How to Setup & Factory Reset TP link Extender

TP-LINK Extender: How to Setup & Reset TP link Extender?

Although technology, internet devices, online applications, and other updated and innovative tools are helpful and have benefits in people’s lives, they may cause some problems and challenges for their users. For example, TP-LINK extender users face an issue with their devices’ password or admin settings, and they need to factory reset tp link extender. But how is it possible? 

Imagine your extender setting asks you to put in a password, and you try it several times, but it doesn’t accept your password. In this case, you will reset your extender. We are here to give more information and details on resetting your TP-LINK extender easily and immediately. Stay with us for more data.  


TP-LINK extender setup 

Setting up an updated device or tool is challenging for many users and customers. Sometimes they need guidelines and more detailed information to use instructions and manuals of technological or online devices. 

TP-LINK extender is one of these valuable digital devices. But this technological device may have some problems in installing and getting access. Users sometimes have trouble with the first steps of TP-LINK extender installation. 

Please note that failure to log in is because your smartphone doesn’t connect to the network (doesn’t have internet access). You need internet access to log into the TP-LINK extender or create your TP-LINK ID. Generally, you must make an internet connection and log into your TP-LINK account easily. 

Another problem is about receiving activation emails. Some customers don’t receive confirmation or activation emails and notifications, so they must check out the troubleshooting part of the TP-LINK extender. The router and its access point are crucial for connecting to the TP-LINK extender. 

Besides the existing challenges and problems via the TP-link extender setup, knowing how to set up the TP-link WiFi range extender is good. Before installing and setting up your extender, check how square meters can cover your extender.

These extenders are compatible with any WiFi router gateway or access points. They also can eliminate the WiFi dead zone and let you enjoy lag-free communication on any device, like wired devices, via an Ethernet port. 

These extenders are available for you with single band, double band, severe antennas, and memo technology for improved range versus standard extenders. 

Moreover, all WiFi extenders can increase or enhance the WiFi coverage, not directly boosting the speed. In some cases, improving signal reliability can impress overall throughput. 

According to the information, the WiFi source can extend into some areas of your house. This device helps you to use wireless signals from the existing WiFi collections and redistribute the signals as fast as possible. 

There are different methods to configure the device. The first method is possible via the WPS button. Most of the existing routers have WPS button functions. It is also possible to configure the device via the Tether application.     


How do you set up a TP link extender? 

Since we live in a modern and technological world, it is time to use reliably smart devices for a more comfortable life. One of these unique and useful smart devices is the WiFi extender. 

Choosing the correct and most suitable one can be challenging as there are various available brands for extenders in the UK market. Based on the gathered information and users’ opinions, the TP-link extender is one of the best and most practical extenders available in the UK market.

Don’t worry about the TP-link extender’s setup process. It is too easy, so that you can perform it only with the help of existing guidelines. You need to follow the below steps for setting up your chosen TP link extender: 

  • Plug your extender into a power outlet (note that the extender must be next to your router).
  • Wait till the power LED turns solid on
  • Press the WPS button on your router
  • Push the WPS switch on your extender and hold it for 1 second. ( in this step, the LED should change from blinking to solid. This process shows the successful connection.)
  • Relocate your extender ( for a better result, it is good to plug in the extender about midway between your router and the WiFi slow zone. Moreover, you have to locate the extender in an open, unobstructed site. In addition, you need to keep the extender away from large appliances.)
  • Check the signal LED ( not too close and not too far from the router. Being far from makes your signal weak)   

If your extender connects to a dual-band router, repeat the WPS process for connecting to the router band. Be careful in choosing an extended network name and its password.



How do you set up a TP link extender using the WPS method?

In this part of the article, we will explain how to set up your TP link extender using the WPS method. To begin, it is better to follow the below steps:

  • Plug your extender into a power outlet near the router ( you can relocate the extender after completing the setup)
  • Wait for the power LED to be on solid before continuing
  • Push the WPS switch on the router once the power LED is solid
  • Make sure the WPS LED is flashing
  • Within 2 minutes, force the WPS switch on the extender. ( some have 2 wireless networks. Installation and setting up a dual-band extender are different. You must repeat this process to extend both panels on the extender.)
  • You should see an LED indicator for 2.4 gigahertz and, on some models, 5 gigahertz. If these LEDs light, it means your extender has been successfully connected
  • You can relocate your extender ( we recommend locating the extender in a unique place and making sure your extender has an excellent wireless signal. Never place your extender in a WiFi dead zone. Also, it is good to put the extender halfway between the router in an area where you need service)
  • Once your extender is in place, could you wait for it to connect?
  • Look at the signal indicator to determine if you have installed it in a good location


How to use the TP-link extender?

As is evident by the name of this unique device, you can extend your WiFi signal across your house. TP-link extender is one of the various alternatives available in the UK market.

According to customers’ reviews and comments, a TP link extender is a cheaper, technically knowledgeable device to extend your home WiFi network.

So you can pick up the TP-link, which is usable in the dual-band and has an Ethernet port. You can open the box up and get the actual device. Moreover, these extenders have antennas and lights.

The lights show the power and signal. The WPS button is usable if you want to do the setup directly with WPS. Many customers do the structure through the web interface.

There will be a quick install guide in the box. Generally, it is pleasant and straightforward to have this TP link extender. In the initial steps, you need to power it on. Then, plan based on its connection process to your network.

As we said, many users use web-based interfaces, so you also can use your tiny tablet PC. It would help if you were as fast as possible and never wasted time. Testing the hardwire connection once you get a decent signal is also essential.

Then, you can go ahead and put the parts up next. It is also good to see videos showing you the usage and setup process. This device comes with signal strength without challenging issues.

This extender can even support 2 floors and 4 walls between the router. You can also walk around the house and check the best location for the extender. Don’t forget to see your WiFi router’s base signal strength.


How do I connect the TP-link extender to a new router?

Do you get a new router? So, you have to reset your TP link extender and then connect it to the new router. You can notice the reset switch on the bottom of your extender.

 It is an Ethernet port that you can hardwire the sucker if you have a long enough Ethernet. Your router may have a whole different WiFi networking system. First, plug it into the upside-down form and then reset it.

Push and press for about 15 seconds, then pull it out. Then, it is going to flash. When it stops flashing, then you can come over to the router. You can press the WPS switch on the bottom of the router.

Be sure every cable and link is suitable. Once you do the process, the WiFi extender stops flashing; it may take 2 minutes. Now is the time to return and press it until a little flash exists.

 Again, come over to your extender and push the little square. In this step, your extender is connected to your new router. It may take a little while for it to hit. It would help if you also waited for the solid green.

When the green light comes, you should be proud of yourself due to connecting your extender to the new router. Once it happens, you can remove it from the outlet and try to find one place close to the new router.

All lights become green over time. As the final step, you can plug it into the demanded socket. Be careful while carrying the extender because you may fall it and damage your device.

After changing the location, it may take a while for it to fire up. So you have to wait to get all lights up again.


Get faster internet by solving the TP-link extender’s mistake

If you have a WiFi extender, you may need to use it correctly. You must choose the best and most popular TP link extender and use it based on the manual guidelines. Some sellers may sell you a WiFi repeater instead of an extender. 

Since these devices look the same, you may think they are supposed to work like each other. Note that the TP-link extender is the device that can give you better WiFi areas where there are none. But this device is slightly different from a WiFi repeater. 

You also must be careful in choosing the right producing company for this helpful device. Some companies are using the term interchangeably. We recommend getting enough information about WiFi repeaters and extenders for the fastest internet. 

Since you are spending too much money, checking the options before purchasing the product is good. The idea behind both the extender and repeater is the same. You get WiFi where there is none. 

However, they both go about it slightly differently, which is vital to get enough information about each. For a TP link WiFi extender to be effective, it should be connected via a LAN cable to your router. 

People usually don’t do the proper process and get it wrong. It is a complex connection that allows you to get fast and reliable internet. WiFi extender gives you those golden internet WiFi speeds.  

The extender becomes a WiFi access point. Typically, a WiFi extender carries its own WiFi networks, which have an extension name in the WiFi, so you need to tell your devices to connect to the extender whenever you are in the room where you are trying to get that WiFi connectivity. 

