What is TP Link Smart Home?

tplink smart home

TP Link smart home: If you are thinking about renovating your home, you have surely heard the concept of a “smart house”. This is a home that integrates different technologies to control security systems, energy systems, or communications, among others, to provide greater comfort and efficiency. One of its objectives is to automate daily activities through the use of home automation. TP Link smart home camera is one of the best features you can install in your smart home, why you may ask. You’ll find out below! 


What is Home Automation?

Home automation can be defined as a set of systems that seek to generate automation in the facilities of a home. This can be done with the use of specialized equipment and computer applications that are possible to do from a cell phone, through telemetry, or even by voice. 



Benefits of Having a Smart Home

  • Controlling the temperature – You can do this with applications from your cell phone that are connected to the air conditioning system and that can help you establish efficient temperature parameters.  
  • Maintain efficient lighting Some smart houses in the UK have the possibility of regulating the intensity of lighting inside the house. Using sensors, you can control the lights in a room to turn on if it is occupied or turn off when it is unoccupied.
  • Energy saving Maintaining an optimal temperature or using lighting only when necessary will mean significant savings on the electricity bill from the initial investment that has been made. In addition, it will be friendly to the environment.
  • Greater security Having a safe house is another benefit of using technology in homes. Security systems, such as surveillance cameras, can be remotely controlled or connected to your cell phone to receive the signal at all times and monitor your home even from afar. In the same way, as an additional security measure, you can control the turning on or off of the lights even if you are not at home.


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How Can I Make My Home Smart?

To have a house of this type it is not necessary that the house be newly built. Many of these technologies can be adapted to any type of home. If you are wondering how you must consider the number of systems you want to integrate and the areas where you want to apply them (could be used by tp link smart switch). Remember that smart homes in the UK are increasingly in demand, for this, you have to make an investment that must go according to your budget and preferences. 


tp link smart home


How TP Link Smart Camera Makes Your Home Smart

With its home automation products such as the TP Link smart camera, TP-Link contributes to a better, more convenient, and comfortable life.

TP-Link offers a complete line of items designed for the tp link smart home. One example is video surveillance cameras like Tapo C200, which features motion detection, two-way audio notifications, and night vision. These devices can be controlled from anywhere through the smartphone.




tp link tapo

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Configure and Control Your Home in a Simpler Way

  • Have a smart home in the easiest way.

Forget complex setups that include hubs and other accessories. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to set up the app.

  • Control and manage from anywhere.

Instantly turn on/off connected devices anytime, anywhere with just a touch of your phone. This function allows you to turn off the light bulb on your bedside table in the room without having to get up. Or turn on the air conditioning when you leave work so that the space is cooler when you get home.

  • Control the house with your voice.

Pair smart plugs with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your home through voice commands. As a result, it will be possible to change the light in the game room to blue, program the coffee maker so that you have coffee ready when you wake up and even monitor the children’s room.

  • Automate your home with smart features.

The programming of repetitive tasks will allow you to forget about this tedious task with great ease and speed. You can set it all up at once and never think about it again. Smart features like TP Link smart home camera make your home safer and more comfortable.


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Why buy the TP Link smart home camera?

This security camera will give you better surveillance coverage thanks to its 360 – degree horizontal scrolling, so you can monitor your home more completely.

It can save 128GB on an SD card or in the cloud, so you have a backup of your surveillance videos.

With the app it’s connected to, you can set it up remotely and review videos whenever and wherever you want, plus you can give more people access to watch and receive alerts if any suspicious movement is detected. Includes night vision and covers a perimeter of 9 meters.

Features of TP-Link TAPO C210

Why buy a TP-Link TAPOC210 camera? Discover all the features that this TP Link smart home camera has and you will understand why it is one of the most valued by security experts.

  • You can manage it remotely with the application, as well as receive alerts to your mobile device and view your surveillance videos whenever you want.
  • It has two-way audio (you can hear everything and talk through the speakers that are included in the camera)
  • View all your spaces at all times, night vision up to 8 meters, 3 MP Full HD resolution for clear images.
  • No blind spot, thanks to its 360° rotation on the horizontal axis.
  • Anticipate unwanted people, and instantly receive push notifications when motion is detected.
  • You can deter, and activate a light or sound effect to deter unwanted visitors.
  • Your smarter home is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control the camera through simple voice commands.

Now that you know the features that allow you to customize and automate tp link smart home appliances, don’t hesitate any longer to set up your house with everything you need to have control of your home at your fingertips.

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