CTEC Fire panel access code (Reset, Turn on, off fire panel)

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Since a fire panel is one of the essential and valuable technical devices, many customers and users have installed a CTEC fire panel. But there is a question, how to silence and reset CTEC fire panel?

In a fire alarm condition, the panel’s internal beeper will sound to inform you that an alarm has been detected. Panels read a general fire, and at least one of its zonal indicators will flash to show you which zones are in the fire.

The remote output indicator also lights to confirm that the panel is in alarm. These are the first steps of fire detection by a fire panel.

If you want more information about resetting a fire alarm, stay with us and keep reading the full article.


CTEC fire alarm panel instructions

The main aim of the CTEC fire panel is to provide accurate and on-time warnings of a fire event. So the owner and audience of a building will understand what is happening and evacuate the location as soon as possible.

They also can take some practical actions to stop the fire sooner. All these events depend on the predetermined program of the fire panel system. CTEC fire panel rises automatically if it detects smoke or heat in the location.

In addition to the automatic option, the structure of the CTEC fire panel works manually if someone operates it to call out. In most cases, fire alarm systems split into sections and cover a different zone of a building or place.

To get familiar with these fire alarm system functionality and structure, you have to know the start point of each alarm system. After raising a fire alarm, the fire panel answers the alert by detecting the area where the sign happened.

In the following step, the fire alarm will activate all relevant sounders or bells then other alarm outputs come to provide an accurate and actual fire warning. Remote production is one of the most critical parts and functionality of a CTEC fire alarm.


CFP AlarmSense 4 Zone Two-Wire Fire Alarm Panel


How to test a CTEC fire alarm panel?

In this part, we will tell you how to put the CTEC fire panel to the test. You first want to remove the 2 retention screws on either side of the board. Lift the lid, and the level 3 access button is hidden underneath.

Give that a press continuously until you see the test. If you push the third button down, which is the next option, it will light up the zone, and I press disable enable. Then you will see the full lights coming in sync with each other. 

Press the next option and repeat for as many zones as you want to put into the test. If you have a far zone panel, you will have all 4 zones in the trial. Press the code entry escape, and it will give a short show that you are testing them. 

Via this process, it will sound where the sound is on, and once you reset your call point or device, it will automatically reset CTEC fire panel. Give it a second. 

Then you can move on to your next device to access an exit, then push the level 3 button again until you see the word test.  


How to turn on the CTEC fire panel? 

No; matter whether you use or install a CTEC fire panel in the UK, England, or Manchester, you must know how to use the authorized user controls on one of these fire panels to enable and disable zones or other functions. 

You must first put the panel into the access level to gain access to these controls. You can perform the process by using one of 2 methods:

  • Entering your secure code utilizing the panel’s keypad
  • Turning the key switch

The access line will turn on to use the authorized user controls operative. You can turn on and turn off functions if you require using a simple selection process.

Hold the next options button for 3 seconds to start the process until the general disablement, and zone one fault lights flash yellow. The purpose of this part will use zone 3 and an example of an area that needs to say blankly.

 Press the next option button until zone 3 is flashing. Its current status is enabled if it flashes slower than the general disablement light. If it explodes at the same rate, its position is disabled.

Press the enable disable button to toggle between enabled and disabled. To disable zone 3, you must ensure the 2 lights are flashing at the same rate.


How to turn off the CTEC fire panel?

After installing a 2-zone conventional CTEC fire alarm panel, you will need the process to turn it off too. The code part is an important section in every CTEC fire alarm device. There are 2, 4, and 8-zone versions of this device.

All more or less of these fire alarms are the same in the UK. You must consider some apparent differences in turning off the CTEC fire panel. The inside structure and other available options of each fire panel will be different from each other.

Every CTEC fire panel comes to your location with a complete package. You will get an easy and practical user manual to turn off or on the fire panel. Don’t forget to use the special codes available on your CTEC fire panel as the default option.



What is the difference between CTEC conventional and addressable fire alarm?


How to silence the CTEC fire panel?

Whenever a fire alarm starts ringing after everyone has been evacuated from the building or following the site’s fire management plan, you must silence the alarm while investigations occur.

 You must access the panel’s access level to authorized user controls to perform this process. You can do this process using one of 2 methods: 

  • Panels keypad
  • The key switch

The accessed indicator will turn on to inform you look the authorized user controls the operative. Next, press the silence resounds sounders button.

The sound alarm rows and the panels’ internal beeper will stop sounding, and its general red fire and the relevant zonal indicator will be lit steadily. The remote output indicator will also turn off.

 If, for any reason, you need to reactivate the alarm sounders, manually press the silence to resound the sounders button once again. Likewise, to silence the sounders press the silence to echo the sounders button again.


How to reset CTEC fire panel?

After the cause of the alarm has been investigated and you are confident that everything is back to normal, you can reset CTEC fire panel by pressing the reset button.

The panel will give a double beep to confirm that the reset process has started, and after a few seconds, it is read general fire, and relevant zonal indicators will go out.

 It is easy to reset the fire control panel only by pressing the control panel reset button. Before resetting, the panel gives a double beep and shows the reset process.

Over time or just a few seconds later, the fire zone and general fire lights go out to show the reset process gets wholly done.

Sometimes, the alarm triggers after resetting, so you must return to the alarm as before. Imagine the alarm sound is false; how can you reset and silence the wrong alarm sound?

To reset CTEC fire panel false alarm, you need to put the panel on the second level of access and then press the reset button of your fire control panel.

 Although every CTEC product has different instructions and critical applications, you can reset the CTEC fire alarm based on the same guideline.   


CTEC fire alarm panel code

CTEC fire alarm panel offers the best user and installer-friendly options at a competitive price. The attractive plastic surface of these devices supplies the best quality for those looking for the best fire alarm panel. It includes:

  • 2 detector zones
  • 4 conventional sounder circuits
  • Class change
  • Alert inputs
  • On board fire
  • Fault relays
  • Combined keypad entry or key switch

The engineering options of the CTEC fire panel provide many facilities like zone delays and coincidence items. It also offers a comprehensive test with a fault-finding option. 2 other facilities are selectable repeaters and expansion boards.

In previous parts, we have told you about the key switch way to silence the CTEC fire panel. Therefore, the owners must enter the second level access to turn the key switch method. 

It is easy to use the panel buttons and enter the CTEC fire alarm panel code: 2143



 Where do you live? Are you thinking of using a CTEC fire panel in England? There is good news for you; you can reset CTEC fire panel by yourself no matter where you live in Manchester or other locations; it will be easy and helpful. We’re CTEC Authorised partner in the UK that provide CTEC fire products with the best pride for trade users.

This article can help you reset CTEC fire panel easily. We did our best to share clear and accessible information on resetting a fire panel in different buildings with different options. 

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