On the other hand, a WiFi repeater typically cannot connect via a LAN cable. It picks up your existing WiFi signals and transmits or rebroadcasts them.


How to reset TP LINK extender?

Do you have a problem with your TP-LINK extender and know how to reset tp link extender? According to reports, there is a problem with using the TP-LINK extender. It will ask you to enter the password, but it didn’t accept your correct password several times.

Customers or users face incorrect password errors while they have put in the correct password. Therefore they need to reset their TP-LINK extender. The question is how to perform the factory reset of your TP link extender.

There are 2 correct and practical ways to respond to this question. The solution can be varied based on the problem. We can say resetting the TP-LINK extender can be an easy and possible action if you know the steps and perform them accordingly. Also, you can read tp link powerline setup here. 

We know it will be boring and exhausting to try your password again and face the incorrect password error, so we will mention 2 ways of solving this problem immediately and efficiently. You only need to consider the below ways and follow the steps strictly. 

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Resetting your TP-LINK extender by resetting the button   

Have you ever reset the factory of your internet modem or smartphone? Most resetting procedures start with a reset button. TP-LINK extender is also one of these resettable technological devices. No matter what your problem is, it is easy to factory reset tp link extender.

Moreover, you can use a configuration guide and essential tips to factory reset your TP-LINK extender. We will mention the reset button way with detailed steps to reset the TP-LINK extender fast and easily. Please try one of these procedures; we hope you can solve your technical problem quickly with the help of our helpful tips and steps: 

  • Hold the reset button for 5 or more seconds ( when the WiFi LED blinks amber)
  • Start to initialize the application configuration procedure
  • Switch the setting to factory default
  • Plug your extender into the power outlet
  • The extender’s power light must be solid on the front position
  • Press the power button if the extender’s power light is off. ( the power button is on the side of the extender)
  • Get a pinhole
  • Put the pinhole on the reset button ( the reset button is on the side of the extender)
  • Press and hold the reset button after inserting the pin
  • Hold it until all indicator lights come on at the same time
  • Go to the setting and check out it
  • You will default settings which means factory reset is performed correctly

It was the easiest way to factory reset your extender, but sometimes you try the reset button solution but still face the problem. What can you do? There will be another way to factory reset your TP-LINK extender, as you can check out in the next part.


Resetting your TP-LINK extender by setting  

If you factory reset your TP-LINK extender by the reset button and still face the problem, it will be another way. It may be more complicated than the previous way, but it can be more successful. We recommend you follow the steps to factory reset your TP link extender: 

  • Go to the TP-LINK extender web interface
  • Refer to web-based login
  • Go to the management page
  • Click advanced
  • Choose system tools
  • Click backup and restore
  • Press factory default restore
  • Wait for the extender to reboot, and you will face factory default settings

You must be sure about the router’s power in this factory reset process. The extender must be on before resetting it. Besides the password of the TP-LINK extender, you can find your TP-LINK extender’s IP address or domain name at the bottom label of your purchased extender.


You can use these methods to return a TP link WiFi extender to its factory defaults. You can utilize the factory reset choice to sell, give away, or decommission a TP link.

You may also consider factory resetting the extender if you suspect it has not been configured correctly. Based on the gathered information, most users and customers prefer factory resetting via the reset button. 

This smart device has a physical reset switch, which can be found on the underside of the extender. Some users plug into a wall socket and power on their extender. 

These WiFi extenders wireless signal and 2.4 and 5 gigahertz channels are active. You can go through the resetting process with the help of some reset tool. 

The reset switch recesses on the bottom of the extender. Therefore, you must use the reset tool to press and hold down the reset switch for 2 or 3 seconds. 

The range indicator light will light green before all the indicator lights except the power indicator light goes out. This is the start of the WiFi extender factory reset cycle. 

Then, you must wait roughly 1 minute, when only the power indicator light will become active. 

As your WiFi extender completes its factory reset cycle, the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz indicator lights will briefly flash red with both wireless channel indicator lights. 

At this time, the extender stops working, and then the wireless and power indicator lights illuminate. Your TP link extender has been reset back to factory defaults.




Some notes on factory reset TP link extender

As you see, the factory reset TP link extender is not a complicated or complex process. Everyone can easily change the performed settings to the default one. You only need to push the reset button and check the default settings.

The first thing to reset the factory of the TP-LINK extender is to use a pin to press the reset button. In addition, you must know about the exact timing of pressing and holding the reset button. You have to press the reset button till all indicator of TP link extender lights or LEDs flash once.

After the factory reset, the user must use the default login password to log in. there is another matter, and some customers may not know where to find the default password. The default login password is almost admin for every TP LINK extender. This password is on the bottom label of the purchased extender.

Please consider that if your default WiFi is open and on, you won’t need any password. Don’t forget you must reset the extender before using and starting it. Since the reset button hole is too tiny, you will need a toothpick, pin, or paper clip. 


TP-LINK Extender How to Setup & Factory Reset TP link Extende (2)


 What happens when you factory reset tp link extender?

Factory reset tp link extender is a hard reset that changes every detail of your TP-LINK extender to default ones. After this factory resetting, your TP-LINK extender device will return to its default setting. 

We recommend you get back up from your configuration file and load information before starting the factory reset. Factory reset is not recommended, but if you don’t have any other choice to fix the issue and solve the problem, it can be the best choice in front of you.     


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How is it possible to connect the TP-LINK extender to a new WiFi?

Why did you factory reset tp link extender? Did you want to connect your TP-LINK extender to a new WiFi or wireless network? Some users may need to connect their TP-LINK extender to a new WiFi so they will follow the instruction. 

If you are going to change your TP-LINK extender wireless network and connection, you must follow the below step as the guideline. It will be an easy way to try your TP-LINK extender on a new wireless network: 

  • Login to your TP-LINK extender
  • Enter the specific password (admin)
  • Enter your new password if you have created one
  • Choose the extended network
  • Change the network name

You can also:

  • Click Tools (on the bottom of the main screen of the TP-LINK extender)  
  • Go to an extended TP link network
  • Change the WiFi network name

You will have a new WiFi connection on your TP-LINK extender. YAs a user and customer of the TP-LINK extender, you can also set up this technological and digital device on your smart mobile. The setting up of the TP-LINK extender is not too complex, and every user can do it easily without any help from experts.


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Was our article helpful to you? We hope to solve your problem in factory resetting tp link extender by showing the easy process and ways. The factory reset is not essential because the procedure of this action will be the same. No matter why you want to reset your TP-LINK extender, you must press a pin on the reset button hole. 

The easiest way to factory reset your TP-LINK extender is to choose a pin, insert it into the reset button hole, hold it for some seconds, and then reset your extender. We’re TP-Link authorised partner in the UK providing range of Tp link networking and Tp link smart home for trade users.           

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What is a Tplink tapo camera & how do you install a Tapo camera outside?

Have you ever thought about receiving a notification whenever someone or something gets on your doorstep? Of course, you have seen this option of security systems in movies. The excellent news is Tplink Tapo camera makes it real for you.

It means you can check out who is on your door before opening it while at your own home. You only need to check the video clip camera to see who your visitor is. 

So it will be easy to distance yourself from unwanted visitors and save your property more securely. Stay with us to get more information about these useful and popular cameras.  


What is a Tplink Tapo camera?

If you need something more than a traditional camera, choose the Tp-link Tapo camera. These security cameras will show you high-resolution videos with crystal-clear images. You can even get notifications while you are far from home because the Tapo camera will inform you whenever it detects some motions on your doorstep. 

You won’t miss anything by installing these new and innovative security cameras. Also, it is possible to make an honest communication with your visit while you are not home. Let’s use the Tapo camera to experience the convenience of life and peace of mind.

You will need a digital and electronic security option to protect your property in the digital world. Since burglars and intruders are improving, you must promote your security system too. Tp-link cameras can protect your home and office during the day and night.   


Generally, if you are looking for a camera to make your property more secure and modern, tapo cameras are the best choice. Inside its box, you will find an extraordinary camera. You may expect the camera to be heavy but lighter than expected. 

