How do you change the WiFi on Texecom alarm

How do you change the WiFi on Texecom alarm?

Since security condition is becoming one of the most essential things in our modern life, security devices and systems developed more than before. As burglars and intruders are increasing their abilities in unpermitted entrances, you must choose and install a trustworthy alarm system, Texecom alarm is one of the most popular and practical security systems in the UK market. Most devices work with a WiFi connection in this digital and modern world. So, the Texecom alarm system is similar; you will need WiFi connectivity for this alarm system. Besides using the WiFi connection for the Texecom alarm system, many users wonder how to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm system. In this article, we will tell you more about the different functionality of the Texecom UK alarm system and its WiFi connectivity or other vital options available for UK users.

Guideline to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm

How to change the WiFi on Texecom alarmWiFi connection is one of the most practical and functional features available in the Texecom alarm system. This feature can improve different capabilities of this alarm system, such as remote management and enhanced monitoring processes.

Since WiFi connections are important in monitoring and controlling the Texecom alarm system, you must be aware of all WiFi connections and techniques. Changing the WiFi connection is also one of this alarm system’s most practical and effective settings.

Don’t worry; making the Texecom alarm system’s WiFi Connection is not complicated. You have to update your WiFi network setting in the Texecom alarm. It can be an effortless procedure.

In the first step, you need to get access to the menu of your Texecom alarm system and enter the access code to activate the functionality of this alarm system. A keypad on the Texecome alarm system surface will enter the code.

Some Texecom alarm systems come with a control panel so that you can disarm the Texecom system quickly via this panel. A successful disarming process is important to access your alarm system setting.

The next step will be the navigation of the available network settings. Various configuration systems and options are available in the Texecom alarm system’s main menu. You have to go to the settings related to the network or WiFi option.

Choosing the demanded mode depends on the type of your chosen Texecom alarm system. Generally, the model of this alarm system is critical in the navigation process. Finally, you can navigate the network or WiFi settings on the Texecom alarm system. Also, you can read and run texecom alarm panel reset instructions.

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Some Texecom alarm systems come with a touchscreen, too, so you can quickly access your demanded network setting and change the WiFi on the Texecom alarm system.

Is it necessary to discount the current network to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm?

The short answer to the above question is yes. Disconnecting from the current WiFi is one of the most critical steps in changing the WiFi onTexecom alarm system. There is an available option to disconnect your Texecom alarm system from the current WiFi network.

You must find and choose the item, disconnect your Texecome alarm system from the current one, and connect it to the new one. You have to be quick in this step. After disconnecting your Texecom alarm system from the existing network, you must scan for the latest WiFi network.

It is an automatic process; your Texecom alarm system will scan for the new network option after getting disconnected from the current WiFi network. It only takes a few minutes to disconnect from the existing network and connect to the new WiFi.

If the automatic option doesn’t work correctly, you must check the available WiFi network list and choose your preferred one. After finding the public network, you have to select it. The new network is available on your device list.

You can choose your desired WiFi network. You can use the available keypad on the Texecom alarm system in this step. As we have said, the touch screen is also available on some Texecom alarm systems to navigate this WiFi network.

Don’t forget to highlight your demanded WiFI network and select it. You must confirm the desired new network. After choosing and securing your preferred network, you must enter the WiFi network password.

Some WiFi networks have the password, while others may have the security key. When entering the security key password, you must use the available keypad. In addition, a touch screen can be used to enter the safety code.

In the final process, you must observe everything and ensure you perform the required step correctly, accurately, and without any mistakes. After all these steps, your new connection will be successful.

How do we verify the new WiFi connection to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm? 

change the WiFi on Texecom alarm is easy processBesides all the steps mentioned above, you must verify the available WiFi connection too. This step relates to entering the password of your new WiFi network directly.

After entering the security key, your Texecom alarm system will connect to the new network. You only need to wait some minutes to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm system. This device will verify the new connection after entering the password.

If you have passed all the steps correctly, you will receive confirmation notifications that inform you about the success rate of your new WiFi connection establishment. Don’t forget to test the new WiFi connection too.

You need to perform a connection test to ensure your new WiFi connection is correct. You can test different aspects of your network like:

  • Remote access possibility
  • Mobile application usage
  • Alarm system access point
  • Web portal usage

Considering these items, you can verify your successful WiFi network connection. Receiving notifications about each updating process and other expected features is also possible.

As you have seen, changing the WiFi on Texecom alarm system is easy for many users, but you can get help from customer support, too. You will be able to perform this straightforward process.

Since it is essential to have an updated WiFi network, you must change the WiFi on Texecom over time. This feature also increases the functionality of your Texecom alarm system. We are here to tell you more about this guideline step by step in the further parts. Don’t panic. It can be an easy process to develop your property’s security level.

How to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm step by step?

Demanded steps to change the WiFi on Texecom alarmBased on the gathered information and recorded alarm system reports, most security devices work based on the WiFi connection. This item is also available on Texecom devices. You can easily rely on the new WiFi connection and change the WiFi on Texecom alarm to enjoy the updated security features.

Enhance the remote access process and other essential capabilities with the help of the new WiFi network. We are ready to share a comprehensive guideline with you to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm system as soon as possible and effortlessly. Here are the most essential steps to perform:

  • Go to the Texecom alarm system main menu
  • Go to the network setting
  • Disconnect the Texecom alarm system from the available WiFi network
  • Search for the newly available WiFi connection
  • Choose the demanded, functional, and new WiFi connection
  • Enter the password of the new WiFi connection
  • Confirm the correct connection of the new WiFi network
  • Make sure all the things are right about the new WiFi connection

Each step shows the critical detail of the changing WiFi on Texecom alarm system process. We hope you can change your Texecom alarm system’s WiFi connection based on the step-by-step guidelines mentioned.

You must access the main menu of your alarm system in the first step, and the last stage will be observing your chosen new WiFi connection. Remember, you have to follow the available instructions to get the desired result as soon as possible based on your needs and expectations. Also, you can check why texecom smartcom not connecting to wifi.

Additionally, the manufacturer and support team can help you change the WiFi connection on your Texecom alarm system.


What is the troubleshooting process to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm system?

Although technology is the most practical thing in our lives, it can be unpleasant sometimes. For example, you may face some network and connection issues while you want to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm.

These connection issues can lead to other problems on your Texecom alarm system, but don’t worry; it is possible and easy for you to eliminate these connection troubles. You only need the proper troubleshooting process to eliminate any connection issues.

It can be a challenging process for end users, but all standard connection issues have a specific strategy and solution. Texecom WiFi connection is also the same. Check the items below for the most practical solution for connection issues on the Texecome WiFi network.

We know you are looking for a gentle and easy WiFi connection for your Texecome alarm system, but sometimes, connection trouble may destroy your plan, so you must search for the exact issue.

Entering any incorrect password can be a troublemaker for you. So you have to be careful in entering the security key. Based on the gathered information, entering the wrong security key and password is the first and most practical problem in Texecom WiFi connection.

You must be sure that you have entered the correct password. Therefore, pay enough attention to this step and be careful in using different letters, sizes of letters, types of numbers, and other specific available characters.

Doubledouble-check the password or safety code you entered before confirming the process. Passwords are always essential to consider in different technical approaches.

Check out the strength of your chosen network’s signal

change the WiFi on Texecom alarm with keypad

Besides the wrong password and safety key, a weak network signal can cause different problems in the process and functionality of your Texecom network. There may be some problems in the available network, so this issue doesn’t let your alarm system work correctly.

If you locate the Texecom alarm system far from the WiFi router, you will get a weak signal and experience network problems. You must identify your Texecom alarm system near the WiFi router to solve this issue.

There are some devices to boost the WiFi network signal and its strength. You can also buy and install those practical and valuable devices. You must locate your Texecom alarm system in a particular place with a stable network connection.

After checking the availability and strength of your network, it is time to consider the compatibility. It means your Texecom alarm system may need a better connection with the new WiFi connection.

You must be sure about their compatibility based on the standard criteria. This issue can also lead to WiFi troubles. Having the best and most compatible connection between the Texecom alarm system and the new WiFi connection. There will be other issues related to connection troubles, such as:

  • Interfering other available devices and systems
  • Changing the power source of the alarm system
  • Changing the power source of the router
  • Providing the updated version of the device
  • Being unaware of the correct connection process

Final thought

If you want to change the WiFi on Texecom alarm, you must consider all the mentioned steps and conditions. It can be a challenge for you to use and connect the new network to your Texecom alarm system, but it can be a good experience for you if you need to increase the security level of your property.

It can be helpful to consider all the available recommended things and guidelines to change the WiFi connection on your Texecom alarm system. Remember to check out the troubleshooting process and steps to get rid of any hard times with the WiFi connection of your Texecom alarm device.

texecom alarm

How to change and replace texecom wireless alarm battery

Besides installing and setting up a wireless texecom alarm system, replacing the battery is a vital section to consider. Every homeowner who purchases a texecom alarm needs to know how to change texecom wireless alarm battery. Do you want to know? 

