Dahua EPTZ: An innovative way to make your property secure 

dahua eptz

Have you ever missed recording an important event because the subject of your interest needed to be put in a frame?

Security cameras in the UK are essential for capturing criminal activity, but they must be placed in the best possible location to see what is happening.

Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done because you can only sometimes predict where an event will occur. To solve this problem, Dahua Security produced a 180-degree camera with full options.

So finding the best location for your camera and determining where your property is most harmful is completely fine. You can purchase this 180-degree camera to protect your property with complete recording parts.

Let’s get more information on this new and innovative 180 degree security camera.

What is the newest Dahua security camera? 

Most security cameras feature an ultra-wide angle, millimeter lens that delivers a 180-degree field of view; this new innovative production of Dahua is also the same. 

Moreover, this new production is even better than previous ones. Therefore what makes this view degree lens so unique? 
Compared to a standard millimeter lens with a horizontal field of view of 90 degrees, the ultra-wide angel unique millimeter lens nearly doubles the camera’s field of view.

You can better understand the feature and options of this new camera in the actual examples. 
By checking out this newest technology, you can see how big of a difference an extra 90 degrees of field of view can make in each application. If you are worried about different parts of your property, you must have one of these newest technologies. 

17 features of WizMind Network Camera (EPTZ)

Do you want a single camera to monitor people delivering packages and to see the vehicles entering the driveway?

 Here you can have a 2×4 MP full-color dual lens splicing WizMind network camera with outputs 190 wide angles and splicing image. It is possible to install this security camera on a soffit near your house’s front door. 

You can see that this full-color dual-lens camera checks all the boxes by providing ample coverage of the front sidewalk, driveway, and even the street.

 It will help if you compare the standard millimeter lens; the field of view is much narrower and limited to the sidewalk. In contrast, the ordinary and little-degree camera would perform well at identifying who is on the sidewalk.

 It needs to provide coverage of the driveway and get little details on what vehicle they might be driving. Another essential element to point out is the 12 options mentioned below. 

The most important can be the greater vertical field of view available on this new technology. 

  • Splicing image due to outputs 180 wide angle
  • Smart motion detection
  • Outputs max 8 MP
  • Enlarge and track the aims of intelligent alarms (EPTZ)
  • High compression rate
  • Ultra-low bit rate
  • Intelligent monitoring (heat map, people counting, intrusion, and tripwire)
  • Built-in warm light
  • Max illumination distance
  • IP 67 protection
  • Easy to install
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 3 dimension digital noise reduction
  • Highlight compensation
  • Backlight compensation
  • Digital watermarking
  • Alarm and audio

Full-color monitoring is the best feature

Because of the 24/7 full-color monitoring option, you can see the package left at the front door, unlike the cameras without this option. The large aperture lens will also help you check out what is going on in your garage.

The high-sensitivity image sensor provides the best situation for you if you want a single camera to have a brighter and clearer full-color image of your garage. You can also cover the entire area or the monitored scene.

The environment of ultralow illuminance can also be checked by installing this new innovative technology.

The dual lens offers 180 panoramic image

Another important and exciting feature of this EPTZ new security camera is its dual lens. This feature is advanced equipment with image fusion technology. Your security camera can offer a seamless 180 wide-angle field of view.
It will be possible to see the splicing image of a too-large area only by installing one of these newest Dahua security cameras near your front doors.

Enlarge and track the aims of intelligent alarms

Are you looking for a panoramic image with a broader view of the demanded area? This feature of your chosen camera can offer the sub-images and focus on a particular scene or target area. Don’t underestimate this unique and specific feature of the Dahua security camera.

High protection level

As you understand, this camera provides perimeter protection for your property. Don’t hesitate to install one of these newest security technologies on your front door. This camera can identify your aims based on a deep learning algorithm.
Choose this innovative option if you want a high-accuracy and intelligent perimeter security system. There are also other available options.

Let’s count the people

This item may surprise you because you can even count and calculate the actual statistics of people on your property. These cameras can calculate the actual time numbers of entered people accurately.
Even it will check out and count how many people leave a specific scene and place. Why can this option be valuable and meaningful? This item will enable timely dispersion measures to avoid overcrowding the target place. It also generates traffic in a particular location.


What do you think about this new, innovative security camera with a 180-degree view? We have tried our best to share enough essential features of this new Dahua security system production. 
It is time to get advanced security technology because intruders and burglars get advanced too. This brand solves many security and protection problems due to its new items.  

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