The lenses of this camera are lovely, and every customer is satisfied with its resolution or quality. Notice the Tapo camera has no power button because it is a plug-and-play smart device. 

There is also a rotating base where the camera can move 360 degrees. You can see the speaker for your audio, where you can communicate with each other. We mean the manufacturer designed the Tapo camera wisely and smoothly. 

Based on customers’ and users’ ideas or opinions, the Tapo camera is a good product in the UK market. If you rotate the camera upwards, you will notice 2 components. The first is for the reset button, which lets you reset the camera by default.

The second one is the micro SD slot. This is where you insert your SD card to save the recordings. Overall, people and users give this product a 5 score from 1 to 5. How about you? Is it what you need the most for your property and controlling process?  

How can you install a Tplink Tapo camera?

As the Tplink Tapo camera is an electronic and digital device, you will need special expert knowledge to install it. Therefore you have to use the help of some mechanical experts to install this security option. 

It won’t be easy to install an electronic device on your own so ask some expert to help you. In case of incorrect installation, your Tapo camera won’t be able to show all its unique features and services. You need to spend some money on the installation of the Tplink Camera. 

Don’t worry; it won’t be too expensive, and it won’t take long to install a Tapo camera. There are well-experienced experts and knowledgeable men in the security system market, who use their help easily and quickly. Also, you can read tp link powerline setup here. 

The configuring step is one of the most critical phases of the installation process. Remember, there is a quick guide inside the box of the Tapo camera, so use it for the complete configuration process and details. It is helpful to check out the settings for configuring afterward.


What do we need to set up the TP-link Tapo camera? 

TP-link Tapo camera is one of the most secure and practical security cameras available in the UK. TP-link Tapo is an outdoor security WiFi camera that is easy, simple, and secure to set up. 

You will need a router, camera, and phone to set up a TP link Tapo camera. Don’t forget to download the Tapo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You must log in with your TP-Link ID in the following step. 

If you do not have a TP link ID, you must sign up at the beginning. There are 2 critical things for your camera setup: 

  • Ethernet connection: this wired connection can power up your TP-link Tapo camera and connect it to your router. This connection is possible with an Ethernet cable. You can follow the application instructions for completing your camera setup.  
  • Wireless: it is also possible to set up a TP link Tapo camera with a wireless connection. Wireless connection also has its special instructions. You must follow the application instructions to finish the setup. So, this connection can power up your TP-link tapo camera.

Installing the camera bracket is one of the essential steps to perform. The camera can easily face the wall. You can have the cable on any side; it will be your choice. Setting up the TP-link tapo is so easy. Also, you can remove it quickly.

This camera’s assembling process depends on where you want to install the camera. After installing the camera, insert 2 screws and hold the camera at the bracket.

There is a cover for the MicroSD slot and the reset button. You can remove the surface, white silicon rubber, around the sealing slot and need the Micro SD. You also have to consider the maximum gigabyte.  


Wall mounting instructions

It can be helpful to know about wall mounting instructions. We are going to explain the most critical steps in the wall mounting process:

  • Drilling demanded holes: in the first phase, you must stick the mounting template to the selected mounting area. Then drill 3 holes for screws based on the mounting template. Make a circle for better drilling performance.
  • Mounting camera: now is the time to insert 3 anchors into the drilled holes. Then use the screws to affix your TP-link tapo camera over the anchors. You need to rotate clockwise to secure your new camera while mounting it. Don’t forget to connect the TP-link Tapo camera to the available power outlet using the existing power adaptor. After mounting your purchased TP link Tapo camera, you have to do this process.

This process can be helpful to mount your TP-link Tapo on the ceiling. It is crucial to know that you must install a camera base on the wall first. Do not install the camera directly into your camera.


Installation of the waterproof cable attachment

Besides all the mentioned processes, you must install the waterproof cable attachments for the network interface just after installing the outdoor camera. Remember to make sure that all parts are attached wholly and securely.

The good news is that there are proofing rings which flush and keep out the water. It is essential to install a waterproof seal to protect the power connectors. These waterproof parts are crucial because the TP-link Tapo camera can be installed outdoors.


How to uninstall the TP-link Tapo camera?

Where did you mount your TP-link Tapo camera? If you have mounted the TP-link Tapo camera on the wall, you have to spin anticlockwise to release the camera from the camera bottom. 

If you bought the newly designed camera base and didn’t mount it on the wall, you must insert a coin. Then, rotate anticlockwise to remove the camera. These cameras are the most secure systems with the most straightforward installation and uninstalling process.  


How do you set up the intelligent Tapo TP-link camera?

Before getting familiar with the TP-link Tapo camera setting and its features, you need to know that the TP-link tapo camera has too many types. All these intelligent cameras have the same target: home security WiFi smart cameras.

You can understand the setup process after unboxing the purchased tapo camera. There will be a guideline in its package. We are here to give you a quick start guide. A power adapter and mounting accessories are available inside the box. 

You set your TP-link tapo camera up on a flat surface or mount it to a wall. The first step is setting up the camera, so you will need a WiFi connection and a smartphone to configure it. 

At the beginning point, you have to download the Tapo app. When you enter the interface, you must register or log into your account. Plug in the camera and select the tapo in the app. 

The camera’s LED should alternately blink green and red; if it doesn’t, reset your camera. These smart and modern cameras have a WiFi signal, which you will connect to first. Then, you can use the app to link it to your home network. 

Remember, you can only link to the 2.4 gigahertz spam, not the 5 gigahertz bear. You have to check your camera specifications and details, then try to connect it. In this case, you have set up your camera.

If you want to keep your videos in local storage, insert a micro SD card into the proper place. These cameras support up to 128 gigabytes. 

Once inserted, go to the camera settings and ensure the local recording is active. The SD card is suitable for loop recording.


How do you insert a microSD card? 

In the first phase of most installation processes, you must loosen the screws. These cameras are also the same. You first have to reduce the firm screws. In the next step, you can insert the microSD card for local recording. 

After inserting the microSD card correctly, go to the TP-link Tapo camera setting and micro SD card section. In this step, you can check the status of your inserted micro SD card or format this card quickly. 


How do you set up the TP-link Tapo camera outdoors? 

The best WiFi camera for outdoor comes from TP-Link company. Various Tapo models of this brand are also available in the UK market. Each camera has unique specifications with different:

  • Resolution
  • Motion detection capacity
  • AI person detection
  • Water-resistant feature
  • Dust resistant option
  • Provided Micro SD card
  • Able to work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Smart security system
  • Easy position
  • Physical privacy mode
  • Customizable settings and alarm
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Build in microphone
  • Build in speaker
  • Night vision up to 30 meters

Although we will explain the TP-link Tapo camera for outdoor, you are free to use these cameras anywhere. You only need the mounting nails template and circles to establish a perfect view on any wall, ceiling, or pole.

Besides all the mentioned features, you can find other special features available on the TP-link Tapo camera box. You can check the working and installing procedure via the manual instructions or guideline template.

As we have said before, downloading the camera app is the initial step of using this camera. Then, you can find all the settings and options to adjust your needs. Inside the box, you can find the complete manual. We know checking the box will increase your choice:

  • Product mounting template
  • Camera bracket
  • Mounting screws
  • Bracket screws
  • Waterproof seal
  • Power adaptor (consider its power consumption)
  • Cable ( it will be too long, so customers like its convenience)

Now you are familiar with the available components of this camera. It is the time to make a connection for the power adapter. Also, the bracket is helpful to install other cameras, but first, you need to insert the cable through the hole, and then you can install the bracket.


How to connect Tapo camera to wifi (Complete set up of TP-link Tapo camera)

We are going to explain to you how to set up a Tapo camera. First, you have to install the Tapo application from the Google Store. After installation, you have to check the home screen of the table application.

You must put your new camera into pairing mode in the next phase. For this step, it is essential to reset the camera. Therefore, you will need to find the reset button. The reset button place is different in various models of Tapo cameras.

For example, in some cameras, the reset button is near the memory card slot. Note that the reset button is near the memory card slot in most Tapo cameras. You can squeeze and maintain the reset switch for 5 seconds.