It is essential to consider; there are different types of batteries for the texecom alarm system, so you need to find out the style of your own texecom alarm system and then try to change it. 

The batteries are different based on your wired and wireless alarm system. Which one do you have or want to purchase? Keep on reading the article to get more information on changing the battery.

Texecom wireless alarm batteries

How do you choose and order the correct battery to change texecom wireless alarm battery in the UK? If you doubt the selected batteries, you can get help from a professional team. Changing the batteries in the wireless alarm system is easy. 

This process must be done every 12 to 24 months and depends on how frequently your sensors trigger. There are 4 general steps to changing the alarm sensor battery:

  • Carefully remove the cover: first, remove the sensor cover carefully. In most cases, the surface is held by a small screw
  • The tamper alarm will sound: when you open the alarm sensor, it will trigger the tamper alarm and start your alarm ringing. You cannot do anything about this unless you have a unique engineer code
  • Replace the battery: remove the old battery and replace it with a new one
  • Replace the cover correctly: Place the cover back firmly after swapping batteries. So as not to cause a tamper alarm problem.

Which battery is used in my texecom wireless alarm sensor? Every wireless alarm system has a different alarm battery inside. The most common and reputable brands use frequent alarm system batteries.

You should buy alarm batteries from a valid specialist battery supplier and make sure they are the correct sort to avoid system faults. Getting help from specialist alarm batteries may be more expensive, but worth it.

  • Texecom wireless alarm sensors use cr123a batteries
  • Texecom micro size sensors use cr2450 batteries

Texecom low battery warning

Imagine getting a texecom alarm system low battery warning. Do you know the meaning? Do you want to solve the problem yourself or call an installer to recharge the battery?

Texecom alarm system includes a keypad, door sensors, and PIR sensors with backup plans or batteries. The battery fault or low battery warning is possible to observe on the keypad of the texecom wireless alarm system.

The low battery warning shows the backup battery in the primary control panel is not working well and needs a regular test. As it is clear to solve and remove the low battery warning, you have to change the texecom alarm system batteries.

The low batteries will fail the best communication between the alarm system and the property system, so take the warning as a severe point.

Entering the 4-digit code is essential to reset the alarm system and change or replace the vital and primary batteries. Additionally, check out the internet cable of your alarm system for a better working process.

The router connection has a vital role in case of protecting your property.   

texecom alarm

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Texecom alarm change battery

As the first thing, you have to be aware of the type of your texecom alarm system. The wired one only has a backup battery to change the basic alarm panel.

 On the other hand, a wireless alarm system not only has a backup battery but also you can easily change the wireless sensor batteries. After purchasing one of the available texecom alarm systems, you must also pay attention to its battery charge. 

Changing the texecom wireless alarm battery is accessible according to online guidelines or instructions. Stay with us and check out the below steps to change your texecom alarm system battery: 

  • Consider the low battery sensor
  • Remove the sensor case
  • Use the code to deactivate your alarm system
  • Unscrew the sensor’s bottom
  • Open the sensor case from the bottom side
  • Open the battery location
  • Put out the old battery
  • Replace the old battery with new ones
  • Close the battery cover and clip it on the bottom
  • Screw back the case

texecom alarms

We have good news; some alarm systems are available in the UK security system market, which must change every 4 to 5 years. Although the battery life may be extended, you must change them because the old batteries will cause many problems.

Corrupted and weak batteries can even kill your texecom wireless alarm system with time. It is good to have some information about electricity while trying to change texecom wireless alarm battery.

 Texecom alarm battery replacement

To change texecom wireless alarm battery, you must change the sensors and replacement the texecom batteries in the primary control panel. The control panel battery is bigger and more practical in comparison to the batteries of the sensor part. 

The sensor batteries are backup ones. The backup batteries will start working if your power cuts and save your alarm system. Each battery’s physical size differs from the others, but all of them are interchangeable.

We recommend choosing and buying your alarm system battery from a valid store that offers the best batteries with the highest quality. Some batteries have a 12-24 months guarantee with the best package and highest quality. 

In case of facing difficulty in changing the battery of your texecom alarm system. You can get the service from some professional people. Search the market to quickly find low-cost services which provide batteries for your texecom alarm system.

The most remarkable process to have a proper alarm system is replacing your texecom primary panel batteries. 

Therefore this process will be essential in protecting your property. Don’t ignore your texecom wireless alarm system’s battery life. 

PowerSonic Battery 12v 2.1AH PS-1221

PowerSonic Battery 12v 2.1AH PS-1221

Additional information on changing the texecom wireless alarm battery

The micro size batteries are the most used and practical batteries for an alarm system. If you want to change texecom wireless alarm battery, the facing process will be easy.

 Batteries of a texecom wireless alarm battery work for 12 to 24 months. The battery life depends on the frequency of sensor usage. To remove the sensor cover, you have to be so careful. 

Don’t forget to use a small screw to remove and open the cover. Moreover, you must enter the code unless the alarm system starts ringing and you cannot do anything about it.

 After entering the code, it is time to replace the new battery and locate the cover firmly. We have said to choose a reputable specialist texecom alarm system supplier to buy the batteries. 

The manufacturer of the battery is essential. You must be careful about the battery structure to avoid battery faults. Another important thing about replacing and changing the battery is its voltage.

 In addition, you need to be careful about battery size and location on the alarm system. The battery with high quality will last for some months, while the cheap batteries won’t last long. 

PowerSonic Battery 12v 3.4AH PS-1230

PowerSonic Battery 12v 3.4AH PS-1230

Texecom battery fault reset

Do you know how to fix the texecom alarm battery fault? If you have a battery fault on your texecom wireless alarm system, you will first see a system alerts message on the screen. 

You must first enter the 4-digit user code and see the fault detail. The screen will show a battery fault message that you must change the alarm battery as soon as possible.

 The smart security support teams can help you with this problem. These teams provide both telephone and onsite engineer support.

Contact a professional team explaining your needs, and they will fix your system. Besides getting help from specialist engineers or professional groups, you can solve the fault and problem yourself. 

To solve this problem, you need to change or replace the texecom alarm system batteries of the primary control panel. It is easy to shift the texecom wireless alarm battery by yourself while many professional engineers are in England. 

They will come and visit your place and then replace your texecom alarm system battery in a short time. They know different battery types and recognize the best or most suitable battery for your control panel alarm system. 


We hope this article helps if you need to change your texecom wireless alarm battery in Manchester. You also can buy a pack from reputable and online stores specializing in alarm batteries. 

It is better to check out the battery life and consider the replacement time in advance to eliminate any warnings and alerts. 

We have tried our best to share enough practical and helpful information for you to change the battery of your texecom wireless alarm system. Finally, you can change the battery or call a professional engineer.  

What is Texecom Premier Elite Control Systems

What is Texecom Premier Elite Control Systems?

Are you looking for a comprehensive security solution? There will be different options when considering your business place or home’s safety. The most practical and useful one is Texecom Premier Elite because this security system has the highest protection level and peace of mind. 

Texecom Elite is the top-of-the-line comprehensive security solution available in the UK market. You can reach the most elevated safety status by choosing and installing this particular security system. Stay tuned to get more information about this specific security system.  


An Introduction to Texecom Premier Elite

Texecom Premier comes with security panels and smart safety devices to offer the highest level of security and safety. The manufacturer designed texecom premier elite 24 to provide a complete security solution.

Whether you have a commercial or residential location, these security systems are suitable and provide the most advanced security level. These advanced security systems come with various customizable safety features. 

It means you can easily customize your demanded and installed Texecome Elite security system to provide all security needs. What is your property? You can install the texecom premier elite 48 to protect your property in the safest mode. 

These intelligent and digital security systems have too many benefits and unique features. Therefore many people choose Texecome Elite as the top choice for many business places and homes. 

You can also trust these special security systems since they are reliable and effective in different security solutions. Here are some of the most critical features and benefits of Texecom Elite. 



Texecom Wireless KIT-0002 Premier Elite

Texecom Wireless KIT-0002 Premier Elite 64 Zone Wireless Kit 2 with Sounder



As we said in the previous part, Texecome Elite is a customizable security system, so you can choose this smart security to meet your specific security needs and protect your property best. 

Different smart devices and sensors are available on this security system, so you can choose and turn off these sensors based on your needs and preferences. Let’s arrange this security system based on your needs and security preferences. 


Another essential feature of these security systems is their advanced technology. This level of advancement will provide you with high security and protection. One of these advanced features is motion detection technology. 

Texecom Elite not only owns motion detection but also has different detection methods. This device can make you sure about any entrance or exit. Choose Texecom Elite and enjoy your safe life. (Check texecom smartcom product here)

User friendly

It is vital to have a smart security system with user-friendly features. As the name of this system shows, users will use and operate the security system efficiently. Generally, users can monitor and control their security system easily. This feature is an essential one. 

