and places. High-quality images are crucial in the Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter discussion, especially in low-light conditions. Color performance is more critical in the colorhunter feature. 

As we said before, these 2 features, colorhunter, and lighthunter, are different. For example, colorhunter cares about the accuracy level of color more than anything else. 

unv colorhunter

  • Lens Features 

Lens features and options are other vital points available in the colorhunter feature of Uniview cameras. There are 3 crucial lenses available in these cameras: 

  • Varifocal lenses
  • Motorized zoom lenses
  • Fixed lenses

Since there are different types of lenses, you will need help to choose the most suitable and flexible one for your property. Colorhunter feature focuses on selecting the right lens. In most Uniview cameras, you will face fixed lenses.

Fixed lenses are not very flexible, and they come with some limitations. They don’t have enough versatility in your demanded condition. You are the final decider in choosing the most appropriate camera with specific lenses.


  • Infrared Lighting

This unique feature is essential in both the lighthunter and colorhunter features of Unview cameras. It means these cameras can capture the clear and most qualified images and videos even in total darkness. 

Although this unique feature relates to both colorhunter and lighthunter, in the Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter subjects, infrared illumination refers mainly to the lighthunter feature. This option makes it easier to check out the outdoor condition. 


  • Different Smart and Secure Options 

Uniview cameras have innovative and secure options like motion detection, high-quality images, and facial recognition. Although Uniview, with both lighthunter and colorhunter options, has advanced features, lighthunter has more important smart features like intrusion detection. 

If you are looking for high-quality videos and the most secure options to keep your property safe, we recommend you use the cameras with the lighthunter feature. These cameras can be most helpful and provide the highest level of security.          


Best UNV (Uniview) CCTV kits in the UK


Influential Factors on UNV Camera Price        

When you want to increase the security level of your property, it is better to choose and use security cameras. Most of these cameras come with the highest prices. How much money do you want to invest in your home or property security procedure and devices? 

One of the best and most affordable smart security cameras is Uniview. This brand comes with different unique features and prices. Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter can show the price of this security camera. 

These features are well-known and vital to find the best price for your needed property. What type of security camera do you need the most? There are different factors influential on the cost of Uniview camera prices. We are going to tell you more about these critical factors: 

  • The type of camera: UNV has different kinds of cameras with additional features and benefits. Some of them are bullet while others are box cameras. So each of these cameras has its own pros and cons. The price depends on the advanced features of each type of UNV CCTV camera. Moreover, their design is very effective on the price.
  • The video quality or resolution: note that resolution is also significant for the price quotations. High resolution will cause higher prices, while lower resolution will require less money. Resolution is a helpful technology, so it affects the price straightly. It depends on your budget to choose the highest resolution or low-quality images.
  • Different security features: since UNV cameras own various security features, some are more expensive than others. Night vision is one of the most effective security features. Note that motion detection can increase the camera price too. Facial recognition is another vital feature in finding the best price for UNV cameras.


UNV Camera properties

In case of looking for a high-quality security system, you can choose the UNV camera with the most reliable and trustable feature based on the UNV CCTV system’s options and available features. One of these features is the UNV camera distributor. 

This feature provides a wide range of safest smart options, which help you keep your property as safe as possible. UNV CCTV is a particular device with cutting-edge features and advanced technology. 

Every residential, commercial, and governmental place can use these unique Uniview cameras with trustable distributors. These cameras have too many smart and technical features or options like the highest resolution, ease of use, and other advanced security features. 

Uniview is an ideal choice for everyone looking for the most secure system. Choosing a high-level distributor makes you sure about the access point of the camera. It also helps you get UNV IP cameras too. 

You can use other camera accessories and security software with the help of a camera distributor. As the final note about these particular devices, you must know their expert features as a proper solution.

What are your specific security needs? You can even use Hikvision if you are still looking for the best UNV distributor device. Compare UNV vs Hikvision to choose the most appropriate security system for your home and other property. 

Uniview comes with the highest quality, affordable prices, different sizes, and the most advanced updated features. Choose your needed cameras at the best possible prices. Find and select the best UNV camera distributor to keep your property as secure and progressive as possible.

