How to setup and connect the texecom wireless alarm system to wifi?

texecom alarm

Are you looking for a safe way to secure your employees’ loyalty to help manage your office or business better? We recommend you use a texecom wireless alarm system to manage your property directly through different online portals. 

Choose and install a device that allows you to assign who gets access to your property and consider different access levels. Also, this device will be compatible with cameras and protect your house or office best. Let’s learn how to install or connect the texecom wireless alarm panel to the WiFi network


How to install a texecom alarm system?

Texecom wireless alarm system guarantees complete peace of mind with all its security features and unique setting. This alarm system is a simple and effective way to make your beloved ones and valuable belongings safe and secure. 

Connecting these security systems and using their apps for better and easier usage will be easy. You also can customize the alarm system based on your needs and aims. 

The customization process is possible to be done at a glance. After installing this device, you can activate your house or office’s security system with a click from anywhere. 

But how can you install this wireless alarm system from the texecom categories? Designing the layout is the first step in the installation manual of a wireless alarm system. 

In this step, you can find each security section’s exact place or location. Then mounting the panel is another step to installing this security system quickly. 

Don’t forget to complete all wiring processes before connecting and installing the alarm system or turning on its battery. The keypad and zone expanders are other sections that need to install.

 You will mount these parts and connect them. Stay with us to get more information about the wireless system of texecom in the following details. 


Installation of the texecom alarm detection part 

If you are ready to install and use a wireless alarm system, it is better to install the detection devices. PIR and different buttons will connect to the control panel. Besides this section, you have to install the extender sounder too. 

Most practical things like external sounders connect to the control panel. Another wiring is also an essential part because this wiring includes any wire of speakers, telephones, etc. 

The control panel’s power is another part to be careful of it. Apply power to the control panel because the control pane needs the power to use and stay stand. You can use the default settings for the first time, applying power. 

Via this step, you need to connect the red battery and lead it to the positive terminal of it and the black battery to the negative terminal. 


Program of the texecom control panel 

The control panel’s programming is also one of the sections of texecom alarm installation instructions. It is better to test all the features and functions of your alarm system’s control panel while trying to program it.

After programming the control panel, mount it on the flat wall. At least 3 screws of appropriate size are essential for mounting the board. Finally, it is time to connect the texecom wireless alarm system to the power supply. 

You must not connect the main supply to the terminals. Moreover, after complete installation, switching the power source from the power supply to the battery is possible. There will be a button to press for battery power. 


texecom alarm

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How to connect the texecom alarm to WiFi?

The texecom wireless alarm system brings a new lifestyle to our future and enables you to use your security system with cloud technologies. Which version of this device do you choose?

 The texecom alarm system has enough power to protect your property and beloved ones. Texecom alarm system with a WiFi connection will help you to take care of your house and safety directly. 

It is easy to get notifications directly from these wireless devices; it also lets you connect your security alarm system to a professional camera and monitor your property quickly and from anywhere in the world. 

You won’t need router ports to connect the texecom wireless system to the WiFi network because the connection is simple and easy with the highest level of security. 

The WiFi connection provides a reliable benefit for owners. If you don’t find it easy to connect the texecom alarm kit to a WiFi connection, you can use a temporary internet cable to find out the correct IP and learn working with your phone too.

 Some people use this device through their phones without internet or WiFi.A better WiFi connection is possible to experience if you change the router setting and give IP.

 Don’t forget to change the initial setup status, then try to connect your alarm system to the WiFi network. Generally, to enable the WiFi connection, clients of the texecom wireless alarm system have to follow the below steps: 

  • Access to the customer network SSID and password ( the SmartCom only works on the networks with dynamic host configuration protocol)
  • The SmartCom supports wireless technology
  • Press and hold the WiFi button for 5 seconds ( the WiFi LED begins to blink approximately every second)
  • Finally, come out the SmartCom
  • Your texecom connects to a WiFi network, and its connection is normal  


Texecom wireless alarm setup

The separate texecom wireless alarm system module has a different setup with varying ports within the panel. Every cable of these devices has a particular aim and purpose. 

