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Dahua WizMind Vs Dahua WizSense

Dahua WizMind Vs Dahua WizSense: Dahua Technology, which has developed award-winning deep machine learning algorithms, is proud to announce the launch of Dahua WizMind. A portfolio of project-oriented products that include: fixed and PTZ IP cameras, NVRs, thermal imaging devices and software platforms. The WizSense series uses independent AI chips and a Deep Learning. WizMind can deliver robust and end-to-end AI solutions for a multitude of vertical organisations, including government, retail, energy, transportation, and finance companies.

Human-centered Dahua WizMind

WizMind technology offers end-to-end, human-centered solutions. They provide face recognition; privacy protection; a collection of metadata about a person; people counting; stereo analysis and so on. These solutions are characterized by fast and accurate incident responses. Intelligent algorithms provide a fast and accurate search for targets whilst provide, varied data about a person for business analysis.

For data protection of peoples’ appearance WizMind has implemented a privacy protection function. Intelligent algorithms provide mosaic masking of a person’s face or body within the monitoring area. This is necessary for litigation use and important for optimising the retail point of sale business, without violating privacy or GDPR.

Dahua WizMind with a focus on transport

Intelligent vehicle-oriented solutions can be built based on Dahua WizMind technology. Supports automatic license plate recognition collection of vehicle metadata, monitoring of parking violations, as well as quick search and business analysis.

By checking license plates against the database for blacklisting and VIP transport, ANPR helps improve parking and city road management. It also supports the search for suspicious cars at the request of the police. Today the ANPR CCTV Camera system recognises license plates from 58 countries of the world.

WizMind and thermal imaging technologies

Dahua WizMind supports the integration of deep machine learning algorithms with thermal imaging technologies. This allows monitoring at long distances; working in difficult environmental conditions; contactless temperature measurement and preventing fires.

Dahua’s non-contact body temperature measurement solution measures up to 3 people per second with an accuracy of ± 0.3 . Today, such solutions are deployed in a multitude of transport hubs, financial institutions, commercial complexes, schools, and elsewhere – Bit random to have brought the pandemic into it, without any further discussion explanation

Dahua WizMind Vs Dahua WizSense

Dahua Technology declares openness and cooperation. As part of its open policy, the company ensures that WizMind solutions are compatible with solutions from its main technology partners: Milestone, AxxonSoft, ISS and many others. Moreover, Dahua supports the DHOP platform and is API sufficient for any practical tasks. This allows you to combine the capabilities of Dahua WizMind with almost any system, alongside appropriate marketing activities being carried out with the company’s technology partners aimed at ensuring the systems work together.

In recent years, solutions including new project-oriented products and application software platforms with artificial intelligence, have emerged. They have grown significantly in the areas of retail, finance, transportation, and so on. Many problems are solved faster and easier with the new WizMind technology, which is based on the characteristics of humans, cars, thermal cameras, and ecosystems.

Dahua WizMind, technology based on human characteristics.

There is now a rapid and intelligent response to the dangers and integrated human-centered security solutions. For instance, face recognition; privacy; counting people in and out; metadata; etc, are much more important. The origins and use of WizMind with artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms are designed for just that.

Due to the importance of human-centered data for business analysis, a more accurate and efficient AI search has been proposed to find the following targets.

Recognising people’s faces in the UK 

Dahau camera With the use of artificial intelligence technology, the rate of accuracy in recognising people’s faces has become much higher than before – ultimately dependable.

Protecting the privacy of individuals

Privacy protection is provided by GDPR; which is widely used in courts and retail.

Video metadata

Human video metadata is very useful for quick access to the target location.

Counting people

The ability to count people in crowded places is very useful for business analysis.

Heat map

Using the heat map of the two user models, the number of people gathered in one place and the average time that these people are standing there is very significant.

Stereo analysis

This feature is very suitable for recognising people’s behaviour and focusing on the points that attract attention.

Security in seven environments

In large environments, the presence of panoramic images with high detail is very necessary. Features such as: population density; AR map and smart tracking.

Smart tracking‌

A smart tracking system with an accuracy of over 90% is a great way to track a subject.

Dahua WizMind technology based on vehicle

Car-based artificial intelligence solutions such as ANPR (Car License Plate Identification), Car Metadata and Illegal Parks. They are used for easier control, faster search, and business analysis.

Currently, there is a need to install Dahua CCTV cameras on intercity roads, parking lots, stations and entrances to residential complexes. At the city level, using a car-based artificial intelligence solution, automatic license plate number recognition with Dahua WizMind is provided.


The automatic number-plate recognition system is active in 58 countries around the world.

