Investing in security: How Ajax protects schools and nurseries in Manchester

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There are lots of schools and nurseries in Greater Manchester that need 24-hour monitoring – standard protecting for the educational system costs Manchester City Council millions of pounds every year. Generally, these institutions are protected by security teams unlikely to have much specialised training or experience. In addition, security may ward off an inadvertent bully however, dealing with experienced burglars/ organised robberies may see problems arise.

With smart security systems, problems can be avoided/ or at least, handled in advance with preparation. Reacting to alerts immediately provides you with the security you can consistently rely on.

The purchase and adaptation of security systems have become a profitable investment for the city. Nowadays a benefit of these security systems, is people are less inclined to live in fear. The use and investment into security grants people, peace of mind.

school protection with ajax alarm

Stay with us to learn how the Ajax system protection can help protect your facility from thieves, fires, or leaks, whilst preventing the real damage these cause to people and property.

What should be considered when choosing a system for schools and nurseries?

Professional security systems are a highly suited solution to the problems, school Administrators have faced for years. Since a security system is a complex cabling system that requires technical knowledge and engineering; the investment cost has to be considered; which can be expensive. Price is important when choosing the right system, as the new security system cannot cost more than hiring security. In addition, the system should not require any construction work during installation, as repairs will affect the cost of the project.

Although cost is important, it is equally unwise to invest resources in uncertified innovation. Another thing to consider is the ease of use, the system will be used by staff in schools and nursery children, so it should be suitably simple for use in their everyday life. For a clear decision, certain features are formulated. The security system should:

  • Prevent intruders and report floods, fires, gas leaks, and etc.
  • Remote management of electrical equipment should be available.
  • It should include a mobile application so that employees can manage the system and receive notifications when there is a problem.
  • Be able to connect to a Police monitoring station, to alert the Police so that an armed patrol arrives at the scene if/when necessary.
  • Preferably need low maintenance and can run on batteries for many years.

After a lot of research, we decided to use Ajax for alert security, which meets all the above requirements.

school protection with ajax alarm

Why choose Ajax brand?

Ajax System is a technology company that provides solutions and is at the forefront of science and technology. The Ajax system applies innovations to equipment and operates in the harshest conditions; always ready to prevent disaster. With Ajax products, one-click protection is instant. For additional security, you can also choose from a wide range of add-ons, from motion detectors to gas/ shock/ and flood sensors. The police response is also instantly accessible.

When utilizing Ajax System, you are under solid security. Its proprietary technologies include radio interchanges, encryption, computerized algorithms, all invented by leading engineers. Convenient and powerful Ajax security system software makes it easy to manage a necessarily complex security system. The Ajax security system is easy to install whilst, the ajax alarm system immediately alerts the user if an intrusion, smoke, or flood is detected. Additionally, also supports third-party surveillance cameras, making Ajax a single security hub.

Ajax security system associates and monitors via a Hub. The hub is the center of the system and uses encrypted radio protocol to connect and control the detectors. The hub will immediately send alarm alerts via SMS/ push notification/ or phone call. The secret radio technology for stable communication with the detector at a distance provides device connection up to 2000 meters; transmitting alarms from the detector to the concentrator in 0.15 seconds and detect radio interference.

How does Ajax work?

Ajax alarm is tamper-proof; reacts instantly to attacks, fires, floods, gas leaks, and intruders. The device can run for up to 7 years without battery replacement. Internal security with Ajax intruder alarm is also available; detectors instantly identifies threats, including opening doors, breaking windows, and the presence of intruders in the premises. 

Ajax fire detectors protect you and your property from fire by reacting quickly to smoke or sudden temperature increases. In addition, FireProtect Plus can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Ajax fire detectors work independently of the security system. Similtaneously, they use wireless communication and have built-in sirens.

Ajax flood detectors identify broken pipes. LeaksProtect sounds the alarm at the first sign of flooding and alerts you when the water dries up, using wireless to connect to other devices. The Ajax security system also includes a control and panic button device, you can use the panic button to call for help and warn police when faced with danger. The Ajax wireless alarm system works with central monitoring stations around the world. When the alarm goes off, security professionals can arrive within minutes to eliminate the danger. 

The Ajax device really works far away from the hub.  The maximum distance between the concentrator and the ajax detector in an open place was tested, resulting in reaching 2000 meters. Some schools have thick walls and several floors. The system protects even remote rooms; rooms with radio signal extenders that increase the range of all Ajax security system devices. You can use the Ajax Security Systems application to perform a radio test to determine the signal strength before installing the detector.

Who monitors the Ajax system?

How to monitor the Ajax security system? The easiest way to control is to use the Ajax security app for iOS and Android. This allows managers and employees to easily manage security modes. The application will allow you to enable/ disable the system and monitor your device, including controlling the opening and closing of the school/nursery in the morning/ evening. The system can also be controlled with Ajax KeyPad or KeyPad Plus or also Ajax SpaceControl.

The system also makes it possible to assign individual security groups to access the system. This flexibility is necessary for catering and lunchroom staff, which arrive very early in the morning, as well as for the teachers of extracurricular classes working after school closure time.


Your options are limitless with Ajax, the choice of system can be easily expanded with intrusion, fire, and flood detection devices, as well as relays for remote management of electrical equipment. You can also purchase and add additional devices to the ajax alarm system individually. The detectors can be connected with a few clicks in the mobile app. The systems installed in schools and nurseries are connected to a police observation post meaning, if something happens, a trained armed professional team will quickly arrive at the educational premises.

In the Ajax systems, it is possible to connect the panic button service in the application so that the school employee or the nursery adult can call for help in an emergency. Finally, third-party cameras can connect to the security system using Ajax applications, and Ajax supports RTSP; a standard protocol in the video surveillance market. It is used in most personal and professional DVR and surveillance cameras.

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