How to change and replace texecom wireless alarm battery

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Besides installing and setting up a wireless texecom alarm system, replacing the battery is a vital section to consider. Every homeowner who purchases a texecom alarm needs to know how to change texecom wireless alarm battery. Do you want to know? 

It is essential to consider; there are different types of batteries for the texecom alarm system, so you need to find out the style of your own texecom alarm system and then try to change it. 

The batteries are different based on your wired and wireless alarm system. Which one do you have or want to purchase? Keep on reading the article to get more information on changing the battery.

Texecom wireless alarm batteries

How do you choose and order the correct battery to change texecom wireless alarm battery in the UK? If you doubt the selected batteries, you can get help from a professional team. Changing the batteries in the wireless alarm system is easy. 

This process must be done every 12 to 24 months and depends on how frequently your sensors trigger. There are 4 general steps to changing the alarm sensor battery:

  • Carefully remove the cover: first, remove the sensor cover carefully. In most cases, the surface is held by a small screw
  • The tamper alarm will sound: when you open the alarm sensor, it will trigger the tamper alarm and start your alarm ringing. You cannot do anything about this unless you have a unique engineer code
  • Replace the battery: remove the old battery and replace it with a new one
  • Replace the cover correctly: Place the cover back firmly after swapping batteries. So as not to cause a tamper alarm problem.

Which battery is used in my texecom wireless alarm sensor? Every wireless alarm system has a different alarm battery inside. The most common and reputable brands use frequent alarm system batteries.

You should buy alarm batteries from a valid specialist battery supplier and make sure they are the correct sort to avoid system faults. Getting help from specialist alarm batteries may be more expensive, but worth it.

  • Texecom wireless alarm sensors use cr123a batteries
  • Texecom micro size sensors use cr2450 batteries

Texecom low battery warning

Imagine getting a texecom alarm system low battery warning. Do you know the meaning? Do you want to solve the problem yourself or call an installer to recharge the battery?

Texecom alarm system includes a keypad, door sensors, and PIR sensors with backup plans or batteries. The battery fault or low battery warning is possible to observe on the keypad of the texecom wireless alarm system.

The low battery warning shows the backup battery in the primary control panel is not working well and needs a regular test. As it is clear to solve and remove the low battery warning, you have to change the texecom alarm system batteries.

The low batteries will fail the best communication between the alarm system and the property system, so take the warning as a severe point.

Entering the 4-digit code is essential to reset the alarm system and change or replace the vital and primary batteries. Additionally, check out the internet cable of your alarm system for a better working process.

The router connection has a vital role in case of protecting your property.   

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Texecom alarm change battery

As the first thing, you have to be aware of the type of your texecom alarm system. The wired one only has a backup battery to change the basic alarm panel.

 On the other hand, a wireless alarm system not only has a backup battery but also you can easily change the wireless sensor batteries. After purchasing one of the available texecom alarm systems, you must also pay attention to its battery charge. 

Changing the texecom wireless alarm battery is accessible according to online guidelines or instructions. Stay with us and check out the below steps to change your texecom alarm system battery: 

  • Consider the low battery sensor
  • Remove the sensor case
  • Use the code to deactivate your alarm system
  • Unscrew the sensor’s bottom
  • Open the sensor case from the bottom side
  • Open the battery location
  • Put out the old battery
  • Replace the old battery with new ones
  • Close the battery cover and clip it on the bottom
  • Screw back the case

texecom alarms

We have good news; some alarm systems are available in the UK security system market, which must change every 4 to 5 years. Although the battery life may be extended, you must change them because the old batteries will cause many problems.

Corrupted and weak batteries can even kill your texecom wireless alarm system with time. It is good to have some information about electricity while trying to change texecom wireless alarm battery.

 Texecom alarm battery replacement

To change texecom wireless alarm battery, you must change the sensors and replacement the texecom batteries in the primary control panel. The control panel battery is bigger and more practical in comparison to the batteries of the sensor part. 

The sensor batteries are backup ones. The backup batteries will start working if your power cuts and save your alarm system. Each battery’s physical size differs from the others, but all of them are interchangeable.

We recommend choosing and buying your alarm system battery from a valid store that offers the best batteries with the highest quality. Some batteries have a 12-24 months guarantee with the best package and highest quality. 

In case of facing difficulty in changing the battery of your texecom alarm system. You can get the service from some professional people. Search the market to quickly find low-cost services which provide batteries for your texecom alarm system.

The most remarkable process to have a proper alarm system is replacing your texecom primary panel batteries. 

Therefore this process will be essential in protecting your property. Don’t ignore your texecom wireless alarm system’s battery life. 

PowerSonic Battery 12v 2.1AH PS-1221

PowerSonic Battery 12v 2.1AH PS-1221

Additional information on changing the texecom wireless alarm battery

The micro size batteries are the most used and practical batteries for an alarm system. If you want to change texecom wireless alarm battery, the facing process will be easy.

 Batteries of a texecom wireless alarm battery work for 12 to 24 months. The battery life depends on the frequency of sensor usage. To remove the sensor cover, you have to be so careful. 

Don’t forget to use a small screw to remove and open the cover. Moreover, you must enter the code unless the alarm system starts ringing and you cannot do anything about it.

 After entering the code, it is time to replace the new battery and locate the cover firmly. We have said to choose a reputable specialist texecom alarm system supplier to buy the batteries. 

The manufacturer of the battery is essential. You must be careful about the battery structure to avoid battery faults. Another important thing about replacing and changing the battery is its voltage.

 In addition, you need to be careful about battery size and location on the alarm system. The battery with high quality will last for some months, while the cheap batteries won’t last long. 

PowerSonic Battery 12v 3.4AH PS-1230

PowerSonic Battery 12v 3.4AH PS-1230

Texecom battery fault reset

Do you know how to fix the texecom alarm battery fault? If you have a battery fault on your texecom wireless alarm system, you will first see a system alerts message on the screen. 

You must first enter the 4-digit user code and see the fault detail. The screen will show a battery fault message that you must change the alarm battery as soon as possible.

 The smart security support teams can help you with this problem. These teams provide both telephone and onsite engineer support.

Contact a professional team explaining your needs, and they will fix your system. Besides getting help from specialist engineers or professional groups, you can solve the fault and problem yourself. 

To solve this problem, you need to change or replace the texecom alarm system batteries of the primary control panel. It is easy to shift the texecom wireless alarm battery by yourself while many professional engineers are in England. 

They will come and visit your place and then replace your texecom alarm system battery in a short time. They know different battery types and recognize the best or most suitable battery for your control panel alarm system. 


We hope this article helps if you need to change your texecom wireless alarm battery in Manchester. You also can buy a pack from reputable and online stores specializing in alarm batteries. 

It is better to check out the battery life and consider the replacement time in advance to eliminate any warnings and alerts. 

We have tried our best to share enough practical and helpful information for you to change the battery of your texecom wireless alarm system. Finally, you can change the battery or call a professional engineer.  

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