Hikvision is also an excellent smart security camera with unique features and options. Still, the UNV camera is the most secure surveillance security camera with unique and outstanding safety features like lighthunter and colorhunter features. 


Final Thought 

 You may think every security camera is the same as others, but Uniview cameras are exceptional among other available choices in the UK market. Even Uniview cameras with the lighthunter feature differ from Uniview cameras with the colorhunter series. 

According to the shared details and essential features Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter article, which one do you prefer the most? You can choose the most suitable one based on your security needs and requirements. 

Finally, choose a lighthunter in case to capture the highest quality image in the lowest light condition, and find the Colorhunter series cameras if you need some exceptional color accuracy and detailed color representation. We’re UNV CCTV authorised distributor in the UK, also you can check the UNV CCTV camera price on the website after open trade account. 

unv cctv kit uk

Best UNV (Uniview) CCTV kits in the UK (2023)

Uniview CCTV in the UK: Imagine someone breaks into your car on the street in front of your doorstep. How can you check out the theft? Security technologies are getting improved and advanced. They also increase the security level of our life. So we don’t need to be worried about any burglar or intruder; we only need to install a well-known security device. For example, you can try an UNV CCTV kit to protect your beloved family, valid belongings, and property. Stay with us to get more information about this complete security kit. 


What is the UNV CCTV kit? 

Security cameras are the most delightful tool to increase your property, home, and business security. However, by default, a video surveillance system will not do much to stop criminal activity. 

If you want more than security camera footage of someone breaking into your car, property, and other places, choose the UNV CCTV kit. This smart advanced security kit is ready for you. 

At first glance, these security kits may not look like other special security tools but hiding beneath the surface, this security kit rolls 3 of UNV’s greatest hits into one powerful triple-threat security camera with deep-learning artificial intelligence.

These try to guard security kits are not messing around. We will tell you more about these kits and what they can do. The UNV CCTV security kits are excellent triple-threat security cameras that pack a lot of features into the tiny and unassuming body. 


What does an UNV CCTV kit do?

In normal times the security kit act as a regular security camera, simply viewing and recording whatever it sees. But behind the scenes, these kits always watch for important events, constantly filter out unimportant motion, and always keep a bright and colourful eye on your property. They are good choices and perfect for 

  • Dangerous areas (do not approach)
  • no parking zone ( no parking, leave)
  • high crime locations ( you are in the alert area, leave)
  • storefront in need of a friendly greeter (welcome)


What are the features of the best UNV CCTV kit?

Let’s look at the 3 main features of this kit that make it a triple threat. Artificial intelligence has taken the security industry by storm, and UNV deep learning ai has been popping up in more and more of their products.

It is an excellent time to look at an event trip during all-night modes to give you an idea of what to expect.  

Deep learning ai active deterrence and colour hunter illumination all warped up in this simple and unassuming kit housings give UNV CCTV cameras a vast potential to become your video surveillance system’s secret weapon.  


Detection object (motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle, and pedestrian)

If you want to learn more about deep learning and how it works, search for it. Traditional pixel-based motion detection can determine if something is moving in the camera’s field of view.

But it must be smart enough to know whether that motion is essential. The UNV CCTV kit will send the same signals regardless of whether a burglar is tripping your line crossing event or a squirrel.

You will get so many push notifications that you will start to ignore them, and technology like this would never work with an active deterrence camera because your alarms would be going off every hour of the night.

Enter deep learning artificial intelligence with this ai technology; your camera can filter out non-important movement and only notify you about activity that you are interested in.

You can set this up to only pay attention to humans, motorized vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, or any combination of these 3 object types. It is time to move on to the second threat in the following part.


Excellent active deterrence

Setting up a video surveillance system is a great option to deter crime, but security cameras only provide passive deterrence by default. They sit there quietly, recording whatever they see.

Active deterrence UNV camera, however, takes a different approach, as the name suggests. The UNV CCTV kit comes with a camera with bright white lights on the front that flashes during events and loud and crisp speakers that can say anything.

