How To Configure Dahua DVR For Remote Viewing?

How To Configure Dahua DVR For Remote Viewing

Most people who buy surveillance cameras plan to view one or more specific locations online and remotely. When you buy a security camera, you need to consider whether that camera supports the online system and remote viewing. You can easily configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

First of all, to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing, you need a router that transmits high-quality images. Once you have installed the router, it is time to get a high-speed internet connection to transfer the image to your mobile/ or computer.

In this article, we are going to explain to you how to do the Dahua DVR setup.

These days, by configuring Dahua DVR for remote viewing, people can monitor where they want to go. In fact, when you install a security system in a specific place, you can prevent unfortunate events such as theft/ fire/ sabotage/ etc.

Watching online CCTV Camera – CCTV Camera remote view

Watching online CCTV Camera  (CCTV Camera remote view)

The Importance of Installing Surveillance Cameras for Business

Therefore, if you have not provided a security camera for your business, it is recommended that you do so as soon as possible, you can see different places of your business. Some security cameras are such that they can call the police or you as soon as they see a case; you can get to work very quickly.

It is recommended to put an alarming eye next to the security camera. So with this device, you can determine that if a person passes a place, this will inform you very quickly. The eye has many uses in detecting thieves, so it is possible to maintain a complete range without having to monitor the entire area.

Now, in order to be able to watch your surveillance cameras online, you should have a Dahua DVR setup meaning there must be internet on both sides of the device.

It should be noted that the higher the speed of your internet connection, the faster the videos sent from the security camera will be viewed.

If your internet camera speed, as well as the speed of your mobile or laptop internet, slows down, it will cause you to watch security camera videos on the scene. As a result of this, you will not be able to have a higher quality of monitoring on a particular location.

If your work is sensitive and needs to be resolved very quickly, it is recommended that you provide a high-speed internet connection for both your mobile device and your security camera.


Do you really always need high-speed internet? – is it important to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing?

No. If your business is such that you need to see the location of the business, you do not always have to have the ultimate speed.

For example, you own a chain store and there are thousands of small/ large products in your store. A person may enter the store then steal a small item. In this case, despite the low speed of the Internet, you will not be able to find out about this issue.

Dahua AirShield Wireless Alarm System


dahua remote


So if you can take care of your business from home, we suggest you get high-speed internet for your surveillance camera.

But on the other hand, if you have a camera for your home and you want to have full control over your home from work, you really do not need a high-speed internet connection. At the same time, you can see a person without permission to enter your place of residence; you can call the police very quickly or return home from work.

Dahua remote viewing app – Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing 

In this section, we are going to show you how you can configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

One of the easiest ways to transfer images via Dahua DVR is to use P2P technology.

Introduce Dahua remote viewing app

If you want to watch security cameras on your Android phone, you must first install the DMSS software then, you should configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

And if your phone is an iPhone, download the DMSS Camera software through the App Store.


dahua mobile application

DMSS – Dahua Professional Mobile Surveillance App.


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After installing this software, just open the software and register.

Registration in this application is straightforward. Just select the name of the country/ region; follow with the final instructions.

But before you can watch the security camera remotely, you have to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

  1. Turn on your Dahua DVR to start to configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing.
  2. Enter the password required to enter the settings.Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing
  3. In the settings section, look for the Network option.
  4. A menu will open for you and select the first option, TCP / IP. Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing
  5. After selecting this option in the Mode section, select the DHCP option.
  6. After doing this, click Save.
  7. Last menu option, there is an option called P2P, click on it.
  8. Tick the Enable to enable P2P.Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing
  9. In this section, two QR codes are displayed for you. Now open the same program that was introduced above for download on your phone and scan the Device SN option using the camera inside the QR Code program.


Congrats! You just configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing!


 + Just enter the required information in the Dahua web service login. You do not always need to do this or configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing every time.


By doing this once and configuring Dahua DVR for remote viewing, the security camera will be permanently stored in the application environment of your phone.  Each time you enter the introduced program, you will be able to access your security camera being able to control it.

However your phone’s camera may now have a problem where you cannot scan the QR code displayed.

Nothing can stop this process. In-fact, by entering the software environment introduced for download, you can apply manual settings to view the remote monitoring camera.

To do this, just run the introduced software on your device.

Click the top three lines to the right of the application to display more options. Select the “Device Manager” option.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

To be able to enter the ID manually, select the “Wired Device” option.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

Then enter a new environment and click on the “P2P” option.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

You can now enter the following QR Code in the “SN” field.

Configure Dahua DVR for remote viewing

Then, click “Start Live Preview”.

From here you can see all your security cameras with this software and you will also be able to manage your security camera using your mobile phone or laptop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to view surveillance cameras using a computer?

Yes, after configuring Dahua DVR for remote viewing, you can install SmartPSS software to view surveillance cameras on your laptop/computer.

All you have to do is install the “SmartPSS” software on your computer and add the security camera by registering in the software followed by entering your information.

The process of using “SmartPSS” software is the same as the software introduced for Android.

Smart PSS dahua uk

Smart PSS software for CCTV remote view

Is it possible to view the security camera online just by installing Dahua CCTV on the router?

No. You need to make the necessary settings for this. Just go to your Dahua DVR and enter the user information. GO to the “network” section through the menu and make the settings provided in this article.

You will then be able to view your Dahua CCTV online.

Can anyone hack my security camera?

You may be wondering if anyone can hack security cameras. The answer to this question is yes. If the IP of your security camera is predictable, or if everyone knows what the IP of your surveillance camera device is, as well as using username information such as a username and password, your security camera will be hacked very quickly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not provide your user information as well as the IP of your camera to suspicious people.

In fact, anyone who has the IP of the camera, as well as the user information of the camera, can see the place very quickly and do the necessary sabotage.

Is the software introduced in the article secure?

YES! There is software that was introduced for Android and iOS devices; you can download this software from Google Play as well as the Apple App Store.


This article explains to you how you can configure Dahua P2P web login and Dahua DVR. Transferring a security camera image to your phone or laptop is very important, if you plan to view your workplace remotely, you must do so. If you think you may have difficulties with connecting your Dahua CCTV UK to your mobile phone, you can request help from a computer specialist or security camera specialist. Advice and assistance is available through the CUCCTV store or through the brand of system/ cameras, themselves.

Dahua is one of the best CCTV brands in the UK and around the world that captures high-quality images for you. Dahua company has been able to achieve maximum satisfaction of its customers, for the reason of their trusted and safe products. There is Dahua DVR Software that you can use to set up your security camera. This software is very easy to work with and you can install Dahua DVR Software on your Android or iOS phone. Dahua CCTV is one of the best surveillance cameras in the UK that you can use to increase the security of your workplace/ home.

CUCCTV (online shopping/ in-store/ phone-call) is one of the most reputable stores for buying security cameras and their supporting accessories in the UK. A feature of using the Dahua partner service is a warranty on all products. You can check dahua products, place an order & use free shopping for purchases over £75. We have a discount price only for trader users that logged in to their accounts.

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