What is a pyronix intruder alarm?

pyronix intruder alarm

Protecting properties and beloved persons against burglars and intruders was an important matter from the old days. People tried to save their properties with wooden locks, the first generation of locks. Then wooden locks turn to be metal and mechanical. For now, it is possible to use digital locks, the most secure and safest type of protection. Also, video doorbells or other electronic devices like pyronix intruder alarm make security systems more substantial and advanced in the UK.

As security systems advance, burglars become fast and smart, so owners need some developed and robust security systems with useful options. An intruder alarm is one of the most helpful and complete systems to make properties more secure and safer against any unwanted visitor or intruder. 

It is time to establish a robust and secure technology to protect properties against any harmful guests or visitors. It can be an external solution for better protection and a long-term safe lifestyle. The good news is the wireless detector (like Pyronix, Ajax alarm, Texecom) with additional options. Keep reading this article to get more information on intruder alarms, their features, benefits, and installation.


What is a pyronix intruder alarm?

a pyronix alarm becomes one of the most secure systems with many useful options and items. It is interesting to know that a part of the Hikvision team established Pyronix online security products with many additional things. 

Protecting houses and offices became an easy matter after installing the Pyronix alarm. A wide range of security options makes Pyronix an award-winning security device among all other sensor detection in the security system market. 

Besides Pyronix’s humble beginning, it has become an innovative security system with highly qualified options and usage. Numerous technologies have been added to this system for better use and more secure options. 

Imagine you are at your office, and an intruder tries to get into your house. This intruder alarm will make you aware that someone is on your doorstep. In this case, you can easily make the intruder run away or inform a team of local police to catch him. 

Live safe and secure with peace of mind after installing an intruder alarm. Pyronix alarm works with some batteries. Although these batteries work for a long time, you may need additional batteries in case of battery death. 

Using an intruder alarm or video doorbell with a siren is one of the most influential cultures in big cities all over the world.  


2 types of pyronix intruder alarm

Have you ever searched among intruder alarm devices? Which one is better, in your opinion? According to statistics pyronix intruder alarm is one of the best and most secure devices against any harmful attack. 

This motion detector manages time, firm siren, detector technology, and other software. Pyronix becomes a solution for any intruder attack on domestic or commercial places. 

It also can highlight the usage and benefits of a siren to protect any property from unwanted guests or intruders. Let’s adapt your house or other properties to the most secure and safest developed security system. 

Pyronix might not be practical enough and secure at first. For now and over time, this company tries its best to make advanced security systems with highly qualified sensors in 2 types. 

We are here to tell you more about different types of Pyronix alarms. Choosing one type of this security system depends on some points. 

Different matters will help you make the best decision to protect your beloved family and valuable properties or assets. Check out the below items to choose one type of Pyronix alarm system in the UK: 

  • Type of protection need or request
  • demanded a place to install the alarm
  • percentage of intruder attack
  • percentage of the strength of the door
  • available door lock system
  • access to smart devices like a smartphone


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pyronix intruder alarm


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You can choose wired or wireless alarm system:

pyronix wireless intruder alarm

One of the most practical and useful Pyronix alarms is the wireless one with highly qualified sensors and a broad signal range. Wireless pyronix alarm informs the owner if someone stops 1 Kilometre away from the house or office. Pyronix sensors are not too sensitive; their sensors are enough to be secure and sensitive. 

Connect your smart device (smartphone or tablet) to a Pyronix wireless alarm and be peaceful in your mind while going out of the city and town for a family trip. Pyronix wireless sirens also can connect to the local police station for more secure options. 

This security device’s highly qualified and sensitive antenna transfers any detection to the smart device or connected place. Pyronix tries its best to be as secure as possible. Let’s check out all features of this alarm system to protect your property against an intruder: 

  • external detector
  • long-range signal
  • multi-winning wireless technology
  • false alarm immunity
  • detection technology
  • steadfast detector
  • quick alarming
  • easy installation
  • maximum detection range  


pyronix wired intruder alarm

The wired pyronix intruder alarm doesn’t have flaws, just like the wireless one, but it may be a little bit limited. As it is evident by the name, the wired alarm will need a wire to make a connection and secure your properties and family. 

It may have more limitations in sensor detection. Easy installation is also a feature, but wireless has superior security. Wired ones cannot support a long distance because their signals and antennas are not entirely wireless. 

Anyway, wired alarms own a secure protocol with maximum reliability, too, so leave your house or office with peace of mind and don’t worry about intruders’ attacks or any other harmful event. Be sure the transmitting signals never stop working due to their vital power. 

Install a wired intruder alarm that provides a wealth of securing benefits to the susceptible receiver. One of the exciting features of wired alarms is their low installation cost. 

Pyronix offers and provides highly sensitive signals to make a secure and safe environment for owners. Wired Pyronix alarm spreads signal without any noise and other disturbing matters. 

Let’s meet one of the most secure and substantial alarms with worldwide standards. Reduce the volume of breaking into and ignore any unwanted visitors or guests. You are the person and decider to make a final decision about types of alarm intruders. Choose the most suitable one for your house or office.  


pyronix intruder alarm


Default pyronix intruder alarm

The default setting of the pyronix intruder alarm includes 2 independent sensors standard in other security systems. 

The sensitive technology of this device is advanced outdoor protection suitable for any door, house, office, or place. Pyronix alarm identifies the presence of an intruder based on the default setting. 

Managing the setting, sensor, detection, or siren time is easy. With a high-quality system, you can easily change the setting and be your security man. Create an alarm to make your security system activate with quick detection. 

This device lets you control your property while you are far from the demanded place. It will be hard to believe, but the Pyronix alarm also has a wake-up alarm and other notification systems.

 Users can easily and quickly turn on any other options easily and quickly according to their needs and interests. A sleep timer is another default setting available on the Pyronix alarm. 

Some customers change the sleep timer of this device based on their demands. Indeed, a Pyronix alarm can be awakened constantly and instantly without any sleeping time. It is useful and helpful to change the default based on the demanded place and customer’s needs.  


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pyronix intruder alarm manual

A manual instruction is one essential and useful part of each digital and technical device. Since not all users and customers are experts in digital devices, they will need to use a complete manual with a clear explanation and description. 

Installing a pyronix intruder alarm is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Although setting up an intruder alarm is a piece of cake, some users need a complete manual to start the installation process, change the default setting, and alter the sleep timer and other options. 

Enhancing the security system is not hard to perform; you only need to consider the battery life. It is essential to check out battery life before leaving home or the office for a long destination. 

Imagine you are in another city and your intruder alarm’s batteries die suddenly; what can you do? In this case, your properties become in danger of breaking into. 

Generally, manual instruction tells you more about benefits, advantages, installation process, battery life, sensor ability, fault alarm, and many other practical items. Therefore it is a good idea to use the manual before starting the installation process.  


Final thought 

pyronix intruder alarm is an updated security system with a highly qualified detection sensor. A broad board of its signal will make your property secure enough. The sensors of this upgraded device are highly secure and safer than other intruder alarms available on the market. 

The powerful antenna of wireless sensor detection of Pyronix is a high-quality technology with many other essential and useful options. Increase the security and safety of your property by installing an alarm device with a high level of protection. Don’t hesitate and install one of the Pyronix alarm devices. We’re pyronix alarm reseller (& ajax alarm distributors in the UK) that provides the best price only for our traders.

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