Then the LED starts blinking; it shows your Tapo camera is in pairing mode, so after the reset process, the camera automatically goes to pairing mode. You can add your new camera to the Tapo app for PC in this part of the complete setup procedure.

It would help if you tapped on the plus button on your smartphone. Don’t forget to select your new camera model, then tap on next. You can see the smartphone screen and ensure your used camera is in pairing mode.

Thump on the attached switch and stay for a complete connection. You also must select a WiFi network that is useable for your smartphone hotspot. Enter the WiFi password or mobile hotspot password, then tap on the next and next again.

Postpone for the camera to link to the WiFi web. In the final step, you can set a new name for the device and tap on next. Don’t forget to select the location, like bedroom, then tap on next. You need to choose one icon from the available list. 


How do you reset the TP-link Tapo camera? 

The TP-link Tapo camera’s reset process is the same as the reset procedure of the TP-link wireless modems. You have to follow the below instructions to reset your TP-link tapo camera: 

  • Loosen the screws
  • Press the reset button
  • Keep the reset button for at least 5 seconds
  • Keep the reset button until the LED flashes red

How can you connect to a Tplink Tapo camera?

Choosing and purchasing a Tp-link Tapo camera is one thing and installing it is another. You need to read the manual and instructions or watch an installation video to understand how to install a Tplink camera on a wireless router. 

It won’t be hard to install and use Tapo cameras as a security system. You only need to check out 3 essential steps below: 

  • Download the Tapo camera application through the APP store or Google Play. You can also download it by scanning the QR code.
  • Open the application and log into your TP-link ID. (If you don’t have a TP link account, you need to sign up as the first step.)
  • Follow the application manually to set up the Tapo camera. You need to allow the Tapo camera and permit it to access your location and other information. 


16 features of a Tplink Tapo camera

Smart door viewers and camera doorbells are previous security items that help you check who is waiting at your door. With time, the Tplink Tapo camera comes to the security market to protect your property more stricter. 

The features of this digital security device are second to none; therefore, you won’t be regretful of the money you have spent on it. Imagine you are not home, and your sister comes to your door. What will happen? 

The Tp link camera will inform you at the moment, so you only need to call your sister and talk to her while she is waiting at your door. The Tapo camera also makes it possible to speak through its microphone. We have mentioned some important and well-done features of Tp-link cameras below:  

  • High-quality videos
  • Able to record every image with high-quality
  • Full horizontal and vertical view
  • Advanced night vision
  • Record distance images
  • Motion detection
  • Sending notifications
  • It will inform you if it detects any movement
  • Sound alarm
  • Light alarm
  • Make unwanted visitors leave the door
  • Two-way audio
  • Own microphone and speaker
  • High storage
  • Own MicroSD card
  • Able to connect with google assistant and Amazon Alexa



Buy Now! >>>> TP-LINK 3MP Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera (Tapo C310)


Does a Tplink Tapo need a subscription?

Please note that every fantastic security device is purchasable, and you have to subscript it. Tp-link Tapo camera offers a one-month free trial, so you need to subscript it after your free trial. The subscript procedure is the same as below: 

  • Open the Tplink Tapo camera’s application and go to the Tapo care
  • Sign in to your TP-link account
  • Go to add plan part and choose a Tapo care plan
  • Select the number of your demanded cameras and Tapo plan. The premium account can support 10 cameras.
  • It is time to pay for subscript; the price depends on your chosen Tapo plan and the region of your registration.
  • Complete the payment


Is it possible to use the Tplink Tapo camera without the internet?

The good news is you can even use the Tp-link Tapo camera and watch videos without any internet connection. There is only one thing to be considered, your phone and the camera must use the same wireless network (such as tp link networking)

You also can store the videos and images on the SD card on your Tapo camera while you don’t have an internet connection. The Tp-link camera needs a WiFi connection for its setup and making a connection with your phone.

But the recording option and showing live view are still possible when there is no internet connection. It is good to know Tapo camera will always need a WiFi connection because the IP address and router make it connect to the phone. 


Read more: What is TP-Link Powerline & How it works ?


How to view Tapo camera on a PC? (Tapo app for PC)

The best and most updated feature of the Tplink Tapo camera on pc is the possibility of connecting your PC. The most important matter to viewing the Tplink tapo camera on PC is their same router. It means your PC and camera must use the same router. 

Go to the web to view the camera on your computer (Tapo app for PC), then log into your account and view the camera on your PC. As the Tapo camera owns a third-party protocol, it is possible and easy to view the camera on a PC.

The user should input the URL of the Tplink tapo camera on the PC, player application and watch live videos on their PC. Tapo camera tries its best to make users and customers satisfied and pleasant.  

Buy Now! >>>> TP-LINK 3MP Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Tapo C210



We have tried to share the most important information about the Tplink Tapo camera. We hope this article will be useful for you so you can choose your security system. 

Tplink camera is one of the most useful security systems to protect your property and avoid unwanted visitors. Don’t hesitate and purchase one of these digital devices to make your property more secure and safer. We’re TP-Link authorised partner in the UK providing range of Tp link networking and Tp link smart home for trade users.

tp link light flashing

Ultimate Guide for TP Link Powerline Light Flashing (Blinking)

We are in the era of connectivity and there is still a battle to improve the Wi-Fi connection, especially since we have many devices connected simultaneously: mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets, computers, video game consoles and smart devices. The improvement of our Wi-Fi experience has a solution, the problem sometimes arises when trying to choose the most suitable product in each case.

The purpose of Powerline or PLC (Power Line Communications) technology is to extend internet access using the existing electrical network as a vehicle to transport data. What does this mean? That its installation does not require additional cables, but it is enough to have a plug to achieve it.

TP-Link, a global provider of devices, networking accessories and smart home products, has Powerline devices that include Plug and Play, automatic Wi-Fi synchronization and Ethernet ports for connections that provide unique connectivity experiences as if you were linked directly to the router. 

In this article, we will be discussing TP Link Powerline lights, any problem that might occur regarding them, and why they might flash or blink sometimes. Also, you can read How does TP link work.


What do the TP Link Powerline lights mean?

In general, popular TP Link Powerline adapters in the UK such as TP-Link TL-PA4010P KIT Powerline Starter have three LED lights:

  1. The first indicates whether it is on (Power) 
  2. The second indicates the power cord connection (Powerline) 
  3. The third indicates the connection to Ethernet (Ethernet) 


  • Power light:

It must be on at all times. If it turns off, please change the TP Link Powerline plug to try again. In case it still doesn’t turn on, please change it for a new one.

During the pairing procedure or in power saving mode, the power LED will blink. At the end of this process, the power LED will turn on steadily again. 


  • Powerline LED:

After successful Powerline Connection, the Powerline LED will be on. When data transfer is taking place, the LED will flash. It will turn off when the device is in Power saving mode.


  • Ethernet LED:

When any device is connected to the Ethernet port and powered on, the Ethernet LED will be on. It will flash during data transfer. Only when the LED is off for more than 5 minutes, it will be in power saving mode.


  • Wi-Fi LED: 

If the Wi-Fi LED is on or flashing rapidly, it means that wireless connection is enabled. The light will flash slowly in Wi-Fi cloning process. By pressing and holding the Wi-Fi button for at least 5 seconds, you can turn the wireless function on/off. This function is on by default, so you can turn it off at night and on again in the morning by pressing this button. 



Problems regarding TP Link Powerline lights

  • Powerline LED flashing red, then green

If you have several TP Link Powerline adapters set up in your home in Manchester and two of them suddenly drop off the network, their Powerline LEDs flashing red then green, this means an instability in Powerline connection which can happen for several reasons; such as quality of the Powerline, too much interference between the two adapters, or issues within the adapters. 

To test and rule out the different possibilities, you should place the adapters in the same room on the same wall but different outlets. This way, interference, quality and distance will be eliminated as issues. This test will also help determine whether the TP Link Powerline adaptor is working correctly. 


  • Powerline LED lights always flashing, not stable

If the TP Link Powerline LED lights are always flashing, not stable and you have low internet speed, the steps below will help troubleshoot the problem. Note that theoretically, the flashing Powerline LED won’t affect the performance of the devices.

