Best UNV (Uniview) CCTV kits in the UK (2023)

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Uniview CCTV in the UK: Imagine someone breaks into your car on the street in front of your doorstep. How can you check out the theft? Security technologies are getting improved and advanced. They also increase the security level of our life. So we don’t need to be worried about any burglar or intruder; we only need to install a well-known security device. For example, you can try an UNV CCTV kit to protect your beloved family, valid belongings, and property. Stay with us to get more information about this complete security kit. 


What is the UNV CCTV kit? 

Security cameras are the most delightful tool to increase your property, home, and business security. However, by default, a video surveillance system will not do much to stop criminal activity. 

If you want more than security camera footage of someone breaking into your car, property, and other places, choose the UNV CCTV kit. This smart advanced security kit is ready for you. 

At first glance, these security kits may not look like other special security tools but hiding beneath the surface, this security kit rolls 3 of UNV’s greatest hits into one powerful triple-threat security camera with deep-learning artificial intelligence.

These try to guard security kits are not messing around. We will tell you more about these kits and what they can do. The UNV CCTV security kits are excellent triple-threat security cameras that pack a lot of features into the tiny and unassuming body. 


What does an UNV CCTV kit do?

In normal times the security kit act as a regular security camera, simply viewing and recording whatever it sees. But behind the scenes, these kits always watch for important events, constantly filter out unimportant motion, and always keep a bright and colourful eye on your property. They are good choices and perfect for 

  • Dangerous areas (do not approach)
  • no parking zone ( no parking, leave)
  • high crime locations ( you are in the alert area, leave)
  • storefront in need of a friendly greeter (welcome)


What are the features of the best UNV CCTV kit?

Let’s look at the 3 main features of this kit that make it a triple threat. Artificial intelligence has taken the security industry by storm, and UNV deep learning ai has been popping up in more and more of their products.

It is an excellent time to look at an event trip during all-night modes to give you an idea of what to expect.  

Deep learning ai active deterrence and colour hunter illumination all warped up in this simple and unassuming kit housings give UNV CCTV cameras a vast potential to become your video surveillance system’s secret weapon.  


Detection object (motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle, and pedestrian)

If you want to learn more about deep learning and how it works, search for it. Traditional pixel-based motion detection can determine if something is moving in the camera’s field of view.

But it must be smart enough to know whether that motion is essential. The UNV CCTV kit will send the same signals regardless of whether a burglar is tripping your line crossing event or a squirrel.

You will get so many push notifications that you will start to ignore them, and technology like this would never work with an active deterrence camera because your alarms would be going off every hour of the night.

Enter deep learning artificial intelligence with this ai technology; your camera can filter out non-important movement and only notify you about activity that you are interested in.

You can set this up to only pay attention to humans, motorized vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, or any combination of these 3 object types. It is time to move on to the second threat in the following part.


Excellent active deterrence

Setting up a video surveillance system is a great option to deter crime, but security cameras only provide passive deterrence by default. They sit there quietly, recording whatever they see.

Active deterrence UNV camera, however, takes a different approach, as the name suggests. The UNV CCTV kit comes with a camera with bright white lights on the front that flashes during events and loud and crisp speakers that can say anything.

These cameras come with several sounds by default, but you can add your own sounds through text-to-speech or recording your voice. These active deterrence features are so customizable, making this kit incredibly flexible for a wide variety of scenarios.

Last but not least, the third threat on this kit is color hunter illumination technology, and we will talk about it in the next part. (Comparing Uniview Lighthunter & Colorhunter Technologies)


Crisp, clear 24 7 footage

The camera’s white lights can do much more than deter criminal activity. If you choose, you can leave the lights on all night long to act as floodlights for this camera’s colour hunter illumination technology.

This allows you to see your surveillance scene in full crisp colour detail 24 7. Not a fan of the colour mode, but it’s no problem.

 Unlike other 24 7 colour cameras, the UNV CCTV kit also includes infrared LEDs so you can still experience the classic black-and-white night mode. Why would you choose black and white over colour?

The colour mode is excellent for capturing sharp details up close, but the white light doesn’t travel nearly as far as infrared light. So your field of view is somewhat limited at night if the colour mode is turned on.

But it sure would be great if there was a way to get the best of both worlds. The sharp, colourful detail of the white light mixed with the long-range reliability of the infrared mode. Fortunately, there is with hybrid mode.

With hybrid light mode, you can enable the ir lights, which remain on by default. Take advantage of that full ir range for Uniview CCTV, but when an event is tripped, the lights will come on, and the camera will switch to full-colour mode allowing you to capture the full sharp, colourful detail only when needed.


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WiFi UNV CCTV kit is the best

As we see in today’s society, the demand for WiFi devices is increasing, which saves us from complicated wiring and network setup. One of the best security systems is a WiFi UNV CCTV kit. Choose this item, and you will face many wonderful options and items. This kit contains: 

  • WiFi camera
  • WiFi nvr
  • Accessories


All devices in this kit use wireless communication. It means there is no need for complicated construction wiring, and you can quickly connect it through WiFi signals. It is also essential to know how to set up WiFi connections.

For the first step, you have to power up the camera, then power up the nvr and connect it to a monitor via HDMI cable. It is time to open its uni interface. The cameras will get online automatically.

Another feature of this UNV kit is the WiFi cascade. You need the configuration of the WiFi cascade too. To perform this process, you need to click the network. This function enables a remote WiFi Uniview camera to use another closer camera as a cascade.

You can establish a solid connection to the nvr. This kit can support 3 layers of WiFi connection, and the distance can reach up to 900 meters.

As you got UNV kit not only brings you quick network connections but also extends transmission distance. It is good to simplify wiring and increase efficiency. UNV kit makes the wireless connection more accessible than ever.


Introducing the best UNV CCTV kit

UNV owns a brand new WiFi and a strong signal repeater function kit. You may hear about it before. All the functionalities of this kit will make you excited. It is beautiful to check out all these features in action.

In this part, we will tell how to connect the new and the best WiFi camera to the network and how to add it to nvr. It would help if you connected the camera to your laptop directly. Access the IPC webpage via the default IP address. 

It is better to change the password and log in. Then you will move on to set up and follow the below steps: 

  • Go to network
  • Click the WiFi option
  • Change WiFi mode to WiFi
  • Connect the camera to the WiFi
  • Then the camera will obtain a new IP address
  • Login again with the new IP address
  • You have connected the camera to WiFi successfully  

It is also good to know how to add the camera to NVR based on the following steps:

  • Log into the NVR
  • Move to set up
  • Check the camera option
  • Select auto search
  • Select the WiFi camera
  • Click ok
  • The camera will be online


Final thought

Security is one of the most important things for many people. No matter where they live in the UK, England, Manchester, or anywhere else. Security systems and cameras are vital for protecting valid belongings and beloved families.

Since the UK has different security system brands, finding the best one may be complicated. According to the gathered information, the best and most practical security system comes with the help of an UNV manufacturer.

If you are looking for the most secure and available camera to protect and save your property, we recommend you choose the UNV kit. This kit is the best option in the UK and has a strong WiFi connection, so it satisfies you. We’re UNV CCTV authorised distributor in the UK, also you can check the UNV CCTV camera price on the website after open trade account.

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