Remote monitoring 

Imagine you are far from your installed texecom premier elite 64; how can you monitor your security condition? The good news is controlling the security level remotely with the help of Texecom Elite. 

You can manage and check your house, business place, or other vital locations remotely and efficiently while not near them. Using smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices is easy and possible.


The last important feature of this smart security system is expandability. What does it mean? You can add other smart and security systems, devices, and sensors to your Texecom Elite. You can add whatever you like based on your needs and other security preferences.  


How to turn off/reset the texecom premier alarm?

Sometimes your Texecom Premier starts sounding alarming in the wrong and unwanted way, so you must turn off the device or reset it. there will be an essential question, how can you turn it off or reset the device?

There are some critical steps to follow and perform to turn off the security system. Stay with us and follow the 5 vital steps for texecom alarm reset:

  • Recognizing the suitable kind of alarm: since Texecom Elite has too many types of security systems, you will need help to choose the best and most secure one. Each smart security system has its own methods to turn off and reset. You must identify your installed Texecom Elite, then try to turn it off or reset it.
  • Enter user code: after finding the demanded turn-off or reset process based on your installed type of Texecom Elite, you need to enter a 4-digit user code. Note that you have set this 4-digit user code in the first place of the installation process. You also can get this 4-digit user code from the Texecom Elite installer.
  • Silence the Texecom alarm: it is vital to silence your Texecom alarm before turning it off or resetting it. You have to enter the user code and push the off button available on the keypad so the alarm will stop sounding.
  • Turn off or reset the alarm: after turning off the alarm sounding, you can reset or turn off the Texecome Elite. After resetting, your alarm system will turn to regular status.
  • Check the alarm system: you must check if everything is ok with your turned-off alarm system. Check if you see any errors or messages on the alarm system. You can get sure that your alarm system is working correctly.



texecom premier elite


How to default texecom premier engineer code?

Different types of Texecom Elite security systems are possible to customize. For example, the texecom premier elite 64-w is the most customizable security system available in the UK market. It means you are free to use different user codes and installer codes.

Note that the installer codes are certain and usable to access the additional security setting and smart safety features. Have you ever forgotten your installer codes? You can get the code quickly via some steps:

  • Gain the installer menu: you have to press some unique formula on the installer menu to get the default code.
  • Enter the default installer code: after entering the installer menu, it is time to join the default code. Then you can reset the device. On the following, enter the demanded code.  
  • Save changes: after entering the default code, you must save changes and exit the installer menu.
  • Verify the default installer code: as the last step, you have to verify the default code. You need to know the formula and reset the device successfully without any challenges.

Default Texecom Elite is a simple procedure you can perform via the installer menu by entering the default installer code. Don’t forget to save the change, then verify the gained code. You can call the installer and Texecom services whenever you face problems with these security devices or systems.


How to flash texecom premier elite?

Its flash system is one of the essential available features of the texecom premier elite 24 wiring diagram. You can easily upgrade your alarm panel to the latest version with the help of the flash feature of Texecom Elite. 

You can ensure your security panel is updated and has the latest version. You can also fix some bugs in your security system with the help of the Flash feature. You only need to follow the steps below: 

  • Download the latest firmware version: you can get the newest version from the Texecom website. You need to extract its file to your PC.
  • Connect to the Texecom Elite: If you use the flash feature of your chosen Texecom premier keypad, you have to connect your PC to the installed alarm panel. Connecting the PC to the alarm panel via the USB cable is easy and possible.
  • Find the installer mode: you need to use the keypad to get the installer code. Then you have to enter the code after getting it.
  • Enter the flash feature and update your mode: in this step, you must change the installer mode to the flash one.
  • Enjoy the flash feature and way: you can run and update the flash feature based on your PC and on-screen instructions. Connecting the flash mode to the software is critical because it will direct you in selecting the firmware.
  • Verify the flash feature: after starting the flash point, you can verify the firmware and update it successfully based on the update alarm panel. To get the firmware and updated code, enter the installer mode and press the number on the keypad. You will see the firmware devices on the screen.
  • Leave the installer mode: after verifying the updating process of firmware, it is the best time to leave the installer mode. You can leave this mode by squeezing the reset button on its keypad.   


Can I connect cameras to texecom premier elite?

The answer is yes. It is possible to connect a security camera to texecom premier elite wireless. As we said before, Texecom Elite has too many features, benefits, and functions so that you can connect a camera to your chosen security camera.

What does a camera do? It can let you monitor your house or other property from anywhere in the world. Connection cameras to this security system will need special mode and knowledge. 

The connection between Ethernet and the security system lets you connect strongly with security cameras. You can see live videos after installing your device.

 The camera will record every detail that happens near your property. Which camera do you prefer the most? There are 2 ordinary cameras available in the UK market. 

You can use IP cameras and analog camera. You must own an innovative and unique security system when using the camera. 

Generally, connecting your smart security to a security camera is the most excellent method to increase the security level of your property. 

You will experience enhanced security by integrating your Texecom Elite with an innovative security camera. 


Can I program premier elite through a texecom connect?

Yes is the answer to the above question. Texecom Connect is a solid and particular application that lets users get access and manage the control of their Texecom premier elite manual remotely via their smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices. You can see texecom wired alarm system here.

Don’t worry. Using the Texecom premier elite engineer manual and programming it by the Texecom Connect is not a complex or challenging action. You can easily install and use this smartphone application straightly. 

There are benefits in this connection and function of Texecom Premier. For example, you can program your smart security system remotely and quickly. No matter where you are, you can plant your security system from anywhere in the world. 

Imagine you are far from your property or Texecom Elite device and want to change its setting. What can you do? Of course, you can use the Texecom Connect application to change the background while away from your house and the Texecom Elite security system. 

Moreover, the programming process of this smart security device is straightforward. You can enjoy the user-friendly setting of Texecom Elite which is fast and secure enough. The configuration setting of these devices is easy to understand. 



According to our detailed shared information about Texecom Elite, are you ready and satisfied to buy texecom premier elite? As we said in this article, Texecom Elite is a remarkable and innovative security device that protects your property in the best way.

There are different features and benefits available on this device. You can also update the quality of Texecom UK Elite over time and experience the highest level of security by installing this particular security device. 

The updates of Texecom Elite are real-time ones. You can easily fit the rate of your safety system and upgrade the alarms, sensors, and other vital sections via the Texecom Connect application or other methods.  


texecom alarm reset

How to Reset Texecom Alarm Panel?

Unfortunately, burglars and intruders get advanced security systems. So many owners need a strong and skilful security system to protect their properties. Based on statistics, the texecom alarm panel is one of the best and most dependable security alarms available on the security system market. The design of this security alarm is easy to use; you also can reset texecom alarm easily in case of your need.

Choose a texecom alarm panel to protect your properties and beloved ones against burglars and unwanted visitors. Generally, texecom has become more prevalent in recent years because the manufacturer updates the features of this security system. 

To use this alarm panel, you may need a manual and instructions. For example, resetting this alarm panel is one of the complex procedures for customers and users. How about you? Do you have the same experience? Stay with us to get more information on the texecom alarm panel design and resetting process.   


Texecom alarm panel

Do you need an effortless security system to monitor your office while you are away? Or do you want to check out your employees’ exit and entrance times with a fully integrated alarm panel? We recommend you choose, purchase, and install the texecom alarm panel

Texecom is a primary alarm panel communication system for any household system. It is a famous security panel due to its award-winning tested options and features. The best part of installing this alarm panel is controlling your property via a smartphone or tablet. 

To monitor different places with texecom, you need to install the texecom connect application. The most practical usages of this alarm panel are:

  • Controlling the security system operation
  • Receiving notifications on system events
  • Monitoring cameras
  • Monitoring any activities remotely
  • Controlling security system directly through online and technical devices (smartphones or tablets)

If you are looking for a reliable alarm panel with ease of use and a well-done design, choose the texecom alarm panel. Although there is a wide range of alarm panels in the security system market, the texecom system alerts is the most popular device among others.

The maximum flexibility is possible to experience with the texecom alarm panel. The leading guideline of texecom manufacturers is useful, helpful, and practical. For example, if you want to reset the texecom alarm, you can check out the manual and description. Also, You can check texecom wireless alarm products here.

texecom alarm

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texecom alarm reset


How to reset texecom alarm? 

To answer the above question, you need to know your texecom alarm panel type. Since there are 2 types of this alarm, the resetting process may be different and challenging for usual customers without expert knowledge. There is another question: why do we need to reset texecom alarm

As the first step of reprogramming the texecom alarm panel, the users must reset it. Generally, the texecom alarm panel never becomes activated unless the user resets it before using and reprogramming it. Reset means changing all available settings on the texecom alarm panel. 

