Ajax vs Ring alarm; which one is better?

ajax vs ring alarm


Ajax systems and Ring protect are two leading brands of producing alarm systems with the positive character of providing security and bringing security connectivity to the smart home for people. We will list the differences between AJAX VS RING; the two most recommended alarm systems, so you can decide which one best suits your needs. Don’t miss this post.

In this article, we will compare AJAX VS RING, because our customers sometimes say that they have doubts about choosing between AJAX VS RING in terms of security; we prepared to compare AJAX VS RING in order to show you the preference of  Ajax alarm systems.

Ajax Systems review

Ajax Systems is a technology enterprise that develops solutions and applies these innovations to security devices. Thanks to Ajax systems, people don’t have to live in fear. When you are protected by Ajax, you are safe from burglars, fires, or spills. Ajax devices operate in the harshest conditions and are always ready to avoid a tragedy. With Ajax products, one-click protection is around.

Proprietary Ajax security Systems technologies, such as radio communication, encryption, digital algorithms, were invented by the best engineers. Ajax also supports video surveillance, and third-party cameras can connect to the security system using the Ajax application. Ajax Systems also supports RTSP (the standard protocol in video surveillance that is used in most personal and professional DVRs and surveillance cameras). 

Ajax alarms products

Ajax alarm follow-up for fire, water, and unwanted guests. In addition, Ajax Systems supports third-party surveillance cameras, making Ajax a unique security hub. Internal and external security with Ajax alarm systems is available. Internal detectors instantly identify threats and external detectors identify intruders from the very first step of your territory.

Ajax alarm includes sirens. The siren will emit a loud siren to drive away intruders and draw the attention of neighbours. Even if someone climbs over the fence or tries to peek into the window, Ajax smart alarm detectors will ring immediately. It uses Wireless and has LED indication of security modes. Ajax wire-free burglar alarms work with central monitoring stations around the world. When the alarm sounds, security professionals can arrive within minutes to eliminate the hazard.

Ajax security system uses a Hub to connect and monitor. Hub is the central peripheral of the system. Ajax Systems uses encrypted radio protocol to connect and monitor detectors. The hub instantly sends an alert by SMS, push notification, or phone call. Secret radio technology for stable long-distance communication with detectors allows device connection up to 2000 meters whilst sending an alarm from the detector to the concentrator in 0.15 seconds.

Ajax alarm installation

Ajax alarm kits installation is really easy. In addition, Ajax security system software makes it easy to manage a complex system. The application will allow you to arm / disarm the system and keep an eye on your device (including information on signal status, battery level, and temperature). The system can also be controlled via Ajax SpaceControl, KeyPad, or KeyPad Plus. In addition, Ajax Systems provides 99.9% reliable clouds with fault tolerance and advanced encryption. 

Ring protection review

Ring Protection company is not a big competitor for Ajax Systems in producing security systems, cause it is not many years that come into UK markets. Ring Protection company aims to help you protect what matters most in your home, and is determined to create products that help you and your neighborhoods be safer. Amazon owns the Ring and acquired the Ring in 2018 for around £1 billion.

Ring alarms products

Ring Alarm Pro has a built-in eero WiFi router with a redundant internet connection; online security software; and scalable redundant power. Security for the Ring is paramount. In addition, you can buy starter equipment and professional monitoring. It’s also easy to assemble and is extensible. In addition, Amazon owns Ring, so it integrates well with your Alexa.

Touch sensors help you secure windows and doors also, they send you alerts as they open. Motion detectors let you know when there is movement in rooms or corridors. You can start with the included parts of the basic kit and then extend your protection with compatible devices from Ring, Alexa, eero (only Alarm Pro).  Also, you can use other third-party smart accessories.

Ring alarms installation

The installation of the Ring alarm system is easy, but not as easy as Ajax, With the Ring alarm system you will receive instant notifications on your mobile phone when an alarm sensor is activated, there is a 24-hour backup battery in the control panel, you can insert a SIM card in case you have an internet connection at home is offline and you can keep an eye on everything thanks to the Ring app on your smartphone.

Ring’s various starter kits always consist of a base station,  keypad,  door sensor,  motion sensor, and range extender, but with Ajax, you get more movement and more door sensors to secure the different rooms of your home.



Ajax vs Ring alarm which one is better?

The Ring alarm service was only available in America and it is in the early years of being used in the UK. Fortunately, we assume that all notifications also end up on your smartphone unlimited and free, but an option to transfer an alarm center can be useful for some users. If you are looking for a  transfer to an emergency room, Ring is not available and you can only use AJAX.