Dahua WizMind Vs Dahua WizSense

Car metadata

Car video metadata is very useful for quick access to the subject’s location.

Detection of an illegal car park

An Illegal car park detector identifies cars parked in illegal places; being more accurate based on in-depth learning, a modernised fast pace process.


WizMind technology based on thermal camera technology

Deep learning algorithms have been developed with thermal camera technology to assist users. They are combined to monitor at great distances in areas with harsh conditions. High non-contact accuracy for temperature monitoring in the positive range of minus 0.3 degrees for fire detection.

Monitoring at high distances ‌

High-distance surveillance easily detects a human or vehicle, even at a distance of 20 km.

Temperature monitoring

Different temperature reports are performed to reach an accurate temperature.

Fire prevention

By detecting subjects that have a temperature different from the average scene temperature, protection from mass fires can be in place, and foreseen drastic measures can be responded to and implemented quickly.

What is Dahua WizSense?

Dahua WizSense is a series of products and end-to-end solutions from Dahua Technology based on artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence, AI). The WizSense series uses independent AI chips and a Deep Learning (DL) algorithm to recognise people/ vehicles with highly trusted accuracy, so users can focus on real-world targets.

The Dahua WizSense series is based on the advanced technology of Dahua. In addition to intelligent recognition of people and cars, the series allows you to accurately predict events; instantly deter an intruder; and quickly search for a target after an event – save memory and traffic with high detail of objects of interest. 

Using accurate forecasting, WizSense provides more warning of incidents instead of solely information about what happened. WizSense technology includes SMD Plus technology; perimeter security and facial recognition that can extract information about people and vehicles from massive data. Significantly, this reduces the number of false alarms caused by objects of no interest to the user.


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dahua wizsense

Key technologies of the Dahua WizSense series

SMD Plus (Smart Motion Detection Plus) analyzes the shape of the human body and car body using a deep learning algorithm and sends alarms only when a person or a car appears. 

Perimeter Protection (PP) – the perimeter protection function, which is based on the intersection of the line and control of a certain area, sends an alarm signal only if the unwanted movement of a person or vehicle is determined. 

Active Deterrence – a built-in spotlight and siren in camcorders provide active warning of offenders and inform users about the event. Active warning of offenders after their detection can remarkably reduce the likelihood of an unlawful incident at the monitored object. Alert users with real-time push notifications that indicate the type of alarm (person or vehicle). Users can watch videos of violations. 

Face Detection is a function designed to determine if there is any human face in the video. This technology uses a deep learning algorithm to support face detection, tracking, optimisation, and capturing and then outputs the best face shot.

Face Recognition is a function used to identify a captured face with target characteristics and compare them with a database of faces to identify personnel. By comparing images of detected faces with images from a customisable database, users gain more value for their business through VIP recognition; blacklist alarms; stranger alarms and more. 

Thermal Imaging – Dahua thermal imaging cameras incorporate a combination of thermal imaging and artificial intelligence technologies to detect dangerous situations in time.

AI coding guarantees high-quality target images. As the resolution of monitors is constantly increasing, one of the most important user concerns has been how to preserve image quality while conserving storage space. WizSense AI coding based on CBR (Constant Bit Rate) dynamically distributes the bitrate to deliver crisp images with savings of up to 50% bitrate compared to H.265. 

Basic use cases for Dahua WizSense

The versatility of Dahua WizSense is that anyone can take advantage of artificial intelligence. With an affordable price point and a simple WizSense configuration, AI can now be applied to real-world scenarios. WizSense has a simple configuration, especially for SMD Plus, which can be launched with just one button press. Users can easily complete their daily tasks; consequently make better business decisions.

Dahua WizMind Vs Dahua WizSense

Private house and Dahua WizSense

With Dahua WizSense technology and AI, you can reduce false alarms and receive notifications when only a person or a vehicle is detected.

Highly effective visual and audible deterrence of intruders (spotlight and siren on the video camera) immediately after their detection ensures the protection of your property at any given time.

Protecting stores, boutiques, VIP customer service, and WizSense

As soon as your system detects the appearance of a person with a criminal record, Dahua WizSense devices will immediately start tracking him and simultaneously send an alarm.

Dahua WizSense can pinpoint VIP customers and send notifications to the manager via apps, which improves management efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Video surveillance for large factories and enterprises and WizSense

Dahua WizSense improves the efficiency of your surveillance centre staff. Round-the-clock video surveillance presents great difficulties for the security service since its number is limited and it has to keep track of a huge amount of detail. WizSense filters out unimportant signals caused by rustling leaves, lights, animals, saving users time.

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