These cameras come with several sounds by default, but you can add your own sounds through text-to-speech or recording your voice. These active deterrence features are so customizable, making this kit incredibly flexible for a wide variety of scenarios.

Last but not least, the third threat on this kit is color hunter illumination technology, and we will talk about it in the next part. (Comparing Uniview Lighthunter & Colorhunter Technologies)


Crisp, clear 24 7 footage

The camera’s white lights can do much more than deter criminal activity. If you choose, you can leave the lights on all night long to act as floodlights for this camera’s colour hunter illumination technology.

This allows you to see your surveillance scene in full crisp colour detail 24 7. Not a fan of the colour mode, but it’s no problem.

 Unlike other 24 7 colour cameras, the UNV CCTV kit also includes infrared LEDs so you can still experience the classic black-and-white night mode. Why would you choose black and white over colour?

The colour mode is excellent for capturing sharp details up close, but the white light doesn’t travel nearly as far as infrared light. So your field of view is somewhat limited at night if the colour mode is turned on.

But it sure would be great if there was a way to get the best of both worlds. The sharp, colourful detail of the white light mixed with the long-range reliability of the infrared mode. Fortunately, there is with hybrid mode.

With hybrid light mode, you can enable the ir lights, which remain on by default. Take advantage of that full ir range for Uniview CCTV, but when an event is tripped, the lights will come on, and the camera will switch to full-colour mode allowing you to capture the full sharp, colourful detail only when needed.


Uniview vs Hikvision: Compare 2 Popular CCTV Brands in the UK


WiFi UNV CCTV kit is the best

As we see in today’s society, the demand for WiFi devices is increasing, which saves us from complicated wiring and network setup. One of the best security systems is a WiFi UNV CCTV kit. Choose this item, and you will face many wonderful options and items. This kit contains: 

  • WiFi camera
  • WiFi nvr
  • Accessories


All devices in this kit use wireless communication. It means there is no need for complicated construction wiring, and you can quickly connect it through WiFi signals. It is also essential to know how to set up WiFi connections.

For the first step, you have to power up the camera, then power up the nvr and connect it to a monitor via HDMI cable. It is time to open its uni interface. The cameras will get online automatically.

Another feature of this UNV kit is the WiFi cascade. You need the configuration of the WiFi cascade too. To perform this process, you need to click the network. This function enables a remote WiFi Uniview camera to use another closer camera as a cascade.

You can establish a solid connection to the nvr. This kit can support 3 layers of WiFi connection, and the distance can reach up to 900 meters.

As you got UNV kit not only brings you quick network connections but also extends transmission distance. It is good to simplify wiring and increase efficiency. UNV kit makes the wireless connection more accessible than ever.


Introducing the best UNV CCTV kit

UNV owns a brand new WiFi and a strong signal repeater function kit. You may hear about it before. All the functionalities of this kit will make you excited. It is beautiful to check out all these features in action.

In this part, we will tell how to connect the new and the best WiFi camera to the network and how to add it to nvr. It would help if you connected the camera to your laptop directly. Access the IPC webpage via the default IP address. 

It is better to change the password and log in. Then you will move on to set up and follow the below steps: 

  • Go to network
  • Click the WiFi option
  • Change WiFi mode to WiFi
  • Connect the camera to the WiFi
  • Then the camera will obtain a new IP address
  • Login again with the new IP address
  • You have connected the camera to WiFi successfully  

It is also good to know how to add the camera to NVR based on the following steps:

  • Log into the NVR
  • Move to set up
  • Check the camera option
  • Select auto search
  • Select the WiFi camera
  • Click ok
  • The camera will be online


Final thought

Security is one of the most important things for many people. No matter where they live in the UK, England, Manchester, or anywhere else. Security systems and cameras are vital for protecting valid belongings and beloved families.

Since the UK has different security system brands, finding the best one may be complicated. According to the gathered information, the best and most practical security system comes with the help of an UNV manufacturer.

