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Uniview vs Hikvision: Compare 2 Popular CCTV Brands in the UK

uniview vs hikvision

Uniview vs Hikvision: For selecting a professional video surveillance system for your home, business place, and other properties, you may need more options to consider in the UK security market. 

According to the obtained reports and users’ comments, there are 2 popular choices available in the UK market in 2023: Uniview and Hikvision. 

Choosing one of these unique security cameras and systems can be too challenging for you because each has its own features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

It would help to consider different options for the most suitable security system. Based on most users’ reviews, Uniview is much better than Hikvision. But why? We are here to tell you more about the good features of Uniview vs. Hikvision. 

What Is Uniview Security Camera and How Does It Work? 

Uniview is one of the relatively new innovative securities in the video surveillance industry in the UK market. This brand came to the UK market in 2011 with too many new and innovative security options compared with other available systems. 

Despite its short history, the manufacturer quickly establishes this brand as a leading and popular innovative security system brand in IP video surveillance. UNV camera features will shock you, while UNV’s price is meagre. 

What are the beautiful features of the UNV camera system? Most users get familiar with this smart system because of its high-quality images, advanced options, and reliable performance. 

They are the prominent features available in UNV camera systems. UNV PTZ camera is a kind of IP camera, and the manufacturer designed it for video surveillance applications. 

You can enjoy your high-security level thanks to Uniview high-quality products and advanced features. This exceptional security camera captures video footage with the highest quality compared to Hikvision. 

Whether it is a low light condition or a whole day, Uniview will provide the highest quality video and image. There are some cameras suitable for Uniview software. 

Additionally, you can connect other surveillance equipment to your chosen Uniview software and protect your property more than before. Don’t underestimate Uniview at all. 

This brand will create a comprehensive video based on surveillance systems’ options and requirements. Its high-resolution images are the most important feature available in this famous security system brand.   

What Is Hikvision Security Camera and How Does It Work? 

On the other hand, Hikvision came to the UK market in 2001. Although its lifetime in the UK market is more extended than Uniview, it is banned for now. It means users cannot utilize Hikvision’s unique options in the UK. 

According to Hikvision nvr alternative, it was a well-established brand in the video surveillance industry in the UK market, but now everything has changed. Hikvision has a wide range of security and safeness products like: 

  • Security cameras
  • Security recorders
  • Security software

Hikvision alternatives make this brand a well-known security option in the UK market. Moreover, it has the highest quality images and the most reliable performance. Unfortunately, you cannot use this brand while living or staying in the UK.

Hikvision is a popular and well-known innovative security system suitable for all businesses and organizations of different sizes. Besides all the essential features of Hikvision, it provides a wide dynamic range with high-quality images.

Some users are satisfied with the 3D noise reduction of the Hikvision alternative, but this option makes it more expensive than other brands, specially Uniview. There will be enhanced images with high quality and very high prices. 

Hikvision security system comes with a wide range of advanced features, options, and other factors to enhance functionality and ease of use. We are going to mention the most popular and practical elements of Hikvision security systems:

  • Facial recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • People counting
  • Motion detection
  • Tampering alarm
  • Tripwire detection  

The Difference between Uniview and Hikvision

When comparing Uniview and Hikvision, you have to consider different factors. One of the most essential features of security system cameras is their image quality. Which one has better quality?

According to standard examinations, these 2 brands provide the camera with the highest resolution. Therefore you will see the most advanced images with the help of Uniview and Hikvision.

In addition, their advanced image processing capability is something extraordinary. Although both these brands have the same high-quality images, users mostly vote for Uniview because it has superior image quality.

Uniview cameras are more advanced than Hikvision. So you can trust Uniview’s advanced algorithm more than Hikvision. Uniview is much better and more popular because it has an improving image clarity option.

 It also can reduce noise. These explanations show Uniview offers sharper and more detailed images for its users. Besides high-quality images, reliability can be another factor to consider Uniview much better than Hikvision.

Although both brands provide reliable security products, Uniview is more popular due to its more reliable smart security devices. The manufacturer tested Uniview products in many ways and rigorously.

So its durability and reliability are something to consider the most. According to gathered reports, Uniview has a low failure rate in its security systems. Here are the most apparent differences between Uniview and Hikvision:

  • Uniview provides images with high quality
  • Uniview is more durable
  • Uniview is more reliable  
  • Uniview has more advanced security features
  • Uniview offer a smart tracking option
  • Uniview is more affordable
  • Uniview has a better performance
  • Uniview meets all your security needs and requirements

Which One Is Better? Uniview or Hikvision?