Have you ever reset your laptop or other devices? Resetting a system means making changes to the settings of the demanded device. Resetting the texecom alarm panel also changes, like silencing the alarm and changing default settings. Follow the below steps to reset the texecom alarm panel: 

  • Flip down the bottom cover
  • Access the keypad
  • Enter 4 digit user code
  • Enter the user code one more time
  • Press reset button
  • The screen must become normal again
  • The alarm panel resets and activates again


Resetting Texecom premier alarm

As we have said, before checking out the process of reset texecom alarm, you need to recognize your texecom alarm panel’s type. Which texecom do you have? The resetting process may differ when you have the premier or veritas alarm panel. 

If you have a texecom premier alarm panel, you must follow the steps below to reset the setting. But why do you need to reset it? Imagine you activate your texecom alarm panel, but it doesn’t work correctly. What should you do? Of course, the best way is to reset it. 

Also, facing a texecom fault codes, error, or problem on your texecom system is another reason to reset it. Whenever you see a message on your alarm panel, check out what is happening and whether resetting is the only choice.

Most users and customers want to eliminate these messages, faults, and errors as soon as possible, so they enable the premier texecom alarm panel again. The brief instruction to reset texecom alarm panel is mentioned below: 

  • Open the keypad
  • Enter 4 digit code
  • Press reset button

It will be an easy process to reset this security system device, so you can perform it by yourself and as fast as possible. No need to have expert knowledge or complicated tools. 


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Resetting texecom veritas alarm

Resetting the texecom veritas alarm panel is even easier than the premier one. They also have the same resetting process. In case of a fault message or error of your alarm system during its activation, you can easily reset it without any effort or unique tool. 

Please note that pop-up messages and errors never let you use your texecom alarm panel again, so you have to reset it for further usage. Resetting the system and setting up texecom will allow you to enable your updated device again. The reset instruction is a piece of cake. 

According to your texecom alarm panel, you may need to enter the 4-digit code and press the reset button. In contrast, it will be possible only to press the reset code without 4-digit codes. The design and program of your texecom alarm panel will manage the reset process and instructions.    

texecom alarm reset



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Texecom alarm reset without code

Although it is possible to reset texecom alarm without code, the design and program of the installed texecom alarm panel chooses the importance of code. It means some texecom panel alarms don’t need digit codes while others require 4-digit codes. 

This resetting code is available on the texecom connection application; users can get the needed code after installing the application. A successful installation of the texecom alarm panel results in valuable and necessary code displaying on the keypad.  


How to reset texecom alarm without a code? 

Though code is necessary to reset the texecom alarm panel, it is possible to reset the device without any code. We have mentioned the needed code, and the importance of existing codes depends on your texecom alarm setting, design, and program.

Don’t forget to check out your texecom panel alarm types and their design to get information about its resetting process. Needing a 4-digit code can be ignored and removed if your texecom alarm panels don’t know it is essential. 


How to stop the texecom alarm from beeping?

There are some reasons for the texecom alarm beeping. No matter the cause of this problem, you need to reset the texecom alarm panel to solve the error. In case of resetting the texecom panel to stop it from beeping, follow the below process: 

  • Turn off the chime by pressing the musical not button
  • Enter 4 digit user code to set up the chime
  • Press menu
  • Choose tick
  • Press on edit chime zones
  • Select your wanted zone
  • Press X
  • The condition of the chime will change to chime from silent
  • Press reset button

The alarm beeping will stop only after resetting your texecom panel alarm. Finally, resetting is the most efficient and helpful way to change texecom alarm panel settings and designs.



What is your problem with the texecom alarm panel? Whether you have a problem displaying the settings of your texecom or its notifications, resetting can be the most helpful and practical solution. Check out the complete manual and instructions to reset texecom alarm.  

Moreover, getting familiar with your texecom type, its design, connection application, program, fault codes, and any other features or options will be helpful. This information will help you use your texecom alarm panel to protect your property and family. We’re texecom authorised reseller in the UK that provides the best price including texecom pir, texecom wireless kit, texecom smart key, Wired devices, alarm panel, batteries, keypad &…


Texecom Alarm: How to install texecom Wired & Wireless Alarm kit?

Texecom Alarm: Does your house currently have an alarm system? If you are using an entire security system, it is time to upgrade it and install a new texecom alarm kit with extraordinary features and options. It will have door contacts along with garage door security.

Also, the bell box, keypad, and mounted flush are available via your new alarm kit. Let’s change over your old and traditional burglar alarm system while we try our best to explain the texecom alarm kit installation process. Stay with us for more information.


Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite 64W

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Installing process of texecom alarm kit

Since burglars are becoming more advanced and innovative, it is time to protect your interior and exterior doors with the help of texecom alarm kit. But how to install texecom alarm system?

If you set and install an alarm system, we don’t think many people will ever understand and observe it.

The alarm system will inform you if someone tries to enter your property or come around your house. You will need the cable to install the texecom alarm system.

Firstly you need to bring the cables down the wall and drill them into the top of the door frame.

There will be sensors in the wall and door frame. Sometimes these sensors look awful and big bulky. Put the new kit on instead of the PIR in the corner of the rooms because you can get a lot of nuisances with PIR going off falsely.


Remove the existing alarm system

To install the new texecom kit, check out the easy programming guides. So you will understand how to get on and take along for the ride. The box of your texecom kit includes:

  • Main panel
  • Metal cover
  • Flush text panel ( cut into the wall)
  • Battery
  • Door contacts
  • 2 garage door contacts
  • Smart com ( on access remotely via the phone)
  • Odyssey backlit bell box

As the first step, you must identify what wires you run to which zone in the house so the bell box will be usable.

Don’t forget to remove your existing and current alarm and continue to test every cable; note what goes where and then that will allow you to decide what zones you want on the new alarm system.

You only temporarily go to connect things up like the bell box. You need a ladder to hand to get the bell box up. Follow the below instruction for installing or setting up your texecom alarm kit:

  • To identify the cable, you will use a multimeter and see where the PIR used to be
  • Take the PIR down
  • Twist them together to make a loop
  • Go back into the place
  • Use the multimeter on the continuity test
  • Make sure it creates a circuit or a loop to prove the cable
  • Disconnect every other PIR not to get the false reading  
  • Connect the cable, and you will get a buzzing noise
  • Check it again

What you have done before is removing all the other existing PIR and testing all the cables continuity-wise to figure out what cable went where you identified them.

Then you can decide what PIR you want to include on the new alarm and add the options to your new system.


Texecom Wired Alarm System

Texecom Wired Kit

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Designing the layout

After removing your existing alarm kit, it is time to place the new alarm detection device. Every section of your new texecom alarm kit needs a perfect and recognized installation location. Moreover, you have to mount the panel in a dry area. 

It also must be near a power source and telephone line. Before connecting the battery, it is better to complete the wiring process. Then you have to install the keypad and connect it to the control panel after mounting. 

Zone wiring is the next step. In addition, another wiring is essential, meaning connecting the bells or sirens entirely and correctly. After all these processes, you need to apply power to the alarm system’s control panel.


Wiring the control panel 

 An important matter is disconnecting the supply power at the consumer unit before connecting your alarm system control panel. The qualified electrician will need your texecom alarm kit while you install it. 

The terminal blocks are the main parts of the alarm panel, so you have to connect them to the main supply. Check out the safety standards and try to wire the control panel of your texecom alarm system. You have to consider the national wiring regulation of Manchester to install your texecom alarm panel. 

After disconnecting your device, you must use the 2 disconnect poles of your new device. Backup protection is also another important matter. We suggest you use the main cable with enough carrying capacity for the rated current alarm system. 


Complete the installation process 

The installation process finished after you connected the alarm system correctly. Check out the manual installation guide of your texecom alarm kit, which shows you how to program to record the data. 

We recommend you read the manual instruction before installing the alarm kit. After the correct installation process, you need to program the alarm system. This procedure is also available on the instruction manual note.

 Finally, it is time to test your installed alarm system. The testing process will help you ensure all features and functions of your installed texecom kit are proper as required.

Additionally, you must use appropriate screws to mount the panel, so don’t forget to use a suitable screw for designing the central keyhole slot. 

Don’t worry about the installation process; it will be easy for you to install your texecom kit alarm yourself. 


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Additional information about the installation of the texecom alarm kit

No matter where you live in England, Manchester, or elsewhere in the UK, you must install a security system to protect your property and beloved family. 

You may install these alarm systems by yourself, but it is better to ask for help from professionals in this field of activity. You may need some additional cable, so you have to pay some money for them. 

Some texecom alarm systems will provide installation services and guarantees to give you peace of mind. 

You must know texecom alarm System Company is a very disciplined company that cares about its users, consumers, and buyers.

 If your property is not standard or has old-fashioned cable, you need to pay more due to the additional effort of your house. 

Texecom alarm system offers site surveys and reduces the risk of intruders or burglars; therefore, don’t hesitate to install one of the texecom alarm panels. This security system connects to the mains through the fuse spur. 


