Comparing Uniview Lighthunter & Colorhunter Technologies

Comparing Uniview Lighthunter & Colorhunter Technologies

Homeowners care about image quality more than anything else regarding video security systems, security cameras, and surveillance ones. Getting high-quality images from security cameras is essential to identify the persons at your doorstep or others. Based on the gathered information, Uniview is one of the best manufacturers in this security field. This brand comes with too many features. According to users’ comments, 2 critical features of this brand are Lighthunder and Colorhunter. If you need to become more familiar with these features, stay with us to get enough information on Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter.

Don’t underestimate this updated and modern security manufacturer. It comes with different unique features and equipment. Enjoy the improved and innovative technologies available in Uniview company’s devices. We are here to tell you more about some of Uniview smart devices’ features.  


What Is Uniview Colorhunter?

As the name of this feature shows, uniview colorhunter focuses on the color quality of images in Uniview cameras (For Dahua called full-colour and for Hikvision called ColorVu). This feature enhances color accuracy and quality for homeowners and business holders. 

High-resolution images are the most demanded things for everyone in security systems. This particular feature comes with specific algorithms to boost the quality of images. 

The improved image quality is possible via the colorhunter feature of the Uniview manufacturer. As you can see, colorhunter will increase the color focus and reduce distortion in obtained images.

 If you want vivid and clear images with the best color, we recommend choosing the Uniview camera because of its colorhunter feature. Color accuracy can help you identify burglars and intruders easily and quickly. 

This feature makes Uniview an ideal security device for every homeowner. This is a vital feature to identify different persons and things whenever you are in urgent need. 

Uniview lighthunter vs. colorhunter can be one of the most valuable topics for every homeowner looking for the highest security and safety level. Each feature is suitable and makes your security system more valuable and practical. 


What Is Uniview Lighthunter? 

Uniview Lighthunter is another available technology in Uniview security cameras. This unique feature helps you to get the best image with the highest quality. Lighthunter positively affects camera software and increases the quality level of photos. 

Good security cameras need high-quality image sensors to perceive the highest available sensitivity. Be careful about your chosen camera sensor because it helps you recognize if someone approaches your property day or night. 

Lighthunter is also the best mixture of software and hardware sections of a security device that increase image quality. Before comparing Uniview lighthunter and colorhunter, you need to know more about the Lighthunter feature. 

This unique feature offers the best and most qualified image of your property’s exterior location or area. Artificial lighting may affect this feature, but you can still experience the highest-quality recording process with the help of this unique feature.  

unv lighthunter


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What Are the Differences between Uniview Lighthunter vs Colorhunter Features? 

As you know, Uniview is one of the leading security cameras in the UK market. It has too many solutions to keep different properties as secure as possible. Uniview cameras come with too practical and helpful features like lighthunter and colorhunter. 

These 2 features are very effective on the security level of Uniview cameras, their prices, customers’ satisfaction, and other essential matters. In addition, these 2 features can meet different needs and requirements of various industries. 

It is good to know Uniview lighthunter and colorhunter series concentrate on the video with the highest quality, but they have some differences too. The lighthunter is suitable for conditions with lower light, offers a different range of lenses, and has too many smart and secure features. 

In contrast, colorhunter cameras offer extra color features and good light according to the environmental condition. You must know your target and choose the most suitable Uniview series for your property. What is your security need?  

Most popular Uniview cameras own these 2 features to share a better and more secure level of safety for people. Lighthunter and colorhunter features increase the video quality but also significantly differ. In the following parts, we will tell you more about the Uniview lighthunter vs. colorhunter differences. 


  • Light Quality 

As this feature relates to light, you must consider the lighthunter part. This unique feature comes to increase the quality of videos by making the best-designed light rate. This feature helps to have high-quality videos even in low-light conditions. 

Lighthunter is an advanced feature of Uniview cameras, among other available and ordinary features. Do you want clear images and videos? Search for the lighthunter part and capture the highest quality videos outdoor of your building. 

You will get the highest quality of indoor and outdoor videos with the help of the lighthunter feature of the Uniview security camera. It will be a helpful feature for those who need the highest-quality videos. 

All of these details and options come to your security with the help of the lighthunter feature, not the colorhunter. Their functions and benefits are different from each other. 


  • High Color Reproduction

 As you can understand by the name of this feature, high color reproduction is about the colorhunter part of Uniview cameras. This feature is vital whenever you or other owners need the most accurate color details. 

Color representation is significant in some environments and places. High-quality images are crucial in the Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter discussion, especially in low-light conditions. Color performance is more critical in the colorhunter feature. 