When selecting one of Uniview and Hikvision’s products, you have to consider different factors along with their unique features. There are some vital differences between these 2 brands. 

These unique differences can help you determine which is more suitable for your property and meets your needs or requirements. Image quality is the most important thing to consider when selecting a video surveillance system. 

As users mentioned in their comments, Uniview provides high-resolution cameras with advanced image processing features at lowers prices. It means you can get the same quality at lower costs, which is fantastic. 

For now, Uniview is superior to Hikvision because Hikvision is banned in the UK. You may pay too much for this brand and cannot use it n the UK. 

We recommend you choose and install Uniview to protect your beloved family and valuable belongings. While both brands offer a unique range of security features like pan tilt zoom cameras, facial recognition technology, and thermal imaging cameras, the Uniview IP camera price is lower than Hikvision. 

However, Uniview has a better edge in terms of more advanced options. For example, it can offer smart tracking options and uses advanced security algorithms. Uniview is an excellent option for tracking different objects, even in crowded places.

As the final thought, Uniview is much better than Hikvision. As you know, price is always significant to everyone. Uniview and Hikvision provide special security features, but Uniview comes with lower prices. 

If you have a limited budget and want the highest quality security system, you can try Uniview tri-guard

Although Hikvision has a broader range of security products and long history in the security industry, Uniview is more reliable and offers better performance. Don’t hesitate and choose Uniview as your final security choice.

Why Is Uniview Better than Hikvision?

As we said before, compared to Hikvision and Uniview, most users vote for Uniview. This brand has the highest quality as Hikvision, but the price is lower than Hikvision. Its advanced features and a lower price will make you shocked.

Although Hikvision and Uniview both come with unique functionalities, there are essential reasons why Uniview has been much better than Hikvision in recent years. Stay with us to get to know the most important reasons and factors as below: 

  • best image quality
  • advanced security algorithm
  • clearest images
  • reduction of noises
  • more detailed videos
  • higher quality monitoring purposes
  • higher reliability
  • higher durability
  • lower failure rate
  • best video surveillance system
  • commitment to innovation
  • cutting edge technology
  • smart tracking in a complex environment
  • lower price

There will be other vital factors available in Uniview smart security system. We recommend installing Uniview for your home, business place, or other properties. In conclusion, Uniview is better than Hikvision for too many reasons.

Commitment to innovation is one of the essential things to consider about Uniview superiority to Hikvision.

For now, hikvision is banned in the UK, so you can use Uniview as an alternative for protecting your property and loved ones.

How Switch Hikvision Security System to Uniview?

If you use the Hikvision security system and want to switch to Uniview, follow up on some steps and instructions. You can take these steps to make the transition from Hikvision to Uniview as smooth as possible. Here are the steps: 

  • First, you must evaluate your current Hikvision security system and decide about the new Uniview smart security system. You must check out the number of cameras you will need, the place required for monitoring, and other special features.
  • In the second step, and after getting to know your needs, you must check out which Uniview’s product is good for you. As you know, this brand offers too many products. You can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and users’ opinions.  
  • The third step is the installation process of Uniview’s product. After choosing the most suitable Uniview product, remove Hikvision’s available and current device and start the Uniview installation process. You must follow the installation process carefully to ensure your new system is ready.
  • During the 4th step, you need to test the installed Uniview product. You have to try the camera to see if it captures high-quality footage and records correctly. Don’t forget to check out the advanced features too.
  • The final step is data migration. After installing and testing your new Uniview system, transferring your data from the Hikvison product to the new system is a good time. Moving data from Hikvision to Uniview will be time-consuming, and you may need a technical support team to help.

As a final note, switching from Hikvision to Uniview is a good idea because Hikvision is no longer practical. This process only needs careful planning and enough knowledge.

Choose Uniview to Protect Your Property

Protecting our properties is very important to ensure the security of our family, employees, and assets.

This article introduces one of the best security systems to install and protect your beloved family and valuable belongings. For now, the best and most practical video surveillance system is Uniview, with the highest quality video.

It can be your excellent choice which never makes you regretful. All of the advanced features of this unique brand can enhance your safety and boost your security operation.

 Finally, Uniview can be the best choice for those who live in the UK because it is more affordable with the highest quality images and video footage. No matter how big or small is your demanded place, Uniview can be a good choice for every location.



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