If you are looking for the most secure and available camera to protect and save your property, we recommend you choose the UNV kit. This kit is the best option in the UK and has a strong WiFi connection, so it satisfies you. We’re UNV CCTV authorised distributor in the UK, also you can check the UNV CCTV camera price on the website after open trade account.

dahua eptz

Dahua EPTZ: An innovative way to make your property secure 

Have you ever missed recording an important event because the subject of your interest needed to be put in a frame?

Security cameras in the UK are essential for capturing criminal activity, but they must be placed in the best possible location to see what is happening.

Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done because you can only sometimes predict where an event will occur. To solve this problem, Dahua Security produced a 180-degree camera with full options.

So finding the best location for your camera and determining where your property is most harmful is completely fine. You can purchase this 180-degree camera to protect your property with complete recording parts.

Let’s get more information on this new and innovative 180 degree security camera.

What is the newest Dahua security camera? 

Most security cameras feature an ultra-wide angle, millimeter lens that delivers a 180-degree field of view; this new innovative production of Dahua is also the same. 

Moreover, this new production is even better than previous ones. Therefore what makes this view degree lens so unique? 
Compared to a standard millimeter lens with a horizontal field of view of 90 degrees, the ultra-wide angel unique millimeter lens nearly doubles the camera’s field of view.

You can better understand the feature and options of this new camera in the actual examples. 
By checking out this newest technology, you can see how big of a difference an extra 90 degrees of field of view can make in each application. If you are worried about different parts of your property, you must have one of these newest technologies. 

17 features of WizMind Network Camera (EPTZ)

Do you want a single camera to monitor people delivering packages and to see the vehicles entering the driveway?

 Here you can have a 2×4 MP full-color dual lens splicing WizMind network camera with outputs 190 wide angles and splicing image. It is possible to install this security camera on a soffit near your house’s front door. 

You can see that this full-color dual-lens camera checks all the boxes by providing ample coverage of the front sidewalk, driveway, and even the street.

 It will help if you compare the standard millimeter lens; the field of view is much narrower and limited to the sidewalk. In contrast, the ordinary and little-degree camera would perform well at identifying who is on the sidewalk.

 It needs to provide coverage of the driveway and get little details on what vehicle they might be driving. Another essential element to point out is the 12 options mentioned below. 

The most important can be the greater vertical field of view available on this new technology. 

  • Splicing image due to outputs 180 wide angle
  • Smart motion detection
  • Outputs max 8 MP
  • Enlarge and track the aims of intelligent alarms (EPTZ)
  • High compression rate
  • Ultra-low bit rate
  • Intelligent monitoring (heat map, people counting, intrusion, and tripwire)
  • Built-in warm light
  • Max illumination distance
  • IP 67 protection
  • Easy to install
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 3 dimension digital noise reduction
  • Highlight compensation
  • Backlight compensation
  • Digital watermarking
  • Alarm and audio

Full-color monitoring is the best feature

Because of the 24/7 full-color monitoring option, you can see the package left at the front door, unlike the cameras without this option. The large aperture lens will also help you check out what is going on in your garage.

The high-sensitivity image sensor provides the best situation for you if you want a single camera to have a brighter and clearer full-color image of your garage. You can also cover the entire area or the monitored scene.

The environment of ultralow illuminance can also be checked by installing this new innovative technology.

The dual lens offers 180 panoramic image

Another important and exciting feature of this EPTZ new security camera is its dual lens. This feature is advanced equipment with image fusion technology. Your security camera can offer a seamless 180 wide-angle field of view.
It will be possible to see the splicing image of a too-large area only by installing one of these newest Dahua security cameras near your front doors.

Enlarge and track the aims of intelligent alarms

Are you looking for a panoramic image with a broader view of the demanded area? This feature of your chosen camera can offer the sub-images and focus on a particular scene or target area. Don’t underestimate this unique and specific feature of the Dahua security camera.

High protection level

As you understand, this camera provides perimeter protection for your property. Don’t hesitate to install one of these newest security technologies on your front door. This camera can identify your aims based on a deep learning algorithm.
Choose this innovative option if you want a high-accuracy and intelligent perimeter security system. There are also other available options.

