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Introducing the second version of the Dahua TIOC camera (TIOC 2.0)

dahua tioc 2

New CCTV cameras are introduced throughout the year which has new technologies and can be used well for a variety of purposes. If you want to get the best CCTV camera in the UK, the Dahua TIOC 2.0 Surveillance Camera is the best option for you.

The operation of CCTV cameras has changed a lot over the years. Surveillance cameras no longer display just plain video. In fact, they’re capable of carrying out more advanced work for you, whilst being able to detect any problems. The best decisions are made, using artificial intelligence.

If something threatens your security, it will notify you immediately and the problem will be fixed.
Also, with Dahua surveillance cameras, you will be able to scare away anything that is supposed to interfere with your security.

Dahua TIOC 2.0 surveillance cameras allow you to put your sounds on the alarm, and if someone tries to enter your place, your voice will sound in the alarm, warning the person to run away.
You can even use the sound that resonates a siren to alert neighbours to come to your property so then the person will run away.
In general, Dahua TIOC 2.0 CCTV cameras provide complete security for you, so you can safely leave your home and go to work. Using Dahua CCTV cameras, you can set up to call the police as soon as a threat is detected; the system notifies the police a burglary is underway – sending through a specific location, GPS address.

It is safe to say that false alarms have always existed and continue to exist. However, with Dahua TIOC 2.0 CCTV system the likelihood of a false alarm is minor; 99% of the time all the alerting alarms will be correct and will not bother you unnecessarily.


The Dahua Motion Detection System

The Dahua Motion Detection System is optimized to make fewer errors; monitor all real movements and alert you to anything that poses a risk.
Usually, we go to the security cameras when something happens and we are aware of it, but if a thief enters our backyard and steals something valuable and we find out after two months that a face theft We cannot go to the security camera, because most likely that piece of video has been removed from the system and we have no access to it.
So, Dahua TIOC 2.0 cameras notify us as soon as they detect an anonymous move into the home environment, so we can track the issue very quickly. It used to be very difficult to use motion detection in the old days. If you put a CCTV camera in your backyard and if a cat or a tree leaf moves, the camera will sound very fast and it will harass you.
To solve this problem, you could even reduce the beauty of your home and if there was a tree in your backyard, you would cut it down.

dahua tioc 2

Benefits of using Dahua IP TIOC in the UK

So with the Dahua TIOC 2.0 cameras, there are no such problems anymore and you can easily use the motion detection system without wanting to make changes in your home. Because Dahua TIOC 2.0 / Dahua IP TIOC cameras can show you whether a person has entered the house or not, or if an animal is moving around your house, it indicates that it is most likely an animal.

In general, if a vehicle is parked in your home environment or if a person intends to enter your home, they will inform you very quickly and you can see online what is happening and it will solve the problem very quickly, or if necessary, call the local police and report the matter.

If a person was a familiar person that you knew completely and was allowed to enter your privacy, there is no need to sound the alarm because you can make that person ignore that person’s camera and that person Is allowed to enter the house safely.

Dahua TIOC Setup – Is the Dahua TIOC 2.0 easy to install?

Users need more and more security programs every day, but traditional CCTV cameras with problems such as false alarms due to the movement of pets, insects, and tree leaves, failure to retrieve documents and images on black and white screens, and worse to upgrade and install a system Relatively comprehensive, without wasting time and manpower, you have to spend a lot of money on additional accessories such as an external microphone, speaker, tracker, and alarm light.

Dahua TIOC 2.0 is known as a three-in-one Dahua CCTV camera. Which combines 24-hour surveillance and full-colour technology with active deterrence and artificial intelligence in an intelligent and innovative solution, saving distributors and installers time. Dahua TIOC 2.0 can accurately identify potential hazards, effectively prevent harassment, and maintain life and financial security. To address these challenges, Dahua Technology introduces once and for all the innovative and powerful Dahua TIOC CCTV solution. This comprehensive and automated security solution with the following key features effectively solves the above problems.

Accurate warning announcement

False alarms always bother users of security systems. The Dahua TIOC 2.0 delivers precision alert function using an artificial intelligence environment protector and SMD Plus (motion detection system).
Since many cameras are outdoors and installed outdoors, some of the alerts sent may not matter at all and maybe the result of tree leaves moving in front of the camera is due to wind or pet play. This indicates that older CCTV cameras are not smart enough to detect dangerous situations.
The powerful artificial intelligence algorithm has increased the range of motion detection to one hundred and eighty-five percent and transmits images more accurately and faster. As a result, the efficiency of the three-in-one system is significantly increased.

Active deterrence

Instead of relying on videos recorded as evidence after an event, TiOC dramatically avoids possible events. Active blocking systems are more sensitive to red and blue lights, which are more noticeable than white light.
This sensitivity does not decrease even in heavy rains and foggy weather. The amplified speaker plays up to 110dB of sound, which depending on the choice can use the sound of the siren or the recorded sound. Play sound in both directions.