Texecom alarm Installation

This part will tell you how to set and use your texecom alarm system. We will notify you how to set the nonstick texecom alarm kit.

To set your alarm on a complete set on your 4-digit code, you will be asked if you want to arm the system. You then press yes.  

There is an exit timer too. You need to tie them so you can leave your property. Besides setting your alarm in full version, you can set it on a part set, as most people may call it night set; you enter your 4-digit code.

Then it will ask you if you want to arm your system. Do you then press the part that says do you want even to arm? You then confirm it with the yes button. You can leave the location, and the alarm will then be set.  

To unset your alarm and enter your property. Press the entry time, and the time will then start. Therefore you have to enter your 4-digit code. The excellent news is texecom alarm panel is waterproof.   


texecom alarm reset


How do I disable my texecom alarm?

If you don’t use your installed burglar texecom system or want to turn off the power to do it completely, then you need to do the following:

  • First, locate your texecom alarm panel ( a box attached to the wall)
  • Locate the alarm fuse spur ( usually near the alarm panel)
  • Remove the fuse from the inside by levering and opening the small section in the front of the box
  • Taking the fuse out

By performing all the above processes, your alarm will have no main power. It will run off the battery only after a time. It is time to open the front of the leading alarm panel by unscrewing the screws.

Locate the battery inside the texecom alarm panel and remove the 2 terminal wires, red and black. At this point, the outside bell will start ringing.

You can only do something about this if you get an engineer to do the full decommissioning.

The bell will usually ring for 20 minutes and then stop. At this point, your alarm is decommissioned. Contact some smart security teams if you want a professional engineer to decommission your texecom alarm system.   


Texecom alarm system reset

Texecom alarm kit is available in the UK security system market, and it has too many different types with different features and options. Mostly there are 2 kinds of the texecom alarm system, so their resetting progress will be added too.

Some users found the resetting process challenging, while others believe this is simple and easy. Enough practical knowledge is also essential in resetting any type’s texecom alarm system.

You cannot use your texecom system before resetting, programming, or setting it. Resetting is a tangible way to use and activate the texecom alarm panel.

As you know, resetting means changing all the stored and available dates or settings. Resetting any device is the same, and it will change every detail and option of the demanded device, like the security alarm panel.

After resetting the texecom security panel, this alarm kit’s silence mode and default setting will be changed. You can reset your texecom alarm device through the following steps:

  • Remove the bottom cover
  • Get access to the keypad
  • Enter your 4-digit code
  • Enter the 4-digit code again
  • Press the reset button
  • The alarm screen will be normal
  • You reset the alarm panel
  • Activate it again

We have said before that the other types of texecom alarm kits have different reset processes. Therefore you cannot reset the premier alarm system of texecom same as the veritas alarm system.

You need information about your chosen texecom alarm system and its reset process.  


Final thought

texecom alarm is a suitable alarm system for large houses, shops, and offices without WiFi connection. Its new technology will shock you because its sensor will inform the owner about events. 

In this article, we have shared information about this alarm system with more sensors, which is an ideal option for any sizeable domestic location. We also show you how to install this texecom alarm step by step. CUCCTV is the authorised partner of texecom alarm systems in the UK.

Finally, don’t waste your time and try one of these alarm systems and install it via the manual instruction or installation guide. It won’t be easy for you, but you can ask for help from a professional engineer. 

CTEC Fire alarm panels general fault

How To Find CTEC Fire Alarm Panels General Faults

A safe way to protect your belongings and beloved families against smoke, fire, and heat is by installing a CTEC fire alarm panel. Although fire alarm panels are the best and most practical options in modern lifestyles, owners may face CTEC Fire alarm general faults. 

There will be a question about the general fault of these alarm panels. How can an owner recognize the alarm comes in an orderly manner and is the correct one to consider seriously? Or how to stop the fire alarm panel after raising it? You need to keep on reading the article to get the answers. For checking how to silence and reset a fire alarm panel click here.


What is a general fault on the fire alarm panel?

After occurring a fault on a key section of your installed fire alarm system, the CTEC Fire alarm general fault answers to the situation by turning on its internal sounder. It also turns on the general fault light and other lights relating to the fault panel. 

Moreover, the output of the fault panel will start its working process. There are different types of faults, and the most important one is a general fault: 

  • General fault
  • Zone faults
  • Remote output fault
  • Power supply fault
  • System fault
  • Repeater fault
  • Sounder fault

As we said before, the most important and well know fault among different fault systems on a fire alarm panel is the general fault. You will see general fault flashing if there is a problem with any section of your installed fire alarm panel.

At least the general fault lights are always in sync with another fault light. Mostly other fault lights display exact information about the kind of detected fault.


How do you find a fault in a fire alarm?

Finding CTEC Fire alarm general fault is essential for different fire alarms and panels. Therefore, every fire engineer and installer needs enough information about finding a fault in an installed fire alarm or panel. 

Most of the time, they can detect the fault matter during installation or commissioning steps. Also, they may understand the fault situation via regular maintenance surveys or emergencies. 

There are some tests to find the fault in a fire alarm system. 

  • Checking out the loose wiring connection
  • Checking out the faulty devices
  • Checking out the battery levels
  • Not reflecting the actual correct installation by drawing
  • Incorrect connection between heads and bases
  • Only applies to addressable pannels

The good news is that a test button is practical in case of testing the faulty fire alarm quickly and simply.

 If you want to find out your faulty fire alarm panel, we recommend you push the test button on the cover of the installed fire alarm system.



What is the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm?



CTEC fire alarm general fault reset

You may face some videos or users’ views about any failed CTEC within a power supply fault. You also want to know typically what happened in the case of the CTEC Fire alarm general fault and how to reset this fire alarm system. 

What will happen if they don’t have any batteries? You need to boot the fire alarm before getting ready to reset it. After hearing a beep sound, the CTEC fire alarm will turn on, and another sound will come on. 

After resetting the fire alarm, you can know the reason for the general fault of the UK CTEC fire alarm because of a battery shortage. Although the fire alarm systems may have problems, you can connect them to your Google Home.

To reset this alarm, getting the battery before battery death is good. Please note that some alarm systems don’t have any method to show you a way to test if the batteries are dead or if you have them installed wrong.


CTEC fire alarm general fault flashing

Your day can be harmful if you have system trouble on the fire land panel. You can know the problem by checking out the manual and instructions about the UK CTEC Fire alarm general fault.

 Do you know what the problem is and how it happens? You need to go up to the CTEC fire alarm general fault flashing, and you will see an extra orange light over the system. 

The system trouble always needs improvement. If it is something simple like battery trouble or AC trouble, that will be fine because you get new batteries or wait for the power to return in a power outage.

 To solve the general fault, you can open the panel up. Then you will see that the fire panel is much more complicated, so you will need enough knowledge to solve the flashing problem of a fire panel in Manchester.


ctec fire alarm panel

CUCCTV is the UK CTEC fire alarm authorised partner

CTEC fire alarm general ground fault 

There is another light down the fire panel over the fancy little symbol. This symbol is a ground symbol, which could be better because that means there is a ground fault. 

It is not beeping because you have pushed acknowledged, but if you go ahead and reset it once, give it a few seconds. The ground fault will come back to the bet.

 There is a bad thing about a ground fault: to solve the fire alarm fault, you have to search the whole system. As far as professional people say, the problem can be related to your fire alarm system anywhere.

 This matter will have a bit of pain because you might notice; you did rewire the system and use the fire and wire over a thermostat wire.

 This wire does have a ground, and recently, a couple of hours ago, you may have ground it to the panel. I don’t know if this is an approved grounding point, but it does work since there is a ground fault. 


CTEC fire alarm general fault fix

The last thing about CTEC Fire alarm general fault is trying to fix the problem. Therefore you may be excited to hook the panel up, but the minute you put the wire nut onto the wires.

It starts beeping, so you must figure out where this fault is located and how to fix it. Before setting the fire alarm panel fault, you have to start by searching the pulse station because they are at the same level as you.

 It shouldn’t be too hard to search through, and you only have 3, and then you will think, you move to detectors and start looking at devices. If it is divisive, it won’t be too hard to fix the fire alarm general fault in England. 

You wouldn’t be surprised if the general fault is happening elsewhere. We also recommend getting help from some professional and skillful people to detect and fix the problem. It may not be your own work. 


Final thought 

Via this article, you get enough information about fire alarm general faults and come along with professional engineers on the successful journey of finding the general fault. We tried our best to share enough information about this fire system fault. 

We also explained more details about the CTEC code, the situation fixing, and other features. Don’t forget to check out your total station to find the fire alarm panel’s general fault and fix it according to the trouble you found.

texecom alarm

How to setup and connect the texecom wireless alarm system to wifi?

Are you looking for a safe way to secure your employees’ loyalty to help manage your office or business better? We recommend you use a texecom wireless alarm system to manage your property directly through different online portals. 

