Ajax Alarm Systems VS. Texecom Alarm system


Ajax Alarm Systems VS. Texecom Alarm system: When you want to secure your house, apartment or office, you will have a number of options to choose from: to use a professional security system or choose a non-certified and more affordable alarm system. Without submerging into the nuances, it seems that the differences are insignificant and any security equipment will be able to deal with the task successfully. However,  if you choose the wrong alarm system, the detectors are prone to false alarms or failure to respond to real threats. They may stop functioning unexpectedly and the system will not alert you of the malfunction, radio communication range is barely enough to cover the premises and the connection is regularly interrupted, the app may fail to work correctly and your facility is left completely unprotected from attack by intruders. So, now that we can see the importance of a certified alarm system. Let’s dive into which is the best security system available. Ajax security or texecom wireless alarm system ? But firstly let’s talk about security systems:


Security System Requirements

The security system must use several channels to communicate with the world:

The security system can use different communication channels for the transmission of alarms to the user and the security company: GSM, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. If a security system has several communication channels, one of them is used as the key channel while the others represent backup ones. Such systems are reliable since, a simultaneous failure of several channels is less likely to occur. In the event of a natural failure, the system will continue to function normally. The more communication channels the system uses, the higher the chance of informing the user and the security organization of the threat in a timely manner.

The channels must be of various types. If several GSM-modules are installed in the control panel and no other communication channels are used, then in reality you only have one channel. If GSM frequencies are jammed, the system will be cut off from the outside world.

It also matters how long it takes to switch between communication channels. With cheap alarm systems, the process can take dozens of minutes. Meanwhile, an apartment robbery rarely lasts more than 5-10 minutes.


The security system must use a cloud server:

As a rule, the cloud server shows a link between the control panel and the security system management application. It lets the user control all aspects of the equipment functioning via the Internet even if the user is located a thousand miles away from the facility. Additionally, the server sends informative push notifications about system events and alarms.

In professional systems, cloud servers also survey the connection with the security equipment and its functionality by polling the control panel. The higher the polling frequency is, the faster the server will observe the presence of a problem and will warn the users and the security company of the situation.


The security devices must use reliable forms of technology for communicating with the control panel:

In wireless security systems, the exchange of information between the control panel and the detectors evolves via the radio channel. The communication should be highly reliable as even short-term disruptions are undesirable (they lead to an increase in the time period required for communicating to an alarm) while the loss of communication is completely unacceptable (control panel, and consequently the users and the security company will not be aware of the alarm).

Ajax Alarm Systems ajax security

The Ajax alarm Systems work under the patented Jeweller communication technology. This security system is developed by Ukrainian engineers.

Advantages of Ajax Alarm Systems:

  • They are Mostly Wireless. The only unit that should be connected to the power grid and the Internet is the intelligent central, the main Hub. Besides, the Hub has 2 options to connect to the network: the GSM-slot for a sim-card and the LAN-cable. All of the rest operate via the batteries and it sends signals through its own communication channel over the air.
  • Because of Jeweler technology, the Ajax sensors and devices can be mounted as far as 2 km maximum away from the hub. Despite the distance, the sensor’s data will still be transmitted to the control panel smoothly and instantly, and from there it comes to your phone or a security console, depending on the settings.
  • Ajax wireless alarm systems can be set up independently and easily connected both from scratch and into the already operating system. It’s as simple as just log into the Ajax Security app on your phone, add new sensors to the system by scanning the QR code which are located both on the device and on the box itself, and after that just physically mount them in the room. The Ajax’s sensor installation can be achieved without any experience.
  • Ajax security system is easy to scale and flexible. Wireless detectors eliminate any installation-related problems: does not require hammering the walls in the leased facilities to stretch the wires, and if, upon remodeling, the detector becomes hindered by obstacles, it is easy to move it to another place.
  • Up to 150 security devices can be connected to the security system hub. The hub has a huge communication range — up to 2,000 meters without issues. If this is not enough, the ReX range extender rises the coverage area of the Ajax radio network to 16 km². This way, one system can cover everything: from the increase to the trading floor to the farthest corners of the warehouse. And with MotionProtect Outdoor, even outdoor areas and street warehouses will be protected.
  • Regardless of the number of connected devices, the Ajax alarm system is easy to manage. All information from the detectors is available in a mobile app with a flexible system of admission. You can easily connect Ajax to the central monitoring station of the security company, and if you have your own security service, using the Ajax PRO Desktop application, it can control and configure the system remotely
  • For employees, the Ajax system provides key fobs, keypads, and panic buttons. Using different codes, you can control access to individual rooms and know which of the employees has armed or disarmed the entire system.
  • It is easy to combine a video surveillance into Ajax security system. Whether the facility already had a video surveillance system, or you are just now planning to install it, connecting cameras to Ajax does not need special skills. Top brand IP cameras can be connected in a few clicks, and video streaming is always available in the Ajax app. 
  • Ajax Also offers PIR with camera built-in, this is a feature only available with HUB 2, it’s a great option for that specific spot where you may have employees working with cash or taking payments.