  • Do all devices – wired and wireless – lose connection at the same time? 
  • When you lose the internet, connect your computer to the TP Link Powerline adapter via wired cable and check whether you can access internet. 
  • Change the sockets; move the adapters around in the same room too check whether the issue remains or not. 
  • Ensure that your firmware is up to date. 
  • If you did everything and the problem still persists, contact support. 
  • Main adapter’s Powerline light flashes red and green

For TP link powerline setup ,If your main adapter’s Powerline LED light is flashing red and green, refer to the guide below for the LED indicator: 

  • Yellow-green: The Powerline extender is connected to the Powerline network and is in a suitable location. 
  • Red: The Powerline extender is experiencing poor signal strength; try plugging it into a different wall socket. 
  • Off: The Powerline extender is not connected to the Powerline network. 
  • Try plugging the adapter into a different outlet or swapping the locations of the two adapters. If the TP Link Powerline lights flashing doesn’t affect the actual performance, like speed or stability of the network, the flashing light does not matter and you have nothing to worry about.
  • If the problem persists and the overall performance is affected, contact support. 
  • Lights blinking or solid after pairing is done correctly

After successfully pairing TP Link Powerline adapters, the Power and Powerline LEDs should be solid if each adaptor is placed in a good location and they are receiving a stable signal from each other. If a device is connected to the Powerline adapter and active, the Ethernet LED will be on. 

tplink powerline light

How to troubleshoot TP Link Powerline if there is no internet connection

Troubleshooting when the Powerline LED is on 

  • Make sure your Powerline devices are installed on wall outlets, not power strips. 
  • Reboot by unplugging the Powerline devices and plugging them back in to make sure the Powerline LEDs are still solid on. 
  • Make sure all hardware connections are correct and secure. The adapter’s Ethernet LED should be solid on when connected with router. If not, try another Ethernet cable and check again. 
  • Check if you have an internet connection by connecting the computer directly to the router via an Ethernet cable. If there is no internet access, you may be experiencing a router or ISP issue. If there is internet, reset the Powerline devices and configure them again. 

Troubleshooting when the Powerline LED is off

  • Make sure your Powerline devices are installed on wall outlets, not power strips.
  • Plug your Powerline devices in the same room, preferably next to each other, and pair them. 
  • If they can pair in the same room but the Powerline LED turns off when you move one device to another area, it might be because they are on separate electrical circuits, or there are some high-power appliances – such as a washing machine, microwave or refrigerator – around that are preventing them from communicating. Try different locations or outlets. 






In this article, we explained how TP Link Powerline lights work and why they might flash or blink sometimes. We also explained the different problems that you may face while using the PLCs and how to troubleshoot these devices. 

tplink power line adapter

TP-Link Powerline Adapters; Can I mix or use different ?

The alternatives to extend the range of the Internet connection in the UK are many and varied: for example, you can use a WiFi amplifier, choose to install a WiFi Mesh network, or even run an Ethernet cable through the ceiling. Although simpler than all this is to use TP Link Powerline adapters And what is a TP-Link Powerline for? In a very simplified way, to extend the reach of the network using the electrical installation of our house. 

It is by no means new technology, but it is really useful for homes in which the Wi-Fi connection does not reach all the rooms and it is not feasible to carry a high-speed Ethernet cable from one end of the house to the other. Today we are going to learn what PLC (Power Line Communications) technology is and how TP-Link Powerline setup. Also, if you are asking yourself “Can I mix TP Link Powerline adapters”, you can find the answer in this article. 


What exactly are TP Link Powerline adapters and what are they used for?

PLC stands for Power Line Communications, which can be translated as ‘communications through the power line’. It is a series of technologies that allow us to use the cables of the electrical installation of our house to take the Internet from one point to another point. For this reason, TP Link Powerline adapters are really easy to use and popular in the UK since the installation has been done for years: you only have to connect two devices to two sockets. These devices are commonly known as “PLCs”.

What these TP-Link Powerline adapters do is they send the data from our Internet connection using the same cable through which the electrical network circulates. That signal that carries the data is known as a “carrier signal.” For this, signals of different frequencies and voltage are used. The electrical current has a frequency of 50 Hz and 220 volts, while the data signal uses a much lower voltage and a much higher frequency (between 2 and 30 MHz).

Thus, at the destination end, the second PLC is capable of discriminating between one signal and another and separating the electrical current from the data. For this reason, PLCs only need one plug to work, since they receive both energy and information through the same current cable and both are separated inside the PLC. Also, you can read How does TP link work.


tplink power line adapters

TP-Link Powerline adapters


Important: Always plug the TP Link Powerline adapters into the power outlet

It should be noted that electrical installations may have interference when they are saturated in the UK. If you have a powerful appliance running (say a washing machine), the speed may be reduced because the washing machine is making “noise”. To reduce interference, make sure you plug the TP Link Powerline adapter away from these appliances and plug it directly into the wall outlet, never into a power strip/extension cord.


Can I mix multiple TP Link Powerline adapters?

A common question asked online is whether more TP Link Powerline adapters can be added to a network and whether two or more separate powerline/PLC networks can be created within the same house and on the same electrical wiring.

In short, if you are wondering “Can I use two sets of powerline adapters”, it is entirely possible to create a network of separate Powerline TP-Link adapters within the same circuit, as well as keep adding more adapters to expand a single network. Which option you choose depends on factors such as privacy and possible congestion on a single powerline network.


tplink power line adapter

How to add a third TP-Link Powerline adapter to the existing network

This is the simplest method and simply involves adding new TP Link Powerline adapters to different outlets in a house so they can join the existing powerline network.

This is great as bandwidth needs to grow in the home for streaming, gaming and downloading and people want strong cable Internet connections instead of Wi-Fi for better performance over distance.

We’ve found that modern powerline adapters such as TP-Link TL-PA4010P KIT are so good at detecting each other that often formal “pairing” isn’t even necessary to add them to a network.

If you just plug them in, they will automatically communicate with the other adapters and connect to the network. TP Link products are especially known for being “plug and play” devices for easy network expansion in Manchester.

However, there is a formal pairing process that can help you safely add new TP Link Powerline adapters to an existing network. This is done using the pairing button as follows:


TP-Link TL-PA4010P KIT Powerline Starter: How to connect the third adapter

  1. Plug in the third adapter and hold the “pair” button on it for a few seconds.
  2. Within 2 minutes, find and press the “pair” button on one of the other two network adapters for a few seconds.
  3. The TP-Link Powerline adapter lights will begin to flash on each adapter to indicate that they are searching for each other. Wait about 60 seconds for the process to complete. Once paired, all lights will stop flashing and turn solid to indicate a connection.
  4. You have now safely added the third adapter to the other two. All three adapters are now on the same PLC network.


TP-LINK TL-PA4010P KIT Powerline Starter


Using this method, you can safely add as many TP Link Powerline adapters as you like to a home network in the UK to provide you with wired access points in different parts of the house. This is great as it allows home networks to expand as bandwidth needs increase.


Create separate PLC networks within the same electrical circuit

This is the most unique method of creating separately paired TP Link Powerline adapter networks within the same home in Manchester. This is also entirely possible and may be desirable for various reasons.

There may be a slight decrease in performance for the network as a whole if too many adapters are added to a single powerline network. This is by no means a proven fact but it is something to watch out for if many adapters are on a single network.

If you find that signal strength and throughput drop, then it might be a good idea to create separate PLC networks to see if this improves overall throughput.

This is easy to do and requires only minor adjustments in how the adapters are configured. You just have to pair only the TP Link Powerline adapters you want to be on the network and not the others. It’s best to connect them close together and pair them first before moving them to where you need them around the house. 

For this instruction, we are going to use TP-Link Mercusys Powerline Starter Kit AC1000 GIGABIT as an example, because it’s one of the best Powerline products available in the UK: 

  1. If you already have adapters A, B, and C currently on a PLC network, leave them alone and don’t press any pair buttons on them.
  2. Plug adapters D and E, the new ones you want on a separate network, into a pair of nearby wall sockets.
  3. Press the “pair” button on one of them for a few seconds, and within 2 minutes press and hold the “pair” button on the other one.
  4. When the adapters are connected, the lights will stop flashing and turn solid.
  5. Adapters D and E are now on their own secure powerline network and separate from A, B, and C. You can move them anywhere in the house where you need them.

