TP-LINK Extender: How to Setup & Reset TP link Extender?

How to Setup & Factory Reset TP link Extender

Although technology, internet devices, online applications, and other updated and innovative tools are helpful and have benefits in people’s lives, they may cause some problems and challenges for their users. For example, TP-LINK extender users face an issue with their devices’ password or admin settings, and they need to factory reset tp link extender. But how is it possible? 

Imagine your extender setting asks you to put in a password, and you try it several times, but it doesn’t accept your password. In this case, you will reset your extender. We are here to give more information and details on resetting your TP-LINK extender easily and immediately. Stay with us for more data.  


TP-LINK extender setup 

Setting up an updated device or tool is challenging for many users and customers. Sometimes they need guidelines and more detailed information to use instructions and manuals of technological or online devices. 

TP-LINK extender is one of these valuable digital devices. But this technological device may have some problems in installing and getting access. Users sometimes have trouble with the first steps of TP-LINK extender installation. 

Please note that failure to log in is because your smartphone doesn’t connect to the network (doesn’t have internet access). You need internet access to log into the TP-LINK extender or create your TP-LINK ID. Generally, you must make an internet connection and log into your TP-LINK account easily. 

Another problem is about receiving activation emails. Some customers don’t receive confirmation or activation emails and notifications, so they must check out the troubleshooting part of the TP-LINK extender. The router and its access point are crucial for connecting to the TP-LINK extender. 

Besides the existing challenges and problems via the TP-link extender setup, knowing how to set up the TP-link WiFi range extender is good. Before installing and setting up your extender, check how square meters can cover your extender.

These extenders are compatible with any WiFi router gateway or access points. They also can eliminate the WiFi dead zone and let you enjoy lag-free communication on any device, like wired devices, via an Ethernet port. 

These extenders are available for you with single band, double band, severe antennas, and memo technology for improved range versus standard extenders. 

Moreover, all WiFi extenders can increase or enhance the WiFi coverage, not directly boosting the speed. In some cases, improving signal reliability can impress overall throughput. 

According to the information, the WiFi source can extend into some areas of your house. This device helps you to use wireless signals from the existing WiFi collections and redistribute the signals as fast as possible. 

There are different methods to configure the device. The first method is possible via the WPS button. Most of the existing routers have WPS button functions. It is also possible to configure the device via the Tether application.     


How do you set up a TP link extender? 

Since we live in a modern and technological world, it is time to use reliably smart devices for a more comfortable life. One of these unique and useful smart devices is the WiFi extender. 

Choosing the correct and most suitable one can be challenging as there are various available brands for extenders in the UK market. Based on the gathered information and users’ opinions, the TP-link extender is one of the best and most practical extenders available in the UK market.

Don’t worry about the TP-link extender’s setup process. It is too easy, so that you can perform it only with the help of existing guidelines. You need to follow the below steps for setting up your chosen TP link extender: 

  • Plug your extender into a power outlet (note that the extender must be next to your router).
  • Wait till the power LED turns solid on
  • Press the WPS button on your router
  • Push the WPS switch on your extender and hold it for 1 second. ( in this step, the LED should change from blinking to solid. This process shows the successful connection.)
  • Relocate your extender ( for a better result, it is good to plug in the extender about midway between your router and the WiFi slow zone. Moreover, you have to locate the extender in an open, unobstructed site. In addition, you need to keep the extender away from large appliances.)
  • Check the signal LED ( not too close and not too far from the router. Being far from makes your signal weak)   

If your extender connects to a dual-band router, repeat the WPS process for connecting to the router band. Be careful in choosing an extended network name and its password.



How do you set up a TP link extender using the WPS method?

In this part of the article, we will explain how to set up your TP link extender using the WPS method. To begin, it is better to follow the below steps:

  • Plug your extender into a power outlet near the router ( you can relocate the extender after completing the setup)
  • Wait for the power LED to be on solid before continuing
  • Push the WPS switch on the router once the power LED is solid
  • Make sure the WPS LED is flashing
  • Within 2 minutes, force the WPS switch on the extender. ( some have 2 wireless networks. Installation and setting up a dual-band extender are different. You must repeat this process to extend both panels on the extender.)
  • You should see an LED indicator for 2.4 gigahertz and, on some models, 5 gigahertz. If these LEDs light, it means your extender has been successfully connected
  • You can relocate your extender ( we recommend locating the extender in a unique place and making sure your extender has an excellent wireless signal. Never place your extender in a WiFi dead zone. Also, it is good to put the extender halfway between the router in an area where you need service)
  • Once your extender is in place, could you wait for it to connect?
  • Look at the signal indicator to determine if you have installed it in a good location


How to use the TP-link extender?

As is evident by the name of this unique device, you can extend your WiFi signal across your house. TP-link extender is one of the various alternatives available in the UK market.

According to customers’ reviews and comments, a TP link extender is a cheaper, technically knowledgeable device to extend your home WiFi network.

So you can pick up the TP-link, which is usable in the dual-band and has an Ethernet port. You can open the box up and get the actual device. Moreover, these extenders have antennas and lights.

