5 Best Dahua Security Cameras & Recorder Systems 

DAHUA CUCCTVZhejiang Dahua Technology is a video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider which brings end-to-endsecurity solutions.‍ It is the second largest manufacturer of video surveillance equipment in the world by market share. The company attempts to bring total security solutions to consumers and supply high-value, with putting emphasize on principles, integrity and personal relationships that increase the customer experience.

Dahua Technology is one of CCTV Brands, the leading solution providers in the global video surveillance industry. With more than 13,000 employees all over the world, Dahua solutions, products, and services are used in over 180 countries and regions. Dahua has 42 subsidiaries globally covering Asia, the Americas, Middle East, Oceania, and Africa. Also, Dahua has a number of the UK distributers. CUCCTV is one of the official UK distributers of Dahua cameras and recorder systems. 

What products does Dahua have?

Dahua delivers three series of products. The idea behind the series breakdown is to provide our customers with reliable cameras at three different price ranges and specifications while retaining high performance. The Ultra Series are known to some as the best cameras of their kind. These dahua cameras work best for medium and large sized businesses which need advanced security applications. The next series of cameras, the Pro Series, are slightly cheaper and have a large mainstream appeal. Most of the cameras in these series deliver true wide dynamic range, making these cameras ideal for spots with the direct sunlight or glare locations. Lastly, the third series are the Lite Series which are designed for small to midsize applications. This model is better suited for customers who require basic surveillance features at a low cost. It also includes CCTV kits.

The company delivers an array of network video recorders to work with a user’s security system. Dahua NVR features high recording quality and a powerful processor with up to 4K resolution. Dahua cctv also uses its ePoE technology to transmit data and power over long distances via Ethernet or coaxial cables. This solution decreases time and saves money. Now, let’s see what the best Dahua security are:


5 Best Dahua Security Cameras & Recorder Systems


Dahua 5MP HDCVI Full-color

One of the best Dahua cameras is the Dahua HDCVI Security System which has all the components to immediately install, configure and use a complete video surveillance solution. The HDCVI cameras offer the clarity of high-definition video, and the HDCVI DVR offers built-in motion detection algorithms, alarm triggers, and customised recording modes. 5MP HDCVI Full-Color Active supports an active deterrence feature which warns off intruders with a red-blue light and a siren even before users become aware of the incident. It i-scans alert intruders accurately by SMD Plus or Perimeter Protection of XVR. This camera is an ideal option for applications that need intrusion protection and video verification, such as courtyards, offices, stores, and warehouses.‍

This camera performs well in any lighting condition and can withstand harsh conditions which makes this camera one of the best Dahua security cameras. The smart motion detection feature of this camera reduces the number of false alarms. The algorithm analyses a scene for human or vehicle motion and disregards movement from animals, trees, or weather.



Dahua IPC-HDW3549HP

The other good Dahua security camera is Dahua IPC-HDW3549HP which supports intelligent functions, such as perimeter protection and smart motion detection, with advanced deep learning algorithms. In addition, it features a full-color technology that provides a better image effect in the conditions of low illuminance. This camera, which also features a deep learning algorithm, Dahua Perimeter Protection technology, can accurately identify humans and vehicles. In restricted areas, such as pedestrian areas, driveways, and areas with vehicles, the number of false alarms of intelligent detection based on the target type (for instance, intrusion, tripwire, parking detection, fast-moving, loitering detection, and gathering detection) is decreased largely. It also supports one-tap disarming. You can disarm events of alarm output by sending an email, an audio, and setting a light in the configured period.




4 Channel Compact 1U 4PoE

DAHUA NVR 4 Channel Compact 1U 4PoE 4K&H.265 Lite Network Video Recorder DHI-NVR4104HS-P-4KS2 is the first Lite Series NVR that supports 4K and H.265 encoding technology with a good performance at a reasonable price. This Dahua security system provides the capability of 4K resolution processing, as such is ideal for applications where image details are important and high quality is needed. The NVR can be developed into backup storage, central storage, and edge storage with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for remote control and management.





5MP HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera

Superior 5MP video and the simplicity of reusing existing coaxial infrastructure with HDCVI make this camera one of the best Dahua cctv security cameras. The Lite Series 5MP HDCVI camera features a compact design and delivers a high-quality image with clear details at a good price. It delivers various varifocal/ fixed lens models with a multi-language OSD and HD/SD switchable output. Its structural high cost-performance and flexibility make the camera an ideal choice for SMB solutions. 

This camera is designed with IR LED illumination for lowlight performance. Smart IR technology provides brightness uniformity in B/W images under low illumination.  The camera’s outstanding reliability is unsurpassed because of its rugged design. The camera is protected against water and dust with IP67 ranking, making it appropriate for indoor or outdoor environments. With a working temperature range from -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F), this camera was designed for areas with extreme temperatures.



4 Channel Penta-brid 4K-N/5MP

When it comes to database management, this camera has up to 10 face databases with 20,000 face images in total, hence why it is amongst the best Dahua security cameras. Name, gender, date of birth, address, certificate type, certificate No., country, region, and state can be added to each face picture. Also, each database can be applied to video channels independently.





Abiding by the philosophy of “Innovation for All”, Dahua offers a wide portfolio of security-related products, ranging from IPC, NVR, HDCVI cameras, HCVR, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, Access Control, Video Intercom, Alarms, Mobile & Traffic products, display & control, VMS and so on. Dahua cameras and products are based on an open platform that features easy integration with third-party partners through a standard SDK. In this article, we describe 5 best Dahua security cameras and systems. Dahua cameras are competitively priced compared to other security solutions on the market and are one of the most money-saving options. CUCCTV is a dahua distributor based in the UK.


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