To add more adapters to this specific network, follow the normal pairing process described previously.


What is TP Link Smart Home?


TP Link Powerline mix and match: Combination of different brands of Powerline adapters

Now let’s answer a related but slightly different question – can you mix and match TP Link Powerline adapters if they are different makes or models?

The short answer is that you can probably mix and match modern powerline adapters and they will have a good chance of working together. Any pair of TP Link Powerline adapters that meet the same HomePlug AV standards will actually work together, as incompatibility is a requirement to be certified to that standard.

Standards for powerline adapter compatibility are set by the HomePlug Alliance, which is like a voluntary industry body for the PLC adapter industry. It helps set standards and provides guidance and support to the powerline adapter industry to improve range and connectivity solutions in the home.



We can use different devices to connect to the Internet and not have speed or stability problems. These devices that help us improve the connection include amplifiers, Wi-Fi Mesh systems or PLC devices. In this article, We talked about TP Link Powerline adapters and whether you can mix them with other adapters to get a better connection. We also explained how we can use multiple devices to be able to take the Internet connection to more areas without problems.

tplink smart home

What is TP Link Smart Home?

TP Link smart home: If you are thinking about renovating your home, you have surely heard the concept of a “smart house”. This is a home that integrates different technologies to control security systems, energy systems, or communications, among others, to provide greater comfort and efficiency. One of its objectives is to automate daily activities through the use of home automation. TP Link smart home camera is one of the best features you can install in your smart home, why you may ask. You’ll find out below! 


What is Home Automation?

Home automation can be defined as a set of systems that seek to generate automation in the facilities of a home. This can be done with the use of specialized equipment and computer applications that are possible to do from a cell phone, through telemetry, or even by voice. 



Benefits of Having a Smart Home

  • Controlling the temperature – You can do this with applications from your cell phone that are connected to the air conditioning system and that can help you establish efficient temperature parameters.  
  • Maintain efficient lighting Some smart houses in the UK have the possibility of regulating the intensity of lighting inside the house. Using sensors, you can control the lights in a room to turn on if it is occupied or turn off when it is unoccupied.
  • Energy saving Maintaining an optimal temperature or using lighting only when necessary will mean significant savings on the electricity bill from the initial investment that has been made. In addition, it will be friendly to the environment.
  • Greater security Having a safe house is another benefit of using technology in homes. Security systems, such as surveillance cameras, can be remotely controlled or connected to your cell phone to receive the signal at all times and monitor your home even from afar. In the same way, as an additional security measure, you can control the turning on or off of the lights even if you are not at home.


What is TP-Link Powerline & How it works ?


How Can I Make My Home Smart?

To have a house of this type it is not necessary that the house be newly built. Many of these technologies can be adapted to any type of home. If you are wondering how you must consider the number of systems you want to integrate and the areas where you want to apply them (could be used by tp link smart switch). Remember that smart homes in the UK are increasingly in demand, for this, you have to make an investment that must go according to your budget and preferences. 


tp link smart home


How TP Link Smart Camera Makes Your Home Smart

With its home automation products such as the TP Link smart camera, TP-Link contributes to a better, more convenient, and comfortable life.

TP-Link offers a complete line of items designed for the tp link smart home. One example is video surveillance cameras like Tapo C200, which features motion detection, two-way audio notifications, and night vision. These devices can be controlled from anywhere through the smartphone.




tp link tapo

SHOP NOW! -> TP-LINK 3MP Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Tapo C210



Configure and Control Your Home in a Simpler Way

  • Have a smart home in the easiest way.

Forget complex setups that include hubs and other accessories. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to set up the app.

  • Control and manage from anywhere.

Instantly turn on/off connected devices anytime, anywhere with just a touch of your phone. This function allows you to turn off the light bulb on your bedside table in the room without having to get up. Or turn on the air conditioning when you leave work so that the space is cooler when you get home.

  • Control the house with your voice.

Pair smart plugs with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your home through voice commands. As a result, it will be possible to change the light in the game room to blue, program the coffee maker so that you have coffee ready when you wake up and even monitor the children’s room.

  • Automate your home with smart features.

The programming of repetitive tasks will allow you to forget about this tedious task with great ease and speed. You can set it all up at once and never think about it again. Smart features like TP Link smart home camera make your home safer and more comfortable.


How do you setup TP-Link powerline adapters ?


Why buy the TP Link smart home camera?

This security camera will give you better surveillance coverage thanks to its 360 – degree horizontal scrolling, so you can monitor your home more completely.

It can save 128GB on an SD card or in the cloud, so you have a backup of your surveillance videos.

With the app it’s connected to, you can set it up remotely and review videos whenever and wherever you want, plus you can give more people access to watch and receive alerts if any suspicious movement is detected. Includes night vision and covers a perimeter of 9 meters.

Features of TP-Link TAPO C210

Why buy a TP-Link TAPOC210 camera? Discover all the features that this TP Link smart home camera has and you will understand why it is one of the most valued by security experts.

  • You can manage it remotely with the application, as well as receive alerts to your mobile device and view your surveillance videos whenever you want.
  • It has two-way audio (you can hear everything and talk through the speakers that are included in the camera)
  • View all your spaces at all times, night vision up to 8 meters, 3 MP Full HD resolution for clear images.
  • No blind spot, thanks to its 360° rotation on the horizontal axis.
  • Anticipate unwanted people, and instantly receive push notifications when motion is detected.
  • You can deter, and activate a light or sound effect to deter unwanted visitors.
  • Your smarter home is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the camera through simple voice commands.

Now that you know the features that allow you to customize and automate tp link smart home appliances, don’t hesitate any longer to set up your house with everything you need to have control of your home at your fingertips.

tplink powerline setup

How do you setup TP-Link powerline adapters ? (Ultimate Manual Guide)

Thick walls, large multi-story houses, inaccessible areas… What’s stopping you from having a good Wi-Fi connection?

We are in the age of connectivity and we live in the daily battle to improve the Wi-Fi connection, especially since we have many devices connected at the same time: mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets, computers, video consoles, and smart equipment. Improving our Wi-Fi experience has a solution, but it’s not always easy to choose the most appropriate solution for each case.

In this TP-Link powerline setup guide, we will focus on TP-Link Powerline, whose objective is to expand Internet access using the existing electrical grid as a vehicle for transporting data. This scenario means that its installation does not require additional cables, as the entire process takes place in the electrical infrastructure of your home.

How does TP-Link Powerline work?

To configure a basic TP-Link Powerline network in the UK, at least two adapters are needed: one will serve as a transmitter and the other or others as a receiver/s. The first is connected to the socket next to the router and is connected to it, this is how it sends the signal through the electrical network. The others are linked to the areas where we want to expand coverage so that they receive the information sent by the first and extract the data that comes to them.

Powerline technology is not new, but it satisfies very particular Internet connection/access needs. To ensure TP-Link Powerline adapters work optimally, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Electrical installation: When using the electrical infrastructure for signal transmission, you must bear in mind that it must be unique throughout the house. It is also important to bear in mind that the electrical installation must not be too old and must function correctly, as it will be the communication channel for the equipment.
  • Speed TP-Link Powerline adapters follow the HomePlug AV/AV2 standard, which defines the speed they will be able to transmit. A HomePlug AV reaches a speed of up to 600 Mbps in the electrical installation, however, if you need more bandwidth in the UK, you can opt for a HomePlug AV2. Depending on HomePlug AV standard, speed, and stability, user experiences may vary.
  • Plug & Play Have you heard this term before? It is one of the great advantages of TP-Link Powerline adaptor technology. It refers to the ease of installation and TP-Link powerline setup, as it requires much more than just plugging it in, plugging it into the router’s LAN port, and plugging the other adapter into the same circuit. It is important that the connection is made directly to the socket, not being able to work connected to electrical extensions or socket strips.


Read more: What is TP-Link Powerline & How it works ?