Choose and install a device that allows you to assign who gets access to your property and consider different access levels. Also, this device will be compatible with cameras and protect your house or office best. Let’s learn how to install or connect the texecom wireless alarm panel to the WiFi network


How to install a texecom alarm system?

Texecom wireless alarm system guarantees complete peace of mind with all its security features and unique setting. This alarm system is a simple and effective way to make your beloved ones and valuable belongings safe and secure. 

Connecting these security systems and using their apps for better and easier usage will be easy. You also can customize the alarm system based on your needs and aims. 

The customization process is possible to be done at a glance. After installing this device, you can activate your house or office’s security system with a click from anywhere. 

But how can you install this wireless alarm system from the texecom categories? Designing the layout is the first step in the installation manual of a wireless alarm system. 

In this step, you can find each security section’s exact place or location. Then mounting the panel is another step to installing this security system quickly. 

Don’t forget to complete all wiring processes before connecting and installing the alarm system or turning on its battery. The keypad and zone expanders are other sections that need to install.

 You will mount these parts and connect them. Stay with us to get more information about the wireless system of texecom in the following details. 


Installation of the texecom alarm detection part 

If you are ready to install and use a wireless alarm system, it is better to install the detection devices. PIR and different buttons will connect to the control panel. Besides this section, you have to install the extender sounder too. 

Most practical things like external sounders connect to the control panel. Another wiring is also an essential part because this wiring includes any wire of speakers, telephones, etc. 

The control panel’s power is another part to be careful of it. Apply power to the control panel because the control pane needs the power to use and stay stand. You can use the default settings for the first time, applying power. 

Via this step, you need to connect the red battery and lead it to the positive terminal of it and the black battery to the negative terminal. 


Program of the texecom control panel 

The control panel’s programming is also one of the sections of texecom alarm installation instructions. It is better to test all the features and functions of your alarm system’s control panel while trying to program it.

After programming the control panel, mount it on the flat wall. At least 3 screws of appropriate size are essential for mounting the board. Finally, it is time to connect the texecom wireless alarm system to the power supply. 

You must not connect the main supply to the terminals. Moreover, after complete installation, switching the power source from the power supply to the battery is possible. There will be a button to press for battery power. 


texecom alarm

Click for Checking Texecom Wired + Wireless Alarm systems 


How to connect the texecom alarm to WiFi?

The texecom wireless alarm system brings a new lifestyle to our future and enables you to use your security system with cloud technologies. Which version of this device do you choose?

 The texecom alarm system has enough power to protect your property and beloved ones. Texecom alarm system with a WiFi connection will help you to take care of your house and safety directly. 

It is easy to get notifications directly from these wireless devices; it also lets you connect your security alarm system to a professional camera and monitor your property quickly and from anywhere in the world. 

You won’t need router ports to connect the texecom wireless system to the WiFi network because the connection is simple and easy with the highest level of security. 

The WiFi connection provides a reliable benefit for owners. If you don’t find it easy to connect the texecom alarm kit to a WiFi connection, you can use a temporary internet cable to find out the correct IP and learn working with your phone too.

 Some people use this device through their phones without internet or WiFi.A better WiFi connection is possible to experience if you change the router setting and give IP.

 Don’t forget to change the initial setup status, then try to connect your alarm system to the WiFi network. Generally, to enable the WiFi connection, clients of the texecom wireless alarm system have to follow the below steps: 

  • Access to the customer network SSID and password ( the SmartCom only works on the networks with dynamic host configuration protocol)
  • The SmartCom supports wireless technology
  • Press and hold the WiFi button for 5 seconds ( the WiFi LED begins to blink approximately every second)
  • Finally, come out the SmartCom
  • Your texecom connects to a WiFi network, and its connection is normal  


Texecom wireless alarm setup

The separate texecom wireless alarm system module has a different setup with varying ports within the panel. Every cable of these devices has a particular aim and purpose. 

The Com port expander is also one of the critical sections of your texecom alarm setup process. Use the Com port to install texecom wireless alarm system and create another Com port on your demanded security alarm. 

These features show the computability of the texecom alarm system via the setup procedure. In addition, it comes with a WiFi setup; the connection is the most critical process. 

Since the intruders are professional and crucial, you, as the owner, need an alarm system with full security options. texecom alarm system offers a valuable solution for complete peace of mind.  

The setup process of this wireless security alarm is a user-friendly interface that dedicates the functions of different keys on the texecom alarm system.

 Besides the easy setup process, there are plenty of functional features on this device, such as:

  • Dynamic host configuration protocol addressing
  • Using the texecom cloud service
  • Easy integration with other devices  
  • Compatible with remote configuration
  • Compatible with future cloud system
  • Simple user guide for WiFi configuration
  • Enough secure


texecom alarm

Texecom wireless alarm system app

In the technology age and current smart society, your smartphone can perform many essential and technical functions.

 In other words, there is plenty of smart and innovative application to control smart devices, such as the texecom wireless alarm system app. How can I enable the panic button feature on the texecom connect app? 

 So you must follow the steps based on guidelines if your connection fails. There are only 3 buttons on your alarm system default setting, but you can add other buttons too. 

You only need to go through the manage users. Whenever you observe that the panic button option is unavailable on your manage setting, you first need to log out of the application because it shows your connection is incomplete. 


Introducing the texecom wireless alarm system application 

If you have problems with your alarm system, you will need a principal engineer to come over and solve the problem. Sometimes you can enter the code and able the alarm system. 

You can set up the texecom alarm system via the application based on the guidelines, but it is good to know the application and its environment too. 

  • Enter the code on the panel user code area
  • Tap log in
  • It will ask you to confirm the touch or face ID
  • After logging in, you will see the app home screen
  • You can log out anytime by using the log-out button
  • The green logo on the top side shows that you connect to the texecom alarm system
  • These 3 buttons to control your alarm
  • The green open padlock button is for disarming your alarm
  • The middle orange padlock button is used part-time for your alarm
  • The right-hand red padlock button is used to arm your system fully
  • At the very bottom of the home screen, you can see menu options with other functionality in your app
  • In the middle are the system time and date
  • The white line changes based on the alarm functionally during a selected period
  • The midnight line is orange and shows the notice is part-time
  • The bubbles indicate the changes
  • The line turns green to indicate the miss disarmed
  • The bell inside the bubble indicates the alarm occurs
  • By tapping on the one event bubble, you can see the activity list, and further additional details are available about the event
  • Back on the home page
  • You can demonstrate your controlling system
  • You can demonstrate any available alarm system for your property    


Texecom wireless alarm battery replacement 

Where do you live? England, Manchester, or anywhere in the UK? In every place and city, you will need a powerful alarm system to protect your property, and the most powerful digital or technical texecom wireless alarm system works by battery.

But how can you change your texecom alarm system battery? To change the battery on your texecom alarm system, you have to follow the below instructions: 

  • Firstly need to remove the cover of your main alarm panel
  • Unscrewing the 2 screws on either side of the panel
  • The alarm will then sound
  • To silence the alarm into your 4-digit user code
  • With the open panel located, the battery
  • Remove the 2 terminals, red and black
  • Don’t touch them directly
  • Remove the batteries
  • Replace the battery

Please note there is live 240-volt power in the transformer, so be careful and make sure you then touch the alarm. Also, you must be sure you don’t knock any other wires in the panel, as these may cause your alarm system to stop working.

Replace the panel lid and reset your alarm by entering your 4-digit code twice and pressing reset. Some security teams provide support by telephone or on-site facilities; therefore, in case of any problem, you can ask them to help you.



We have told you about the next generation of wireless security systems, the texecom wireless alarm system in the UK. These security alarm systems deliver more performance than other wireless alarm systems available in England. CUCCTV is the authorised partner of texecom alarm systems in the UK.

As we said in this article, you can enable wireless connectivity and receive notifications to protect your beloved family and valuable belongings. 

These alarm systems work with application and WiFi connection, so you must gather information about these 2 points before finalizing your purchase. 

ctec uk

CTEC Fire panel access code (Reset, Turn on, off fire panel)

Since a fire panel is one of the essential and valuable technical devices, many customers and users have installed a CTEC fire panel. But there is a question, how to silence and reset CTEC fire panel?

In a fire alarm condition, the panel’s internal beeper will sound to inform you that an alarm has been detected. Panels read a general fire, and at least one of its zonal indicators will flash to show you which zones are in the fire.

The remote output indicator also lights to confirm that the panel is in alarm. These are the first steps of fire detection by a fire panel.

If you want more information about resetting a fire alarm, stay with us and keep reading the full article.


CTEC fire alarm panel instructions

The main aim of the CTEC fire panel is to provide accurate and on-time warnings of a fire event. So the owner and audience of a building will understand what is happening and evacuate the location as soon as possible.

They also can take some practical actions to stop the fire sooner. All these events depend on the predetermined program of the fire panel system. CTEC fire panel rises automatically if it detects smoke or heat in the location.

