How to Connect Dahua Cameras and DVRs to Ajax Security System

dahua ajax integration

Ajax alarm Combines the security and video surveillance in a single application with the simplified integration of cameras and recorders since it supports the quick connection of DAHUA equipment, or any other manufacturer through RTSP, a standard protocol in the video surveillance market. In this article, we will learn how to connect Dahua to Ajax.


Before You Connect Dahua Camcorders/Cameras to Ajax

You can connect any Dahua video recorder or IP camera to the Ajax security system. In total, up to 10 video surveillance devices (camcorders or cameras) can be connected to the Hub and 50 devices to the Hub Plus.

Connect and configure the Dahua video surveillance system following the recommendations of the manufacturer of the video surveillance system.

How to Connect Dahua to Ajax Hub

If your video surveillance system uses a video recorder, you can use two methods to connect Dahua to Ajax application:

  1. Dahua video recorder connection: All DVR camera feeds will be available in the app; you cannot hide individual streams; you can switch between DVR channels on the app.
  2. Separate camera connection: In this case, you determine which DVR camera streams are available to hub users. Each camera is displayed as a separate device and occupies one slot within the hub boundary (10 cameras for the hub and 50 cameras for the hub plus).

To connect a video recorder/camera in the Ajax application:

  1. Go to the Devices tab.
  2. If you’re using iPhone: Select the Add Device → Add Camera option. 

If you’re using Android: Click Add Camera.

  1. Select the Dahua option.
  2. Specify:
  • Camera name
  • Camera QR code (scan it or enter the serial number manually)
  • Room
  • Username and password of the camera or video recorder assigned during device setup
  1. Click Add

To view the video stream, open the camera in the Ajax application.

If you change the orientation of the smartphone, the broadcast will fill the entire screen. Also, you can put the video on hold and take a screenshot. Access to cameras is provided to security system users in the hub settings.


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The RTSP Protocol

Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is an application-level protocol for connecting, transferring, and streaming real-time media data from network-connected IP cameras, NVRs, or DVRs, allowing these devices to be connected to video analytics software.

Through the RTSP protocol, custom applications can be used, giving them the ability to add functions to the cameras such as Alice Security, an intelligent video analytics software responsible for monitoring multiple cameras, being able to detect vehicles, license plates, people, etc. firearms, violent actions and much more.

Dahua RTSP for Cameras and NVR


<ip> – The IP of the camera.

<port> – The default port is 554. This can be omitted.

<channelNo> – The channel number. Start from 1.

<typeNo> – Type of transmission. Main stream <typeNo> is 0, additional stream 1 corresponds to 1, additional stream 2 would be 2.

URL example: rtsp://admin:12345scw@

This will bring a sub-stream for channel 1.


Ajax and Dahua are two of the most popular surveillance systems in the UK. By combining them, you can make your home impenetrable without going through a lot of hassle. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided in this article to connect Dahua to Ajax easily.  

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