AJAX Multi-subscription: Synchronous monitoring of Ajax security systems by multiple services in Manchester City Central

ajax alarm services in manchester


Businesses and companies whose’ locations are geographically dispersed (i.e: chain stores/ restaurants/ or hotels, must depend on local security companies for security. This can result in scattered data due to the use of multiple resources, required per location. Ajax multi-subscription is the response to the need for simplification and centralisation of its customers; to provide this it has changed the functionality of its system to offer multi-subscription. Read this article to learn more about it.

What is Ajax Multi-subscription

For example, every facility of a company with 10 properties in different cities would be connected to the nearest surveillance center. Ajax security system has been updated with the multi-subscription feature. With Ajax multi-subscription, different locations can be monitored via one hub whilst, involved parties are simultaneously informed of events and alarms.

Ajax multi-subscription helps corporate security departments to effectively audit service providers such as installers and monitoring companies. From the same hub, the security department can: manage changes to security mode;  access employees to specific places; and view streams from surveillance cameras.

The multiple subscriptions have also eliminated unnecessary communication between the police and the company’s security department. Retail chains, hotel and tourism companies, coffee and restaurant chains, petrol station chains, cottage villages, residential complexes, manufacturers, agro holdings can all benefit from Ajax multi-subscription.


ajax alarm services in manchester


Ajax Multi-subscription function

Ajax system data can be transformed to event codes of diverse protocols using the Translator utility. Protocols include Contact ID; Manitou; SIA DC09;  SBN; Sentinel; Kronos; and MASTERMind. Thanks to Cloud, Ajax multi-subscription is implemented. Ajax Cloud allows multiple subscriptions. The cloud server receives alarms and events from the Ajax security system whilst broadcasting them directly to use monitoring software and mobile applications.

With Ajax multi-subscription it is possible to monitor multiple sites using one hub; interested parties are notified of events and alarms at the same time. With the PRO Desktop application, the transmission of events and alarms to the right recipient can be easily organized by selecting the desired company from the list or searching for it via email with a few clicks. 

In addition, PRO Desktop offers comprehensive object profiles; a two-year event log with instant search; and a flexible user role system. Also, a motion detector with an integrated camera allows you to see the cause of the alarm. Therefore, in the event of an alarm, if the alarm is triggered, the security department can save on unnecessary contractor call-outs; it is thanks to Ajax multi-subscription.

Advantages of Ajax Multi-subscription

The Ajax security system is effective against both external and internal threats. At night, the system will initiate a call-out unit in case of a break-in attempt; during the day it will prevent a stranger from entering the warehouse. Ajax contributes to reducing the company’s dependence on the property. The detectors are easy to set up and take down while moving. 


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You can easily adapt the system to the number and size of the monitored facilities. You can also easily reconfigure the system during renovations. Ajax helps companies decrease the human factor. Automation allows you to eliminate any mistakes made by your employees and improve your business processes. We will look at three main Advantages of Ajax multi-subscription.


ajax alarm services in manchester


1- Clear assignment of responsibilities

Imagine a company with 12 properties in 5 different cities. Each installation is linked to the nearest control room. A total of four security companies are involved in security, two subcontractors for the installation and maintenance of security equipment, and a corporate security department that is aware of what is happening in all facilities. Thanks to the Ajax multi-subscription, every entrepreneur fulfills his function efficiently and without loss of time/ unnecessary communication. 

Security events and alarms are sent simultaneously to all recipients. The security service monitors all installations and delegates specific tasks to local service providers. alarm monitoring is carried out by security companies, and installation companies take care of the maintenance of the equipment. All of that is thanks to Ajax system alarm multi subscription.

What The security department controls are:

  • Working process: security mode changes, employee access to specific buildings, and viewing surveillance camera feeds.
  • Operation of the equipment: The status of the detectors, the fault reports, and the quality of the service provided by the installation company.
  • Alarm management: Response to burglaries, fires prevention, and leaks,  quality of service from security companies.

2- Ajax adapts to any location by multi-subscription

A business must constantly adapt to be successful. It’s not uncommon for a store to have to move; redesign its sales space; or move its windows within a month. However, it is not always possible to provide an alarm system during repairs. The main advantage of the Ajax System is its independence from competitive circumstances for the customer.

The Ajax security system is flexible and easy to scale. Wireless detectors rule out installation-related issues – if during renovation, the detector gets blocked by obstacles, it’s easy to move it to another location. Up to 150 safety devices can be connected to the safety system hub.

This hub has a wide communication range of up to 2,000 meters without a hitch. If that’s not enough for you, the ReX range extender increases the coverage area of ​​the Ajax radio network to 16 km². This way, a system can cover everything from entrances to commercial floors to the most remote corners of warehouses. With MotionProtect Outdoor, even outdoor areas and street sheds are protected.

3- Easy start

You can easily streamline the work of the security department even with existing contractors and that is another unique feature of the Ajax multi-subscription. You don’t need to buy servers or hire a system administrator to use the PRO desktop app. Installation and staff training require minimal time. You can connect new hubs with just a few clicks and old ones can be transferred without reconnecting. And if you have any technical questions, Ajax’s multilingual support service is available 24 hours a day.

4- Practical Multi-subscription

A UK electronics store chain has been using the Ajax security systems in its retail stores for 10 months. Key considerations in choosing Ajax include the introduction of the system by industry professionals; simple installation; and ease of management via mobile applications. The interior of the sales and warehouse space is monitored by  MotionProtect and MotionProtect Plus detectors, as well as by the StreetSiren siren.

Store entrances are protected by DoorProtect opening detectors, while  GlassProtect/ CombiProtect shatter detectors monitor the integrity of shop windows and shop windows. Therefore if anyone starts to get angry in the shop, the staff always have the SpaceControl key to call security.

Employees use a wall-mounted KeyPad to arm the store and, through the app, the security service monitors compliance with hours. In addition, the store is not afraid of power cuts or loss of connectivity, as the Ajax stays connected at all times of the day or night thanks to prolonged battery operation.


ajax alarm services in manchester



With the exploration of the capabilities of the Ajax security system, we know more about how many processes can be automated. Wireless devices are easy to install and maintain, also, the application frees up human resources. The Ajax system virtually eliminates human error. With Ajax multi-subscription operation, you are always in control of the situation so, you know that alerts are received and processed immediately.

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