How to setup TP-Link Powerline

Installing a TP-Link powerline adapter in the UK is easy and can be done in just a few steps. Follow the step-by-step TP-Link powerline setup instructions:

Install your TP-Link powerline adapter

  • Connect the main adapter to your router
  • Connect the adapters
  • Create one WiFi network in your home

Step 1: Connect the main adapter to your router

  1. Plug the main TP-Link Powerline adapter into an empty socket near your router. 
  2. Then, plug the network cable into a free network port on the router.
  3. Plug the other end of the network cable into a network port on the main adapter.

Step 2: Connect 1 or more adapters  (pair tp-link extender)

  1. Plug the second adapter into an outlet near the main adapter.
  2. Wait for the house icon to light up (about 45 seconds).
  3. Press and hold the pair button on the main adapter for 1 second. You can find this button on the front or on the side.
  4. Press the pair button on the second adapter within 2 minutes.
  5. After approximately 30 seconds, the LEDs on both adapters will light up.
  6. After pairing, simply plug the second adapter into any other outlet in the house.
  7. Repeat these steps when connecting additional adapters.

Step 3: A single WiFi network in your home

  1. Plug the WiFi adapter into a power outlet that is no more than 10 meters away from your router.
  2. After 45 seconds, press the WiFi clone button on the adapter.
  3. Press the WPS button on your router after 2 minutes.
  4. The WiFi data (name + password) will be cloned automatically.
  5. Plug the adapter into any outlet in the house.
  6. It does not work? Then enter the details manually using the TP-Link Utility software.

Now that we know what the general procedure looks like, let’s take a look at the most popular TP-Link Powerline adapters in the UK and how to set them up. 



TP-Link Powerline adapter setup (TP-Link TL-PA4010)

With powerline adapters, you use your existing power lines for data transmission. If wired or wireless network options aren’t available, try powerline. Here we use the TP-Link TL-PA4010 KIT.

We have the kit here with two adapters because you won’t get very far with just one. In addition to the two Powerline adapters, there are also two LAN cables, which you will also need. First, plug the two adapters into two sockets that are as close together as possible.

In order to connect the two TP-Link Powerline adapters to each other and establish an encrypted connection, we have to pair them. To do this, press the pairing button on the first adapter for about 1 second until the LED starts to flash. You then do the same on the other adapter. This way you can also add more adapters. If the middle Powerline LED lights up continuously, the connection is established. You can then distribute the adapters to your desired sockets. They will remain connected even if you pull them out now.

Now connect one TP-Link Powerline adaptor to your router using a LAN cable and plug it into the socket. Connect the second adapter to the device you want to connect to and plug it in as well. This can be a computer, a television, or a games console. If you want to connect multiple devices, simply connect a switch.


Setup TP-Link Powerline adapter: TP-Link TL-PA4010P PLC 

If you want to improve your home Internet connection with a PLC kit in Manchester, we recommend the TP-Link TL-PA4010P PLC kit that you can connect by following this step-by-step guide.

The TL-PA4010P PLC kit is a device that takes advantage of the electrical installation of the house to transmit data at high speed at the same time as the electrical energy, without any additional wiring or drilling. In addition, thanks to its built-in plug, it allows not have to waste any electrical outlet.


Features of the TP-Link TL-PA4010P PLC kit

The adapter supports a data rate of up to 600Mbps. With this high-speed connection rate, this TP-Link Powerline adaptor allows you to set up a high-speed home network using your home’s existing electrical wiring. Simply plug the adapter into an ordinary power outlet to extend your existing Cable/xDSL broadband connection or LAN network to any other power outlet in any room within your house in the UK.

Just keep in mind that this powerline adapter works in pairs tp link extender. You need to plug a TP-Link Powerline adapter into a power outlet for each computer and connect the Powerline adapter to the computer’s LAN card with an Ethernet cable. Another PLC adapter connected to the Cable/xDSL broadband is also required to extend the broadband connection or Internet browsing.

With a clean power line, the distance between two PLC adapters can reach a maximum of 300 meters, but the actual distance may vary due to the environment. Below we show you how to do the TL-PA4010P Powerline adapter TP-Link setup and the hardware connection mechanism.


Connection instructions:

we recommend that you follow these connection rules to ensure optimal performance of the TP-Link Powerline adapter and significantly improve the transmission capacity of the network:

  • Plug the Powerline adapter directly into a wall socket, not a power strip.
  • To take full advantage of the Powerline adapter’s filtering function and improve data transmission on the network, always plug the power strips into the Powerline adapter’s integrated outlet.


Hardware connection – computer

In the case of computers that you want to network using the TP-Link TL-PA4010P PLC kit, each of the computers must be properly connected with such a PLC adapter via an Ethernet cable (RJ-45).

Here are the steps to properly connect the Powerline adapter to a computer:

  1. Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to the Ethernet port on the Powerline adapter.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to the computer’s LAN port.
  3. Plug the Powerline adapter into a wall outlet next to the computer.
  4. Turn on the computer.
  5. Check and confirm that the Power LED and Ethernet LED on the Powerline adapter are on.

IMPORTANT: Do not connect the PCL adapter to any extension cords, power strips, or surge protectors, as these can degrade network performance.


Hardware connection – Internet

In this section, we describe how to connect the TP-Link Powerline adaptor to the existing ADSL broadband connection through the ADSL Ethernet port.

Follow the TP-Link powerline setup instructions below to connect the Powerline adapter to your ADSL broadband connection:

  1. Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to the Ethernet port on the Powerline adapter.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to an available Ethernet port on the ADSL broadband router.
  3. Plug the Powerline adapter into a wall outlet next to the computer.
  4. Turn on the computer.
  5. Check and confirm that the Power LED, Ethernet LED, and Power Line LED on the power line adapter are on.



Important tips on TP-Link Powerline adapter set up

To avoid problems, you should note the following:

  1. The two TP-Link Powerline adapters should run over one circuit to avoid severe performance losses. A connection may also be possible via several circuits, but the speed will decrease noticeably.
  2. Powerline adapters should always be plugged into a wall socket and not into multiple sockets. Why? Powerline networks are extremely susceptible to interference. Power strips themselves and other devices plugged into the power strip can affect the connection. The only exception: If you want to pair the adapters and there are not enough free sockets nearby.


How to reset the TP-Link powerline adapter?

Are you not able to establish a good connection between your TP-Link powerline adapters in the UK or are you not able to access the internet on your computer via the adapters? In many cases, resetting the adapters solves the problem. Here’s how to reset the adapters.


Reset to default

TP-Link Powerline adapters are reset using the reset button on the devices. Please note that the base adapter connected to the router cannot be reset. This adapter does nothing but passes the signal from your router to the other adapters. Therefore, you only need to reset the additional Wi-Fi points or network points.

Note: For both methods, it is important that the powerline adapters are plugged into the socket.

To reset via the software

  • The adapter or adapters to reset
  • A paper clip

To reset with the reset button

  • The adapter or adapters to reset
  • The TP-Link software
  • A computer connected to the same network as the powerline adapters

Reset the TP-Link Powerline adapter using the button on the device

  • Find the reset button on the powerline adapter. It is located on the bottom or on the side of the adapter. The button can be seen in a small hole.
  • Use a paper clip to press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds until the lights start blinking. Did you do that for less than 10 seconds? The adapter is then only restarted.
  • Wait for the lights on the adapter to stop blinking. The adapter has now been reset.



TP-Link Powerline technology is a quick and easy way to “spread” data and Wi-Fi access to every corner of your home in the UK, eliminating the need for expensive wiring or unnecessary drilling.

TP-Link has Powerline equipment that includes Plug and Play, automatic Wi-Fi sync, and Ethernet ports for connections that provide unique connectivity experiences as if you were connected directly to the router. 

In this article, we went over the general setup procedure, popular TP-Link Powerline adapters in the UK and in Manchester, and step-by-step instructions on how to set them up. The products mentioned in this article are available here, so you can buy the desired product and come back to this manual in order to install your adaptors.  

tp link power line

What is TP-Link Powerline & How it works ?

