What is a Tplink tapo camera & how do you install a Tapo camera outside?

Tapo C310

Have you ever thought about receiving a notification whenever someone or something gets on your doorstep? Of course, you have seen this option of security systems in movies. The excellent news is Tplink Tapo camera makes it real for you.

It means you can check out who is on your door before opening it while at your own home. You only need to check the video clip camera to see who your visitor is. 

So it will be easy to distance yourself from unwanted visitors and save your property more securely. Stay with us to get more information about these useful and popular cameras.  


What is a Tplink Tapo camera?

If you need something more than a traditional camera, choose the Tp-link Tapo camera. These security cameras will show you high-resolution videos with crystal-clear images. You can even get notifications while you are far from home because the Tapo camera will inform you whenever it detects some motions on your doorstep. 

You won’t miss anything by installing these new and innovative security cameras. Also, it is possible to make an honest communication with your visit while you are not home. Let’s use the Tapo camera to experience the convenience of life and peace of mind.

You will need a digital and electronic security option to protect your property in the digital world. Since burglars and intruders are improving, you must promote your security system too. Tp-link cameras can protect your home and office during the day and night.   


Generally, if you are looking for a camera to make your property more secure and modern, tapo cameras are the best choice. Inside its box, you will find an extraordinary camera. You may expect the camera to be heavy but lighter than expected. 

The lenses of this camera are lovely, and every customer is satisfied with its resolution or quality. Notice the Tapo camera has no power button because it is a plug-and-play smart device. 

There is also a rotating base where the camera can move 360 degrees. You can see the speaker for your audio, where you can communicate with each other. We mean the manufacturer designed the Tapo camera wisely and smoothly. 

Based on customers’ and users’ ideas or opinions, the Tapo camera is a good product in the UK market. If you rotate the camera upwards, you will notice 2 components. The first is for the reset button, which lets you reset the camera by default.

The second one is the micro SD slot. This is where you insert your SD card to save the recordings. Overall, people and users give this product a 5 score from 1 to 5. How about you? Is it what you need the most for your property and controlling process?  

How can you install a Tplink Tapo camera?

As the Tplink Tapo camera is an electronic and digital device, you will need special expert knowledge to install it. Therefore you have to use the help of some mechanical experts to install this security option. 

It won’t be easy to install an electronic device on your own so ask some expert to help you. In case of incorrect installation, your Tapo camera won’t be able to show all its unique features and services. You need to spend some money on the installation of the Tplink Camera. 

Don’t worry; it won’t be too expensive, and it won’t take long to install a Tapo camera. There are well-experienced experts and knowledgeable men in the security system market, who use their help easily and quickly. Also, you can read tp link powerline setup here. 

The configuring step is one of the most critical phases of the installation process. Remember, there is a quick guide inside the box of the Tapo camera, so use it for the complete configuration process and details. It is helpful to check out the settings for configuring afterward.


What do we need to set up the TP-link Tapo camera? 

TP-link Tapo camera is one of the most secure and practical security cameras available in the UK. TP-link Tapo is an outdoor security WiFi camera that is easy, simple, and secure to set up. 

You will need a router, camera, and phone to set up a TP link Tapo camera. Don’t forget to download the Tapo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You must log in with your TP-Link ID in the following step. 

If you do not have a TP link ID, you must sign up at the beginning. There are 2 critical things for your camera setup: 

  • Ethernet connection: this wired connection can power up your TP-link Tapo camera and connect it to your router. This connection is possible with an Ethernet cable. You can follow the application instructions for completing your camera setup.  
  • Wireless: it is also possible to set up a TP link Tapo camera with a wireless connection. Wireless connection also has its special instructions. You must follow the application instructions to finish the setup. So, this connection can power up your TP-link tapo camera.

Installing the camera bracket is one of the essential steps to perform. The camera can easily face the wall. You can have the cable on any side; it will be your choice. Setting up the TP-link tapo is so easy. Also, you can remove it quickly.

This camera’s assembling process depends on where you want to install the camera. After installing the camera, insert 2 screws and hold the camera at the bracket.

There is a cover for the MicroSD slot and the reset button. You can remove the surface, white silicon rubber, around the sealing slot and need the Micro SD. You also have to consider the maximum gigabyte.  


Wall mounting instructions

It can be helpful to know about wall mounting instructions. We are going to explain the most critical steps in the wall mounting process:

  • Drilling demanded holes: in the first phase, you must stick the mounting template to the selected mounting area. Then drill 3 holes for screws based on the mounting template. Make a circle for better drilling performance.
  • Mounting camera: now is the time to insert 3 anchors into the drilled holes. Then use the screws to affix your TP-link tapo camera over the anchors. You need to rotate clockwise to secure your new camera while mounting it. Don’t forget to connect the TP-link Tapo camera to the available power outlet using the existing power adaptor. After mounting your purchased TP link Tapo camera, you have to do this process.

