How Ajax can protect thousands of families from fire and carbon monoxide in the UK

ajax protect fire in uk


Approximately 50 people die each year from CO poisoning from gas, oil, and solid fuel appliances/ fuels that are improperly installed, maintained, or ventilated. Lower CO values ​​that do not kill immediately can cause serious health damage if inhaled over a long period of time. To prevent these problems you can install a functional fire alarm, Ajax Protect Fire in the UK, and is the best brand for families to install.
Fire alarms protect you and your belongings from fire by reacting immediately to smoke and sudden increases in temperature. In addition, Ajax alarm system prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. Stay with us to know How Ajax can protect thousands of families from fire and carbon monoxide in the UK.

How does Ajax FireProtect work?

Wireless fire detector with a temperature sensor that monitors room security 24 hours a day and notifies you immediately of the development of smoke and sudden temperature jumps. Ajax FireProtect features include authentication to prevent forgery; flaw detection and encryption of communication channels.

Ajax FireProtect and Ajax FireProtect Plus are two models that have some differences. Both devices can work independently of Ajax Hub; warning of danger utilising a built-in siren. In addition, they independently test the smoke chamber and quickly warn of the need for dust. They also immediately register smoke and sudden temperature rise in the room.

The Ajax FireProtect device detects smoke thanks to a camera with a photoelectric sensor. If no smoke is emitted, the additional detector will record the rise in temperature in the room. The device can work independently of the center, emitting a fire alarm thanks to the built-in siren. Several detectors emit alarms simultaneously.
Installation and configuration of Ajax FireProtect and Ajax FireProtect Plus are simple and immediately ready for use. The battery is already installed, so there is no need to disassemble the detector. With one click it can be connected to the hub in the mobile app. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.


ajax protect fire in uk


Ajax FireProtect function in a project

In a project of a city, city authorities have launched a pilot project to install carbon monoxide detectors in private homes. The aim of this project is to help socially disadvantaged people as they are most often affected by CO2 incidents. Wireless Ajax FireProtect detectors from Ajax brand were chosen for the project. This month they saved the lives of three people and as a result; the Ajax security system is expected to be massively installed in thousands of homes.

The city digitization department in the pilot project, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, installed the Ajax security system in ten private homes for free. Each kit includes a smart hub center unit and Ajax FireProtect Plus fire detector. The alarm system works as soon as a dangerous concentration of CO accumulates in the air; the Ajax system immediately alerts residents and sends an alarm to the monitoring company.

Several lives have been saved during the project. Recently, late in the evening, the security company received an alarm from one of Ajax FireProtect Plus detectors installed in one of the homes. As a result, they found that the carbon monoxide level in the house was 0.3% higher than normal; the cause was a gas leak in a brick kiln tap. There was a mother and two children in the house; this concentration of gas could have been fatal to them.

On the next point, the project includes the installation of a further 1,000 concentrators and 1,000 detectors that will record smoke, temperature spikes, and dangerous levels of CO. First, the Ajax FireProtect detectors will be installed in low-income households. In the future, a similar warning system should be installed in 30,000 residential buildings in this city, according to the Department of Emergency Situations.

Advantages of using Ajax fire protection

Although carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, there are signs that show incomplete combustion is taking place, resulting in the production of CO. Some of them are: yellow or orange rather than blue flames; brown spots around; or on appliances – pilot lights that often go out. If you not only want to receive a warning for excessive carbon monoxide but also want to receive an actual reading at low CO levels, choose a reliable fire alarm detector such as Ajax FireProtect.

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Carbon monoxide detectors from reputable companies like Ajax fire protect alarm, are certified to the relevant British standard – BS 50291 part 1 and possibly part 2, which describes the manufacture and testing of “electrical devices for the detection of carbon monoxide”. Part 1 of the standard covers alarms designed for residential use and is sufficient for most customers. Compliance with BS 502912 builds on the requirements of Part 1 and means the alarms are suitable for “recreational vehicles” such as caravans, as well as camping in tents; while additional optional testing allows companies to certify their alarms for use in Boats.

Ajax FireProtect (FireProtect Plus) is a wireless indoor fire detector with a built-in buzzer and battery, which works stand-alone for up to 4 years, potentially even more. FireProtect can detect smoke and rapidly rising temperatures. In addition to these features, FireProtect Plus can also warn of dangerous CO levels. Both detectors can operate independently of the hub.

FireProtect (FireProtect Plus) connects to the Ajax security system via a secure Jeweler radio protocol. The detector communicates with the hub at a distance of up to 1,300 m. Ajax Fire detectors with carbon monoxide sensors can be part of third-party security systems by connecting to them via the Ajax uartBridge or Ajax ocBridge Plus integration module.

The detector is configured via the Ajax apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. The system informs the user of all events via push notifications, SMS and calls if activated. On top of that, the Ajax security system can be connected to a central control room of a security company. The functional elements of the Ajax fire detector FireProtect are the siren hole, the light indicator (acts as the sensor and the test button), the smoke chamber hole with the temperature detector behind the net; SmartBracket mounting panel; on/off button; tamper button and QR code.

ajax protect fire in uk



Carbon monoxide is harmful and in some cases is deadly to humans. At the same time, it is completely invisible; Carbon monoxide has no color or odor, so it cannot be detected. Only specialized detectors, such as the Ajax FireProtect detectors can detect harmful concentrations of CO in the air and their installation will be expensive.
First of all, the cost of wiring is expensive. Ajax alarm systems are as reliable as cable solutions.
While the cost of wiring some fire alarm systems is expensive. The Ajax security system is as reliable as a wired solution and its installation requires significantly fewer resources. Considering that not all householders can agree on cabling, Ajax installation is the ideal solution for all households and cities. In case of using this functional FireProtect detector, Ajax protects fire in the UK, and thousands of families will protect from fire and carbon monoxide in the UK.

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