TP Link Powerline products turn a home’s electrical wiring into network cables and bring data to any room. They are the perfect alternative to having a house full of Ethernet cables. It is very easy to create a Powerline network in the UK since you only need power outlets. In this way, you will be able to eliminate the need to install expensive and complicated Ethernet cables in your home. These use the installation of electrical wiring to transfer network signals to corners of the house where wireless coverage does not reach.

What is TP Link Powerline and who is it suitable for?

TP-Link is a Chinese provider of home networking products as well as professional networking products, it is the number 1 brand in China. This brand offers all kinds of products such as ADSL routers, neutral routers, switches, IP cameras (like Tplink tapo camera), Powerline, print servers and also VDSL equipment. This brand is characterized by its excellent quality-price products as they provide great performance at a very low price.

You need at least two Powerline devices to form a basic Powerline network. One of them to connect directly to the router and one for each room in which you want to connect more devices. The different combinations of Powerline products help create a stable and unified network throughout the house. In addition, these connections suffer less data loss and achieve better transfer speeds than a traditional Wi-Fi network.

For all this, TP Link Powerline adapters are perfect for people in the UK who live in large or medium-sized houses, with thick walls or several floors. Also, for people who need to extend the reach of their networks to rooms that the router’s coverage is not capable of reaching, in addition to getting the fastest connection possible. Sometimes some people tend to choose range extenders to extend their router’s network.

However, thick walls block the Wi-Fi signals amplified by the range extender and can leave certain dead zones in the home. Instead, thanks to TP-Link Powerline adapters, there is no need to drill or install cables. You can easily turn your home’s electrical wiring into a high-speed network. Each TP Link Powerline adaptor acts as a portable LAN port, receiving and transmitting data as if it were a wired and/or wireless network, regardless of physical obstacles.

How does TP Link Powerline work?

A minimum of two TP Link Powerline adapters connected to the same electrical circuit are required. Using electrical power wiring as a means of sending data, the adapters follow the HomePlug standard developed by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. Commonly used standards are HomePlug AV and HomePlug AV2.

HomePlug AV achieves a physical signal rate of up to 600 Mbps in the UK. It can provide more bandwidth than previous standards for entertainment applications including HDTV and home theater. HomePlug AV offers an easy and affordable solution to enable HDTV at home without the need for new wiring. Given the demand for content and greater definition in online television and video games, a lot of bandwidth is required, hence the evolution to HomePlug AV2. Faced with a greater number of TP link network devices and a greater need for bandwidth, it is now much easier to obtain it.

TP Link Powerline offers a quick and easy way to expand your home network in Manchester. They are affordable and do not require you to install any additional wiring in your home.

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Advantages of using TP Link Powerline adapters

  • Flexible wired network (devices can be easily relocated) with rapid deployment and no construction work.
  • Range of several tens of meters within the same wiring.
  • It is not affected by walls or obstacles.
  • It is, theoretically, limited to the interior of our installation.
  • Higher theoretical speed than WiFi
  • Independence of the operating system and device.

What are TP Link Powerline’s characteristics?

Ethernet ports for wired connections

With Ethernet ports, TP Link Powerline adapters can run multiple high-speed, reliable wired connections at the same time; for example, devices such as televisions, computers and game consoles.

Plugs for additional devices

The integrated socket means that the Powerline can be used as a traditional wall socket, without wasting the one we are already using.

Wi-Fi speeds

Most TP-Link Powerline devices broadcast WiFi in the Manchester. You can effortlessly expand a wireless network to share it with all the WiFi devices in your home or office in the UK.

High Powerline speeds

Using advanced HomePlug AV/AV2 technology, Powerline products provide stable, high-speed data transmission wherever there is a power outlet. You can watch HD content, play online games and download large files without interruption thanks to stable and secure TP Link Powerline connections in the UK.

How to set up powerline adapter TP Link?

You don’t need many things to configure TP Link Powerline adapters. All you need to do is simply connect it to the electrical network of your home in the UK, and let them transmit the internet in the most practical way possible. For the general TP Link Powerline setup instructions, follow the steps below:

  1. The first thing to do is to connect the modem to the first Powerline.
  2. Then, you must connect it to the electrical network.
  3. Press the pairing button on the router.
  4. Then, connect the other Powerline to any outlet in the home.
  5. Hit the pairing button as well.
  6. Check the LEDs to see if they work correctly.

This is where you should be a little more careful, since the Powerline TP Link devices are different, so the instructions may be a bit different as well. For more detailed instructions on how to set up TP Link Powerline adapters, click here.


powerline setup

TP Link Powerline adapter lights guide

The TP Link Powerline adapters have 3 LED lights that indicate different things. The table below is a general manual on how these LED lights work. For more extensive details about TP Link Powerline light blinking, click here.






The Powerline extender is on or off.


Pairing is in progress.










The Powerline extender is connected to the Powerline network and is in a suitable situation.


The Powerline extender is experiencing poor signal strength. Try plugging it into another wall socket.


The Powerline extender is not connected to any Powerline network.






At least one Ethernet port is connected to a powered-on device.


No Ethernet port is connected to a powered-on device.

Can you mix and match different TP Link Powerline adapters?

All TP-Link Powerline adapters are compatible with each other. While choosing the best units to add, we have to take the specifications of the existing units into consideration, especially the Powerline link rate and the standard of the LAN ports.

Also, all TP-Link Powerline adapters are backwards compatible. However, if two different adapters are used with each other, the Powerline rate will automatically work with the setting of the lower adapter.


How many Powerline adapters can TP-Link use?

For a healthy network with smooth traffic, we recommend using a maximum of eight (8) adapters. For more information about TP Link Powerline mix and match, click here.


What is the best TP Link Powerline on the UK market?

As said previously, TP-Link Powerline is a device that will allow you to improve the quality and coverage of your WiFi network. On many occasions, due to the structural conditions of a home or the low quality of a signal, it is possible that there are areas where the coverage barely reaches, which makes it impossible to make a good connection. In this case, it becomes necessary to use devices that improve the quality of this signal, allowing it to reach all those “dead zones”. If you work from home in Manchester, this device is indispensable.

Unlike WiFi antennas, you will have greater coverage and above all, incredible ease of installation.

power link tp link


Network Extender by Powerline TP-Link TL-PA4010PKIT

The TP-Link TL-PA4010P KIT powerline network extenders are high-end devices that have been designed in a small size to improve your internet connection using as little space as possible. Through the electrical network they are capable of reaching from 600 Mbps to 200 Mbps speed, depending on the model you choose.

One of the main advantages of these devices is their small size. In addition, they have a saving mode, spending up to 85% less electricity if they are not in use. They also have a safety on and off button, which makes their almost intuitive installation much easier.

On the other hand, it should be noted that these devices are perfectly compatible with current operating systems, so you should be able to carry out the installation without any problems.

Probably one of the strong points of this TP Link Powerline extender is that it is equipped with an Ethernet port, in addition to a Homeplug av2.

It is one of the best products on the market, especially because in addition to having all the advantages of the other adapters, it has a very competitive price, it comes in a kit of two to be able to expand the network as much as you need and it has an integrated plug to facilitate its use, almost without noticing it.

CUCCTV is one of the top authorized TP Link Powerline Reseller in the UK. You can check out our TP LINK  products here.


  • Note: The theoretical 600mbps channel data transfer rate is derived from the HomePlug AV2 specifications. In general terms, we will always receive half or a third of the theoretical speed indicated in the PLCs
  • Data transmission up to 600Mbps – Over electrical wiring up to 300 meters (not via Wi-Fi) optimal for HD video streaming
  • Built-in plug – to ensure no electrical outlet is wasted
  • Ethernet port – 1x Fast Ethernet 10/100mbps port for RJ45 cable connections that is included in the package
  • Plug & play – Easy setup with simple encryption and just a push of the pairing button, and you’re ready to go!


PLC devices have found a niche in the home of many users in the UK. Many doubted if they would be able to become a substitute for Wi-Fi networks, but the truth is that they have gained ground. If you suffer from a poor connection in the UK and you think you could improve the quality of your internet in certain areas of your home or office, do not hesitate to enlist the help of a TP Link Powerline to potentially extend the WiFi or Ethernet network. We’re TP-Link authorised partner in the UK providing range of Tp link networking and Tp link smart home for trade users.