The lights show the power and signal. The WPS button is usable if you want to do the setup directly with WPS. Many customers do the structure through the web interface.

There will be a quick install guide in the box. Generally, it is pleasant and straightforward to have this TP link extender. In the initial steps, you need to power it on. Then, plan based on its connection process to your network.

As we said, many users use web-based interfaces, so you also can use your tiny tablet PC. It would help if you were as fast as possible and never wasted time. Testing the hardwire connection once you get a decent signal is also essential.

Then, you can go ahead and put the parts up next. It is also good to see videos showing you the usage and setup process. This device comes with signal strength without challenging issues.

This extender can even support 2 floors and 4 walls between the router. You can also walk around the house and check the best location for the extender. Don’t forget to see your WiFi router’s base signal strength.


How do I connect the TP-link extender to a new router?

Do you get a new router? So, you have to reset your TP link extender and then connect it to the new router. You can notice the reset switch on the bottom of your extender.

 It is an Ethernet port that you can hardwire the sucker if you have a long enough Ethernet. Your router may have a whole different WiFi networking system. First, plug it into the upside-down form and then reset it.

Push and press for about 15 seconds, then pull it out. Then, it is going to flash. When it stops flashing, then you can come over to the router. You can press the WPS switch on the bottom of the router.

Be sure every cable and link is suitable. Once you do the process, the WiFi extender stops flashing; it may take 2 minutes. Now is the time to return and press it until a little flash exists.

 Again, come over to your extender and push the little square. In this step, your extender is connected to your new router. It may take a little while for it to hit. It would help if you also waited for the solid green.

When the green light comes, you should be proud of yourself due to connecting your extender to the new router. Once it happens, you can remove it from the outlet and try to find one place close to the new router.

All lights become green over time. As the final step, you can plug it into the demanded socket. Be careful while carrying the extender because you may fall it and damage your device.

After changing the location, it may take a while for it to fire up. So you have to wait to get all lights up again.


Get faster internet by solving the TP-link extender’s mistake

If you have a WiFi extender, you may need to use it correctly. You must choose the best and most popular TP link extender and use it based on the manual guidelines. Some sellers may sell you a WiFi repeater instead of an extender. 

Since these devices look the same, you may think they are supposed to work like each other. Note that the TP-link extender is the device that can give you better WiFi areas where there are none. But this device is slightly different from a WiFi repeater. 

You also must be careful in choosing the right producing company for this helpful device. Some companies are using the term interchangeably. We recommend getting enough information about WiFi repeaters and extenders for the fastest internet. 

Since you are spending too much money, checking the options before purchasing the product is good. The idea behind both the extender and repeater is the same. You get WiFi where there is none. 

However, they both go about it slightly differently, which is vital to get enough information about each. For a TP link WiFi extender to be effective, it should be connected via a LAN cable to your router. 

People usually don’t do the proper process and get it wrong. It is a complex connection that allows you to get fast and reliable internet. WiFi extender gives you those golden internet WiFi speeds.  

The extender becomes a WiFi access point. Typically, a WiFi extender carries its own WiFi networks, which have an extension name in the WiFi, so you need to tell your devices to connect to the extender whenever you are in the room where you are trying to get that WiFi connectivity. 

On the other hand, a WiFi repeater typically cannot connect via a LAN cable. It picks up your existing WiFi signals and transmits or rebroadcasts them.


How to reset TP LINK extender?

Do you have a problem with your TP-LINK extender and know how to reset tp link extender? According to reports, there is a problem with using the TP-LINK extender. It will ask you to enter the password, but it didn’t accept your correct password several times.

Customers or users face incorrect password errors while they have put in the correct password. Therefore they need to reset their TP-LINK extender. The question is how to perform the factory reset of your TP link extender.

There are 2 correct and practical ways to respond to this question. The solution can be varied based on the problem. We can say resetting the TP-LINK extender can be an easy and possible action if you know the steps and perform them accordingly. Also, you can read tp link powerline setup here. 

We know it will be boring and exhausting to try your password again and face the incorrect password error, so we will mention 2 ways of solving this problem immediately and efficiently. You only need to consider the below ways and follow the steps strictly. 

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Resetting your TP-LINK extender by resetting the button   

Have you ever reset the factory of your internet modem or smartphone? Most resetting procedures start with a reset button. TP-LINK extender is also one of these resettable technological devices. No matter what your problem is, it is easy to factory reset tp link extender.

Moreover, you can use a configuration guide and essential tips to factory reset your TP-LINK extender. We will mention the reset button way with detailed steps to reset the TP-LINK extender fast and easily. Please try one of these procedures; we hope you can solve your technical problem quickly with the help of our helpful tips and steps: 

  • Hold the reset button for 5 or more seconds ( when the WiFi LED blinks amber)
  • Start to initialize the application configuration procedure
  • Switch the setting to factory default
  • Plug your extender into the power outlet
  • The extender’s power light must be solid on the front position
  • Press the power button if the extender’s power light is off. ( the power button is on the side of the extender)
  • Get a pinhole
  • Put the pinhole on the reset button ( the reset button is on the side of the extender)
  • Press and hold the reset button after inserting the pin
  • Hold it until all indicator lights come on at the same time
  • Go to the setting and check out it
  • You will default settings which means factory reset is performed correctly

It was the easiest way to factory reset your extender, but sometimes you try the reset button solution but still face the problem. What can you do? There will be another way to factory reset your TP-LINK extender, as you can check out in the next part.