The Com port expander is also one of the critical sections of your texecom alarm setup process. Use the Com port to install texecom wireless alarm system and create another Com port on your demanded security alarm. 

These features show the computability of the texecom alarm system via the setup procedure. In addition, it comes with a WiFi setup; the connection is the most critical process. 

Since the intruders are professional and crucial, you, as the owner, need an alarm system with full security options. texecom alarm system offers a valuable solution for complete peace of mind.  

The setup process of this wireless security alarm is a user-friendly interface that dedicates the functions of different keys on the texecom alarm system.

 Besides the easy setup process, there are plenty of functional features on this device, such as:

  • Dynamic host configuration protocol addressing
  • Using the texecom cloud service
  • Easy integration with other devices  
  • Compatible with remote configuration
  • Compatible with future cloud system
  • Simple user guide for WiFi configuration
  • Enough secure


texecom alarm

Texecom wireless alarm system app

In the technology age and current smart society, your smartphone can perform many essential and technical functions.

 In other words, there is plenty of smart and innovative application to control smart devices, such as the texecom wireless alarm system app. How can I enable the panic button feature on the texecom connect app? 

 So you must follow the steps based on guidelines if your connection fails. There are only 3 buttons on your alarm system default setting, but you can add other buttons too. 

You only need to go through the manage users. Whenever you observe that the panic button option is unavailable on your manage setting, you first need to log out of the application because it shows your connection is incomplete. 


Introducing the texecom wireless alarm system application 

If you have problems with your alarm system, you will need a principal engineer to come over and solve the problem. Sometimes you can enter the code and able the alarm system. 

You can set up the texecom alarm system via the application based on the guidelines, but it is good to know the application and its environment too. 

  • Enter the code on the panel user code area
  • Tap log in
  • It will ask you to confirm the touch or face ID
  • After logging in, you will see the app home screen
  • You can log out anytime by using the log-out button
  • The green logo on the top side shows that you connect to the texecom alarm system
  • These 3 buttons to control your alarm
  • The green open padlock button is for disarming your alarm
  • The middle orange padlock button is used part-time for your alarm
  • The right-hand red padlock button is used to arm your system fully
  • At the very bottom of the home screen, you can see menu options with other functionality in your app
  • In the middle are the system time and date
  • The white line changes based on the alarm functionally during a selected period
  • The midnight line is orange and shows the notice is part-time
  • The bubbles indicate the changes
  • The line turns green to indicate the miss disarmed
  • The bell inside the bubble indicates the alarm occurs
  • By tapping on the one event bubble, you can see the activity list, and further additional details are available about the event
  • Back on the home page
  • You can demonstrate your controlling system
  • You can demonstrate any available alarm system for your property    


Texecom wireless alarm battery replacement 

Where do you live? England, Manchester, or anywhere in the UK? In every place and city, you will need a powerful alarm system to protect your property, and the most powerful digital or technical texecom wireless alarm system works by battery.

But how can you change your texecom alarm system battery? To change the battery on your texecom alarm system, you have to follow the below instructions: 

  • Firstly need to remove the cover of your main alarm panel
  • Unscrewing the 2 screws on either side of the panel
  • The alarm will then sound
  • To silence the alarm into your 4-digit user code
  • With the open panel located, the battery
  • Remove the 2 terminals, red and black
  • Don’t touch them directly
  • Remove the batteries
  • Replace the battery

Please note there is live 240-volt power in the transformer, so be careful and make sure you then touch the alarm. Also, you must be sure you don’t knock any other wires in the panel, as these may cause your alarm system to stop working.

Replace the panel lid and reset your alarm by entering your 4-digit code twice and pressing reset. Some security teams provide support by telephone or on-site facilities; therefore, in case of any problem, you can ask them to help you.



We have told you about the next generation of wireless security systems, the texecom wireless alarm system in the UK. These security alarm systems deliver more performance than other wireless alarm systems available in England. CUCCTV is the authorised partner of texecom alarm systems in the UK.

As we said in this article, you can enable wireless connectivity and receive notifications to protect your beloved family and valuable belongings. 

These alarm systems work with application and WiFi connection, so you must gather information about these 2 points before finalizing your purchase. 

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