Why is Hikvision NVR beeping? How to disable it?

Hikvision NVR beeping

Sending notifications and alerting with an alarm or beep sound is one of the essential and practical features of every digital or security device. Hikvision NVR or DVR also owns this feature, but most customers face a problem. The Hikvision NVR beeping sound never stops and there is no problem with the installation or working process. 

The beep sound is a sign of proper installation and setup, but it may not stop for a long time and will make customers or users bored and exhausted. The beep sound will stop if you initialize your platform before installing the Hikvision device. Generally, formatting the platform is essential for stopping the beep sound. 

It can happen to you as a user too, so you must wipe off your hard drive and prepare it for installing the Hikvision device (NVR or DVR). Preparing different hard drives will be changeable because it depends on the brand. Keep reading our article to get more information on this beep sound of the Hikvision devices. 


Some points on disabling Hikvision DVR or NVR beeping

We will mention all possible ways and procedures to disable Hikvision DVR or NVR beeping. So you can easily follow the steps and disable or turn off your Hikvision devices’ beep sound.

Don’t forget to check out other essential alarm warnings because you may turn off and disable all alarm notifications.

Most of the time, the beep sound is about hard drive disk location, capacity, situation, initialization, and preparation, so pay attention to your hard drive disk more than other reasons and check it out before installing the Hikvision device. (NVR or DVR)

Hikvision improper installation is almost another common reason for hearing beep sounds. It is good to read the complete instructions and start installing with full information.

We are sure after reading the manual; you will install your Hikvision device flawlessly. There are some essential points about the beep sound of Hikvision devices.

One of these points is considering the main reason for this beeping sound. You have to be aware of the cause, then try to solve the error and stop the beep sound. Hikvision devices have too many essential details which customers must consider. Also, you can read the best hikvision camera article here.

Hikvision DVR beeping

Why is my Hikvision NVR beeping? 

Have you installed your Hikvision device and still face the Hikvision NVR beeping sound? Before trying to stop this beep sound, you must be aware of its reason. There are some reasons to make the Hikvision device beep sound. We are here to make you familiar with these reasons. 

  • Wrong format of the hard drive disk
  • The error of the hard drive disk stating
  • Damaged hard drive
  • Full hard drive
  • The problem in operating NVR properly
  • Detection of an illegal login  
  • Confliction in IP address
  • Error for recording or capturing
  • Disconnected network

These problems will make Hikvision beep sound, and it won’t stop till you solve the problem and error. In the following, we will briefly explain some critical reasons for this beep sound. Stay with us to get more information about the beeping sound of Hikvision devices.


Hard disk errors

As we have said, one important reason Hikvision beeping is complex disk problems and errors. Users must initialize their hard disk before installing Hikvision devices on it. The initialization process of a hard disk depends on the hard drive’s brand. 

Moreover, customers must install the Hikvision device properly on their hard drives. Due to proper installation, you have to prepare your hard drive. If your hard drive doesn’t locate in its accurate and correct state, you will face a beep sound again.

In addition, your hard drive must be working correctly. You cannot use a complete, damaged or bad format hard drive for installing Hikvision devices (NVR or DVR). We have to say the hard drive has an essential role in the Hikvision devices’ installation procedure. Try having the best and proper hard drive in case of using or installing a Hikvision device. 


Improper installation of Hikvision devices 

The incorrect installation process is an apparent and recognized reason for Hikvision NVR beeping. For example, illegal login information will make Hikvision devices beep sound, or operating Hikvision devices improperly will do the same. 

Customers and users need some guidelines to install the Hikvision devices properly with complete information and correct procedures. Additionally, the IP address for Hikvision devices connection must be clear and accurate. 

The connection network also has an essential role in installing and operating Hikvision devices. (NVR or DVR)Every electronic and digital device owns a special manual or instruction rules; Hikvision also has its own installation manual.

 Users can have this instruction whenever they purchase their demanded device finally. These instructions offer the best installation procedure without any errors or problems. Follow its steps accordingly.  


Lost connection 

As you know, the connection is one of the essential parts in installing, using, and operating a Hikvision device, so your local network connection must be available for Hikvision devices’ usage. The lost connection can be one of the reasons to start a beep sound.

Whenever your connection network is lost, you cannot install and use the Hikvision devices correctly, so video and image capturing or recording won’t be done correctly. The error for incorrect capturing or recording of pictures and videos is another reason to hear Hikvision devices’ beep sound permanently. 


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How do I stop my Hikvision NVR from beeping?

We have tried to make you aware of different reasons for Hikvision NVR beeping. For now, it will be easy for you to stop this beep sound because you are familiar with the reasons. Don’t forget you can solve any problem if you know the reason. 

The initialization to set up is essential, so pay attention to installing and initializing a hard drive suitable for Hikvision devices. Get help from the manual installation procedure of Hikvision devices to get more information about installing them correctly.

The main menu will show you all the essential things, so check the main menu for more information. Do you need a guideline for stopping Hikvision devices’ beep sound? Follow the below steps to stop this beep sound. Whatever the reason, you can stop it via the below steps: 

  • Connect to the NVR device via a web browser
  • Use your IP address and log into your NVR device
  • Check the reason for the beep sound on the Hikvision device
  • Go to configuration
  • Choose System
  • Press Maintenance
  • Tap log
  • Set major type to exception  
  • Remove confliction of IP address
  • Set camera disconnection won’t make an NVR beep sound
  • Go to configuration again
  • Choose event
  • Press basic event
  • Tap exception
  • Choose one of the exceptions on the box of the Hikvision device’s log
  • Untick the buzzer item to stop the Hikvision beeping sound
  • Press save
  • The Hikvision beep sound will stop


Exceptional ways to stop Hikvision NVR beeping

Besides the above steps and procedures to stop Hikvision NVR beeping, there are other useful and practical ways. Imagine you initialize the hard drive correctly, state it properly and install the Hikvision device without any error and the beep sound is still hearable. How can you stop it?

In the case of your offline camera, a beep sound may be hearable. You need to check the network cable connection and online hikvision camera uk to stop the beeping sound of Hikvision devices (NVR and DVR). This alarm may be disgusting if you cannot understand the reason. To stop Hikvision devices’ beep sound, we recommend:

  • Right-click on the mouse
  • Sign in to the recorder (Hikvision devices)
  • Choose menu item
  • Click Configuration
  • Press exceptions
  • Select all in the exceptions type box
  • Untick audible warning
  • Tap apply button

You have disabled all hearable and audible notifications or warnings by these steps. Your Hikvision devices never make a beep sound or any other voices. Please note that you will lose any other essential notifications by disabling all audible warnings.  

You solve the beep sound quickly, but there may be other problems if you lose any audible warning. For example, you won’t get aware of lost connection, lost signals, improper recording, or any other issues. In this case, it won’t be possible to solve the problem immediately.

You can return to the exception type box to solve this problem and unselect all. We recommend you select some essential warnings to be on. It means re-enabling some audible alerts if you need some alarms to be on. In your opinion, some of these alarms are important to you while others are not essential.


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Final thought

According to available information, your Hikvision device will start beeping if there are some errors like hard drive improper installation, incorrect installation of Hikvision devices, complete or damaged hard drive, lost connection to make Hikvision devices practical, IP address conflicts, and too many other reasons.

After checking out the reason for Hikvision NVR beeping, you can solve the problem via the above steps. You need to get all critical information, guideline, and manual description to stop the DVR beeping sound.

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