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Today, due to the increasing demand for CCTV installation, the role of a CCTV installer is very prosperous and the career future of this profession can be very exciting. Installers of security systems, install and maintain appropriate electronic systems which detect intruders or access control to buildings and locations. In this article, join us, as we explain how to enter the CCTV installation world and earn money.

What qualifications are needed to be a CCTV installer?

Due to the security and importance of camera installation, the best way to gain this specialty is to participate in CCTV camera installation courses in a reputable school or start working as an amateur, Although employers can expect you to have specific diplomas or similar qualifications, you do not need any specific qualifications to start an apprenticeship.

How to enter the CCTV installation job market?

A professional CCTV installer must have the necessary skills to install a variety of analog CCTV cameras and network IP systems, an expert must also have the necessary skills in-camera settings, methods of recording and transferring images from the camera to a USB flash or computer, and mobile.

You can enter this job through these three ways:

Professional courses offered by private training institutions: If you have learned this subject without any practical training, you will not be able to install the camera professionally and this may cause you to lose a customer and fail the job. Therefore, take CCTV installation courses before entering this journey. You can study at a private training institution. In these courses, the installation and configuration of various types of the Best CCTV cameras are taught in a completely practical and specialized way.

Apprenticeships: You can enter this profession by completing an advanced course in security systems. You can also apprentice as an advanced smart home technician if you want to install and configure a “smart” home security system. For example, intrusion alarms, sensors, and monitoring devices are controlled through connected devices.

By direct enrollment: You can apply directly to the employer if you have the skills and knowledge for the job. For example, experience in electrical or electronic work. Previous experience in the electrical or electronics field can be very helpful when looking for a job in this field of work.

What does the security system installer do?

A person who installs security systems and maintains electronic systems to detect intruders and control access to buildings or premises should do these activities.

Security Installers activities include:

  • Discuss security plans with customers
  • Conduct site surveys to find out where to place security devices
  • Install security systems and connect them to control panels controlled by WiFi, fiber, and other connections
  • Test systems and teach customers how to use them
  • Checks and maintains existing systems
  • Answer calls to repair faulty systems
  • Work includes installations such as closed-circuit television (CCTV), access control to buildings, fire and intrusion alarms, and electronic surveillance equipment.
installs security systems

installs security systems

Home CCTV security system installation

Installing security cameras is a great addition to alarms in homes and businesses. CCTV does not simply offer glorious felony and thief deterrence — many householders’ only focus is to detect anti-social behavior raging in elements of the United Kingdom. Families see CCTV as a crucial part of protecting their home and method of life — protecting themselves from intrusion.

Benefits are:

  • Monitor your home from wherever, whilst away from home or on vacation
  • Record activity for review at a later day
  • Proactively stop crime exploitation assemblage and cameras
  • Track World Health Organization area unit visiting senior or dependent relatives’ exploitation hidden security cameras.

CCTV installation price range

The standard cost of a camera set up is £50 per camera and no doubt customers are looking to install a good quality camera at a low price, so try to set a reasonable and competitive price for your services, especially in the early months when it starts operating. This will increase the number of your customers and thus you will earn more profit and income. Reasonable and competitive CCTV installation prices on the one hand can absorb more customers into your career and on the other hand, you can gain more experience and expand your work and the range of your services. Also, the skills and experience of the installer are so important.

CCTV installation services

Many services such as Initial site survey, design, installation, and maintenance of your video surveillance system are given by the CCTV installation experts. In this work, providing quality services, advertising, providing special and unique services, etc. are effective. CCTV installation services include:

CCTV is an excellent deterrent against theft and burglary: properly used cameras and road signs can greatly reduce crime.

Continuous recording on a standalone digital video recorder: giving you peace of mind that everything in and around your home is being recorded.

Infrared Night Vision: Many systems use infrared night vision to capture images of completely dark areas of your home, such as alleys and yards.

Display on your iPhone/iPad: You can configure your CCTV system to display on your smartphone.


As mentioned above, the demand for Security camera installation is rising and the Demand for CCTV cameras is expected to skyrocket over the next few years. Based on the latest forecast, this market is expected to grow to $ 44 billion by 2025, up from $ 23.6 billion in 2019, reaching a compound annual growth rate of nearly 13%.

The feeling that our home is a safe place is essential to maintaining a good mental state – it makes sense for people to protect their homes by installing extra security. So if you start your career in this field, without a doubt, you will have a very successful business.

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