How Ajax security system prevents water leaks and floods?

Ajax prevents water leaks and floods


Leaks and floods are two disasters that can damage walls, floors, furniture, and electronics; identifying these disasters should be a priority. An alarm security system with a mobile alarm notification can protect your facility from floods and leaks. The Ajax alarm is tamper-proof with the capability of working in the toughest situations, instantly reacting to attacks, fires, floods, and gas and water leaks. In this article, we are going to see how Ajax prevents water leaks and floods? Don’t miss it.


The NEED for rapid diagnosis of identifying water leaks and floods

According to statistics, leaks and floods rank highest above all everyday disasters, accountable for property damage. Following the destructiveness caused by water damage is of course the extortionate expense in attempt to replace what was lost or fix what is now broken. The annual cost of water damage in is Britain £2.2 billion p.a. Therefore, the need for rapid diagnosis of identifying water leaks and floods is of urgency.

Leaks can be slow, but more than 11,000 gallons per year can be wasted through a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drop per second. In addition to general damage, they are difficult to detect directly, which can cause irreparable damage. Water damage is so serious that it is assessed by the international organization IICRC (Institute of Inspection for Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

There are 4 levels of water damage. The grade depends on the porosity of the materials and their ability to absorb water. Generally speaking, mould grows even if water-damaged areas are dried within 48 hours. The musty smell may never go away. The parquet rots; the drywall may be soaked through resulting in crumbling; electrical devices deteriorate. Electrical wiring becomes dangerous – a short circuit can cause measureless fires. However, you don’t need to worry, Ajax prevents water leaks and floods by identifying them early.

Ajax prevents water leaks and floods

What to do to prevent water leaks and floods?

To prevent water leaks and flooding, individual measures need to be implemented. For example, faulty pipes connecting: toilets/ water pipes/ water heaters/ heating radiators/ washing machines/ and dishwashers are sources of water leaks and flooding. They need to be monitored regularly and constantly kept in mind. To help you, Ajax prevents water leaks with its innovative systems.

The anode of the boiler must be replaced over time. Also, limescale in the water heater can cause a leak, so you should routinely check and clean it. Washing machine water supply hoses deteriorate after 8 to 9 years, so check and replace them also.

Regular checks are important but do not avert the foreseeable water damage. In addition, human activity factors, such as a forgetful neighbour found in every apartment buildings, can be a problem. Understand that sometimes a regular check doesn’t work so in these situations the use of an alarm system like Ajax alarm, that warns you, is suitably necessary.

Ajax alarm keeps risk areas under control

Allow the Ajax alarm security system to be responsible for it. Ajax prevents water leaks and if your washing machine leaks or a pipe breaks; the detector reacts immediately reporting the problem in the Ajax app. In addition, Ajax prevents floods whilst automatically turns off the water supply.

The LeaksProtect Wireless Leak Detector does not need installation; it works 24 hours, without yearly maintenance. The dimensions of the device are only 56 x 56 x 14mm. Simply place it in a place where water leaks may occur. Ajax LeaksProtect alarm; leak detectors; and solenoid valves can be used to create a smart water management and anti-flood system.

How Ajax prevents water leaks and floods

The Ajax alarm, LeaksProtect automatic flood detection system can identify the first signs of flooding and shut off the water mains, by immediately alerting you through the mobile app notification. Ajax also uses Wireless to connect with other devices and have in-built sirens. LeaksProtect at the first sign of flooding, simultaneously warns and also alerts you when the water dries up.

The solenoid valve opens or cuts off the water supply when it receives an electrical signal. To fulfillment a water shutoff system based on the Ajax system, it is better to utilize a normally closed valve with a control inlet; to connect this type of valve, a coupling relay is not essential.

The valve must have two power sources: 1. the site’s main power source (electrical network) and 2. battery backup. In this case, you can turn off the water even if the building is not connected. Not only is it easier and cheaper to provide an emergency power supply of 12/24 V instead of 230 V.

Ajax prevents water leaks and floods

How Ajax works

To set up the anti-flood system, you will need a LeaksProtect water leak detector; a compatible electric valve; and a wall switch relay or relay. Relays are low current remote controls with ‘no voltage’ dry contacts, used to open and close electrical circuits; in addition, can be used to control power to electrical equipment. Using the relay of Ajax alarm, you can turn off the water supply manually or automatically using the app.

WallSwitch is a PCB relay for remotely controlling the power supply with an electrical energy meter. Note that regardless of the type of electrical circuit in which the appliance is installed, only a qualified electrician can install the wall switch and relay.

Both devices are controlled remotely via the Ajax app. The application allows you to configure the automatic closing and/or opening of the relay when the switched-on state changes and use “night mode”.

The relay mechanism is such that when the contact connections are closed, the solenoid valve is energized and opens, and when it is open, the electric valve remains de-energized and the water is shut off. So, the relay helps Ajax prevent water leaks.

Also, Ajax prevents floods. Ajax automatically activates one or more electric valves when arming/disarming the security system, in the event of an alarm or by pressing the button and create a scenario according to a schedule. The leak detection alarm scenario creates an automatic flood protection system that shuts off the water without user intervention.

Ajax prevents water leaks and floods

Ajax is the best brant to prevent water leaks and floods

You may think why you can’t buy a simple detector with a shutoff valve for the water supply? Why should you invest in a security system? The answer lies within three main criteria:


1- The measure: All LeaksProtect leak detectors can be connected to the central hub of the Ajax security system. Each of them detects a leak, and the system can actuate multiple solenoid valves, shutting off the water supply to the entire building, or a particular floor, or even to a specific room.

2- The resistance: Ajax security system control panel can be operated from a portable battery using Ajax 12V PSU or Ajax 6V PSU power supplies. In this way, the system ensures safety in installations where the power supply is missing, and voltage is low/ or unstable.

3- The trustiness: The radio protocol of Ajax Jeweler utilizes authentication to prevent forgery and encryption to protect against data theft. All of this makes LeaksProtect effective against minor leaks and major flooding.


Most flood control systems are electrically powered, and will not last more than 12 days in stand-alone mode. The Ajax LeaksProtect alarm works for up to 5 years on a pre-installed battery. Just place this compact appliance where a water leak may potentially threaten to occur and have no worry about it for years. 

In addition, the Ajax alarm prepares uninterrupted interaction of all security system devices and a two-way connection up to 1300 m in an open space inaccessible to a traditional anti-flood system. All these features motivate and entice to use such a thoroughly researched and reliable system.


Intelligent security systems respond to threats. Smart security companies respond to market challenges and look for opportunities to advance in a fiercely competitive environment. The Ajax security system can prevent the site from flooding due to broken pipes or faulty sanitary facilities. Your options are limitless with Ajax. Ajax systems can be easily expanded with intrusion, fire prevention, and flood detection equipment, as well as relays for remote management of electrical equipment. You can also purchase and add additional devices for the ajax alarm system separately. The detectors can be linked in the mobile app with a few clicks. Ajax prevents water damage by identifying leaks and flooding; with the Ajax alarm, the owner enjoys years of continuous monitoring with minimal effort.

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