This process can be helpful to mount your TP-link Tapo on the ceiling. It is crucial to know that you must install a camera base on the wall first. Do not install the camera directly into your camera.


Installation of the waterproof cable attachment

Besides all the mentioned processes, you must install the waterproof cable attachments for the network interface just after installing the outdoor camera. Remember to make sure that all parts are attached wholly and securely.

The good news is that there are proofing rings which flush and keep out the water. It is essential to install a waterproof seal to protect the power connectors. These waterproof parts are crucial because the TP-link Tapo camera can be installed outdoors.


How to uninstall the TP-link Tapo camera?

Where did you mount your TP-link Tapo camera? If you have mounted the TP-link Tapo camera on the wall, you have to spin anticlockwise to release the camera from the camera bottom. 

If you bought the newly designed camera base and didn’t mount it on the wall, you must insert a coin. Then, rotate anticlockwise to remove the camera. These cameras are the most secure systems with the most straightforward installation and uninstalling process.  


How do you set up the intelligent Tapo TP-link camera?

Before getting familiar with the TP-link Tapo camera setting and its features, you need to know that the TP-link tapo camera has too many types. All these intelligent cameras have the same target: home security WiFi smart cameras.

You can understand the setup process after unboxing the purchased tapo camera. There will be a guideline in its package. We are here to give you a quick start guide. A power adapter and mounting accessories are available inside the box. 

You set your TP-link tapo camera up on a flat surface or mount it to a wall. The first step is setting up the camera, so you will need a WiFi connection and a smartphone to configure it. 

At the beginning point, you have to download the Tapo app. When you enter the interface, you must register or log into your account. Plug in the camera and select the tapo in the app. 

The camera’s LED should alternately blink green and red; if it doesn’t, reset your camera. These smart and modern cameras have a WiFi signal, which you will connect to first. Then, you can use the app to link it to your home network. 

Remember, you can only link to the 2.4 gigahertz spam, not the 5 gigahertz bear. You have to check your camera specifications and details, then try to connect it. In this case, you have set up your camera.

If you want to keep your videos in local storage, insert a micro SD card into the proper place. These cameras support up to 128 gigabytes. 

Once inserted, go to the camera settings and ensure the local recording is active. The SD card is suitable for loop recording.


How do you insert a microSD card? 

In the first phase of most installation processes, you must loosen the screws. These cameras are also the same. You first have to reduce the firm screws. In the next step, you can insert the microSD card for local recording. 

After inserting the microSD card correctly, go to the TP-link Tapo camera setting and micro SD card section. In this step, you can check the status of your inserted micro SD card or format this card quickly. 


How do you set up the TP-link Tapo camera outdoors? 

The best WiFi camera for outdoor comes from TP-Link company. Various Tapo models of this brand are also available in the UK market. Each camera has unique specifications with different:

  • Resolution
  • Motion detection capacity
  • AI person detection
  • Water-resistant feature
  • Dust resistant option
  • Provided Micro SD card
  • Able to work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Smart security system
  • Easy position
  • Physical privacy mode
  • Customizable settings and alarm
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Build in microphone
  • Build in speaker
  • Night vision up to 30 meters

Although we will explain the TP-link Tapo camera for outdoor, you are free to use these cameras anywhere. You only need the mounting nails template and circles to establish a perfect view on any wall, ceiling, or pole.

Besides all the mentioned features, you can find other special features available on the TP-link Tapo camera box. You can check the working and installing procedure via the manual instructions or guideline template.

As we have said before, downloading the camera app is the initial step of using this camera. Then, you can find all the settings and options to adjust your needs. Inside the box, you can find the complete manual. We know checking the box will increase your choice:

  • Product mounting template
  • Camera bracket
  • Mounting screws
  • Bracket screws
  • Waterproof seal
  • Power adaptor (consider its power consumption)
  • Cable ( it will be too long, so customers like its convenience)

Now you are familiar with the available components of this camera. It is the time to make a connection for the power adapter. Also, the bracket is helpful to install other cameras, but first, you need to insert the cable through the hole, and then you can install the bracket.


How to connect Tapo camera to wifi (Complete set up of TP-link Tapo camera)

We are going to explain to you how to set up a Tapo camera. First, you have to install the Tapo application from the Google Store. After installation, you have to check the home screen of the table application.

You must put your new camera into pairing mode in the next phase. For this step, it is essential to reset the camera. Therefore, you will need to find the reset button. The reset button place is different in various models of Tapo cameras.

For example, in some cameras, the reset button is near the memory card slot. Note that the reset button is near the memory card slot in most Tapo cameras. You can squeeze and maintain the reset switch for 5 seconds.

Then the LED starts blinking; it shows your Tapo camera is in pairing mode, so after the reset process, the camera automatically goes to pairing mode. You can add your new camera to the Tapo app for PC in this part of the complete setup procedure.