Resetting your TP-LINK extender by setting  

If you factory reset your TP-LINK extender by the reset button and still face the problem, it will be another way. It may be more complicated than the previous way, but it can be more successful. We recommend you follow the steps to factory reset your TP link extender: 

  • Go to the TP-LINK extender web interface
  • Refer to web-based login
  • Go to the management page
  • Click advanced
  • Choose system tools
  • Click backup and restore
  • Press factory default restore
  • Wait for the extender to reboot, and you will face factory default settings

You must be sure about the router’s power in this factory reset process. The extender must be on before resetting it. Besides the password of the TP-LINK extender, you can find your TP-LINK extender’s IP address or domain name at the bottom label of your purchased extender.


You can use these methods to return a TP link WiFi extender to its factory defaults. You can utilize the factory reset choice to sell, give away, or decommission a TP link.

You may also consider factory resetting the extender if you suspect it has not been configured correctly. Based on the gathered information, most users and customers prefer factory resetting via the reset button. 

This smart device has a physical reset switch, which can be found on the underside of the extender. Some users plug into a wall socket and power on their extender. 

These WiFi extenders wireless signal and 2.4 and 5 gigahertz channels are active. You can go through the resetting process with the help of some reset tool. 

The reset switch recesses on the bottom of the extender. Therefore, you must use the reset tool to press and hold down the reset switch for 2 or 3 seconds. 

The range indicator light will light green before all the indicator lights except the power indicator light goes out. This is the start of the WiFi extender factory reset cycle. 

Then, you must wait roughly 1 minute, when only the power indicator light will become active. 

As your WiFi extender completes its factory reset cycle, the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz indicator lights will briefly flash red with both wireless channel indicator lights. 

At this time, the extender stops working, and then the wireless and power indicator lights illuminate. Your TP link extender has been reset back to factory defaults.




Some notes on factory reset TP link extender

As you see, the factory reset TP link extender is not a complicated or complex process. Everyone can easily change the performed settings to the default one. You only need to push the reset button and check the default settings.

The first thing to reset the factory of the TP-LINK extender is to use a pin to press the reset button. In addition, you must know about the exact timing of pressing and holding the reset button. You have to press the reset button till all indicator of TP link extender lights or LEDs flash once.

After the factory reset, the user must use the default login password to log in. there is another matter, and some customers may not know where to find the default password. The default login password is almost admin for every TP LINK extender. This password is on the bottom label of the purchased extender.

Please consider that if your default WiFi is open and on, you won’t need any password. Don’t forget you must reset the extender before using and starting it. Since the reset button hole is too tiny, you will need a toothpick, pin, or paper clip. 


TP-LINK Extender How to Setup & Factory Reset TP link Extende (2)


 What happens when you factory reset tp link extender?

Factory reset tp link extender is a hard reset that changes every detail of your TP-LINK extender to default ones. After this factory resetting, your TP-LINK extender device will return to its default setting. 

We recommend you get back up from your configuration file and load information before starting the factory reset. Factory reset is not recommended, but if you don’t have any other choice to fix the issue and solve the problem, it can be the best choice in front of you.     


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How is it possible to connect the TP-LINK extender to a new WiFi?

Why did you factory reset tp link extender? Did you want to connect your TP-LINK extender to a new WiFi or wireless network? Some users may need to connect their TP-LINK extender to a new WiFi so they will follow the instruction. 

If you are going to change your TP-LINK extender wireless network and connection, you must follow the below step as the guideline. It will be an easy way to try your TP-LINK extender on a new wireless network: 

  • Login to your TP-LINK extender
  • Enter the specific password (admin)
  • Enter your new password if you have created one
  • Choose the extended network
  • Change the network name

You can also:

  • Click Tools (on the bottom of the main screen of the TP-LINK extender)  
  • Go to an extended TP link network
  • Change the WiFi network name

You will have a new WiFi connection on your TP-LINK extender. YAs a user and customer of the TP-LINK extender, you can also set up this technological and digital device on your smart mobile. The setting up of the TP-LINK extender is not too complex, and every user can do it easily without any help from experts.


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Was our article helpful to you? We hope to solve your problem in factory resetting tp link extender by showing the easy process and ways. The factory reset is not essential because the procedure of this action will be the same. No matter why you want to reset your TP-LINK extender, you must press a pin on the reset button hole. 

The easiest way to factory reset your TP-LINK extender is to choose a pin, insert it into the reset button hole, hold it for some seconds, and then reset your extender. We’re TP-Link authorised partner in the UK providing range of Tp link networking and Tp link smart home for trade users.           

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