In addition to the automatic option, the structure of the CTEC fire panel works manually if someone operates it to call out. In most cases, fire alarm systems split into sections and cover a different zone of a building or place.

To get familiar with these fire alarm system functionality and structure, you have to know the start point of each alarm system. After raising a fire alarm, the fire panel answers the alert by detecting the area where the sign happened.

In the following step, the fire alarm will activate all relevant sounders or bells then other alarm outputs come to provide an accurate and actual fire warning. Remote production is one of the most critical parts and functionality of a CTEC fire alarm.


CFP AlarmSense 4 Zone Two-Wire Fire Alarm Panel


How to test a CTEC fire alarm panel?

In this part, we will tell you how to put the CTEC fire panel to the test. You first want to remove the 2 retention screws on either side of the board. Lift the lid, and the level 3 access button is hidden underneath.

Give that a press continuously until you see the test. If you push the third button down, which is the next option, it will light up the zone, and I press disable enable. Then you will see the full lights coming in sync with each other. 

Press the next option and repeat for as many zones as you want to put into the test. If you have a far zone panel, you will have all 4 zones in the trial. Press the code entry escape, and it will give a short show that you are testing them. 

Via this process, it will sound where the sound is on, and once you reset your call point or device, it will automatically reset CTEC fire panel. Give it a second. 

Then you can move on to your next device to access an exit, then push the level 3 button again until you see the word test.  


How to turn on the CTEC fire panel? 

No; matter whether you use or install a CTEC fire panel in the UK, England, or Manchester, you must know how to use the authorized user controls on one of these fire panels to enable and disable zones or other functions. 

You must first put the panel into the access level to gain access to these controls. You can perform the process by using one of 2 methods:

  • Entering your secure code utilizing the panel’s keypad
  • Turning the key switch

The access line will turn on to use the authorized user controls operative. You can turn on and turn off functions if you require using a simple selection process.

Hold the next options button for 3 seconds to start the process until the general disablement, and zone one fault lights flash yellow. The purpose of this part will use zone 3 and an example of an area that needs to say blankly.

 Press the next option button until zone 3 is flashing. Its current status is enabled if it flashes slower than the general disablement light. If it explodes at the same rate, its position is disabled.

Press the enable disable button to toggle between enabled and disabled. To disable zone 3, you must ensure the 2 lights are flashing at the same rate.


How to turn off the CTEC fire panel?

After installing a 2-zone conventional CTEC fire alarm panel, you will need the process to turn it off too. The code part is an important section in every CTEC fire alarm device. There are 2, 4, and 8-zone versions of this device.

All more or less of these fire alarms are the same in the UK. You must consider some apparent differences in turning off the CTEC fire panel. The inside structure and other available options of each fire panel will be different from each other.

Every CTEC fire panel comes to your location with a complete package. You will get an easy and practical user manual to turn off or on the fire panel. Don’t forget to use the special codes available on your CTEC fire panel as the default option.



What is the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm?


How to silence the CTEC fire panel?

Whenever a fire alarm starts ringing after everyone has been evacuated from the building or following the site’s fire management plan, you must silence the alarm while investigations occur.

 You must access the panel’s access level to authorized user controls to perform this process. You can do this process using one of 2 methods: 

  • Panels keypad
  • The key switch

The accessed indicator will turn on to inform you look the authorized user controls the operative. Next, press the silence resounds sounders button.

The sound alarm rows and the panels’ internal beeper will stop sounding, and its general red fire and the relevant zonal indicator will be lit steadily. The remote output indicator will also turn off.

 If, for any reason, you need to reactivate the alarm sounders, manually press the silence to resound the sounders button once again. Likewise, to silence the sounders press the silence to echo the sounders button again.


How to reset CTEC fire panel?

After the cause of the alarm has been investigated and you are confident that everything is back to normal, you can reset CTEC fire panel by pressing the reset button.

The panel will give a double beep to confirm that the reset process has started, and after a few seconds, it is read general fire, and relevant zonal indicators will go out.

 It is easy to reset the fire control panel only by pressing the control panel reset button. Before resetting, the panel gives a double beep and shows the reset process.

Over time or just a few seconds later, the fire zone and general fire lights go out to show the reset process gets wholly done.

Sometimes, the alarm triggers after resetting, so you must return to the alarm as before. Imagine the alarm sound is false; how can you reset and silence the wrong alarm sound?

To reset CTEC fire panel false alarm, you need to put the panel on the second level of access and then press the reset button of your fire control panel.

 Although every CTEC product has different instructions and critical applications, you can reset the CTEC fire alarm based on the same guideline.   


CTEC fire alarm panel code

CTEC fire alarm panel offers the best user and installer-friendly options at a competitive price. The attractive plastic surface of these devices supplies the best quality for those looking for the best fire alarm panel. It includes:

  • 2 detector zones
  • 4 conventional sounder circuits
  • Class change
  • Alert inputs
  • On board fire
  • Fault relays
  • Combined keypad entry or key switch

The engineering options of the CTEC fire panel provide many facilities like zone delays and coincidence items. It also offers a comprehensive test with a fault-finding option. 2 other facilities are selectable repeaters and expansion boards.

In previous parts, we have told you about the key switch way to silence the CTEC fire panel. Therefore, the owners must enter the second level access to turn the key switch method. 

It is easy to use the panel buttons and enter the CTEC fire alarm panel code: 2143



 Where do you live? Are you thinking of using a CTEC fire panel in England? There is good news for you; you can reset CTEC fire panel by yourself no matter where you live in Manchester or other locations; it will be easy and helpful. We’re CTEC Authorised partner in the UK that provide CTEC fire products with the best pride for trade users.

This article can help you reset CTEC fire panel easily. We did our best to share clear and accessible information on resetting a fire panel in different buildings with different options. 

pyronix intruder alarm

What is a pyronix intruder alarm?

Protecting properties and beloved persons against burglars and intruders was an important matter from the old days. People tried to save their properties with wooden locks, the first generation of locks. Then wooden locks turn to be metal and mechanical. For now, it is possible to use digital locks, the most secure and safest type of protection. Also, video doorbells or other electronic devices like pyronix intruder alarm make security systems more substantial and advanced in the UK.

As security systems advance, burglars become fast and smart, so owners need some developed and robust security systems with useful options. An intruder alarm is one of the most helpful and complete systems to make properties more secure and safer against any unwanted visitor or intruder. 

It is time to establish a robust and secure technology to protect properties against any harmful guests or visitors. It can be an external solution for better protection and a long-term safe lifestyle. The good news is the wireless detector (like Pyronix, Ajax alarm, Texecom) with additional options. Keep reading this article to get more information on intruder alarms, their features, benefits, and installation.


What is a pyronix intruder alarm?

a pyronix alarm becomes one of the most secure systems with many useful options and items. It is interesting to know that a part of the Hikvision team established Pyronix online security products with many additional things. 

Protecting houses and offices became an easy matter after installing the Pyronix alarm. A wide range of security options makes Pyronix an award-winning security device among all other sensor detection in the security system market. 

Besides Pyronix’s humble beginning, it has become an innovative security system with highly qualified options and usage. Numerous technologies have been added to this system for better use and more secure options. 

Imagine you are at your office, and an intruder tries to get into your house. This intruder alarm will make you aware that someone is on your doorstep. In this case, you can easily make the intruder run away or inform a team of local police to catch him. 

Live safe and secure with peace of mind after installing an intruder alarm. Pyronix alarm works with some batteries. Although these batteries work for a long time, you may need additional batteries in case of battery death. 

Using an intruder alarm or video doorbell with a siren is one of the most influential cultures in big cities all over the world.  


2 types of pyronix intruder alarm

Have you ever searched among intruder alarm devices? Which one is better, in your opinion? According to statistics pyronix intruder alarm is one of the best and most secure devices against any harmful attack. 

This motion detector manages time, firm siren, detector technology, and other software. Pyronix becomes a solution for any intruder attack on domestic or commercial places. 

It also can highlight the usage and benefits of a siren to protect any property from unwanted guests or intruders. Let’s adapt your house or other properties to the most secure and safest developed security system. 

Pyronix might not be practical enough and secure at first. For now and over time, this company tries its best to make advanced security systems with highly qualified sensors in 2 types. 

We are here to tell you more about different types of Pyronix alarms. Choosing one type of this security system depends on some points. 

Different matters will help you make the best decision to protect your beloved family and valuable properties or assets. Check out the below items to choose one type of Pyronix alarm system in the UK: 

  • Type of protection need or request
  • demanded a place to install the alarm
  • percentage of intruder attack
  • percentage of the strength of the door
  • available door lock system
  • access to smart devices like a smartphone


Check & Purchase Pyronix intruder Alarms Now! (Click on Photo)

pyronix intruder alarm


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You can choose wired or wireless alarm system:

pyronix wireless intruder alarm

One of the most practical and useful Pyronix alarms is the wireless one with highly qualified sensors and a broad signal range. Wireless pyronix alarm informs the owner if someone stops 1 Kilometre away from the house or office. Pyronix sensors are not too sensitive; their sensors are enough to be secure and sensitive. 