It would help if you tapped on the plus button on your smartphone. Don’t forget to select your new camera model, then tap on next. You can see the smartphone screen and ensure your used camera is in pairing mode.

Thump on the attached switch and stay for a complete connection. You also must select a WiFi network that is useable for your smartphone hotspot. Enter the WiFi password or mobile hotspot password, then tap on the next and next again.

Postpone for the camera to link to the WiFi web. In the final step, you can set a new name for the device and tap on next. Don’t forget to select the location, like bedroom, then tap on next. You need to choose one icon from the available list. 


How do you reset the TP-link Tapo camera? 

The TP-link Tapo camera’s reset process is the same as the reset procedure of the TP-link wireless modems. You have to follow the below instructions to reset your TP-link tapo camera: 

  • Loosen the screws
  • Press the reset button
  • Keep the reset button for at least 5 seconds
  • Keep the reset button until the LED flashes red

How can you connect to a Tplink Tapo camera?

Choosing and purchasing a Tp-link Tapo camera is one thing and installing it is another. You need to read the manual and instructions or watch an installation video to understand how to install a Tplink camera on a wireless router. 

It won’t be hard to install and use Tapo cameras as a security system. You only need to check out 3 essential steps below: 

  • Download the Tapo camera application through the APP store or Google Play. You can also download it by scanning the QR code.
  • Open the application and log into your TP-link ID. (If you don’t have a TP link account, you need to sign up as the first step.)
  • Follow the application manually to set up the Tapo camera. You need to allow the Tapo camera and permit it to access your location and other information. 


16 features of a Tplink Tapo camera

Smart door viewers and camera doorbells are previous security items that help you check who is waiting at your door. With time, the Tplink Tapo camera comes to the security market to protect your property more stricter. 

The features of this digital security device are second to none; therefore, you won’t be regretful of the money you have spent on it. Imagine you are not home, and your sister comes to your door. What will happen? 

The Tp link camera will inform you at the moment, so you only need to call your sister and talk to her while she is waiting at your door. The Tapo camera also makes it possible to speak through its microphone. We have mentioned some important and well-done features of Tp-link cameras below:  

  • High-quality videos
  • Able to record every image with high-quality
  • Full horizontal and vertical view
  • Advanced night vision
  • Record distance images
  • Motion detection
  • Sending notifications
  • It will inform you if it detects any movement
  • Sound alarm
  • Light alarm
  • Make unwanted visitors leave the door
  • Two-way audio
  • Own microphone and speaker
  • High storage
  • Own MicroSD card
  • Able to connect with google assistant and Amazon Alexa



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Does a Tplink Tapo need a subscription?

Please note that every fantastic security device is purchasable, and you have to subscript it. Tp-link Tapo camera offers a one-month free trial, so you need to subscript it after your free trial. The subscript procedure is the same as below: 

  • Open the Tplink Tapo camera’s application and go to the Tapo care
  • Sign in to your TP-link account
  • Go to add plan part and choose a Tapo care plan
  • Select the number of your demanded cameras and Tapo plan. The premium account can support 10 cameras.
  • It is time to pay for subscript; the price depends on your chosen Tapo plan and the region of your registration.
  • Complete the payment


Is it possible to use the Tplink Tapo camera without the internet?

The good news is you can even use the Tp-link Tapo camera and watch videos without any internet connection. There is only one thing to be considered, your phone and the camera must use the same wireless network (such as tp link networking)

You also can store the videos and images on the SD card on your Tapo camera while you don’t have an internet connection. The Tp-link camera needs a WiFi connection for its setup and making a connection with your phone.

But the recording option and showing live view are still possible when there is no internet connection. It is good to know Tapo camera will always need a WiFi connection because the IP address and router make it connect to the phone. 


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How to view Tapo camera on a PC? (Tapo app for PC)

The best and most updated feature of the Tplink Tapo camera on pc is the possibility of connecting your PC. The most important matter to viewing the Tplink tapo camera on PC is their same router. It means your PC and camera must use the same router. 

Go to the web to view the camera on your computer (Tapo app for PC), then log into your account and view the camera on your PC. As the Tapo camera owns a third-party protocol, it is possible and easy to view the camera on a PC.

The user should input the URL of the Tplink tapo camera on the PC, player application and watch live videos on their PC. Tapo camera tries its best to make users and customers satisfied and pleasant.  

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We have tried to share the most important information about the Tplink Tapo camera. We hope this article will be useful for you so you can choose your security system. 

Tplink camera is one of the most useful security systems to protect your property and avoid unwanted visitors. Don’t hesitate and purchase one of these digital devices to make your property more secure and safer. We’re TP-Link authorised partner in the UK providing range of Tp link networking and Tp link smart home for trade users.

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