Tips for Protecting Outdoor Security Cameras

You may know that your surveillance camera is at the risk of damage by rain or other weather conditions and you may need to fix it because of the possibility of the next storm that comes your way. There are several options that will help you to protect your security system, giving you added peace of mind as well as saving you money.

Protect Your Camera with Proper Installation

Perhaps the best protection for your security cameras is to ensure that they are all properly installed. This involves installing them, whenever possible, in areas that provide the best protection and angle of view. The best options are to mount cameras high, under the overhang from a roof or below design features of a building. If there is no built-in protection, search for alternative ways to protect your camera. This can be done with a shield, makeshift awning or plastic as a last resort during an immediate threat.

Use Security Mounts Designed to  Withstand Bad Weather Conditions

Many cameras that are designed for outdoor use come with specialized heavy-duty security mounts.  These surveillance cameras security mounts are designed to help protect against theft, damage and vandalism. Though a solid security mount will not protect against rain damage overtime, it will protect your camera from the heavy winds that usually accompany the rain.

Use Cameras Designed for Outdoor Use

Indoor cameras include no protection against wind, rain, or even heat. Upgrading to a camera particularly rated for outdoor use will give the best protection and higher resistance against the elements. These cameras are easy to find as they should have an “IP” rating with them. IP ratings vary depending on the number following it, and these numbers specify what it will protect your equipment from. If you don’t know what these numbers mean, a quick google search usually gives you the answer you are looking for.

Waterproof VS. Weatherproof

Manufacturers usually use these two terms interchangeably, however, a weatherproof camera is not automatically waterproof. Search for a camera that is IP66 or IP65 rated, these can withstand very heavy downpours while keeping the camera and interior of the camera housing completely dry, if properly installed and maintained.

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