What is an active/passive alarm system?

A security active alarm system is designed to detect intrusion, or unauthorized entry, into a building or other areas like your home or at school. Security alarms are used in industrial, residential, commercial, and military properties for protection against theft, burglary or property damage and personal protection against intruders. Security alarms in residential areas show a correlation with decreased theft. Car alarms similarly help protect vehicles and their contents. security systems are also used in prisons for control of inmates.

Some active alarm systems serve a single goal of burglary protection; combination systems deliver both intrusion and fire protection. Intrusion alarm systems may also be combined with CCTV systems to record the activities of intruders automatically, and  interact with access control systems for electrically locked doors. Systems vary from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated systems with computer monitoring and control. It may even contain a two-way voice system which  lets you communicate between the panel  and the monitoring station, allowing you to talk like you were on the phone to the other person.


Benefits of having active alarm system


Protect your valuable belongings

One of the most important benefits of having an active alarm system is to protect valuable properties in the home. An active alarm system in the household will scare off burglars and it will also send a notification to your local authorities if someone did try to break in to your property.


 Helps to reduce the cost of insurance on your home 

Home insurance is essential if you have your own home. The cost of homeowner’s insurance can vary depending on your location, coverage, type of home, payment options and other factors. By having a home alarm system installed in your property, many insurance companies will offer you a discount on your home insurance policy. Homeowners can receive a 10-20% discount on their insurance cover just by having an alarm system  installed. Be sure to check with your insurance company though to get full details of what can be saved.


Discourages Crime

A active alarm system will deter thieves away from the house if they think there is security present at the property. It will also make your living place safer.


Monitor indoor and outdoor security cameras remotely

Surveillance active alarm systems and home security let the homeowners monitor their home remotely for 24 hours a day even if they are not in the house. It depends on your security alarm provider, the whole house can be monitored by the cameras in the home along with door locks, lights, thermostat, and other devices in the home.

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It will notify you of any fire or gas problems 

If your carbon monoxide or smoke alarms go off when you are away from home, with having certain alarm systems, you can opt to receive notifications. The authorities can be immediately notified and this also depends on your security provider. Heat detectors can also be added to your security system. These detectors can determine if a fire is present in the building.


 Gives you peace of mind 

One of the main benefits of having an alarm fitted is that you obtain a sense of peace of mind and security that your family and home are secured and protected at all time whether you are at there or not. You can relax in your house or if you are away, you will know your property is fully safe guarded against vandalism, fire, and theft. If you are away, your security alarm system will notify you and the authorities that there is an issue at your home, if someone did try to break in or had broken into your property.

Commercial intruder alarm systems


Differences between Passive and Active Alarm Systems

Installing a car alarm makes good sense.  It helps to prevent auto theft and break-ins, while  helping ease the mind of the owner.  The only choice to make is whether to install a passive alarm or an active alarm.  Though both types will protect your vehicle, it is up to the individual to decide which alarm suits them best.
A passive alarm turns on automatically. Once the key is removed from the ignition and all the doors to the vehicle are closed, the alarm turns itself on.  This function gives the alarm the name “passive,” as the driver does nothing to arm it.

An active alarm must be activated by the driver.  As with a passive alarm, this generally involves the vehicle being parked with all doors closed.  Nevertheless, the driver must turn the system on, commonly done by clicking a button on a remote.  The active role played by the driver in arming this alarm results in this being called an “active” alarm.
Most alarm systems have the option of switching between active and passive.  A driver can select to switch back and forth by themselves, or allow a professional to make the switch.  But the particular setting of active or passive is entirely the preference of the driver.

The selection of an active or passive alarm system comes down to a battle between convenience and protection.
A passive alarm may look more convenient, as it best serves the driver seeking overall protection, and nothing is needed of the driver to arm the alarm. So, the driver can never “forget” to turn on the alarm.  But this can lead to the annoyance of accidentally setting off your own alarm by making a quick run back for a forgotten jacket in the back seat.

An active system will not cause any accidental “set-offs” of your own alarm, as the driver is in complete control of it.  The driver is free to make as many trips to and from the car as needed, opening any door, without setting off the alarm.  Nevertheless, this convenience factor causes less overall protection.
One of the most important advantages of installing an alarm system is the discount in insurance rates.  As a car with any alarm system is a theft deterrent, insurance companies see your car as less of a risk. The passive system has a leg up on its active counterpart in this respect.  Because a passive system is always armed, the vehicle is always protected.  Less risk = lower rates.


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