As we said before, these 2 features, colorhunter, and lighthunter, are different. For example, colorhunter cares about the accuracy level of color more than anything else. 

unv colorhunter

  • Lens Features 

Lens features and options are other vital points available in the colorhunter feature of Uniview cameras. There are 3 crucial lenses available in these cameras: 

  • Varifocal lenses
  • Motorized zoom lenses
  • Fixed lenses

Since there are different types of lenses, you will need help to choose the most suitable and flexible one for your property. Colorhunter feature focuses on selecting the right lens. In most Uniview cameras, you will face fixed lenses.

Fixed lenses are not very flexible, and they come with some limitations. They don’t have enough versatility in your demanded condition. You are the final decider in choosing the most appropriate camera with specific lenses.


  • Infrared Lighting

This unique feature is essential in both the lighthunter and colorhunter features of Unview cameras. It means these cameras can capture the clear and most qualified images and videos even in total darkness. 

Although this unique feature relates to both colorhunter and lighthunter, in the Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter subjects, infrared illumination refers mainly to the lighthunter feature. This option makes it easier to check out the outdoor condition. 


  • Different Smart and Secure Options 

Uniview cameras have innovative and secure options like motion detection, high-quality images, and facial recognition. Although Uniview, with both lighthunter and colorhunter options, has advanced features, lighthunter has more important smart features like intrusion detection. 

If you are looking for high-quality videos and the most secure options to keep your property safe, we recommend you use the cameras with the lighthunter feature. These cameras can be most helpful and provide the highest level of security.          


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Influential Factors on UNV Camera Price        

When you want to increase the security level of your property, it is better to choose and use security cameras. Most of these cameras come with the highest prices. How much money do you want to invest in your home or property security procedure and devices? 

One of the best and most affordable smart security cameras is Uniview. This brand comes with different unique features and prices. Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter can show the price of this security camera. 

These features are well-known and vital to find the best price for your needed property. What type of security camera do you need the most? There are different factors influential on the cost of Uniview camera prices. We are going to tell you more about these critical factors: 

  • The type of camera: UNV has different kinds of cameras with additional features and benefits. Some of them are bullet while others are box cameras. So each of these cameras has its own pros and cons. The price depends on the advanced features of each type of UNV CCTV camera. Moreover, their design is very effective on the price.
  • The video quality or resolution: note that resolution is also significant for the price quotations. High resolution will cause higher prices, while lower resolution will require less money. Resolution is a helpful technology, so it affects the price straightly. It depends on your budget to choose the highest resolution or low-quality images.
  • Different security features: since UNV cameras own various security features, some are more expensive than others. Night vision is one of the most effective security features. Note that motion detection can increase the camera price too. Facial recognition is another vital feature in finding the best price for UNV cameras.


UNV Camera properties

In case of looking for a high-quality security system, you can choose the UNV camera with the most reliable and trustable feature based on the UNV CCTV system’s options and available features. One of these features is the UNV camera distributor. 

This feature provides a wide range of safest smart options, which help you keep your property as safe as possible. UNV CCTV is a particular device with cutting-edge features and advanced technology. 

Every residential, commercial, and governmental place can use these unique Uniview cameras with trustable distributors. These cameras have too many smart and technical features or options like the highest resolution, ease of use, and other advanced security features. 

Uniview is an ideal choice for everyone looking for the most secure system. Choosing a high-level distributor makes you sure about the access point of the camera. It also helps you get UNV IP cameras too. 

You can use other camera accessories and security software with the help of a camera distributor. As the final note about these particular devices, you must know their expert features as a proper solution.

What are your specific security needs? You can even use Hikvision if you are still looking for the best UNV distributor device. Compare UNV vs Hikvision to choose the most appropriate security system for your home and other property. 

Uniview comes with the highest quality, affordable prices, different sizes, and the most advanced updated features. Choose your needed cameras at the best possible prices. Find and select the best UNV camera distributor to keep your property as secure and progressive as possible.

Hikvision is also an excellent smart security camera with unique features and options. Still, the UNV camera is the most secure surveillance security camera with unique and outstanding safety features like lighthunter and colorhunter features. 


Final Thought 

 You may think every security camera is the same as others, but Uniview cameras are exceptional among other available choices in the UK market. Even Uniview cameras with the lighthunter feature differ from Uniview cameras with the colorhunter series. 

According to the shared details and essential features Uniview lighthunter vs colorhunter article, which one do you prefer the most? You can choose the most suitable one based on your security needs and requirements. 

Finally, choose a lighthunter in case to capture the highest quality image in the lowest light condition, and find the Colorhunter series cameras if you need some exceptional color accuracy and detailed color representation. We’re UNV CCTV authorised distributor in the UK, also you can check the UNV CCTV camera price on the website after open trade account. 

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