Texecom Alarm SystemsTexecom

With Texecom alarm system Connect, security installers can offer a secure system to the customers with the additional benefits of smart management, automation, and flexible control, all from the established and familiar Premier Elite range of control panels.

The Texecom Connect concept is very simple. At its heart is a professional quality graded intruder alarm system that uses the proven Premier Elite range of control panels. Accompanying the intruder alarm system, security installers can offer a more immersive experience for the customer, letting them take control of the system, with other peripherals such as video, lighting, heating, power management and smart control of household appliances.

For end-users, Texecom Connect fully transforms the end-user experience. The Texecom Connect App makes an environment where end-users actively want to interact with their home, enjoy the new possibilities that are open to them, and produce the piece of mind that comes with knowledge and control. Texecom Connect uses technology to make people’s lives easier, not more complex. Texecom Connect offers a various options for connectivity to transform the  users experience. 


Advantages of Texecom Alarm Systems:

  • Advanced programming functionality
  • Wired, wireless or hybrid.  Grade 2 or Grade 3 options
  • Multi-control options: keypad, fob, tag and app control options
  • Stylish design
  • Smart Home compatible & future-proof
  • Simple to programme & Wintex functionality
  • Easily expandable
  • Ease of programming

At the End …

Ajax Security Systems are uniquely developed by Ukrainian engineers and they operate under the patented Jeweller communication technology. They are mostly Wireless, and the only unit that should be connected to the power grid and the Internet is the central intelligence, the main Hub. Alongside, the Hub has 2 options to connect  to a network: the GSM-slot for a sim-card and the LAN-cable. All of the rest work via the batteries and  sends a signal through it’s own communication channel over the air. The other advantages of Ajax systems is the distance. Because of  Jeweler technology, the Ajax devices and sensors can be mounted as far as 2 km maximum away from the hub. Regardless of distance, the  sensors data will still be transmitted to the control panel instantly and smoothly, and from there it comes to your phone or a security console,  depending on its settings. Ajax Systems give other advantages such as an easy setup, great lifetime length, and various channels to choose from. The Hub supports 2 simultaneous information transfer options – the wired LAN and a GSM network. Thus, burglar alarms can be installed even in the premises with no Internet or a bad connection environment. Ajax company also delivers a special software that lets security companies to monitor alarm system’s real-time status. To make use of this advantage, make sure you signed the agreement with a private or government structure that is licensed to provide such services.

The developers are continuously improving the Ajax app and the system’s hardware both. The Ajax has a lot of awards, like Security & Fire Excellence Award, The Intruder Alarm of the Year, The Best Innovative Product from the MIPS Securika and others. The facts and the numbers speak for themselves and of course you want to be protected by the world’s best because your life and the life of your family members is the most important thing in the world. Now combine that with a unique high-end modern and futuristic design and a lot of useful functions and that’s how people become Ajax Systems fans. CUCCTV is one of the best Ajax distributors & Texecom distributors in the UK.

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