Full colour technology

Reliable information is sufficient when retrieving key documents. Using industry-leading full-colour technology, the Dahua TIOC 2.0 delivers colour images day and night, while enhancing the quality of video evidence and significantly enhancing the ability to identify suspects.

Three cameras in one camera

The Dahua TIOC 2.0, 3-in-1 CCTV camera captures colour images day and night, its active inhibitor works accurately, and its AI is state-of-the-art. In addition, it is a creative solution to reduce installation and commissioning costs.

The Dahua TIOC 2.0, 3-in-1 CCTV camera is suitable for places such as villas, shops, warehouses and places like this that do not have much traffic. The high accuracy of the TIOC 2.0 will detect subjects and almost all its alarms will be real. With the help of a siren, it keeps thieves away from your property and immediately sends you a notification to be aware of the situation.

The camera can also be used to control the edges of highways that are reserved for ambulances. These lines should always be free, without traffic and personal vehicles. With this camera, the special lanes of ambulances can be kept empty and under control. Dahua TIOC 2.0 technology is compatible with CCTV cameras under Full-colour network, WizSense, HDCVI and XVRs.

dahua tioc 2

Dahua TIOC Review – What is Dahua TIOC 2.0

We are pleased to launch Dahua TIOC 2.0. The new product is now available in bullet, turret, and PTZ versions and features a variety of new technologies.
Dahua TIOC 2.0 features dual smart illuminators, which is a breakthrough in terms of illumination in the security industry.

It has three different illumination settings to meet various application scenarios such as infrared mode, marked, illumination, and white light.

The audio is powered by dower voice catcher technology. It has dual mic arrays which greatly improve the sound pickup quality of the camera to achieve a longer pickup distance with less noise. The device actively works with a dual mic array and noise reduction algorithm to improve the sound pickup quality. This reduces wind noise and environmental sounds and ensures purer sounds at further distances.

There is also a one-tap disarming feature by the alarm port. The TIOC 2.0 camera can be connected to a traditional alarm system to achieve arming and disarming.

Our unique advanced optical path compensation technology corrects the angle of refraction of the incoming light rays. It means that the camera can now output a brighter and clearer image with an f 1.0 aperture lens. f 1.0 superior aperture offers way more light with a brighter image at 25 or 30 frames per second in real-time even with artificial intelligence-enabled.

Through software upgrades, TIOC 2.0 can also be integrated with your alarm systems establishing more convenient operation and a better ecosystem with active deterrent features. Enables a siren, warm light, and a red and blue flashing light to scare off intruders instantly.

Buy Dahua TIOC 2.0 in the UK

The Dahua TIOC 2.0 also features an incredible smart motion detection feature that uses artificial intelligence to actively filter out false alarms. Enabling CCTV to focus on human and vehicle detection. We’ve worked hard to improve features like false alarms caused by animals, leaves, lights, etc.
Detection distance has now been increased by 80%. Using artificial intelligence detection accuracy is now greater than 99%.

The TIOC 2.0 offers the ability to warn people instantly via customized sounds and red and blue deterrent lights. You can also warn people directly through the internal speaker of the camera via the Dahua TIOC app.

The Dahua TIOC 5mp offers incredible colour-ful monitoring for vivid detail at night.
In general, with a Dahua surveillance camera, you will be able to have a full night view. This is because you can fully monitor an environment and determine which part is sensitive in that environment.

For example, you can look around your backyard and find out if someone approaches the front door, they will notify you very quickly and indicate that someone may be about to enter.

When a person appears in the surveillance cameras, white light shines on that person very quickly, and therefore all the people who are present, or even if you are looking for that person, very quickly that person It will be displayed and also the image of that person will be registered in the system and if necessary, you will show that image to the police.

When a person enters your environment, the alarm sounds very quickly and the camera lights will turn on to better identify the thief. You can specify that if a thief leaves, the lights go out, indicating that the thief is no longer there.
Dahua security cameras are configured to show the least error. It can be said that almost everything that Dahua security cameras show is true, and therefore the probability of error in this type of camera is very low.

If you want to increase the security of your place of residence, it is recommended that you purchase Dahua TIOC 5mp cameras and go to different places safely.

What is the Dahua TIOC Price?

In general, with this type of surveillance camera, you can be sure that if something happens to you, you will be notified very quickly and you can return to the place or watch exactly what is going to happen and then call the police immediately and report the matter.

One of the best surveillance cameras as well as security cameras that you can get in the UK is the Dahua TIOC 2.0 surveillance camera, which is the highest quality surveillance camera. As mentioned in the description, three dedicated cameras are used in one camera, and therefore will be watching the place of residence or work and you with all their might, and if danger threatens you, it will inform you very quickly.
We’re an Authorised Dahua distributor in the UK, Visit the CUCCTV online store to get the Dahua TIOC Price.



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