How to Save your CCTV Cameras from Lightning Strikes?

After installing the security cameras, you may face some issues related to correct functioning of the security system. Lightning can destroy your security system. As we cannot avoid lightning from occurring, we need to make sure our CCTV is in the safest possible location to protect from this.

Never Mount the Security Camera on Metal

If lightning takes place at any moment, the first material that is likely to get affected by it is metal. As a result, it is advisable not to mount the CCTV camera on a metallic body.

Metals absorb lightning and thus, to protect the cameras you should always avoid keeping CCTV units near metallic units.

Make Sure Your CCTV is Grounded Properly

If the CCTV system is grounded properly, this can help in many ways even if the system is hit by lightning.

For example, you can save your recording device (DVR/NVR) from getting damaged and thus safeguard the essential parts of CCTV cameras even if it gets hit by lightning.


Use a surge protector 

A power surge generates high heat that weakens the wires used in the system so, decreasing their longevity. In the case of major surges, the wires can burst or burn, causing the system to fail. The surge protector prevents such possibilities by promptly recognizing a surge and redirecting the extra electricity to the grounding wire of the power outlet. Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Utilize a power panel

Utilizing a power panel with circuit breakers rather than individual power supplies for cameras to help reduce the damage that can be incurred because of power surges. It is suggested that power panels should be employed in conjunction with a surge protector and/or uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to achieve optimum protection for the system.

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