AJAX is also designed for  DIY installation, and it is easy to set up a complete basic starter package, in less than 5 minutes. Additionally, one more advantage is that all AJAX products are available in white and black. As a result, they fit into any interior. Because you assemble the system yourself, you can choose to take some white detectors with you, and other black detectors so that they are less noticeable in your interior.

The range of wirelessly linkable products

AJAX’s range of wirelessly connectable products such as Ajax wire-free burglar alarms is considerably wider than that of the Ring alarm system, partly because the Ring system does not offer motion detectors for the outside of the home, nor does it integrate an alarm system. sensors. In addition, ring detectors still work on the basis of passive infrared, also abbreviated as PIR detectors. The sensor then examines the movement of heat in the detection zone.

The reason  Ring doesn’t offer detectors outdoors is that the wireless signal strength used by these systems isn’t strong enough to work reliably outside. And it’s a big problem, because seeing the thief as soon as possible, of course, is the best way to catch the burglar. In other words, with early detection, you can prevent full theft.


Ring Alarm is not an economic system. Ajax alarm systems compared with expensive Ring alarm Systems can support small homes, tight security budgets, and home security newbies. It’s easy to set up and adjust, but when you rely on the keyboard to equip and disarm, you can run into some problems. In general, controlling the system through the app is easier than with the keyboard.


The Ajax two-year warranty is covered by manufacture. Active Ring Protect Plus subscribers receive a warranty for Ring devices. If you have cameras in multiple homes, you’ll need an additional Ring Protect subscription for each of them.

Integration with popular voice assistants

Ring Alarm systems provide compatibility with Alexa-enabled devices. Ring’s Alarm Security Kit, a subsidiary of Amazon, is quick to install and easy to use. Aside from the new Ring Works program, which integrates compatible smart locks and other third-party gadgets, this is nothing new, although Alexa users will appreciate the fact that they can arm and disarm the system using voice commands and that they can use Ring sensors to run Alexa routines. The Ring Alarm costs around £100 and offers professional monitoring for just £10 per month.

Ajax does not offer integration with popular voice assistants so far. Instead, the company has created its ecosystem of devices that combine home security and home automation in one package. With the next OS Malevich 2.8 update in December, automation scenarios will be available to all Ajax users. It not only allows the system to counter the threats but also enables the management of home and office devices.

Products and Features 

Outside siren

Ring has no outdoor siren. It is therefore not possible to use a siren to inform people in your house that something is going on inside. The volume produced by AJAX‘s outdoor siren, called StreetSiren, is 113 dB measured at a distance of 1 meter. This can get you a lot of attention.

You can also choose to turn the volume down If you want less spectacle outside, which you can easily do in the AJAX app on your smartphone. If you want more of a show, we want to let you know that you can wirelessly connect up to 10 sirens to an AJAX system.

Door protect contact

There is little difference in this regard, except that the range of Ring’s powerhouse can be up to 20 meters, but preferably less to ensure proper operation, and the AJAX DoorProtect can work indoors, from home up to 240 meters from the Hub. In addition, AJAX also offers the option of having the door contacts detect the vibrations or tilts of their AJAX DoorProtect Plus. Ring door contacts do not offer this option.

Remote control

With the remote control, you can easily activate or deactivate the alarm system with the push of a button. The remote control also has a panic button with which you can immediately send an alarm message to all your contacts in the event of an emergency at home. Unfortunately, the ring does not have a remote control in its range, only a keyboard – which can’t do anything with Ring’s limited wireless range.

On the other hand, you can expand your alarm system with personal AJAX  remote controls for all family members. You can see on your smartphone who came home first and who left last. This is useful if you want to know if your children got home safe and sound. In addition to fully arming or disarming the alarm system, it can also be partially activated with the remote control.

The need of Range extenders

Ring alarm systems always need a range extender and it’s a shame that it’s needed. With a range extender, you increase your wireless coverage. One of the main drawbacks of the Ring range extender is that if it is disconnected by a thief, the alarm system will stop working. With AJAX you don’t need a range extender because the wireless signal is many times stronger; if you want to protect a large company over 10,000 square meters; you can do that with an extender.


Ring alarm systems can be found in department stores and hardware stores and are aimed at the public who want to do something for the security of their home, but the system is seemingly unprofessional with such a price. The lack of choice of detectors, options for alarms and not to mention the very limited wireless signal contribute to the  Ring alarm system being far from ideal.

Indeed, it was already known in advance that it wasn’t a fair comparison to start comparing AJAX VS RING, the inexpensive Ajax Alarm System products with mighty security products like the Ring alarm systems. There are a lot of differences in favor of AJAX. If we divide the differences into 4 groups including features; performance; ease of use; and price. Some Ring alarm product prices are more appealing. On the other hand Ajax’s advanced technological reliability overshadows the price.

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