Let’s count the people

This item may surprise you because you can even count and calculate the actual statistics of people on your property. These cameras can calculate the actual time numbers of entered people accurately.
Even it will check out and count how many people leave a specific scene and place. Why can this option be valuable and meaningful? This item will enable timely dispersion measures to avoid overcrowding the target place. It also generates traffic in a particular location.


What do you think about this new, innovative security camera with a 180-degree view? We have tried our best to share enough essential features of this new Dahua security system production. 
It is time to get advanced security technology because intruders and burglars get advanced too. This brand solves many security and protection problems due to its new items.  

Hikvision NVR beeping

Why is Hikvision NVR beeping? How to disable it?

Sending notifications and alerting with an alarm or beep sound is one of the essential and practical features of every digital or security device. Hikvision NVR or DVR also owns this feature, but most customers face a problem. The Hikvision NVR beeping sound never stops and there is no problem with the installation or working process. 

The beep sound is a sign of proper installation and setup, but it may not stop for a long time and will make customers or users bored and exhausted. The beep sound will stop if you initialize your platform before installing the Hikvision device. Generally, formatting the platform is essential for stopping the beep sound. 

It can happen to you as a user too, so you must wipe off your hard drive and prepare it for installing the Hikvision device (NVR or DVR). Preparing different hard drives will be changeable because it depends on the brand. Keep reading our article to get more information on this beep sound of the Hikvision devices. 


Some points on disabling Hikvision DVR or NVR beeping

We will mention all possible ways and procedures to disable Hikvision DVR or NVR beeping. So you can easily follow the steps and disable or turn off your Hikvision devices’ beep sound.

Don’t forget to check out other essential alarm warnings because you may turn off and disable all alarm notifications.

Most of the time, the beep sound is about hard drive disk location, capacity, situation, initialization, and preparation, so pay attention to your hard drive disk more than other reasons and check it out before installing the Hikvision device. (NVR or DVR)

Hikvision improper installation is almost another common reason for hearing beep sounds. It is good to read the complete instructions and start installing with full information.

We are sure after reading the manual; you will install your Hikvision device flawlessly. There are some essential points about the beep sound of Hikvision devices.

One of these points is considering the main reason for this beeping sound. You have to be aware of the cause, then try to solve the error and stop the beep sound. Hikvision devices have too many essential details which customers must consider. Also, you can read the best hikvision camera article here.

Hikvision DVR beeping

Why is my Hikvision NVR beeping? 

Have you installed your Hikvision device and still face the Hikvision NVR beeping sound? Before trying to stop this beep sound, you must be aware of its reason. There are some reasons to make the Hikvision device beep sound. We are here to make you familiar with these reasons. 

  • Wrong format of the hard drive disk
  • The error of the hard drive disk stating
  • Damaged hard drive
  • Full hard drive
  • The problem in operating NVR properly
  • Detection of an illegal login  
  • Confliction in IP address
  • Error for recording or capturing
  • Disconnected network

These problems will make Hikvision beep sound, and it won’t stop till you solve the problem and error. In the following, we will briefly explain some critical reasons for this beep sound. Stay with us to get more information about the beeping sound of Hikvision devices.


Hard disk errors

As we have said, one important reason Hikvision beeping is complex disk problems and errors. Users must initialize their hard disk before installing Hikvision devices on it. The initialization process of a hard disk depends on the hard drive’s brand. 

Moreover, customers must install the Hikvision device properly on their hard drives. Due to proper installation, you have to prepare your hard drive. If your hard drive doesn’t locate in its accurate and correct state, you will face a beep sound again.

In addition, your hard drive must be working correctly. You cannot use a complete, damaged or bad format hard drive for installing Hikvision devices (NVR or DVR). We have to say the hard drive has an essential role in the Hikvision devices’ installation procedure. Try having the best and proper hard drive in case of using or installing a Hikvision device. 


Improper installation of Hikvision devices 

The incorrect installation process is an apparent and recognized reason for Hikvision NVR beeping. For example, illegal login information will make Hikvision devices beep sound, or operating Hikvision devices improperly will do the same. 