Connect your smart device (smartphone or tablet) to a Pyronix wireless alarm and be peaceful in your mind while going out of the city and town for a family trip. Pyronix wireless sirens also can connect to the local police station for more secure options. 

This security device’s highly qualified and sensitive antenna transfers any detection to the smart device or connected place. Pyronix tries its best to be as secure as possible. Let’s check out all features of this alarm system to protect your property against an intruder: 

  • external detector
  • long-range signal
  • multi-winning wireless technology
  • false alarm immunity
  • detection technology
  • steadfast detector
  • quick alarming
  • easy installation
  • maximum detection range  


pyronix wired intruder alarm

The wired pyronix intruder alarm doesn’t have flaws, just like the wireless one, but it may be a little bit limited. As it is evident by the name, the wired alarm will need a wire to make a connection and secure your properties and family. 

It may have more limitations in sensor detection. Easy installation is also a feature, but wireless has superior security. Wired ones cannot support a long distance because their signals and antennas are not entirely wireless. 

Anyway, wired alarms own a secure protocol with maximum reliability, too, so leave your house or office with peace of mind and don’t worry about intruders’ attacks or any other harmful event. Be sure the transmitting signals never stop working due to their vital power. 

Install a wired intruder alarm that provides a wealth of securing benefits to the susceptible receiver. One of the exciting features of wired alarms is their low installation cost. 

Pyronix offers and provides highly sensitive signals to make a secure and safe environment for owners. Wired Pyronix alarm spreads signal without any noise and other disturbing matters. 

Let’s meet one of the most secure and substantial alarms with worldwide standards. Reduce the volume of breaking into and ignore any unwanted visitors or guests. You are the person and decider to make a final decision about types of alarm intruders. Choose the most suitable one for your house or office.  


pyronix intruder alarm


Default pyronix intruder alarm

The default setting of the pyronix intruder alarm includes 2 independent sensors standard in other security systems. 

The sensitive technology of this device is advanced outdoor protection suitable for any door, house, office, or place. Pyronix alarm identifies the presence of an intruder based on the default setting. 

Managing the setting, sensor, detection, or siren time is easy. With a high-quality system, you can easily change the setting and be your security man. Create an alarm to make your security system activate with quick detection. 

This device lets you control your property while you are far from the demanded place. It will be hard to believe, but the Pyronix alarm also has a wake-up alarm and other notification systems.

 Users can easily and quickly turn on any other options easily and quickly according to their needs and interests. A sleep timer is another default setting available on the Pyronix alarm. 

Some customers change the sleep timer of this device based on their demands. Indeed, a Pyronix alarm can be awakened constantly and instantly without any sleeping time. It is useful and helpful to change the default based on the demanded place and customer’s needs.  


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pyronix intruder alarm manual

A manual instruction is one essential and useful part of each digital and technical device. Since not all users and customers are experts in digital devices, they will need to use a complete manual with a clear explanation and description. 

Installing a pyronix intruder alarm is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Although setting up an intruder alarm is a piece of cake, some users need a complete manual to start the installation process, change the default setting, and alter the sleep timer and other options. 

Enhancing the security system is not hard to perform; you only need to consider the battery life. It is essential to check out battery life before leaving home or the office for a long destination. 

Imagine you are in another city and your intruder alarm’s batteries die suddenly; what can you do? In this case, your properties become in danger of breaking into. 

Generally, manual instruction tells you more about benefits, advantages, installation process, battery life, sensor ability, fault alarm, and many other practical items. Therefore it is a good idea to use the manual before starting the installation process.  


Final thought 

pyronix intruder alarm is an updated security system with a highly qualified detection sensor. A broad board of its signal will make your property secure enough. The sensors of this upgraded device are highly secure and safer than other intruder alarms available on the market. 

The powerful antenna of wireless sensor detection of Pyronix is a high-quality technology with many other essential and useful options. Increase the security and safety of your property by installing an alarm device with a high level of protection. Don’t hesitate and install one of the Pyronix alarm devices. We’re pyronix alarm reseller (& ajax alarm distributors in the UK) that provides the best price only for our traders.

What is the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm

What is the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm?

Fire is one of the awful and dangerous unpredictable events in houses, business offices, or other places, so builders consider fire alarm systems to protect people and properties from this unexpected happening. These 2 essential and popular fire alarm systems are on the market: CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarms. But what is the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm

You may overlook these alarm systems until there is an unavoidable emergency in your house or office. Every fire alarm has its specific fire detection method, sounder, and warning method. Therefore there will be some differences between each fire alarm system. Stay with us to get more information about the differences between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarms


What is a CTEC conventional fire alarm?

Before checking out the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm, you must know and get familiar with conventional CTEC fire alarm panel. Conventional fire alarm panels belong to the old days of electronic devices. 

ctec conventional panel

CTEC conventional panel

You may not find these alarm system panels in large or new buildings, but some small restaurants, old-fashioned schools, and buildings may still have them. One or several circuits connect to the sensor system in a conventional alarm system. 

Unfortunately, some limitations are based on initiating circuits in a conventional type of alarm system. For example, they cannot inform which alarm system device in the apartment is activated; it only uses a LED indicator for notification.   


What is a CTEC addressable fire alarm?

CTEC addressable fire alarm system panel differs from the conventional type because it will show you the exact location. You will recognize the specific place of fire with the help of an addressable fire alarm, as the name of this fire alarm system shows.

ctec addressable panel

CTEC addressable panel

This C TEC fire alarm system will provide specific information about the fire area and zone. It will show detailed data based on the fire detector location, area and zone. We can say that addressable fire alarm systems are the most intelligent in contrast to conventional fire alarm system panels. 

Most large and new buildings own one of these innovative fire alarm systems. Although the addressable type of fire alarm systems is more expensive than conventional types, many builders prefer these fire alarm system panels.



CTEC Fire panel access code (Reset, Turn on, off fire panel)



9 differences between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm

You got familiar with CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm system panels; now are the time to check out the differences between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarms. Some of these differences are too clear: 

  • An addressable fire alarm system can provide specific information based on a location detector, but a conventional one only shows the place based on circuits.
  • Though a conventional fire alarm system is simple and old-fashioned, the addressable one is very intelligent. The owner or installer can select a label for each place, and an addressable fire alarm will show the location label for better understanding. For example, it will show bedroom 1 is on fire.
  • Addressable type of fire alarm system panels owns a pre-alarm warning item that informs the owner to investigate the place before activation of the existing system. Still, the conventional ones don’t have this option.
  • Conventional types are the same in different conditions, while addressable ones offer other items according to the environment and area.
  • Addressable fire alarm systems wire in a loop, but the conventional ones wire based on a radial circuit.
  • Unfortunately, the conventional fire alarm panels cannot show real-time or event logs, while the addressable ones provide the time clock. They can also show the recording log of events.
  • Addressable types of fire alarm systems are arrangeable for a specific event, but you cannot find such an option in a conventional fire alarm panel.
  • Using and installing conventional fire alarm systems is accessible, while the addressable ones have a complex usage and installation procedure.
  • The addressable fire alarm system is 50% to 100% more expensive than conventional ones.



Alarm Smoke Detectors; Everything You Need to Know


Which one is better, CTEC conventional fire alarm system or the addressable panel?

You must consider your needs, property, and budget and decide which fire alarm system is better for you. The conventional fire alarm panel will be the best choice if you cannot afford an addressable fire alarm system. 

Since a conventional fire alarm system is hardware-based, its usage process is simple and easy to understand. At the same time, an addressable one may need some expert knowledge because it is complex and a combination of central control panels. 

ctec conventional fire alarm

Moreover, you can realize which of these fire alarm systems is better according to the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarms. The addressable one can inform you about the exact event location and provide you with the recording log, while the conventional one only detects fire events.  


Is it possible to use a conventional detector on an addressable panel?

According to the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarms, you can understand these 2 types of fire alarm systems are different and non-compatible. You may use a simple smoke detector on your addressable panel, but the conventional one is not acceptable. 

Please note that the smoke detector and fire alarm systems must be compatible. Don’t forget the addressable fire alarm system is the most intelligent fire alarm available on the market, so it cannot accept the conventional detector. 

There are many reasons why they cannot work well with each other. The differences between these 2 types of CTEC fire alarm systems show they cannot be 2 good and useful partners for each other. It is better to use each of them correctly and precisely. 


Final thought 

We have tried to inform you about the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarms to help you make your final decision. In the first place of choosing one of these fire alarm systems, you must consider your budget. 

As we said, the addressable fire alarm system panel is more intelligent and expensive. You will need more money for the installation procedure if you have chosen the addressable fire alarm over the conventional one.