Customers and users need some guidelines to install the Hikvision devices properly with complete information and correct procedures. Additionally, the IP address for Hikvision devices connection must be clear and accurate. 

The connection network also has an essential role in installing and operating Hikvision devices. (NVR or DVR)Every electronic and digital device owns a special manual or instruction rules; Hikvision also has its own installation manual.

 Users can have this instruction whenever they purchase their demanded device finally. These instructions offer the best installation procedure without any errors or problems. Follow its steps accordingly.  


Lost connection 

As you know, the connection is one of the essential parts in installing, using, and operating a Hikvision device, so your local network connection must be available for Hikvision devices’ usage. The lost connection can be one of the reasons to start a beep sound.

Whenever your connection network is lost, you cannot install and use the Hikvision devices correctly, so video and image capturing or recording won’t be done correctly. The error for incorrect capturing or recording of pictures and videos is another reason to hear Hikvision devices’ beep sound permanently. 


Read More: How do you access Hikvision NVR on your phone?


How do I stop my Hikvision NVR from beeping?

We have tried to make you aware of different reasons for Hikvision NVR beeping. For now, it will be easy for you to stop this beep sound because you are familiar with the reasons. Don’t forget you can solve any problem if you know the reason. 

The initialization to set up is essential, so pay attention to installing and initializing a hard drive suitable for Hikvision devices. Get help from the manual installation procedure of Hikvision devices to get more information about installing them correctly.

The main menu will show you all the essential things, so check the main menu for more information. Do you need a guideline for stopping Hikvision devices’ beep sound? Follow the below steps to stop this beep sound. Whatever the reason, you can stop it via the below steps: 

  • Connect to the NVR device via a web browser
  • Use your IP address and log into your NVR device
  • Check the reason for the beep sound on the Hikvision device
  • Go to configuration
  • Choose System
  • Press Maintenance
  • Tap log
  • Set major type to exception  
  • Remove confliction of IP address
  • Set camera disconnection won’t make an NVR beep sound
  • Go to configuration again
  • Choose event
  • Press basic event
  • Tap exception
  • Choose one of the exceptions on the box of the Hikvision device’s log
  • Untick the buzzer item to stop the Hikvision beeping sound
  • Press save
  • The Hikvision beep sound will stop


Exceptional ways to stop Hikvision NVR beeping

Besides the above steps and procedures to stop Hikvision NVR beeping, there are other useful and practical ways. Imagine you initialize the hard drive correctly, state it properly and install the Hikvision device without any error and the beep sound is still hearable. How can you stop it?

In the case of your offline camera, a beep sound may be hearable. You need to check the network cable connection and online hikvision camera uk to stop the beeping sound of Hikvision devices (NVR and DVR). This alarm may be disgusting if you cannot understand the reason. To stop Hikvision devices’ beep sound, we recommend:

  • Right-click on the mouse
  • Sign in to the recorder (Hikvision devices)
  • Choose menu item
  • Click Configuration
  • Press exceptions
  • Select all in the exceptions type box
  • Untick audible warning
  • Tap apply button

You have disabled all hearable and audible notifications or warnings by these steps. Your Hikvision devices never make a beep sound or any other voices. Please note that you will lose any other essential notifications by disabling all audible warnings.  

You solve the beep sound quickly, but there may be other problems if you lose any audible warning. For example, you won’t get aware of lost connection, lost signals, improper recording, or any other issues. In this case, it won’t be possible to solve the problem immediately.

You can return to the exception type box to solve this problem and unselect all. We recommend you select some essential warnings to be on. It means re-enabling some audible alerts if you need some alarms to be on. In your opinion, some of these alarms are important to you while others are not essential.


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Final thought

According to available information, your Hikvision device will start beeping if there are some errors like hard drive improper installation, incorrect installation of Hikvision devices, complete or damaged hard drive, lost connection to make Hikvision devices practical, IP address conflicts, and too many other reasons.

After checking out the reason for Hikvision NVR beeping, you can solve the problem via the above steps. You need to get all critical information, guideline, and manual description to stop the DVR beeping sound.